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Hannah, Lay & Co. picnic on Marion Island. Manager George Dago is on the right.
Two stock certificates for a share of the Traverse City Golf and Country Club owned by the Hannah Lay Mercantile Company. Both shares dated 1921 are shown.
Hannah Lay Mercantile store main office. L-R: Mattie Lyons, Sophie Bilsky (701 N. 7th Street), Helena Johnson, unk, Irving D Hobbs, Edith Darrow, Edward Keith (office manager). Interior of office. Identification by Julius Petertyl: (Bookkeeper's…
Black and white card cabinet image, shows the front of the Hannah Lay Mercantile Block building, facing Front Street, at the corner of Front and Union Streets in downtown Traverse City, 1909. Building is being remodeled, and large plate glass show…
Hannah Lay Mercantile building on Front Street.
Front St. looking west from Union St. Hannah Lay Mercantile Bldg and Wait's Drug Store on the corners.
Hannah Lay Mercantile Company Block, 100 block of Front Street. Note the roadway is unpaved, there are no fire hydrants, and there are conductive poles (perhaps for telegraph), but no wires are strung on the poles. Image was taken from where the City…
Cary Hull driving an auto parked in front of the Hannah Lay store on Front St.
Residence of F. A. Dean at 122 S. Division Street. He was in the grocery department of the Hannah Lay Mercantile Store.
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