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Peninsula Historical Postcard Collection


This collection of postcards features Old Mission Peninsula, Traverse City, Michigan. Scenes indicative of the Peninsula, including cherry orchards, views of both East and West Grand Traverse Bay, and prominent structures such as the Old Mission Lighthouse, make up the bulk of these images. The bulk of the postcards date from the early to mid 20th century. Many were published by Orson W. Peck, Traverse City's legendary photographer and postcard creator.


Peninsula Community Library, Traverse City (Mich.)

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Colored photographic postcard of the pond and part of Clinch Park near the waterfront in Traverse City, Michigan. Within the pond are a number of swans and ducks.

Colored photographic postcard of a stone fountain in the foreground, which was once in the middle of a major thoroughfare in downtown Traverse City, and Grand Traverse Bay and Clinch Park are in the far background.

Colored photographic postcard of a sign that reads "Welcome to the Heat of Nature's Playground," which reflects into a pond below. In the background are the backs and rooftops of a couple of buildings located in downtown Traverse City.

Colored photographic postcard of the Miniature City of Traverse City, which was once on display year-round on the grounds of Clinch Park.

Colored photographic postcard of a stretch of shore on the east side of West Grand Traverse Bay, with Ford Island (also known as Bassett, Marion, and Power Island) in the far background, merely a fuzzy haze.

Colored photographic postcard of the exterior of the Con Foster Museum at Clich Park in Traverse City, Michigan, undated.

Color photographic postcard of the interior of Old Mission Steak House.

Color photographic postcard of the exterior of The Old Mission Art Shop and Steak House on Old Mission Peninsula. Written on the back of the postcard is the following: "Owned by Fern Bryant who later purchased the "Stickly House," now Bowers Harbor…

Colored photographic postcard of W.R. Stone with his residence. This postcard is a collage of seperate images of W.R. Stone walking with a cane, his residence which is in some disrepair and was likely taken at the time the postcard was produced, and…

Colored photographic postcard of Marion Island (also known as Bassett, Ford, and Power Island) in West Grand Traverse Bay. Image shows the island, a building on the island, the dock, and a two-deck steamer at the dock. Image was captured from…
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