How to Use & Cite an Image

Most of the images from the collections of Traverse Area District Library Local History Collection published in our digital repository ( may be downloaded and reused without permission in any format for purposes of research, private study, education (non-commercial use), and commercial use.

Most of the images are labeled "no known copyright restrictions" or have a Creative Commons license (CC BY, typically) indicating that Traverse Area District Library is unaware of any current copyright restrictions on these images, either because they are in the public domain, the copyright is waived, the term of copyright has expired by some other means, or TADL does retain some rights but is waiving them to make them publicly available. All of the images may be subject to other third party rights, such as rights of privacy. You are responsible for obtaining other such necessary permissions for reuse.

When using the images, please credit "Traverse Area District Library Local History Collection" and include the catalog URL of the item to allow others to access the original image or document. Here is an example for citing image #5178:

"Image courtesy of Traverse Area District Library Local History Collection,"

A small percentage of images, specifically in the Dave Roosevelt Photo and Glass Plate Negative Collection within the Traverse Area Historical Society Collection, have image rights that are retained by the donor. If you do not see a designation in the "Rights" field of an image, we will be happy to help confirm if the image is available for your use. Please contact us at