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  • Collection: Floyd Webster Historical Photograph Collection
Portrait photograph of Lloyd McDonald, son of George and Harriet McDonald, undated.
Lloyd and Maude McDonald, son and daughter of George and Harriet McDonald. Portrait photograph of the two subjects, taken on the hill west on Fenton Street in Kingsley, Michigan.
Photograph of the two subjects sitting in an automobile. Isabelle McDonald and Josie Stevinson of Kingsley, Michigan, undated.
Family portrait photograph of Earl and Maude (McDonald) Case and their son Donald, ca. 1904
Photograph of Mrs. George (Hattie) McDonald, standing next to her daughter, Maude (Earl) Case. Seated in front are Maude's sons Don and Ken Case, with Mrs. McDonald's sister, Mrs. C. Erwin, undated.
Photograph of Earl Case posing in front of felled timber stack, undated. Earl was the father of Don and Kenneth Case, and the son of Ralph Case.
Outdoor photograph of Ken and Mary Case in Marquette, Michigan, 1969.
Frank and Mattie (Nickerson) Wilson. Mattie was a sister to Eunice Stinson and Amos T. Nickerson.
Lydia and Rose Shaufty, Ina Bogart, Bernice Stinson at Rennie Lake, undated
Bernice Stinson, age 17, and her friend Vida Shutler, 1910. In the background is the Case and Crotser Mill of Kingsley, Michigan.
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