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  • Collection: Floyd Webster Historical Photograph Collection
Max Hamburger Store, 1910. Located in Frank Saylor building. Dentist, Jarxis, upstairs. In doorways are George Neil, jeweler and watch repair. Max and daughter Selma Hamburger.
Brownson and Sorenson Roller Mills in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1910. Located North of the Brownson Sanitarium. Nelson Sorenson, Elizabeth Sorenson, their children Arthur, Lucia, Martha, Herman, Frank Engles (State Representative), Edna Wall and Frank…
Kingsley Grocery 5 August 1908. Nelson Sorenson, proprietor. Located in the front part of the Brownson Sanitarium. People in photograph are Nelson Sorenson (father), Elizabeth Sorenson (mother), (children) Arthur, Martha, Herman, Lucia and…
Wesley Dunn's Mill, 1906. Located across from Kingsley School.
Dunn's Lumber Shop, 1929. Located where Dr. Fenzel's building now sets. Howard Dunn and Lee Manigold of Mayfield, (Mich.) in photograph.
Will Wright's Store in Kingsley, (Mich.), 23 September 1905. Located where pool room was. Charles Cook owned the store later. In photograph are Will Wright, Arlette Wilcox, Lena Barrett, and Cap Little.
Charles E. Box Store in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1906. Those in photograph are Burt, Linnie Holladay, and Frank. K.O.T.M. (Knights of the Macabees) Hall upstairs.
Case and Crotser Mill and crew, 1906. Mill located South of the church in Hannah, (Mich.) on the old Ben Wurm farm.
Corner Store in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1908. Owners are Tony and Ann Donett. In photograph are: Adam Seegmiller, Ann Donett, baby Mary Donett, Wiscard Little, Jessie Vasser, William Riley, Earl Mang and Adam Mang.
The Cottage Hotel in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1908. People in photograph are Arlette Wilcox, mother of Elsie and Fred Wilcox. Also, George Seegmiller, Eddie Fisher (barber) and unnamed man.
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