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  • Collection: Floyd Webster Historical Photograph Collection
Young men of Kingsley, Chris Hackman, Forest Manigold, Walter Mox, Dan Miller, Fred Snyder, and Bob Smith, undated
Wyckoff's Rennie Lake Resort. Mayfield, (Mich.), undated.
Wyckoff's Rennie Lake Resort advertisement. Located in Mayfield, (Mich.).
Workshop in Kingsley School, 1960.
Workshop in Kingsley School, 1946.
Woodbox Loading at Case and Crotser Mill, Kingsley, Michigan, 1904
Wood box or sawdust box over the boiler room in Donken, (Mich.), 1919. A dump cart is backed up into the shed they built to put the slabs of wood in. Palmers horses are attached to the cart.
Women dressed in men's clothing, Ida Hoeflin, Alice Shell, Christie Halliday, Mary Ellen Seegmiller, Edna Shell, 1922
Winter scene of Kingsley, (Mich.), 1938. M-113 looking East up Tank Hill. On left is William Wilson's home. On right is Mr. & Mrs. Supernaugh's home. He managed Kingsley Co-op.
Winter loads of logs going to Wesley Dunn's Mill, 1910. Photograph taken in front of Val Linden's Saloon. Men names unknown.
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