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  • Collection: Floyd Webster Historical Photograph Collection
Don Case, son of Earl and Maude Case, Kingsley, Michigan, 1927
Mrs. Ralph (Hattie Koellmer) Case, Ralph's second wife, and Nellie (Case) Bell, undated
Woodbox Loading at Case and Crotser Mill, Kingsley, Michigan, 1904
Charles R. McDonald, son of George and Harriet McDonald, born 1890, died 1896.
George McDonald, father of Lloyd and Isabelle, 1914.
Maude McDonald and Earl Case. Maude was the daughter of George McDonald. Earl was the grandson of Nelson and Eveline Case, and the son of Ralph Case.
Earl Case, brothers Roy and Carl, and adopted sister Nellie, undated.
Ruth and Don Case, and Mrs. Kenneth Case with her children Ken Jr. and Mary Lue at Gerald Lake, 1929.
Beulah Bell was the daughter of Nellie (Case) Bell. Nellie was the adopted daughter of Ralph and Emma Case. Beulah graduated from Kingsley High School in 1923.
Portrait photograph and Isabelle McDonald, daughter of George and Harriet McDonald, undated.
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