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  • Collection: Brenda Wolfgram Moore Collection
"Kingsley Baptist Sunday School taken in the town park", 1910. Written on back of postcard: by Rex Henschel, park in back of beer garden, Miss Ethel Bowers, Kingsley, Michigan 1910
Advertisement of blacksmithing services, 1901. "Blacksmithing and General Repairing of All Kinds. And if you are in need of a pair of Skidding Tongs Remember that you can get them made to suit by CC Rogers, Kingsley, Michigan." Handwritten note dates…
Art Wilkins, Art Secor, Art Kratochvil, and Denise Johnson, ca. 1970. Identified left to right.
At home of Harvey Adams, ca. 1960. Lucy Mox, Mabel Hency, Joy Adams, Thelma Siefert, Helen (Adams) Walton, Mary Goddard? Sister to Nelson Horton, Mary Mack, Lue.
Bell Schaffer and Leo Blackhurst, ca. 1940
Corner of M-131 and M-113 near Kingsley, ca. 1960. Sign reads "11 miles, Kingsley Paradise Valley, Gateway to Beautiful, Forest Lakes Area."
Crew at Donken lumber camp, 1918. Donken, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula. AZO stampbox on back of postcard.
Dedication of Brownson Park, Kingsley, 1961. Crowd gathered at park site.
Don Case and Jessie Rawlings, ca. 1927, photographed underneath a sign for Donken, Michigan, the lumber town named after Don and Ken Case in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, home of Vulcan Lumber.
Downtown Kingsley repavement, ca. 1990
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