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  • Collection: Brenda Wolfgram Moore Collection
New sidewalk on M1-13, facing west, ca. 1990
New sidewalk on M1-13, east of downtown Kingsley
New sidewalk on Fenton Street, ca. 1990
New sidewalk on M1-13 in front of grocery store, ca. 1990. Store has been Kingsley IGA and Kingsley Food Market.
Screeding new sidewalk, Kingsley, ca. 1990
Trench work in Kingsley, ca. 1990
Downtown Kingsley repavement, ca. 1990
Fenton Street repavement in Kingsley, ca. 1990
Floyd Webster Retirement Party, 1980. Floyd Webster, Ethel Michels, Ella May Bre?, Marion Hulberts.
Art Wilkins, Art Secor, Art Kratochvil, and Denise Johnson, ca. 1970. Identified left to right.
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