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  • Collection: Sally Norman Historical Photograph Collection
Claude Smith, in dress uniform, undated. Uniform is from the Second World War (WWII or Wold War II).
Photograph of mature women in basketball uniforms, undated. Written on the back of the photograph is the following: "A Kingsley B.B. team, 1. bernice Stinson Tremain, 2. Mabel Clark (Mrs. A.H.), 3. Unknown, 4. Mrs. Earhart (Erhart), 5. Unknown, 6.…
Crowd at Kingsley Fair, 1910.
Bust portrait of Dave and Rose Hammer, undated.
Parade held in Kingsley, Michigan for Decoration Day, 1909. In foreground is a marching band. The largest building in the background is Brownson Sanitarium.
Four adult males posing in photograph with the carcassas of four stags, or horned male deer. The stamp on the back of the photograph indicates it was photographed and printed by Bayestyle Photography Studio, Manton (Mich.) The stamp also indicates…

Four men and one male child displaying guns for hunting and deer carcasses.

On back of photograph is written the following: "An old log home on the Duffy farm 2 1/2 w. (2.5 miles west) of Kingsley. Deyoe homestead. This is a wooden chimney."
Man, woman and female child.
Fred Wilcox and his horse, undated. Horse is fitted with saddle and bridle.
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