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  • Collection: Sally Norman Historical Photograph Collection
Photograph of school children, posed on steps of school building. Written on the back of the photograph is the following: "1. Glen Rial, 2. Floyd Holliday (Halliday), 3. Melvin Canfield, 4. Russell Ellison, 5. Waldemar Menzel, 6. Carl Brown, 7. Ray…
Photograph of school children and teacher sitting in classroom, undated.
Written on the back is the following: "First row, Charles Cuddeback, Chester Putman, Bill Fischer, Fred Stinson, Philys Arnold, Ed Fischer, Ray Cuddeback, Second row, Bernice…
Rennie School, 1911-1912, students at pictured with teacher, Mrs. John (Pauline Nickerson) Wall.
Postcard of public school building, located in Kingsley, Michigan. School-aged children are posed in front of the building. Written on the back of the postcard is the following: "Where Wanda, Harold, Mary and Opal Tremain went to school- also Rhea…
Portrait photograph of Opal, Mary, Wanda and Harold Tremain, undated. Wanda and Harold (Hammer) Tremain also appear in image sn0018.
Written on the back of the photograph is the following: "Nickerson reunion at Erney's, 1913; Grandmother by pole".
Nickerson Family Reunion
Written on the back of this photograph is the following: "This is when the dam went out at the farm, on main highway: Duffy tree down."
Nell and Harold Stinson, Ruth and Bob (their two children).
Mulford Nickerson and wife, undated. On back of photograph is the following: "Mulford Nickerson and wife. Brother of George Nickerson, moved to Caly when a young man". Accounts from living Nickerson family members indicate that Mulford Nickerson…
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