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  • Collection: Sally Norman Historical Photograph Collection
Nickerson Family Reunion
Leslie Tremain in Benzonia woods, undated. Tremain appears on the far right of the picture with Cant hook.
Photograph of mature women in basketball uniforms, undated. Written on the back of the photograph is the following: "A Kingsley B.B. team, 1. bernice Stinson Tremain, 2. Mabel Clark (Mrs. A.H.), 3. Unknown, 4. Mrs. Earhart (Erhart), 5. Unknown, 6.…
Photograph of school children and teacher sitting in classroom, undated.
Written on the back is the following: "First row, Charles Cuddeback, Chester Putman, Bill Fischer, Fred Stinson, Philys Arnold, Ed Fischer, Ray Cuddeback, Second row, Bernice…
Leslie Tremain, Julius Piltz and unknown, drilling a water well, undated.
Posed photograph of a church choir of Kingsley, Michigan. Both the subjects in the photograph and the church are unknown.
Four adult males posing in photograph with the carcassas of four stags, or horned male deer. The stamp on the back of the photograph indicates it was photographed and printed by Bayestyle Photography Studio, Manton (Mich.) The stamp also indicates…

Mary Brooks Tremain, Leslie Tremain's mother, undated.
Mulford Nickerson and wife, undated. On back of photograph is the following: "Mulford Nickerson and wife. Brother of George Nickerson, moved to Caly when a young man". Accounts from living Nickerson family members indicate that Mulford Nickerson…
Bust portrait photograph of Ira Linton, undated. Additional information on the back of the photograph indicates that the subject had black hair and gray eyes.
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