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  • Collection: Sally Norman Historical Photograph Collection
Harold Stinson as a child, full-body portrait. Written on the back of the photograph is the following: "Harold Stinson, brother of Bernice and Rhea; Husband of Nell Case; Father of Ruth and Bob".
Five adult males posed outside Wurzburg's blacksmith shop, undated. One man wears a long leather apron, and another carries a hammer over his shoulder. Photograph is taken from the street.
Unnamed lumber mill located in Kingsley, Michigan. Written on the back of the postcard is the folllowing: "1917-1918. Taken from west side of mill." Also, the star symbol that appears just below the shed in the photograph is meant to indicate…
View of a street in Kingsley during the Kingsley Fair, 1910. Large banners spanning the street advertising the fair are featured. Both automobiles and horse-drawn carriages appear in the photograph.
Crowd of people gathered on hillside of Kingsley Hill, in Kingsley, Michigan. Dated July 3rd, '09. Photograph also features horses pulling carriages and carts, and a watertower in the background.
Aerial view of the south end of Kingsley, Michigan, undated. Lumber yard in foreground.
Millard Nickerson, Harry Taylor, Sam Nickerson and friend, undated. On the back of the postcard is the following: "1. Millard Nickerson, 2. Harry Taylor, 3. Sam Nickerson. To Bernice (Stinson Tremain) from Millard". Features four male adults with…
Crowd at Kingsley Fair, 1910.
Kingsley, taken from Tank Hill, undated.
Brownson Avenue looking north, Kingsley, Mich., undated.
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