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  • Collection: Sally Norman Historical Photograph Collection
A class party on the Boardman River, undated. The following is written on the back of the photograph: "Ellen Madison, Bert Holliday, John Wellein, Floyd Bowman, ?, Pearl Bowers, Miss Jennings (Teacher), Winnie Rial (Real), Bernice Stinson, Lillian…
A.B. Stinson and Rhea Stinson feeding chickens in front of barn, undated.
Agnes Nixon, 1929.
Portrait photograph of Art Stockfish and Maude Tremain, undated.
Portrait photograph of Bernice (Stinson) Tremain, Harold (left) and Wanda (right), ca. 1916. Wanda was born to Bernice and Leslie Tremain in 1914, Harold in 1916. Wanda would later marry Jay Hammer.
Brownson Avenue looking north, Kingsley, Mich., undated.
Brownson Memorial Park, Kingsley, Michigan, undated.
Photograph of Kingsely (Mich.) street. Brownson Sanitarium is on far left corner of photograph, and a number of unknown subjects walk the street, undated.
Written on back of photograph is the following: "Case and Overholt store, on northwest corner of Main St, burned down".
Charles Miller, Leslie Tremain's stepfather, married Mary Tremain.
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