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  • Collection: Sally Norman Historical Photograph Collection
Wedding picture of Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Mary (Brooks) Tremain, Leslie Tremain's mother and father, undated.
Millard Nickerson, Harry Taylor, Sam Nickerson and friend, undated. On the back of the postcard is the following: "1. Millard Nickerson, 2. Harry Taylor, 3. Sam Nickerson. To Bernice (Stinson Tremain) from Millard". Features four male adults with…
Mill at Farm, undated. Other photographs in the collection indicate that the farm was located on the Nickerson Family property.
Maude Tremain Stockfish (right) and friend, undated.
Mattie Nickerson-Wilson, undated.
Mary Nickerson, Sarah Dahler, Jane Nickerson and mother Mrs. Hunt, undated.
Mary Brooks Tremain, Leslie Tremain's mother, undated.
Unnamed lumber mill located in Kingsley, Michigan. Written on the back of the postcard is the folllowing: "1917-1918. Taken from west side of mill." Also, the star symbol that appears just below the shed in the photograph is meant to indicate…
Written on the back is the following: "1 Leslie Tremain (on right), 2 Orville Rousch (middle, sitting), Frank Adams (left, also a cheese maker from Swartz Creek)."
Leslie Tremain, Julius Piltz and unknown, drilling a water well, undated.
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