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Portrait photograph of Bernice (Stinson) Tremain, Harold (left) and Wanda (right), ca. 1916. Wanda was born to Bernice and Leslie Tremain in 1914, Harold in 1916. Wanda would later marry Jay Hammer.
A.B. Stinson and Rhea Stinson feeding chickens in front of barn, undated.
Four adult males posing in photograph with the carcassas of four stags, or horned male deer. The stamp on the back of the photograph indicates it was photographed and printed by Bayestyle Photography Studio, Manton (Mich.) The stamp also indicates…

Portrait photograph of Opal, Mary, Wanda and Harold Tremain, undated. Wanda and Harold (Hammer) Tremain also appear in image sn0018.
Photograph of Kingsely (Mich.) street. Brownson Sanitarium is on far left corner of photograph, and a number of unknown subjects walk the street, undated.
Fred Wilcox and his horse, undated. Horse is fitted with saddle and bridle.
Tremain gas station, street view, undated.
Photograph of three adult males showing three bridled horses. In the background is a building labeled the fair headquarters, and a sign indicates that these horses are stallions from Porter's View Farm. Written on the back of the photograph is the…
Postcard of public school building, located in Kingsley, Michigan. School-aged children are posed in front of the building. Written on the back of the postcard is the following: "Where Wanda, Harold, Mary and Opal Tremain went to school- also Rhea…
Kingsley from Tank Hill, undated.
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