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Donald Izatt and Paul Lajko in Country Carpets in Kingsley, (Mich.), 15 October 1972.
Bob Hoeflin's Auto Wash on Clark Street and M-113, undated.
Hoeflins Car Wash located on Clark Street and M-113 in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1981.
Log hauling at Lake Brewster (Stinson) near Kingsley, (Mich.), 1889. Claude Havenler, Al Nixon and Jim Nickerson in photograph.
Arthur Sorenson by the Brownson & Sorenson Roller Mill in Kingsley, (Mich.), November 1908. Son of Nels Sorenson. Mill located North of the Brownson Sanitarium. Case & Crotser Mill can be seen at the North end of photograph.
First Winter snow for Kingsley, (Mich.) on 12 October 1909. Ambrose Bernside Stinson Store and Post Office in photograph. Telephone Office in rear of store. Horses and buggy belong to Ira Linten (man in doorway).
Kingsley business buildings in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1925. Bank, Frank Baldwin's Barber Shop & Pool Room, Claude Moore Building, G.L. Fenton Drugist, Fenton & Baier Groceries, Ira Linten Hardware, and Ed Max's Quality Groceries.
William Linten building in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1902. William Linten and his team in front of building. Store owned by Ambrose Bernside Stinson who had a Grocery Store in front and the Kingsley Post Office in back.
Kingsley Post Office in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1908. Located in Ira Linten building. Ambrose Bernside Stinson is Post Master in photograph. He was Post Master from 1897-1934.
800 bushels of apples for storage in George Shaufty's Warehouse in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1913. Grownson & Sorenson Flour Mill in background. Shaufty Store, Brownson Sanitarium, and Henry Seegmiller Meat Market on right. George Shaufty and little Ed…
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