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Arthur Bowman with village truck checking water in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1980.
Arthur Bowman, village engineer, 1980.
Boiler building not complete, construction of new Kingsley Area School, 1963.
Construction of new Kingsley Area School, 1963. Boiler room not finished.
Cementing base of water tank to foundation are Don Parks, Elmer Parks, and Don (Tex) Fitzgerald, 21 August 1978.
Checking pipe depth for sewer in front of Haight's home, 1980.
Construction material used in constructing the new Kingsley Water Tank in Kingsley, (Mich.), August 1978. Material used in forms and cement work.
Construction of new curbs in Kingsley, (Mich.), 17 September 1980. Cement work done by construction worker.
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