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Photo of man tight rope walking across downtown street setting out from roof of Hannah Lay Mercantile Co. at 101-117 E. Front St. , T.C.

Black and white negative, image is of the Hannah & Lay Mercantile Building at the northeast corner of Front and Union Streets. Image was captured while the photographer was standing in the middle of the intersection of those two streets. In the…
Emanuel ("Em") Wilhelm in fishing gear. Emanuel was the manager of the dry goods department at the Hannah Lay store and lived at 430 S. Union Street.
Picture of two ladies in front of the Hanah & Lay store on Front Street. One is sitting in a buggy. The Beadle building is in the background.
M&NE passenger train with engine # 14 in the Traverse City depot. Hannah Lay store in the background.
Hannah Lay Mercantile Co. millinery and dry goods departments.
Hannah Lay Mercantile Co. Shoe Department 1908 with George Hamlin and Jay Vogl. Duplicate 8 1/2" X 11".
Residence of F. A. Dean at 122 S. Division Street. He was in the grocery department of the Hannah Lay Mercantile Store.
Cary Hull driving an auto parked in front of the Hannah Lay store on Front St.
Hannah Lay Mercantile Company Block, 100 block of Front Street. Note the roadway is unpaved, there are no fire hydrants, and there are conductive poles (perhaps for telegraph), but no wires are strung on the poles. Image was taken from where the City…
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