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Load of logs with Walter Bowers, Henry Mox and crew, 1910. Used horse drawn skid to move logs.
Load of logs in Summit City, (Mich.), 1909. John Boskey and crew. Logs moved by horse drawn skid.
Hart's Camp in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1910. Jim White, Fred Young, Fred Arlt, Allyen Dean, and Ralph Schuster on log.
Load of logs with Harry Taylor, George Pepler and Mert Middough on logs, 1912. Horses pulling logs on a skid.
Load of logs with Ulie Voice Sr., Ernest Voice Walter Sayers and Jim Enger by logs, 1912. Horse drawn skid used to move logs.
Loaded logs on train track in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1912. Loaded by W. Washington, H. Dunn, and J. Drummonds of Kingsley, (Mich.).
Sterling Nickerson's Mill in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1958.
Loading logs on train in Summit City, (Mich.), 1910. Loaders are Ralph Howel, Bill Nelson, Oscar Logie, Joe Logie, Robert Nelson and others.
Opening of Case & Overholt Hardware, 8 August 1904. Earl Case and Austin Overholt, Box Hall, Brudy's Market, Stinson & Linten Store and Post Office, St. John Lutheran Church, Kingsley Echo (newspaper), Brownson's Hustler, G. L. Fenton Drugs,…
Logs at Case & Cotser Mill in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1903. Ralph Glass and Mose Bowers on top of pile. Earl and Ralph Case on ground.
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