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Photo of horse rider in a 'Bronco-busting' contest, being thrown off his horse; taken at the Northwestern Michigan Fairgrounds; a ball diamond, and the 'western ridge' of the Fairgrounds, can be seen in the background.

Photo of unidentified female horserider, doing a turn around a barrel in 'barrel-racing'; This appears to be at the Northwest Michigan Fairgrounds, most likely in 1969.

Two color photographs of the 1987 National Cherry Queen's float: one, with no one on it, parked at the Northwest Michigan Fairgrounds; the other, with the Queen and a chaperone onit, parked along a residential street.

Photo of a 'rodeo clown', standing inside a barrel, yelling at a bull. Spectators in background. This appears to be in the 'infield' of the Northwestern Michigan Fairgrounds.
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