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Casemiere Manigold, 1902. Kingsley School teacher. Taught in brick building behind the stores.
Merton S. Vincent, 1939. Kingsley School teacher.
Ella Snyder (Krotser), 1898. Teacher at Kingsley School.
Flora Knight, 1904. Kingsley teacher from 1902 - 1904.
Richard (Rick) and Gail Ehlers with daughters, Erica (5 years old) and Laura (2 years old), 1980. Rick taught mostly in the Kingsley Area Schools from 1973 until his retirement. Gale also taught in the Kingsley Area Schools until her retirement.
Ruth Stinson Cline, 1969 - 1970. Kingsley School teacher.
Edith Nickerson, 1931. Kingsley School teacher.
James F. Nadeau, 1985. Taught at Kingsley High School from 1983 - 1985. He was the shop instructor.
Lester Howe, 1939. Kingsley School teacher.
Mrs. Valera Ashman, 1959. Kingsley School teacher.
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