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Color photo of a young man in a 'tunic'(?), wearing a fancy 'headpiece', and a sash which reads 'Miss Thunder Thighs'; He is a participant in the Williams Brothers' 1997 entry ('London Fog') in the Cherry Festival parade.

Colored photo of a male participant in the 1997 Williams Brothers' entry ('London Fog') into the Cherry Festival parade; he is wearing a yellow top, standing behind a white bicycle.

Color photo of woman in costume, wearing a sash which states, ' Exterior Decorator'; She is part of a Williams Brothers' flot entry in a Cherry Festival parade.

Color photo of a blond woman in a 'turquoise-with-white-polka-dots' dress.

Color photograph of two women dressed as nuns probably the Sisters of Chairity for the National Chair Festival float.

Young man draped in gauze holding a palm leaf ready to participate in the 2001 Cherry Festival Parade.

Color photo of a man standing on the back of a fire engine with a megaphone directing participants in the Williams Brothers' entry, "London Fog," for the 1997 Cherry Festival Parade.

Color photograph of a woman in a fancy dress with two extra arms attached to her body. She is part of the 1998 National Chair Festival Float.
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