The Home Cook Book, ca. 1910

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The Home Cook Book, ca. 1910


Traverse City (Mich.)
Cooking--19th century.


"The Home Cook Book" was published around 1910, and featured the recipes of Traverse City women and housewives, making it a community cookbook.


Lewis W. Smith, Compiler, Circulator for the Evening Record, Traverse City (Mich.)


Physical copy of this work is held in the Nelson Room, Traverse Area District Library, Traverse City (Mich.)


Evening Record, Traverse City (Mich.)


ca. 1910.


Mrs. Lewis W. Smith, who carefully arranged and classified recipes.


This work is in the public domain.












Traverse City, Grand Traverse County, Michigan

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....THE ....




Compiled by


Circulator for the Evening Record,


ecipes carefully arranged and. classified by
Mrs. Lewis W. Smith and others.






water in sponge, roll in ~rd-inary
One cup of, one cup of rais- loaves and bake in hot oven . -Mrs.
ins; use any flavoring desired. One Levi Richards.
cup of buttermilk, one teaspoonful o!
Ol d Fashioned Bread.
soda, four tab lespoonfllls of melted
Dissolve one cake of yeast in pobutter, two cups of flour-Mrs . A. L. tato water, which has been allowed to
Henderson, 121 "Garfield avenue.
cool and settle for two or three hour s.
Potato Yeast.
Add enough flour to make thick and
Take three common sized potatoes let stand until morning. Sponge the
and grate them fine, add one-ha lf cup bread.and knead and make into loaves
of salt a nd one:half cup of sugar. Pour Three-quarters of a cup o! sugar will
enou gh boiling wate r over to make improve the bread. This will malfe
three pints or t wo quarts of the bat· a bout six loaves.-Mrs. E . Larsen,
t er. Set it on th e stove and let it come 1026 West Front street .
Salt R ising, Bread.
t o a boil. After it bas been cool ed stir
in two cupfuls of yeast and let i t
No. 1- Two t a blespoonfuls of corn·
r ise t we'nty-fonr hours. Then bottle- meal, a pinch of sod a, one teaspoonLocal HOu sekeeper.
fu l of sugar, a nd one-nau .;up of 1oil·
Whi te Bread.
ing mil k. Ma ke this a bout noon and
Two yeast cakes, t wo potato e;;, mix let s t and in warm pl ace over night.
in sponge befor e ha rd loaf. Pnt enou·gth
Nro. 2-In the mornin g if light add
Egg l ess C a k e.

' 't
\'1-~· ""Ll.-


The compiler of this book pre?ents it with the co~fi.­
dence that it brings to the housew1ves of T~a~ersb C~ty
the most modern and strictly up-to-date reclples o tam·b db th
The recipes contained herein were contn ute
YT e
local housekeepers and have been tried a~d te~ted.
those who so kindly loaned their assistance m th1s way, the
compiler is deeply grateful and trusts tha~ the bodk ff~~
in some measure compensate for the hme an e
expended .
Circulator The Evening Record.'

f c;.


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two cups of hot water, one-haH teaspoonful of soda in s uitable dish .a nd
fl our enough to m ake quite thick. Add
No. 1 and keep in warm place until
No. 3-----fl'ake large dish and add a
sifter full of flour, two tablespoon!tlls
of suga r , ·o ne tabl es poonful of lard,
one cup of boiling water. Stir ; adrl
two cups of milk and No. 2, stirring
continually, Wlhen light mah:e into
loaves. Let raise an d bake.-Mrs. L.
W. Smith, 245 W'a Rhington street.

cornmeal rising and beat well. Set in
a dish of warm water until it rises to
the top or nearly so. Put flour in large
mixing bowl. Make a well in center of
flour, pour in the hatter and as muc h
warm wa ter as there is batter. Stir
we ll and set in a warm place to rise
in a pan of warm wa ter. Be sure to
keep warm. When light add on e-half
t easpoonful of salt. Be sure to add salt
las t. Mold into loaves. J us e good
s pring wheat flonr. Everything about
the bread and fiour must be absolutely
free from every particle of anything
Salt Rising Bread.
Two tabl espoonfuls of corn meal, tbat would have a t end ency to cause
put in a t eacup, ponr on boiling milk it to sour as it is very sensitive.-Mrs.
enough to scald the meal. Cover anrl Stet!;!on .
set in a warm place over night. In
Salt Rising, Bread,
the morning put a pint of warm water in a quart can or pitcher and oneSet a sponge over night with a pint
third teaspoonful of ginger, a table- of warm, not hot, water, a pinch of
spoonful of sugar and flour enough to salt, a pinch of soda and canelle
make quite a stiff batter. Put in the. enough to makP. a batter as thick a::!

When you want a

Magazine, Newspaper
or Periodical

for pancake ba t ter. Set in the evening in a di8h, which place in another dish containin g warm water and
stand by the fir e. In the morning
warm it up aga in until it rises . ·when
light, ad d a pint of warm wate r and
flour enough to make a spon ge. It
wil] rise very quickly, when add flour
to make into loaves, rise an d bake. If
proper ly made this is an easy and excellent way to m~tk e good br ead.-A
Local Housekeeper.
B ro wn

B re ad.

One,half ·up of sugar,one cup of molasses, ane egg, one teaspoonful of salt
one teaspoonful of soda, dissolved in



choppe d nut m eat s.-B. L. Chamberlin, 510 W est Eleventh s treeq
Brown Bread.

T wo cups of sour milk, two teaEpoonfuls of s oda, two tablespoonfuls
of brown sugar, on e scant h a J.f cup of
molasses, a small t easpoonful of salt,
one cup of white flour, Stiffen with
graham and bake slow ly one ho l~r.­
MJrs . K. D. Lewis, 542 "IJ\Tebs ter street.
Brown Bread.

One quart of sour mjlk, two tablespoonfuls of shorteniug,one-half cup ol
molas~es, on e teaspoonful of salt a tablespoonful of soda, on e cup of corn
meal. Stir with 1t s poon and a dd
enough Gr aham flour to make a stiff
batter. Bake slowly three-quarters of
an hour.-A Local Housek eeper.

two cups of milk or one cup of. m ilk
and one cup of water. Use enough
flo ur to make batter like cake, twoNut Brown Bread.
thirds of Graham nd one-third of
One qu a rt of graham or whole
wh eat. Use eithe r one-half cup
of wheat fl our, one level teaspoonful of
chopped raisins or one-half cup
ol salt, one cake of com presse d yeast,

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mixed with one small quart of watP.r. make hin batter. Bal\e in slow oven
vVIllien light add one cup of brown su- without interruption.
gar, one even teaspoonful of soda disGinger Brea d.
solved in one tablespoonful of water,
One cu p each of molasses, sour milk
one cup of chopped nut meats. Mold and brown sugar, one-half cup of butwith white flour into loaves.~Mrs. ter, three eggs, well beaten, one teaW. F. Bowen, 508 Webster
spoonful each of lemon extract and
ginger, ttwo teaspoonfuls of soda,
Soft Gingerbread.
three heaping cups of sifted flour.One-half cup of sugar, filled twoMrs. A. F. Owen.
thirds full with molaRses, two level
Soft Ginger Bread.
t easpoonfuls of soda, one egg, bntter
One half cup of sugar, or one cup
the size of an egg, two-thirds of a cup
of sour milk, one and three-quarters of molasses, one-half cup of lard, two
of a cup of sifted floUT, one teaspoon- eggs, two and one-half cups of flour,
ful of ginger and a pinch of salt. Bake one teaspoonful each of clov es, cinin moderate oven.-Mrs. Geo. Donner, namon and ginger and one t easpoonful of soda in one .c up of hot wate·r .532 El!eventh street.
Mrs. D. D. King.
Gi nger B rea d.
G ra ha m B re ad,
Two eggs, one cup of butermilk,one
One quart of buttermilk, one cup of
tE:aspopnful of soda, one tablespoonful
shortening, use butter or lard, season sugar, soda, salt and ·Graham flour to
to suit taste, and· use flour e:iwugh to drop from spoon.-Mrs. M. M. Snyder.

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Two-thirds of a cup of sugar, one
and one-half •c ups of sour milk, a half
cup of molasses, two large cups of
graham flou r, one large cup -of wheat
flour, one teaspoonful of soda, one
egg, salt. Steam two and a half hours.
-Mrs. W\ F. Langworthy, 413 West
Tenth street.
Graham Bread.


R·y e Bread.

Five potatoes ,three pints of rye
flou r, one tablespoonful of salt, one
cup of sugar, one quart of warm water, and add three-quarters cup of
yeast diluted in water in the morn·
ing, add one pint of c-orn meal and
enough rye flour to knead.-A Good
Spanish Buns.

One cup of sugar, one-half cup of
shortening, yolks of three eggs, one
teaspoonful of ·c innamon, one cup of
sweet milk, two teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder, a pinch of salt.
Bake in loaf. Frost with whites of
thr ee eggs and let bro-wn.-M'rs. S.

O-ne pint of warm water, white flour
to make a batter, one-half cup of
home-made yeast. Let this sponge get
light, then add a teasp,oonful of salt,
a scant half cup o·f molasses and graham. flour enough to make a dough
whtch you can knead, but not too
S·pa ni sh Bu ns,
stiff. Let it rise again, knead into a
One pint of sugar, .four eggs, whitfls
loaf, and when light, which will be in
about one hour, bake somewhat long- of two for frosting., two-thirds cup of
er than you would white bread.-A lard, one cup of sour milk, one teaLocal Contributor.
spoonful of soda, one teaspoonful

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e ach of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg, fiv e cups of fl our. When well mix ed
one pint of flour , one cup of rais ins.- stir up wi~h a cu<p a nd a half of wa Mrs. J. Hyatt.
t er or milk into a stiff batter which
pour out on a well-floured mold-i ng
Spanish Buns.
board. Get it into rollin g out shape
Two eggs, one ·cup of sugar, s ix ta- with ju st a s little flour an d just as
blespoonfuls o f melte d butter, four ta- little handling as possible. Out into
bles poonfuls of molasses, one cup of biscuits a nd bake in a very quick
sour milk, one teaspoonful each of oven.-An Old R es ident.
s<Oda, cinnamon and cloves. Flour
Cream Biscuits.
enough to mix welL-Mrs. C. C. P ike,
One-half cup of sour cr eam, one cnp
918 Boyd avenue.
of buttermilk, a pin ch of salt, one teflHot Baking powde r Biscuits.
spoonful of s oda, flonr to rolL-Mrs.
Two cups of flour, two teaspoonfuls
Viola Stephenson , City, R. F . D. No.
of Royal baking powder, one-half teaspoonful of salt, one t ablespoonful of 6.
So ur Milk Biscuit.
shortening, one large cup of sweet
mi lk. Bake in quick o ven ah out twenTo a cup of sou r milk or butter milk
ty m inutes.-Mrs. S. Cilzek, 525 West a llow a level t e aspoonf ul of soda disE ighth street.
solved in a little col d water and butBakin g Powder Biscui t .
t er or lard the s ize of an egg, and a
Rub one'half cup ful of shortening, little salt , flour to roll out. Bake fr om
a t eos poonfu! of salt and three t ea- 20 minute s to one:ha.lf hour.- A L ospoonfuls of Royal baking powder into cal Housekee per.

S ou r Milk Muffins.
One and one-half cups of sour milk,
one-half cup of cream, a pinch of salt,
a teaspoonful of soda. Stir as stiff as
you can wilh fl our, beat thoro11ghly
and bake in g(mJ pans iu a hot oven.Good Housekeeping.
Co rn' Muffins.
One pint of sonr milk, one teaspoonfu l of soda and one of salt, one and
one-half cu pfu ls of corn meal, a nd
flour to make enough to make it thicker than for griddle cakes.-Homekeeper.
Egg,less Johnny Cake.
One-half cup of gr anulated s ugar,
one-halp cup of l ard , one-half cup of
molasses, one-half t easpoonful of cinnamon and doves, on e t easpoonful of
ginger, on e-half cup of boiling water,
one teaspoonful of soda, a nd enoug b.
to m ake a stiff bfltter.-Housekee per.

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Johnny Cake.
Six tablespoonfuls of Indian meal,
th r ee tablespoonfuls of flour, two t abl espoonfuls of su gar, a pinch of salt,
a cup of sweet m ilk, one egg, two teas poonfuls of Royal baking powder.
Stir in m eal, flour and su gar before
tbe milk an d eggs. This makes a t hin
llatter.-Mrs. Alice Murphy, 817 West
Seventh street.
Joh nny Cake.
Two cups of buttermilk, one-halt
cup of molasses, one egg, two cups of
India n m eal, one small cu p of flour, a
li ttle s alt, a goo d teaspoonful of so·
da .-A Yo ung Bride.
Co rn Ge ms.
Two cup s of corn meal, tw o cups of
flo ur, two cups of sweet milk, two
eggs, three h eaping teaspoonfuls of
Royal b aking powd,e r , one-half cup o·f
butter. one-half cup o,f su gar. Bake in
gem pan s.-Mrs. L. W. Smith, 245
Washington str eet.

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Corn Meal Muffins.

On cu p of sifted fl·our, one cup of
c orn meal two sligbtly rounded teaspoonfuls 'of Royal baking powder,
half a teaspoonful of salt, two round·
ed tablespoonfuls of sugar, one egg,
one cup of milk, two tablespoonfuls o·f
melted butter.
Sift the flour, corn m eal, salt, Royal
baking powder and sugar togeth~r.
Bea;t the egg until light; add the m1lk
to it pour in the dry material:<, add
the ~elted butter, Stir quickly and
lightly to a smooth batter. Drop mto
greased .g em pans aud bake fift een
minutes.-Mrs. E ·. M. Stetson.
Qtld-Fashioned Johnny Cake.

One egg, one and one'half tablespoonf-uls of sugar or mo lasses, one
large tablespoonful of shortening,but·
ter lard or m eat drippings, one large
of sour or buttermilk, in wh.ichr
has been dissolved one level teaspoonful of soda. Use one-third flour and
two thi•r ds corn meal. Same stiffness
of batter as for cake.-Mrs. M. C.
Barnes, 202 Spruce street.




one-half cups of flour, three eggs, onehalf cup of butter. Use about one pint
of sweet milk and two· teaspoonfuls or
Royal baking powder .-rMs. M. Jorgensen, 436 West E leventh street.
Graham Gems.

One egg one-half ·c up of sugar, one
and one-h~lf cups of sour milk, one
tab lespoonf·uJ of lard, one teasp?onful of soda, two cups of graham flour,
one-haJ.f cup of wheat flour. Sweet
milk and two teaspoonfuls of Royal
baking powder can be us ed in place
of the sour milk and soda.-Mrs. M.
Wightman, 245 Washington street.

Blackbe rry Biscuit.

Ro ll out bread dough and spread
ThTee cups of corn meal, one and with shortening, two .teaspoonfuls of

Buy our pure lemon and van-

Miss C. P. McCool
The Leading Milliner


sug.a r and two tablespoonfuls of blackberries. RoB an d cut into squares and
let. raise until they are light. Grease
o.n top and sprinkle with sugar and
bake in read hot oven.-Mrs. Ed
Quaife, 1123 Randolp:h str eet.

Four eggs beaten separately, onehalf cup o.f butter, one quart of sweet
mill,, one tabl esp oonful of Royal baking powder, a little salt, flour enough
to make a li ttle thicker than for pancakes. Have waffle iron hot and oiled .-Mrs. W. F. Griffin, 325 Boardman

Coffee Cake.

Take part of your ordinary bread
sponge and add one-quarter cup ·o f
lard or butter one cup of sugar, a
little nutm eg, ~nd make trifle lighter
than mixing for bread. Will make
fiv e coffee cakes. Mix a little .butter,
fiou.r and sugar together and sp.r ead
over ·cal,e.-Mrs. L . Tromm, 432 Miadison street.

Corn Bread.

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size of a walnut, six tabl espoonfuls
of sweet milk, two t easpoonfuls of Royal baking powder and flour enough
t-o stir w ell. Divide an d make two layers. Fruit is put in just before serving.-Mrs. L. Bingham, 621 W'e st
"Front street.
Strawberry Shortcake.

Two eggs, one cup of flour , one tables poonful of butter , one scant cup
of sugar, one teaspoonful of vanilla,
two t ab les poonfuls of milk, two teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder.
Cream the butter, add sugar, milk and
eggs. Beat well, add milk and flour
in whtch baking powder has been sifted a lternately. Bake in a :;,h allow pan.
When eold spread with berries or
peaches. Gover with whipped cream
and serve ·c old.-Mrs. S. H . McMich·



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One pint of sweet milk, one-half cup
of melted butter, four eggs, three teaspoonfuls of baking powder, flour
enough to make a stiff batter. One pint
of sweet milk, two eggs, on e-half cup
of melted butter, two t easpoonfuls of
Short C ake.
R'()yal baking powder, flour enough to
One egg, a pinch of salt, two tablemake a stiff batter.-A Local Hous·e- spoonfuls of butter, a cup of sweet
milk, one heapjng t eas poonful •o f RoyShortcake.
a l baking powder, and two cups of
One egg, two tablespoonfuls of su- flour .__,Mrs. L. W. Smith.
gar, one teaspoonfu l of salt, use lard
Egg Toast.
or butter for shortening, about the
Make ni·ce milk toast and spread

illa extracts also o · r







th e slices on a platter , covering each
thickly with sauce. Cut th e white:;
of hard·boiled eggs in rin gs an d lay
over the toast. R ub th e yolks through
a seive an d sp rinkl e over each s lice.
-A Coole



utes . Thicken with a little flour and
season with pepper and salt. This is
very nice on toast . -Miss Nellie Lederi e. 549 Bay st•reet.
Pan Cakes.

One quart of sour milk, two eggs,
French Toast.
one teaspoonful of saleratus, flou r
Toast slices of bread. dip into hot enough to make a thin batter.-A Lowater salted a little, butter each slice, cal Contributo·r.
sprinkle with fin e sugar an d a ve ry
Potato Panc akes.
little cinnamon and s erve hot.-House·
One pint of mashed potatoes, onewife.
llalf pint of milk, two eggs , flour to
m ake a batter like wreat cakes.-A
French Toast.
Beat egg and milk together and add Local Cook.
pepper and salt. Dip brea d in this, fry
Loaf C ake.
in butter and sprinkle with sugar.
One cup of suga r , one egg, two taThis is a good way to use stale bread. bl espoonfuls of butter, one teaspoon-Mrs. Q. E. Boughey, South Union ful of Royal baking powder, one cup
street .
of water;
flavor . -Mrs . Susan H.
Richr ' >.
Slice an onion and brown in little
Loaf Cake.
1•ggs on e cup of sugar, season
butter. Add a spoonful of curry pow der and grav y of roast m eat s, and al- t o -~ "h· f'Ste, butter the size of au egg,
low it to remain cove red for a few two t eas poonfuls of Royal baldng powminutes. Ad d a littl e more b utter and d er in fl our, one ·c up of cold water.
put in chicl{en, veal and small bits of Beat well a nd bake in quick oven.210 Spruce
·pork that is very t end er. Gut all iJL Mrs . J. W. Armitage.
small pieces. L et it st ew a few min- ,;._ ... .,et.


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Eg.g.less Cake.

One cup of sugar, one teaspoonful
of ·c otosuet, one cup of cold water,
one t eas poonful of vanilla, two cups of
flour, two teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powd•er. Bake in a moder-ate oven.
- Mrs. D. Core, 511 West Eleventh
Everyday Cake.

One cup of s ugrur, one tablespoonful
of lard, two eg;gs, three-quarters of a
cup of cold wate r, two t easpoonfuls of
Royal baking powd.e r, Flavor to suit
taste. Use flour enough to stir welLMrs. E. Wright, 815
Hot Water Cake.



(Do not make ·batter too hard.) Two
heaping teaspoonfuls of Royal baking
powder, one cup of boiling water. Beat
all to!;1ether well, using, any flavoring desired. Bake in a qui,c k oven.Mrs. F. El Smith, 606 Bay street.
Hot-A ir


Two eggs (use whites .for f<rosting),
and one ·c up of light brown sugar beaten together. Add gradually - threefourths of a cup of hailing water. Add
one and one-half cups of flour one
and one-half teaspoonfuls of Royal
baiting powder. Flavor to suit taste.
Frosting: Boil one cup of sugar until
it threads and pour over beaten
whites. Allow to cool before putting
on cake. Make according to directions.
-<Mrs. Ruby Russell, 516 West Eleventh street.

On e cup O'f sugar, two eg 1.. one cup
of flour, one cup of boiling ·w ,r, one
teaspoonful of Royal baking
Minnehaha Cake.
flourr to make thick batter. F
suit taste. Put in hot oven im·
·teOne cup of sugar, one tablespoon of
ly.-Mrs. J. Lind·sey, 1030 BL
.ve- butter, two-thirds of a cup of sweet
m ilk or water, two teaspoonfuls of
Royal Baking powde r, two level cups
Hot Water Cake.
One cup of granulated sugar, twr of flour.-Mrs. A. D. Fitch, 118 Ra.neggs, well beaten, two c·ups of flop · .. ')!ph street.





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by their





Eggless Cake.

One c up of sugar , one cup of butter,
one-half ·cup of m ilk, one-half cup of
cornsta•r ch, one cup· of fl our, sifted
fi ve times , one teaspoon ful of Roya l
baking powd·e r ; fl avor.- Mrs. L. K .



flour. F lavor w it h vanilla .-Mrs. H.
Stock·h ill.
Everyday Cake.

One cup of sugar, two e ggs, onequarter cup of butter, one-half c u p of
s weet milk, two t e as poonfuls of Royal bakin g powder , one and one-hal·f
cup s of flour , fl avor.-A Local Pastry
Poor Man's Cake..
T wo cups of sugar, two eg.g s, one- C<JOk.
0 1ne-Eg1g Cake.
half cup of butter , one cu p of either
One egg, pie ce of lar d or butter the
sweet milk or water , two t ea spoonful
one cup of flour, t hreeof Royal baking po wder , thr ee cups of
flou r. Flavor to s-uit taste a nd bake in quarters cup of milk, two teaspoonquick oven.- L. Wihite, 420 Mon- f uls of ·sod\3., a pinch of salt and
eno ugh vanil"la to snit tast e.- An E.coro e street.
nomical Cook
Hard T imes Ca ke .
O ne-Egg, C ake.
One cup of sugar, one-quar ter cup
One egg, one cup of sugar, on_e-half
of shortening, (butter, lard or meat
fryings ,) one -cup ·o f water or milk, or cup of sweet milk, butter the s tze of
on e-half cup of each, two cups of flour, an egg one teaspoonful of Royal baktwo tea spoonfuls of Royal baking pow- ing po·~!ter. Flour enough to s~ir w~ll.
der, a pinch ow salt, season to taste Flavor to suit taste and bake m qm ck
and add one e gg.-~rom One Who oven.-Mrs. W. J. McClain. 218 West
Eleventh street.
One Egg Ca ke.
Ev ery day Ca ke.
Three-quarters Q.f a cup of sugar,
One cup O'f sugar, one egg, one-quarter cup of butter, one-h.alf cup· of sweet one-half cup of sweet milk, one a nd
milk two teaspoonfuls of Thoyal bak- on e-hali -cups of flou r sifted, one-quaring powder, one and one-half cups of ter of a cup of butter, one egg, well


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beaten ( t wo t easpoonfuls of Royal milk, either sweet or sour . (If sour
baking powder, a pin-ch of salt.-Miss milk is used, add a little soda; for
Margu erite Galbreath, 905 Cass street. s weet milk all two teaspoonfuls of
Common Cake.
Royal baking powder.) Sift thr ee cups
One egg, one t ablespoonful of but· of flo·ur with the haking powder and
ter, one cup of milk or wa t er
t wo flavor to s uit taste. Bake in a quick
cups of flour, two tablespoonfuls o·f oven.-M!rs. F r ank W atts , 821 W est
Royal ba kin g powder . F la vo[ w ith Front street .
vanill a or other fl avor a nd ba ke in
Loaf Cake.
qui ck oven . T he a bove will be eno·ugh
Two eggs, one a nd one-half cups of
.for six per sons. - Mrs. W m. Snifka, sug>ar , on e-half cup o.f shortening, t wo
128 North Oa k street .
tablespoonfuls of baking powLunch Ca ke.
der, one cup of sweet milk, t w o cups
One rounded cup of sugar , on e -ha~f of flou r, a pinch of salt , and flavor to
c up of buttP."!', one egg, or " cup of suit taste. For a small cake u se ha lf
m ilk, two teaspoonfuls of Itoyal bak- of the above ingredients.-Mr s. Wm.
ing powcer, one cup of raisins, three Corey, 129 Elast T welfth stTeet.
cu ps of flour.-A Record Reader.
S mall Po u nd Cake.
T i I den Cake.
O·ne cup of sugar, one cup of butter ,
One cup of butter , two cups of pul- foru e ggs, two tablespoonfuls of sweet
verized sugar, one cup of sweet milk, milk, one and one-half cups of flou•r,
th'!'ee ·cups of flour, one-half cup of one and one-half teaspoonfuls of Royal
corn starch, four eggs, two teaspoon- baking
powd.e r, flavor.-A Young
fuls of Royal boakiug powder, two tea- Housekeeper.
spoonfuls of lemon extract.-Mrs. C.
Pla i n Cake.
Peck, 212 South S•p ruce street.
Two eggs, using one white for frostPl ain Loaf Cake.
ing, one cup of buttermilk, one t e aOne egg, one cup of sugar, two table spoonful of soda, a small piece of but£poonfuls of butter, two-thirds cup of t er or other shortening, a pinch of


W e sell best and finest fl avo r-in gs,
sod a a nd bak i ng powders, used by
su cce sfu I cooks.
We also c arry a f r esh and V.:holesom e l in e of g r oc eri es, canned goods
an d ve getables in se·aso n.









B lJ G B

~ ~


Your Work Respectfully Solicited.



Fo r clean i ng artic l es, su ch as So a ps,
Sapolio, Go ld D ust an d oth er cl eansI ng a nd disinfecting art i cles.
OUR M OTT O- U uderbuy a ll
p etitors and u nd ers~ll the m.


· · A prompt a nd regular deli v ery s•ervice guaranteed.

Prof. H ubbard"s
Treat ments

First Treatment


if you mention this.

0. A . Johnson .
B ot h P hones.


22 0 E. Fron t St.
(Over City Book Store . )



salt, one and one-half ·cups of flour
and a heaping teaspoonful of Royal
·baking pow-der. Bake in moderate ov·
en. Use the white of one egg for _frosting.-Mrs. C. B. Curtiss.


sifted flouT, one-half t easpoonful of
salt, one level teaspoonful of soda.
Flavor with cinnamon.-Mr s. Rose
Stephe-n son, 50·8 Fifth street .
Loaf Cake Made With Cream.

sour Milk Cake.

One cup of sour cream, one cup of
One cup of sugar, three-quarters cup sugar, two cups of flour, two eggs, a~d
of cottolene, one egg, one cup of sour one t easpoon-ful of soda. Flavor to· sUlt.
milk, one-qu a rte r teaspoonful of sa~t, -A Local Contributor.
one s cant t easpoonful of sod·a disSpice Cake ..
solved m milk two teaspoon:fuls of
Royal baking powder sifted in flour ,
Two lal'ge -cups of sugar, two-thirds
one t easpoon-f ul of flavoring and the cup of butter, two eggs, one teaspoonn e cessary flour one te aspoonful of fla· ful of cinnamon, one-half t eas poonful
n e cessary flo ur- Mr s. W. D. Hollis· of grate c1 nutme g, one-quarter teat er.
spoonful of alLspice, one cup of sour
mHk, one t easpoon-ful of soda dissoh·
Loaf Cake.
ed in hot water, a pinch o-f salt, tw c
Beat two eggs and add cup of sweet a nd one-hal-f ·c ups of flour.-Mrs. H
cream, one ·c up of sugar, one teaspoon· V. Morse, 926 Lincoln street.
ful of Royal baking powder . Flavor
Spice Cake.
to suit taste. Bake in quic·k oven .Three-quarters cup of butter, ona
Mrs. c. M. Lichty, 733 West Slixth
and one-h-alf cups of sugar, three eggs,
one cup of sour milk, one teaspoonful
Sou•r Cream .Cake.
of soda two and one-h-alf cups of flour,
One cup o·f sugar, three eggs, one on€ cup of chopped raisins, one tea·
cup of thick sour cream, one cup of spoonful each of cinnamon, cloves and

All Housekeepers usually
buy their
at the

220 E. FRONT ST.

R. S. HOPKINS, Prop.


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Post Card Settings.
Cqmeras and Camera Supplies Sold.
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We also carry a line of




W isconsin Sp ice Cak e.
nutmeg and vanilla. Bake in moderate
Four eggs, two cups of sugar, oneoven.-Mirs. Anna Carey, 440 West
T enth street.
half cup o·f butter, one cup of s our
milk, two cups of flour, one t easpoonSpice Cake.
One and one-half cups of sugar, one- fu l of soda, one-half . bar of Baker's
h alf cup of butter, one-balf cup of sour chocolate, one teaspoonful each of
milk, two cups of ·raisins, three eggs, cloves and nutmeg. This will make
one-h-alf nutmeg, one teaspoonful each two large cakes.-Mrs. H . BakerJ 624
of cinnamon, cloves and saleratus. West Tenth street.
Mix rather stiff. Bake in loaves in
Poo r Ma n's Eg gl ess Cake.
moderate oven.-Miss Anna Stepan,
Two cups of sugar, one-half cup or
523 Randolph street.
butter, three cup::; of flour, one and
Spic e Cake.
one-half teaspoonfuls of Royal bakOne cup of brown sugar, four table- ing powder, one and one-half teaspoonspoonfuls of melted butter, one cup fuls of lemo n ex-tract and a pinch of
o·f sour milk, one cup of chopped rais- salt.-A Local Housekeeper.
ins, two cups of flour, one teaspoonful
Loaf Cake.
each of cinn-amon and cloves, one-half
One cup of sugar, one teaspoonteaspoonful of ginger, one scant tea- ful of lard, one teaspoonful of Royal
spoonful of soda, a little water and· baking powd er, one egg, four enough
pinch of salt.-Mrs. A. B. Odion, to malre stiff batter. Bake in quick
·west Front street.
cven.-M:rs. Jos Flack, 122 South
S pice Cake.
Spruce street.
Two cups of brown sugar, one-half
Pork Cake.
cup of butter, two eggs, one cup of
Thirteen ounces of pork, one-half
sour milk, one teaspoonful of soda, pint of hot water, one cup of moln.scloves and cinnamon, one-half nutmeg, ses, two cups o.f ::;ugar, one teaspoon·
and two and one-half cups of flour.- ful of soda, -stirred into mo la.sses, one
A Local Housekeeper.
tablespoonful of cinnamon, one-half

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nutm eg, one pound of raisins and one- on e cup boiling wat er , t wo t easpoonhalf pound of English currants.-Mrs. ful s of Royal baking pow der, sifted
with the flour( Eggs and sugar creamp·o rk Cake.
erl together.- Mrs. Geo, R asho, 822
One pound of fat pork chopp ed fine, W est Sixth street.
one pint of hot water, one cup of moSponge Cake.
lasses, two cup::;+ of sugar, two teaB eat four eggs, one and one-half
spoonsful of s oda, one t easpoonful cups of sugar. Beat weiJ, Sift two cups
ea·c h o1' cinnamon, cloves, and a ll- of flour to w.hich add two t ea spoons pice , one-half cup of chopped raisins 1'ul;; of 'R oyal baking powde r and sift
or curran ts a nd flour enou g.h to m ake again. Add to egg and sugar . Add one
thick batter . -Mrs. J. M. Everhardt, cup of hot water and flavor to t aste. 921 W a ln ut s tr eet .
Mrs. E . Ro sser , 205 W est T enth street.
Sponge Cake.
Sponge Cake.
One cup of s ugar, three eggs, six taThree eggs, one cup of sugar, one
blespoon fuls of water, four t ablespoon- cup of flour, on e t easpoonful of Royful s o f butte r, one and one-half table- al ba king powder , one tables poonful
spoon fuls of flour, two t easpoonfuls of colclJ wa ter. Season with. lemon or
of R,o yal bakin g powdJer .-A Local · any flavor desire d. Bake in mode rate
oven .- Mr s. J. Wi. S+cott , 422 West
Sponge Cake.
Sev enth street.
One cup of sugar, tw o eggs, one
Sponge Cake.
cu p of bo·ilin g wa t er, one and on e-half
Three e ggs, one ·cup, of sugar , one
cups of flour , two t easpoonfuls of Roy- cup of flour, one tablespoonful O"f c old
al bakin g po wde r, a pinch of salt, fla- water , t wo t ea s poonful s of Royal bakvor with van ill a.-Mrs. G. F . BeiJ .
ing powder. Beat thorou ghly be.fore
Sponge Cake.
putting in tins. Bake in moder ate ovOne a nd one-ha lf cups of granula ted en.-Miss Lucil e Seymour, 116 No rth
s ugar, two eggs, two cups of flour, Cedar street.

Sponge Cake.
Two well beaten, two-thirds
cup of s uga r, fiv e tab le spoonfuls of
sw eet milk, one cup of flour , two t easpoonfuls of Royal baking powder.
s eason with V'anilla.-A Local Contributor.
Exc.ellent Sponge Cake.
S:even eggs, one cup of sugar, one
cup of flour, one t easpoonful of Royal
baking powd er, flavor. Take yolks of
eg,gs, a nd sugar , and stir fifte en minutes one way, A·d+d flour , baking powder, fl avor, and lastly the whites of
eggs beat en to a stiff froth . Bake in
slow oven . Do not jar.-Mrs. H. A.
Kirchn er, 417 East El:ighth street.
Spong·e Cake.
One cup of flour , one c up of sugar,
three eggs, two teaspoonfuls of Ro yal
bald n g powd er, a pin·c h of salt, Beat
a)] togeth er a nd season to taste. Bake
slowly.-Mrs. N. A. Ne lson, 523 Eas t
Eighth street .

G. V. WRIGHT, Prop.
GiLl. Phone 125

Traverl!lle City.


or ttn



H . S. Hull, P resident
A. V . Freidrich,
Chas. W ilhelm,
V ice P residents.
M. 0 . Robinson, Cashier.
E . L. Edwards, A ssistant Cashier.

H . S. Hull, A V . Freid;ich, Chas. W ilhelm
]. M. H uell mantel,
Wm. Louden
J. 0. Crotser, Stephen Lautner, Geo. W . Lardie,
L. 0 . Rice,
Betj. Thirlby,
Dr. H . B. Garner,
Frank H . Smith.
3 per cent interest paid on c ertificates
a nd ~avings deposits.

Cream Spong,e Cake.
Two cups of sugar, one cup of
cre am, two cups o.f flour , four,
one t ea spoonful of Royal baking powder . Flavor to suit t aste. Bake quickIy.-Mrs. Rob ert F. Hierkner, 128
Nor th Ellmwoodl avenue.
White Loaf Cake.
On e-half •c up of butter, one and oneha lf cups of gr anu lated su gar, cre amed, the whites of e ight eggs, beaten,
two a nd+ on e-hal,f cup s of flour, threequarter s ·c up of sweet milk, t wo teaspoonfuls of Royal ba king powder .
Flav or with le mon or vanilla. Bake
in qui·ck ovcn.-:Mlrs. Sa rah J. Miller,
l 02{) R a ndolph st reet.
White Cake.
One c up of granulate d s ugar, onet hird cu p of b utter, one cup of sweet
milk, one t ea spoonful of Ro ya l bakin g po wder , thr ee cups of flour, the
whites of .t wo eggs adJded last after
be ing beat en. Flavor to suit taste.-

The Wright Laundry

Cas h Capital
Additio nal Liab ility of Stockh o lder s
Surplus E arn i n gs
$1 0.000
Tot al for P ro t ectio n o f D ep osito r s
Bes ides s u c cessful e x perienced
m a n a~eme n t m ad e u p of th e fo llowing na m ed men from amon g
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3 18 S. Union St.

Furnishes Homes
Complete for one
Dollar per week.
Three Big Stores.

Gents' List.
CoUar s 2% c, Cuffs per 'P air 5c, S h irts
pla in lOc, Sth irts open 12 1hc to 15c,
Bus t er Brow n 4,c, L a di es' Coll a rs 2%·c
to 5c, Vests 15c to 25c, Und er shirts 6c,
Drawe rs 6c, Union Su its lOc, Socks
pe r pair 3c, Handke r ch ie-fs 2c, Silk
Handker·chiefs 5c, Nigh tshirts 10c,
Neckties c3 to 5c, Ladi es' Chemis ettes
5c, Towels 3c to 5c, Nap:k ins 3c T able
Covers lO c, Sheets 6c, Pillo w Slips 3c
to 5c, Ooats 15c to 40c, Apron s 5c to
l.O c, Pants 25c to 50c, Counterpane 15·c,
New Neckband s or Wristbands lOc.
Ladies' List .
D1·esses 20c to 25c, Fan cy Dresses-Cuffs p er pair 5c, Cap e Collars 2%·c
to 5c, Sk•irts p la in 20c, Skirts fan cyOverskirts 25·c to 40c, Sleeves 5c, Ladies ' Vests 6c, Chemise 10c t o 15c, Corset Cove rs 8c, Dra:wers 10c to 15c,
Unio nS uits lOc, Sto ckings per pair 3·c,
N ight Dresses l.Oc, Apron s 5c to 10c,
vVaists 10 c to 40c, Tidi es 3c to 15c,
Sacqu es 20c to - - , H andkerahie fs 2c,
Bel ts 2c, Pillow Sham s 20c to 50c.
CARPETS per y·a rd 4c. Cur tains
pe r pair 50c.




Mrs. A. E.





Monroe Mrs . C. D. l\1oor · , 220 West T en th

Wh ite Ca k e.

One and one-half cups of sugar,
an d one-half cup of butter creamed
two-thirds cup of sweet mill~, two t ea?
spoonfuls of Royal baking powder, two
cu ps of flour, the whites of .four eggs,
a pinch of salt, and flavoring Lo suit
t aste.--,Mrs. E. Sumner, 802 Washingt on street.
White Cake.

One cup of sugar, one-quarter cup
of butter, two cups of flour, two teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder, one
h alf cup of milk, use whites of four
well-beaten eggs;
flavor.- Mrs. I.
W hi te Cake .

One and one-half cups of s ifted
flou r, one cup of granulateCL s ugar,
one heaping teaspoonfu l of Royal
baking powder, a pinch of salt; put
th e whites of t wo eggs in cup and fill
cup until half full of the eggs and butt er, then fill the cup with sweet milk.
Ad d flavoring and beat hard for five
min utes. Bake in a moderate oven. -

Wh ite or Delicat e Cake.

One cu p of bu lter , two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, one-half cup
of milk, the whites of six eggs, two
t easpoonfuls o[ Royal baldn g powder.
-A Local Housekeeper.
Co c oanut Cake.

One c~1p of butter, two cups of sugar, on e cup of sweet milk, three and
one-half cups of flour, four eggs well
beaten to stiff froth, one teaspoonful
of soda, two t easpoonfuls of cr eam
of tartar, on e teaspoonful of grated
cocoanut.-Mrs. Geo. Brenner, 220
North Madison street.
Cocoanut Pound Cake.

One-half cup of bulter, two cups of
sugar, one cup of milk, three eggs ·
beaten to a stiff froth. Stir into fonr
cups of flo ur , one teaspoonful of soda,
E< nd two of cream of tartar. Beat the
bu tte r a.nd sugar unLi! light to which
add the beaten yolks, then add mlllt,
the beaten whites of the eggs, and
flou r by degrees. After all are beaten
well add small
Spread over ordinary frosting with


cocoanut gratings.-Mrs. H. Berndt,
531 West Seventh street.
F ea t her C a ke .
One and one-half cups of sugar, two
eggs, one tablespoonful of butter, one
cup of sweet milk, two teaspoonful::; of
R-oyal baking powder, vanilla to suit
taste, and flour enough to make medium batter.-Mr s. Carl Devendorf, 720
·west Seventh st reet.
Feather C ak e .
One cup of sugar and one tablespoonful of butter creamed, one egg,
two teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder, one-half cup of sweet milk, flo ur
enough to make medium stiff batter
and season to taste.-Mrs. S. Br odigan, 118 South Spruce street.
Snow Cake.
One-half cup of butter, one cup of
sugar, one-half cup of sweet milk, one
and one half cups of flo ur, the whites
of four eggs beaten stiff, one heaping
teaspoonful of Royal baking powder .
Bake in loaf and f rost to suit.__,Mrs.
J . K. Koenig, 443 Madison street.
Lemon Snow Cake.
The whites of fou r eggs, one cup of
granulated sugar, one cup of sweet


:!IDlrn. 1£. W. Wylrr
iE.xduaiur ftltilliurry

cause everybodv much care
and worry.
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your fioancial pro blems are,
call and talk them over. All
busin ess is strictly private.

First National


Hair Goods

11 9 W . Front St

I carry a full line of bicyc.Je tires
and sundries and am pr epare d t o do
Repair W ork on bicycles :ro·r tb.e m ost
particular and at prices th ~t ~re r~as­
onable and fair.
I also carry a line of high grade hicycles at pr ices r un ning from $18 to
$40. Namely :

Toilet Goods








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Wheels and Re pair work.



milk, one-half cup of butter, two teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder ,
flour enough to stir easily. Flavor with
lemon extract. Use any frosting desired.- Mrs. C. E. Anderson.
Ange l

Food .

One tumbler granulated sugar, sifted, the whites of eleven eggs, beat en
stiff, one tumb ler sifted flo ur, one-half
t easpoonful cream of tar tar. P ut in
flour, an d flavor to suit taste.-Mr:>.
William H . Umlor, 508 Fifth str eet .
Angel Food.

One c up of egg whites, unbeaten,
one and one-quarter cups of sugar, one
cup of sifted flour, one rounded teaspoonful of cream of tartar, one-half
t easpoonful of fl avoring, a pinch of
salt. Put the salt into the egg whites
and beat until very light and
Then ad.d t he flav or ing and slowly stir
in the sugar which h as been sifte d
four t imes, then lightly fold in the
flo ur an d cream of t a rtar which h ave
been sifted toget her four times . Bake
in an ungreased pa n in a moder ate
oven fro m forty-five minutes to an
hour . Do no t open t he oven door until

use alabastine, paints and
our varnishes to make
their kitchen walls and
ceilings bright.
Remeinber - we also
handle ~ ~omplete line of
baking powders, spices,
extracts and all the ingredients used in the vanous
cooking receipes in this




CO Ck.

the cake has been in the oven fift een of Ro yal baking powder, ,f lavoring.
minutes .-Mrs. Fre d Eichhorn.
Do no t use too much flour.-Mrs. Wm.
Hall, 634 East Eighth s tre et.
Drop Cake.
Tthree eggs, one cup of sugar, two
tablespoonfuls of water, one teaspoon·
f.ul of Royal baking po wder, one cup
of flour, .a pinch of salt. •S eason to
taste (nutmeg or lemon) .-Mrs. William Klinker, 638 East EightJh street.
Drop Cake.

One cup of sugar, one cup o.f .shortening one cup of tm olasse-s, one cup
of sour milk, t wo eg.g s, •o ne tablespoonful of .soda, four -c ups of .flour, one
teaspoonful of dnna,mon.-Mrs. Geo.
WHoox, 311 West Ninth s•t reet.
Jelly Rol l Cake.

cup o·f swet milk, two •c ups of flour,
sifted, two t easponfuls of Royal baking powder, the wlh ites of four eggs,
one cup of chopped walnut meats, a
pinch of salt. Flavor to suit taste. Mrs. L. M. Whitmore, 119 East Tenth
Roll Jelly Cake.

Three eggs, one ·cup of sugar, one
ou.p of cold water, two teaspoontfuls

Rolled Je·lly Cake.

F-our eggs, t wo-tJhirds cup of .powdere d. .suga;r, two~third-s cup o'f pas•try
flour , one-quarte d teaspoonful of s•a lt,
one-half teaspoonful o.f Roya l baking
powder. Beat egg and sugar till
Hgtht. Add mixe d dry ingredie nts
t•hen s tiffly beaten whites an d mix
light ly together. Bake . in thin sh eet
in quick oven. As soon as done turn
quickly on a to•wel wru ng out of water
and sprea,d wibh jelly. Roll up and
dust .w ibh powdered sugar.-Mrs. Albert LaJckor, 1126 East Eighth .s treet .
Roll Jelly Cake.

One -cup of sugar, butter the S•ize
of an egg, one egg. Cream this a nd
flavor with v-anilla. One<half -cup of
water a,nd one-half -cup of m ilk. Put
into two and oneJh aLf cup s of flour,
two teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder. Line dripping •pan wi•bh greased
pap er a nd bake in quick -o ven. While
cake is baking, put jelly int o a basin
and beat with a fork. S-preaJd on h ot
cake and rol L-Mrs. W-m. Vandermad e,

Chronic Diseases our. Specialty.

Roll Jelly Cake.

Nut Cake.

Three eggs, one cup of flour, one
cup of sugar, three tablespoon;fuls of
milk or cream, one teaspoonful of vanilla, one teaspoonful of Royal baking powde r. Bake in quick oven and
roll as soon as baked. Use any 'filling
desired. -Mr·s. C. J. Peckh&m.

Whites of five eggs·, two cups of
.sugar, one cup of butter, one cup of
-s weet milk, tJhree cups of ·fl-our, two
teaspoon fuls of Royal baking powder,
one cup of hi ckory nut .meats and
one cup of black walnuts •c hopped fine.
-A Lo cal Contrib utor.

Nut Cake.

Waln ut Loaf.

One an d one-half cups ·o f sugar, oneth alf cup o,f butter, ·t hree-quarters of a
cup of m ilk, t wo cups of flou r, sifted,
two teasp oonfuls of Roy-a l baking
powder, t!he whites of four eggs, one
cup of -chopp ed walnut meats , a •pinch
of salt. Flavo•r to suit taste.-Mrs
L. M. Whitmore, 119 East Tenth

Two eggs, one cup of granulated
sugar, on e~half cup of butter, two teaspooncfuls of Royal baking powder, one
teasponful of van illa, one-half cup o•f
English walnuts, two cups of flour,
one-half cup of sweet milk or W•aJter.
Bake in quick oven.-Miss Genevive

Nut Cake.

One-quarter cup of lard,oneand onehalf cups sugar,three eggs, two and
of the above batter mix 12 t ablespoonh al.f tea,spoonfuls of Ro yal baking
·p owder, one•third cup of mil'k, one cup
of nnt meats of any kind. Cream tJhe
butter and su-gar and ad·d beaten eggs,
then fLour ·sifte d with Royal baking
powd-er . Add •the nu t m e-a ts after ingredients have bee n well m ixed. Bak e
in tin abou t 35 minutes.- Mrs. Frank
Mirovsky, 314 Vine street .

ROOMS 206-208


to disease• of the


Bot'h Phonn..


Drs. Sawyer & Wheeler 0. C. M 0 F FAT
Citz. Phone 141

3rd Floor

Apple Sauce C.ak e

Two and one•half -cup-s of 'flour , two
teaspoonfuls of ·soda, one teaspoonful
of cin namon, one-h alf teas·poonrul of
cloves, one-half teruspoonful of nutmeg,
one.!half teaspoon ful of .s•alt. Mix the

Befor e buying property or
mortgaging same, be sure
and a.k for a Moffat abstract.

123-125 SO. UNION.

417 SO. UNION:.

Glasses Fitted
Wilhelm Block.

406, 407, 408 WILHELM BLOCK


Apple Sauce Cake

One cup of cook ed -a pple .s auce, one
cup of sugar, 1Jwo cups o f flour, onehalf cup of -chopped raisins, one-half
cup of shortening, one tea ,.,pooll!ful of
-s oda, one-half teas·poon·ful each of
cinna mon ·a nd -a llspice.-Mrs. E . W .
Butl er, 506 West Elev,enth .street.

Dr. F. Holdsworth, JULIUS

Drs. Trueblood & True blood




When you want a safe driving
horse and an up-to-date, comfortable carrioge or runabout, call citizens phone 802 or bell phone 163
and we will send it to your home at
a price that is reasonable and fair.


We handle

.a complete line of-

Chineware, Dishes, Novelty Ware,
Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets, Refrigerators, Ranges, Gardening Tools, Washi ng Machines, Wringers, Pa•i nts, Ka-1somine, Va~nJ shes, Linoleums, C·a f'pets, Rugs, Go-Carts, Carpet-Sweepers, Cooking Utensils, Lawn Hose,
P i ctures.
And a glance at our windows in our
down-town branch will convi nce the
most skeptical of our Fishing Goods.





above together thoroughly and ad-d one
cup of sugar, one,half •c up of shortening, one and one-ihalf cups of apple
sau·ce and one cup of raisins.-Mrs.
Perlie Carpenter, 831 East Eig~th
Apple Sauce Cake
One cup of ·s ugar, ·one-haLf cup of
shortening, butter or lard, one and one~alf cups of sweetened apple sauce,
three scant t easpoonfuls of soda -dissolved in the sauce, one,half cup of
chopped raisins. Use fl.our enough to
stir welL-Mrs. Judd Priest, 146 East
Fifteenth ·s treet. ·
Apple Cake Without Eggs.
One cup of •a pple sau ce, one-half cup
of shortening, one cup of .s ugar, spice
and cloves to suit ta;ste, two tablespoonfuls of •m Hk or water, two teaspoonfuls of Royal baking ·p owder or
one of soda. Beat the shortening an d
sugar togeth er. For nice flakey pie
crust use baking powder in your flour.
-Mrs. Frank Bennett, 816 Randol,p h
str eet.
Eggless Cake.
One cup O·f sugar, one-ihalf cup of
shortening, either lar d or butter, one
cup of apple sauce, one teas.p oonful of

soda, one teaspoonful of cinnrumon,
one-half teaspoonful each of cloves and
nutm eg, one cup of currants and raisins, a pinoh of salt. Us·e flour enough
to .s tir welL-Mrs. W. C. Finn, 1103
South Union street.
Rais in Cake.
One ·cup o.f butter, two cups ·o!
sugar, three cups of flour, four eggs,
one cup od' buttermilk, one tea;spoonful of soda, one large cup of raisins.A Local Housekeeper.
Marble Cake.
Dark part: One cup of sugar, onehalf cup of molasses·, one cup of butter, yolk of ,fo ur eggs, spice to suit
taste and use all kinds of spices, o ne
cup of sour milk, 1Jhree cups of ;flour,
one tea;spoonful of Royal baking powder. Light part: One cup of sugar,
one-half •c up o•f butter, one-half cup of
sweet milk, the whites of four eggs,
one and one-half cups of flour, one
teaspoonfu l of Royal baking powder .
Drop alternately in pa n .-A Local
Marble Cake.
Ligh t part: One •c up of bubter, two
cups of sugar, three eggs, one cup o f
milk, three an d ·o ne-hal·f cups of flou r ,

Beautiful Switches.
Puffs and

Co'umbia Transfer Co.

Prices Right,

O tiality Right

.Mrs. A. F. Nerlinger
Cltz. Phone 6'96

Hair Goods and Cosmetics

Go to M . M WILKINS" Bicycle Hos pital, 205 So. Union St., for all kinds ·of
bicycle and .go-cart repairing.
Also see ·me before buyinlt or selling ·
your second-hand bicycles.
Don't forf{et we also carry a high grade
line of Mens' Women's and B oys' wheels
at prices ranging from $18 .00 to $40.00.
Also a complete line of sundries. The
number is



Near Un ion Street Bridge

F. E, L AHYM, Proprietor


Hard and Soft


. ,..t

All Orders Given Prompt
Household Go~ds and Piano
Moving·a Specialty.
Give us a trial and be


N all receipts in this book calling for bak·
ing powder use '.' Royal._" Better and
finer food will be the result, and you will
safeguard it again st alum.


In recei pts calling for one teaspoonful of
soda and t wo of cream of tartar, use two
spoonfuls of Royal, and leave the cream of
tartar and soda out. You get the better food
and save much trouble and guess work.
Look out for alum baking powders. Do
not permit them to come into your house
under any consideration. T hey add an injurious substance to your food, destroying in
part its digestibility. All doctors will tell
you this, and it is unquestionable. The use
of alum _in whiskey is. absolutely prohibited;
why not equally protect the food of our
women and children ?
Alum baking powders may be knowri by
their price. Baking powders at a cent an
ounce or ten or twenty-five cents a pound are
made from alum. · A void them.
Use no
b~king powder unless . the label shows it is
made from cream of tartar.


Phones 44.














two large teaspoonfuls of Royal bakin·g ·powder. Dark part: With one cup
of the above batter mix 12 teaspoonful s of molasses and one teaspoonful
each of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.
-Mrs. W. M. Mereis, 115 East Thirteenth street.
Ma rb le Chocolate.



One-h alE cup of butter, one cup of
sugar, two and one-half cups of flour,
one-half cup of sweet milk, the whites
of four eggs, two teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder. Flavor with lemon.
Mix with one cup of the above, enough
powdered Baker's chocolate to rmake
dark, and proceed the same as in marble cake.-Miss Carrie Drew.
Devil 's Food.

- Devil 's

Two eggs, one-ilialf cup of shortening, two ·cups of sugar, a nd one-half
teaspoonful of soda, two bans of Baker's chocolate dis solved in one-ilialf
cup of hot water, one1•half cup of sour
milk.-A Local Hous·ekeeper.
Dev i,l's


er's chocolate, one-half cup of boiling
water, two cups of flour, one teaspoonful af soda, one t easpoonful of
Royal baking powder. Dissolve soda
and Baker's chocolate in hot water
and allow to cool and add to the
above.-Mrs. T. W. Donnelly, 130
East Ninth street.
De vi l's Food.
Two cups of sugar, one-cup of butter, one·•half cake of Baker's chosolate, dissolve in one-half cup of boiling water, two eggs, one-half cup of
buttermilk, a scant teaspoonful of soda
three cups of flour and a pinch of
salt.- Mrs. A. G. Morse 639 East
Eighth street.


Food Cake.

Two cups of brown ::mgar, one-half
cup of sour milk, one-half cup ..:>f grated Baker' s chocod•a te, two eggs, one
teaspoonful of soda, dis solved in onehalf cup of hot water, two and onebaH cups of flour.-Mrs. J . M. Heuss,.
220 West Twelfth street.

Two cups of brown sugar, one-half
Cocoa Cake.
cup of butter, one entire egg and
One half-cup of brown sugar, one·
yolk of second, one-halfg cup sour or egg, three quarters cup of water and
b u ttei'milk, one•half cu p of grated Bak- cook till thi-ckened. When cooled





Cut Flowers and Floral Designs Every purchase is guaranA SPECIAlTY.


We have the only White Funeral Car in the city,

For Night Calls Phone 786.
324 S. Union St.





Citz. Phone 92.



C. B. TayI or Co aI Co.
BELL 185.


teed satisfactory or
money refunded.

Mikado Tea
Winslow Coffee
Golden Sheaf Flour

Stickney's Grocery
4-11 S. UNION ST.
TELEPHONES. Citizens 54 . Bell 15·6,



add two cups of sugar, two eggs, one
cup of butter, lard or meat fryings
one cup of milk and three and onehalf cups of flour. After dissolving
the soda in hot water, bake in hot
oven.-A Reco~·d reader.
Chocolate Loaf Cake.

One cup of granulated sugar, •b utter
the size of an egg, the yolks of two
eggs, one-half teaspoonful of vanilla
one square of Baker's chocolate, two
cups of flour, two teaspoonfuls of
Ro yal baking powder.-Mrs. E. W.
Moody, 205 West Tenth street.
Solid Chocolate Cake.


two cups of flour, two teaspoonfuls of
Royal baking powder, two teaspoonfuls of Baker's cocoa dissolved in onehalf cup of boiling water, stirred hard.
Flavored with two teaspoonfuls of
vanilla.-Mrs. W. Ingersoll 341 West
Ninth street.
Black Chocolate Cake.

One-half cake of Baker's chocolate,
one cup of sugar, one-half cup of
sweet milk, one egg, two teaspoonfuls
of vanilla. Mix together and cook until thick. Let the mixture get perfectly cold before putting into cake
For cake: One-half cup of butter:
one-half cup of milk, two cups of
flour, one cup of sugar, one egg, yolk
and white beaten separately, two
teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder.
Put in white of egg l•a st. Bake in a
modern oven.~Mrs. An drew Vlack,
921 West Front street.

Treatments are Guaranteed.
A very t~or:oug~ form of massage; Vi'bration, Electric Light
Cure. All kinds of Baths,
etc. You get the treatment
you need---not something else.
All Ailments treated. Consultation free. First treatment,
free if you mention this.

Citz. Phone 699.

Fruit Cake.

Simple Fruit Cake.

One cup of butter, one cup of brown
sugar, one cup of molasses, one cup
of sweet milk, three cups of flour,
four eggs, one teaspoonful of soda,
one and one-half teaspoonfuls of
Royal baking powder, two pounds of
raisins chopped fine.-A reader of
Grand Traverse Herald.

One-1h alf cup of molasses, one-half
cup of strong, prepared ·coftfee, two
eggs be·a ten separately, one-half cup
of butter, one cup of raisins, one cup
of currants, one teaspoonful each of
cinnamon, cloves and soda, one cup of
brown sugar.-Mrs. W. C. Dustman,
1134 Peninsula street.

Spice F rui t Cake.

Plain Fruit Cake.

Fruit 'Cake.

Two cups of flour, one cup of brown
sugar, one cup sour cream, one cup
of chopped raisins, one cup of buttermilk, one-halE pound of citron chopped
fine, two tablespoonfuls of molasses,
butter the size of an egg, two eggs,
one teaspoonful of soda, one teaspoonful each of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.-Mrs. Fred Beaubien, 205 East
T enth street.

cup of shortening, butter
or lard, one-half cup of 'm olasses, one
cup of sugar, one teaspoonful each of
soda and Royal baking powder, two
eggs, one~half teaspoonful of cinnamon, one cup of raisins or currants.
Use enough flour to make stiff batter
and bake in moderate oven.-Mrs.
J es·se Fouch.

The Envy in


Try All These Recepes vvith



One cup of sugar, two eggs, one cup
of currants, one-half cup of butter, one
cup of sour milk, one teaspoonful of
soda, one-half teasponful each of
cloves and cinnamon, two and onehalf cups of flour, one teaspoonful of
Royal baking powder.-Mrs. R. A.
Edgell, 409 East Eighth s-treet.

Brown Loaf Cake.



Made only by

Straub Bros. &
2 20 E. FRO NT ST.



One cup of sugar ,one cup of molasses, one egg, one cup of lard or
butter, one cup of chopped raisins,
one cup of prepared cold coffee, one
teaspoonful of soda dissolved in warm
water, one teaspoonful of salt, one
teaspoonful each of ginger, cinnamon
and Royal baking powder. Make a
rather stiff batter. Bake in moderate
oven.-Mrs . Cbas. Wiedenhamer.

Two cups of brown sugar, one-half
cup of butter, one cup of SOUl' milk,
or coffee; two eggs, one teaspoon-ful of soda dissolved in one-half
cup of hot water.. If desiTed, one can
use two teaspoonfuls of Royal baking
powder and one cup of sweet milk
in place of the soda and sour .milk,
Fruit Cake.
one-third cake of grated Baker's chocOn e cu p of sugar , on() cup of moolate and two heaping ·cups of flour. lasses, one-half cup of lard, two or
-Mrs. A. J. Killman.
three eggs, one teaspoonful each of
Chocolate Loaf Cake.
cinnamon, nutmeg, and allOne and three-quarters cup of SPICe, one cup of sour m ilk, one teasugar, two eggs, one-quarter of a cup spoonful of soda, one cup of raisins,
of butter, one-half cup of sweet milk, flom·.-Mrs. Anna Cinnamon.

Prof. Hubbard's



You will make no mistake, ladies, wh en you nee n. a safe, gentle
horse and comfortable carriage,
to call up our barn. We can supply you. Also phone us when you
need a bus or dray to transfer
yourself, family or friends and
their baggage to the depot, docks,
or any part of the city.

Bought of the

Ideal Dairy

· Always Open for Inspection.


State St. Both Phones

A. 'W. Wiedoft
79 443 Monroe St.

Citz. Phone 665






Mabel Greeno, 134 East Fifteenth
Loaf Cake.
T.wo eggs, one cup of .sugar, one- street.
Dark Loaf Cake.
h alf ·c up of lard, one ·CUP of molasses,
one pound of stoned dates, three cups
One cup of brown sug·a r, one-half
of .flour, bake in moderate oven.-Mrs. cup of molasses, one scant half cup
of shortening, one square o·f Baker's
K. W . Bonney.
chocoJ.ate, two tab lespoonfuls of preBrown Cake.
One-ha!lf ·cup of, ei1Jher white pared coffee, two eg.g s, one-half cup of
or brown, one ·cup of ·black molasses , sour milk, a teas·poonful each of soda,
one ·CUP of boiling coEfee, one heaping clove-s and cinnamon, one tea;spoonful
·teaspoonful of soda in coffee, one tea- of Royal baking powder, •t wo CU'PS of
sponf)ll of allspice; nutmeg a:nd cin- flo ur. Use raisin .filling.-Mrs. A. T.
namon to season. Use flour enough Rosses, 413 West T e nth street.
to stir well. Beat in two eggs.-Mrs.
Molasses Cake.
One cup of sugar, one tablespoon,ful
Elmer Green.
of butter, one ·c up of hot water, one
Brown Cake.
One cup of brown sugar, one-hal·f cup of molasses, to which add yO'\lr
cup of molas·ses, one,half cup of but- raisins and currants, one-half teater, one cup ·of s our milk, three cups spoonful of soda and one .a nd one-half
of Hour, one teaspoonful of s oda, one teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder,
teas·poonful each ·of nutmeg, .c inna:mon with flour enough to thicken.-A Home
and allspice.-Mr·s. J. S. Kerns, 244 Cook.
Molasses Cake.
E ·a;st E leventh street.
'T wo-t-hirds cu·p of sugar fill e d with
Brown Cake.
One cup of sugar, one cup o.f sour bla;ck molasses, one egg, on e tablemilk, four small tablespoonfu ls of mo- s·poonful of shortening, dissolve one
lasses, two<thirds ·cup of lard, one-half teaspoonful of soda in two-'tihirds cup
teaspoonful each of cinnamon and of boiling water. Use enough flour to
·s oda. Flour enough to mix.-Mi-ss stir well. Use one-half teaspoonful



Walter Baker &Co.'s

Cocoa= Chocolate

Years of Successful



AT 547




Where housekeepers will find at all
times a complete line of nice, juicy
steaks, roasts and soup bones.
also have home-made F rankfurters and

Whe re you will find a complete, clean sausage ..
line of wholesome groceries, pure bakHome-made lards and smoked meats
ing powders, flavoring extracts.
our· specialty.
.. Also choice l ine of canned goods,
salted and smoked meats, baked goods
Also complete line of canned meats,
and drugs.
vegetables and fish.
Macaroni, Olives, butter, eggs, horse·
We deliver on short notice goods to radish a nd home-cured bacon for all
any part of the city.
OUR MOTTO: "Live and Let Live." who may desire the goods.


J. GAREY. Prop.

.546 E. Eighth St.

Citz. Phone 209 .

OUR MOTTO : "Our Aim to Please
and Satisfy 'the Most Particular M ~ at

Highest Awards in
Europe and America

- free from coloring
matter, chemical solvents,
or adulterants of any kind,
and therefore in full conformity to the requirements
of all National and State
Pure Food Laws.






You will make no mistake in
trading at the


A new and handsome!y ill ustratcd
Regi stered


B oo!~


U .S . l'at, Otlice


eaoh of cloves and cinm~;mo n and a,d d
rai sins.-B. Roach, 605 East Front
Molasses Cake.
One teaspoonful of lar d, one tableS'POonful of sugar, one-half tea,spoonful
of cloves, a pinch of salt, two-thirds
cup of molasses, two-thirds cup o1'
boiling water, one teaspoon,ful o f soda,
flour to make thick batter.-Mrs. R ay
Molasses Cake.
One-'h alf cup "bf sugar, one-half ·cup
of molasses, two tab lespoon.fuls of
shortening, one egg, one-h a lf teaspoonful each of ginger and cinnamon,
one•h alf cup of sour 1milk, one teas,poonful of soda, two cups of flour.Mrs. Lois Tatro, 136 East Fifteenth
Molasses Cake.
One cup of sugar, one cup of lard
or butter, or one-half of eac.h, one-h a lf
cup of molasses, two cups of buttermilk, two teas'Poou.fuls of soda, one
cup of chopped rai s ins. Flavor to s uit
taste. Us e flour enough to mix well.
Bake in slow oven.-Mrs . Walter Garwick, 121 No rth Cedar street.

Coffee Cake.
Two cups of brown s ugar, one ~cup
of butte r, one cup of molas·s es, one cup
of str-ong, pre pared cofJ'ee, four eggs,
one teas,p oonful of s oda, two teas·poonfuls each of cinnamon and cloves one
grated nutmeg, one pound r a isins, one
pound c.itron, four cups of fiour.-Mrs.
Frank Umlor, 716 Webster street.
Coffee Cake.
One cup of molasses, one cup of
s hort ening, one and -one-haN' cups of
bPow n ·S ugar, one cu1p of raisins, one
cup of currants, a n even teaspoonful
of s oda, cinnamon and a little salt. Use
your judgment a bout flour .-A Good
Coffee Cake.
Two cups of brown sugar, one cup
of butter or half lard and half butter,
one cup of molasses, one cup of strong
p rep ared coffee, four eggs, one teaspoonful of sal eratu s, one teasp oonful
each of cinnamon and cloves, one
grated nutmeg, four cups of flour .
Raisins or cunan s may be added if
desir ed. This will make two loaf
cakes .-Mrs. Thornton Mitchell, 103
North Elm wood avenue.
Egg less Coffee Ca ke .
One cup of sugar .and one-half cup

of bu tter creamed together, one c up
prepared coffee, one cup molasses, one
level teaspoonful of soda, one cu·p of
chopped raisins, use all kinds of
s~pices, four cups of floUI·.-Mrs. M.
Richie, 321 West Fourteenth street.
Coffe e Cake.
One cup of brown 1sugar, one,haH
cup of butter, two eggs, one-half cup
of molasses, one-half ·CUP of coffee
prepared as you would .for table, one
teaspoonful of soda, one teas·p oonful of
cloves, one teaspoonful of allspice, two
cups of flour, a pin ch of sal t. Bake
either in loaf or layer form.-Mrs. C.
H. Beckman, 134 North Spru ce street .
Coffee Cake.
Four eggs we ll beaten, one cup of
butter {!reamed with two and on e-h aH
cups of sugar, one cup p rep are d cold
coffee, one pound of raisins, one t easpoonful of soda sifted with LOur cup s
of flour, one tabl espoonful each . of
clov es, cinnamon a nd a ll s pi ce: Bake
In a moderate ov en.-Mrs. M. F . Hartley, 307 Norcbh Spruce street.
Eggless Coffee Cake.
On e cup of brown sugar, one-half
cup of dark .syrup, one cup of shortening, one teas·poonful of Royal bak-

ing powder, -one teas ponful of s-oda,
one cup of 'prepared ~coffee, one teaspoonful each of cinnamon and cloves.
-Mrs. E. Richards, 234 East Eleventh street.
German Coffee Cake.
T ,wo pounds of J'lour, three eggs,
one cup of sugar, one cup of butter,
one yea,st cake, -one pound of raisins ,
one nutmeg and the rind ~of one lemon. AIJ.ow cake to raise lik e ordinary brea,d and bake in moderrute
oven.- Local Housekeeper.
Apple Filling for Layer Cake.
Th e white of one .egg, one-hal·f cup
of sugar , one good-sized s-our a pple
grated. Be·a t a ll together until stiff
an d spread between 'layers.-Mr.s. W.
D. Hollister.
Fruit Frost·i ng Cake.
Two eggs beaten to a .frot h, one cup
of granulated sugar, one cup of fru it,
the kind prepare d and cooked. Stir
until it ·stands a l-one. Can be us·e d J'or
layer or loaf cake.-Mrs. Ros,a Clal'k,
919 E ast Eighth street.
Cream Filling.
Put one pint of milk on to ooil.
Brea k two eggs in d·ish a nd add one
CU'P of sugar, one"half cup of flour an·d



McCool's velvet Tee Cream

powders, flavoring ex tracts, spices,a nd
in fact, all the ingredients used in
these recipes and by successful cooks.
We also carry an up-to-date line of
choice and fancy groceries, provisions
and notions . . The headquarters on the
East Side for creame ry butter as well Don't forget to ask your grocerym;m for
as fresh eggs.
Give us you r next order, and let us
con vi nee you.

"Gold Coin Butter"
made by



OMLOR, Prop.

a home Institution.

Cor. Division.



. . Our stock of Groceries, Provisions
and Notions are fresh and wholesome .

Will make no mistake in ordering their .. We sell the best and finest baking
Groceries, Tinware, Dry Goods, Fru its powders, flavoring extracts and other
and Vegetables from
ingredients used by successful housekeepers, and in their use of the recipes
found in this book.


Bell Phone 56.
Citz. Phone 135.

We delive.r goods to all parts of the
. We also . sell the best and purest West Side.
llne of bak1ng powder, vanilla and ext racts, fruits an d vege tables in season.
A delic ious li ne of smoked and canA trial order is respectfully solicited .
We guarantee to please and satisfy.
meats, corn, pork an d beans sa rul nes, etc.
and a de liv ery serv ice unexcelled .

Citz. Phone 217.





Will always find us supplied with a
complete line of pure and fresh baking





A Kadrovach,•



----------------------------Add this to .milk just a s it
Cake-Laye r.


Layer Cake.

Layer Cake.

One-half cup of butter, one cu p of
sugar, two eggs, on e cup of sweet
milk, two cup s of •flour sift€d :with
two teas·poonful s of Ro ya l baking
powder. Bake in quick oven. Use
je!ly filling or powde red s ug:u mois tened ·with mlik and .add Baker's
oho·colaJte.-Mrs. J. Baes·ch , 210 North
Oa k street.

One and one- h alf cups ·Of s ugar, butte-r t he size of ·an egg, three eggs,
one-half ·cup of sweet •milk, two cups
of ,flour, one heaping t eas•poonful of
Ro y•a l b ruking powder.-A Home Make1·.



Change in Ownership of


Frank King

I have recently purchased the
grocery business of Fred C ourtade and Co. cor. Fourteen th
and Union Sts. · and added a
complete line of new, wholeso~e groceries, provisions and
no lions.

White Layer Cake.

One cup o.f .sugar , on e h a!f cup o,
butter, on e-~alf cup o-f .s weet .milk,

for fl avorin g extracts, baking
powder, and soda used by
successful housekeepers on the
so uth side.

Light-House Foud Products

Staple and Fancy


hand le fruit and ~eget ·
ables m season and our aim is
to serve the buyi ng public faith~ully, so far as prices and qualIty go.


NOThing but th r. besr


Look for the HLIGHT-HOUSEtt

FRED UMLO R p Phone 1255
rop., .
111 4 S. Umon Sl.


In add . ·
Ilion to the above store a full line of


goods at the




MusselmanGrocery Co.

is handled by

~----~-£-------- ------~~ ~


one-h alf cup of flour, th e IVlhites of
Never Failing Cake.
thr ee _e ggs, one teaspoonfu l of Roycups of s• , ·o ns cup of butal ba kmg p o wder. Use raisin filling. ter,T w?
f i ve eggs, one cup of sweet milk
-Mrs . J rumes H ickey, 628 W ebster
thr ee cup s of flo ur, three t e aspoonful ~
otf Roya l bakin~ po wder, pinch of
Sure Layer Cake.
s_al t. F lavor to ·SUi t taste. Will make
One and o ne" ha lf cups of .sugar, one ~1ve sm a ll layers or two cakes. Bake
hal,f cup of sweet milk, .a pi ece of but- m mod erate ·o ven.-Mrs. E . D. Ward,
ter the size of a hickory nut, two and 424 North Srpruce •Street..
Variety Cake.
one-half cup s of s ifted flour, one heapOne
cup o·f s ugar, oneing teaspoo!ltful of Ro baking pow?er. Ba.k e m a hot oven. This redpe half cup of butter, one•halof cup of
IS al so use d in making Baker's choc- sweet milk, two and one-ha lf cup s of
o late, cus tard or cocoanut ·cak e -A flour, thre e eggs, three t easpoonfuls
of Ro-yal baking powder.
Bake in
Local Ho usekeeper.
three par ts. To the .middle part a dd

stir well.
begins to boil. Stir until crellim thickOne cup of sugar, ·o ne tables pc•on.
ens; t hen add one oun ce of butter.fu l of butter, one-half' cup of sweet
Mrs. Steve Lardie, 120 South Division milk, two teas,p oonfuls of Ro yal baking powder, one an d one•half cups or
f!.our ; f! av or.-Mrs. Dora Darby. ·
Eve·ry-d a y Frosting.
Layer Cake.
'l\hree e.g gs, whites bea ten, a dd
egg, on e cup of s ugar, one cup
graduall y •two and one-haH cups of of One
·s weet milk, tw o teaspoonfuls of
sugar, beating bris.kJy all the tim e. Ro yal ba,:ing powder, on·e •h a l.f cu·p of
Flavor w ith vanilla.-Mrs. B. Mey er s . shortening, two cup s of flo ur, flavor
Laye r Cake.
to .s uit taste.-lV,lrs. Mary Boughey,
One cup of sugar, two, piece SoutJh Un ion s treet.
of brutter the ·s ize of a n egg, two .and
La yer Cake.
one·iha l·f cups of flour, two teaspoonTh ree eggs, one cup of s ugar, one
fuls of Royal baking powder . Flavor cup of flour, enoug·h sweet milk to
to ta:st€. Use any filling desired. fill an egg sh ell, two teaspoonfu ls of
Bruke in a moder-ate oven. Mrs. C. F. Royal baking powder, a pin ch o.f salt.
Sha;fer, 123 North Spru ce street.
Bake in mod er ate ·O Ven.-Mr·s. Mary
Matzen, 220 South Spru ce street.

1114 S. Union St.








Hard Time Layer Cake.
cu p of ra1s m s, -one teaspoonT -h ree eg.g s, one -cup of, one
ful of ·c innamon, one-thalf t easpoonful
o f cloves, one-ha:lf teaspoonful of nut- teaspoonful of van ma, one •cup of
meg. Use filling between 'layers.- ·s weet m ilk, two teaspoon fuls of shortening, t h ree and one-·h alf cups o f
Mrs . W. D. Ho llister.
flou r, two teaspoonfuls of Roy·a l bakPla in Layer Cake.
Tlhree eggs, •t wo cup s of sugar, one- ing ·p owder, .a ,pinch o f salt. Bake in
ha;lf cup of shorte-ning, one cup of qui•ck oven and use Baker's chocolate
sweet milk, two teaspoo-nfuls of Roy- ·fill ing.-Mrs. Peter Lien, 906 Wayne
al bak i-ng powder, <tlh ree cups of .f lour. ~street.
Every-day Layer Cake.
Use any filling desired.-Mrs. C. W.
One cup of sugar, two e-~gs, oneBowen.
quarter cup shortening,.butter,lard or
Plain Layer Cake.
Two eggs (whites anti yolks beaten meat drippings, one-half cup of sweet
separately), one cup of granulated milk, two te.as1poonJ'uls o-f Royal baksugar, butter the s ize of .a .walnut, two- ing powdeT, one and one-half cups of
tJhirds of a cup of milk, two teas poon- lflour. Fl-avor to ·s uit ta:ste and bake
fu ls of Royoal baking po.w der, add in moderate •o ven.-Mrs. L. Stan ley,
enough flour to 1make medium batter, 1119 W est Front street.
season with vanma .and b eat well.
O ne Egg Ca k e.
Use any filling desired.-A Local
One cup of su~ar, butter the size
of an egg, one cup of sweet milk, two
Hou sek·e eper.
Crea m La ye r Cak e .
teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder,
Two eggs, seven tables·poonfuls of one egg, two cups of ,_ wur, v·a nill·a to
melted butter, one-thalf •teas•poonful of flavor.-Mrs. M. J . Bus·ohert, 1420
s'a lt, season to taste, one cup of sugar, South Union str eet.
one ·cup o,f sweet milk, two cups of
La dy Was hi ngton Cake.
flour, two .a nd one,ha1f teas·poonful-s
One cup of sugar, two eggs, two
of Royal baking powder.- Mrs . M. A. tablespoon·fu l·s of butter, one cup of
Carpenter, 913 Boyd avenue.
s•weet milk, two t eas,poonfulos Qlf Royal


Corn Starch


kin and bakin g. Gives added li ghtness and
A great heldp t<? goodt cfi.oomne~s to J. elli es . imp roves consistency of sou ps
fl avor to brea ; !mpar s r.
and grav1es, sauces, etc.

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baking pol'·t!e r, flavor with vanill a.
Th is can IJe baked as a loaf or a
t wo-laye t cake.-Mrs. Henry Spangenberg, 320 W est SixteentJh street.
Small W hite Cake .
Cream together one-quarter of a ·cup
of butter, the wh ites of two eggs, o n e
cup of gra nulate d suga.r, one-half cu p
of sweet mil-k. Add one cup of flour,
one t easpoon.ful of Royal baking powd er a nd flavo r to s uit t as·t e. Bake in
mnall layers in moderate oven. Use
any •filling des ir e d. - Mr s . D . E. Wheeler, 801 W es t Sixth street.
Wh it e Ca k e- E ither La yer or Loaf.
'l\wo -s cant cups of s ugar and onehalf cup o f butter, cr-e amed together,
one t eas•poonful of lemon or vanilLa
extracts, th e w hites of four eggs beate n to a st if.f froth, one cup of sweet
milk, tw o t e aspoonful s of Royal baking powde r, t h r ee cu ps O•f sifted
fl-oor . Use any filling d-es ir e d.-Mr·s.
W. M. A u te n , 803 Lake avenue.
Layer Cake.
One egg, one cup of sugar, b u tter
the size of a wul nut, t w o-thirds cup
of ·s weet milk, one t easpoonful of Royal baking powder, a pinch of salt,
fla voring, flour.






One cup of s ugar, ·o n e -half cu p of
]}utter or cottolene, tw o eggs, on e c u p
of jam, one teas poonfu l of so-da, two
cups of flour, u se any kin d of sp ices
desir e d . Bake in layers and pu t togethe r with plum j e ll y or any k ind of
jam des irecl.-Mrs. A. R .Camer on ,707
'Vest ' S ev enth stree t .



215 E . Front St.

Citz. P hone 9 10


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F ig fill ing : One-half pound or fi"gs
chopped fin e, wa,ter enoug·h to cook
until soft, then add one cup of s ugar.
Cook until th ick.
Lemmi fil ling : T h e gr-ated rind an d
ju i·ce of one lemon, one egg, one-half
cup o·f water, butt er t•he size of a walnut. L et come t o a boiL Thi-cken
with on e t easp ooufu l o. cornstar ch.Mrs. E. S. Jones , RiveTsid-e.
Lemon Laye r Cak e .
T·hr ee e-gg~. one cup of s uga r, bu tt e r the s ize -o f an egg, lemon ext ra.ct,
one cup of swee·t -milk, two h eaping
teaspoonfu ls of Ro y·a l baking powd er,
Fill ing : Use
thr ee cups of cflou r.
grat e d rind of lemon and juice, yo lks
o.f two, one a n d one"h alf teaspoonfu ls of cornstarch, s-mall piece
of butter and as much w a:te r a;s
ne-cess ary
fo r
p a.ste .-Mrs .
Fre d
Coombes , 109 West Fourte nth stree•t.
Lemon Jelly Cake.
One and o n e-half ·cups o. s tiga•r,
on e~alf cup of butter , one- half cup
of sweet m il k, two and -o ne-half cup s
of flou r , two teaspoonfuls of Royal
b aking powder, one tea;s poonfu l extract -o f ·lemon . Bake in l a ye rs in
qui ck oven .


Majestic Bldg. , Next to Wh iting Hotel.
Citz. Ph one 756.


F ill ing : One cup of su.gar, one egg,
gnate d rind and j·ui-ce of one le mon,
on e -tablespoonful o.f water, one teas·poonful of flo u r. Boil until i·t thickens. Oo ol and sp re-a d between the
la.yers.-Mr s . R. LiB u, 717 Third
Ba n ana Cake.
One-half cup of butte r , one cup o f
su g'ar, one half cup of sweet m ilk,
t wo scan t cu·ps o f flour , one and on eh a lf t eas poonfuls of Royal baking
p-ow-der, the wh ites of four egg ~ . one
te·a.spoonful vanilla. Mi x fl.ou r 2nd
b aking pow de r and cream b u tt e r an d
suga.r , adding m ill' a nd -f lo·ur a lte rately, th-e n vanilla and b e:J.ten w·hi te-s.
Bake in three-layer tins in ho t oven .
M-lilsh bana n as for filling, and s prinkl e
poweTe d sugar 0!1 top.-Mrs . U. C.
Man n s.
B-an a na Layer Cake.One cup of -s ugar, two eggs, five
tab!e.s•p oonrf ul s of bubte r two level
te-a s poonfu l of Roya l bak'ing po-wde r,
one,ha lf cup of sweet -milk , two le ve l
cup s of flour. F lavor to suit t aste.
Put slice-d bananas -on -to·p with frosting.-1\IIrs. Haz el Ros•s, 523 Va ll ey
Plum J a m Ca ke.


Layer Fruit Cake .
One cup of brown sugar, one-half
cnp mo lasses, one-quarter cu p of butter, two-third cup of sour m il k , two
eggs, on e t easpoonfu l each o-f so da,
cinnamon and -cloves, one"h alf teaspoonful of n utmeg. F illi ng: Oneha-lf eup seede d r a isins cho pp ed fin e
put in to prepared a n d cooked frosting.-1\II:rs. W. El. Vande rlip , 741 mast
Eigltt h street. ·
Chocolate Whipped Cream Cakes.
One-ha lf cu p o.f b utter one and oneha;l.f cu ps of fl our, on e 'cup of s u gar ,
one h eap in g teasp oo n fwl of Royal b-aking po wd er, fo ur eggs , three-quarter s
cup o-f sweet cream , t hree tablespoon-fuls of g r ated Baker's s w eet cho cola t e . Bak e d in layer s ·an d wh e n eold
spread w it h whipp ed ·c r eam a nd cho pPe d a lmo n ds.-Mrs. G. F . Metcalf, 932
State street.


Chocolate Ca ke .
Thre e eggs, one cup of :sl!gar, onehalf cup of b u tte r, one cu p .of sweet
milk, hvo teas·poonf!\ll S of Royal baking pow der , a pinch of salt. Use a ny
flavOTing_ des ir e d. Make frosting of
on e a n d on e-half c•up s o-f pulverize d
sugar , one teaspoonfuls of Baker 's
choco late a.nd the nece ss-ary boiling
water.-Mrs. Paul Vilties le r , 225 E:ast
T e n th street.
C hea p F r uit Cak e.
One cu.p of butte r, one cup of brow n
s u g a.r , one cu p of mola.s ·s-es, two egg-s
beate n se p a r a t e ly, one teaspoonfu l of
soda stirred in on e cup O•f sou r m ilk,
one p-o und of currants washed, on e
po und o•f r a-is ins seed e d, f-o ur -cups of
flour , ~:: i.fte d , and flavor t o suit tasrte.
A good te-sted oombina:ti-on is two
teas poonfu ls of vanill a , on e t eas poonfu l of lem-on extrac t. If not strong
use a. li'ttl e mor e of e·a ch a.nd bak e
in me-dium ov en . - Mrs. R . Kinn ey,
212 W es·t Ninth s·t reet.
Cho c olate Ca ke .
On e half cup of b utter, two cups of
s ugar, four egg s, one cup o f sweet
milk, t wo t enspoon·s:ful of cream o'f
tar uar, on e 't easrp oonful of soda, on e
teaspoonful of vnn illa.-Mrs. Gert r ude
P et t y, 1015 Cass s treet.

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Cinna,mon Layer Cake.

layer Cake.

One-half cup of shortening, one egg,
one cup of sugar, one cup of sweet
milk, two -cups of flour, three teaspoonfuls of baking ·powder.
Flavori-ng to suit taste. Use carmel
f.illing.-M•rs. Ar thur Hodge.
East Eig>ht•h street.

Use the yolks of two eggs and the
whi-te of one egg, one ·cup of sugar,
lhree level teaspoon-f uls of shortening, ~aTd or butter two CliPS of flour,
.t,wo teaspoonfuls o.f Royal baking
powe r , a pinch of salt, flavor to taste.
Use any filling de sired .-Mrs. A. B.
T·urn er, 925 Oass stre et.

Spice Layer Cake.

T•wo eg·g s, ·o ne<half cup of butter,
one ·CUP of .sugar, one-hal,f cup of molasses, one-half ·cup of sour milk and
one teas·poon.ful of soda, one te aspoonful of cinnamon, one-half t e as·p oonful
of cloves, one tables.poonful of gra:ted Baker's chocolate, one-hal.f cup of
cold coffee, ·two cups of flour , two
te aspoonfuls of Ro yal baking powder.
Mr.s. W. S. Cooke, 146 East Eleventh
Spice Cake.

F'our eggs, leaving out th e whites of
two, two cups of brown ·s ugar, one-h alf
eup of ·but-ter, one.JlaM ·cup of sour
mHk, two te•a spoonfuls of cinnamon,
one and one"half t easpoonfuls of
cloves, one-half teaspoon,ful of nutmeg,
one teaspoonful of soda, two cup s of
flour. Ba.k e in l'a ye.,rs. Use any filling desired.-Mrs. Frank SiJ.sby, 825
E ast Front · ·s treet.
S·pice Layer Cake.

Yolks of two e.g gs, one-hal'f cup of
molasses, one cu.p of su.g ar, one cup of
sour milk, one-quarter cup of lard or
bu tter, ·o ne teaspoonful each of soda,
cloves and Royal baking ·powde·r .
Filling: One cup of sugar di ssolved in
water, boiled until it i·s s•t ringy. Beat
whi tes of two eg.g·s and stir into the
syrup and when cool flavor with va·
nill a.- Mrs. H. A. Doty, 116 Monroe

Dark Layer

one cup of water, add one cup of sug>ar and one te·a s•p oonful of flour till
it thickens. Any k1nd of filling desired may be used.-Mrs. N. Hays,
439 North Cedar street.
Molasses Layer Cake.

Cake~Sp icecl .

'l'•wo cups of sugar, one-hal.f cup of
hutter, .o ne thla lf cup of molases, onehalf ·cup of sour milk, one-half ·c up of
brown s•ug•ar, two egg.s. Use ono
whole eg.g .and yolk of t wo fo r cake.
Also one scan t teaspoon•ful of soda
and cinnamon. clov es •a nd
spi.ces .to tas te. Use any filling desired.-Mrs. P. P. Carpenter.


Cake -

Yolk of two egg·s , on e cup of 'su@ar,
',jjuJU91.lOil,s JO dn:> 'll- JO Jap'!l nb-ano
one t eas,poon,f ul each o f g in·g er, allspice, two t'h ird.s of a •c up of sour
milk, a pinch of salt, one teaspoonful
of soda. Flour enough to stir well.
1Jse a n y filling desired. -Mrs . Mike
M.abel,112 E·a st Ninth stree·t.
Black Layer Cake.

Yolk of one egg, on e cup ·g f mola;s·
se.s, thre e t easpoonsfuls of melted
but ter, two cups of flour, -on e-h alf teaspoonful of s·o-da, one-half cup of boiling hot water. Use W'hites 'of eggs
for .f1·osting.-A Local Hou seke eper .
West Front s trP.P. t..
Mol ase s Layer Cake.

T wo eggs. one-half cup of su.,..a r.
a sc•a nt haJ.f cup of butter, one-half
cup of sour mHk, one-<hal>f ·CUP of molas•ses, one teaspoonful of .soda, one
teaspoonful of vanilla. on e an d oneb.·a lf ·cups of flolll·. Bake in moderate
Dark Layer Ca k e.
One cup of brown sugar, two table- oven. Put together w ith p~ a in w.hite
spoonfuls of molas·s es, two eggs, one- fros.ting. -Mrs . Be rt Johnson, fi 35
lh alf cup of butter, one -tea:spoonful
Layer Molases Cake .
of soda, one cup of suor milk, two
On e cup of bl"own s ugar, one-half
cups of flour, one-half pound o f chop- cup of mol,a s·s es, cup of
ped r-a isins, one teas poo!lJful e·a ch water, butter th e .s ize of a n egg, one
vanilla and lemon. Filling : One cu'p teasp·o-on ful of sod-a , tw o cup s of flour,
of sugar, one-ha lof cup of sweet milk. a littl e ·cinn amon for se·a soning.-Mrs.
Boil until thick and fl avor with va· A. R. Gord-on, 302 Wes t Seventh
nill a .-Mrs. L ee Swan, 505 North str eet.
Elmwood 'a venue.
B row n Molasses Layer Ca ke.
Dark Layer Cake.
One cup of sugar, one t a,blespoonOne-ha lf cup of sugar, oneth.alf cup ful of lard, on e egg, one-half tea·spoono f dark molas ses, three tableSJpoonfuls ful o1' cinnrum-o•n , on e-qu.anter tea·
od' lard, two eggs, one<h alf cup of .s poonful of ginger, on e cup of New
sour milk, one teaspoonful each of Orl e·a ns molasses, one cup of buttersoda and vanilla, ·two cups of ,f lour , milk or sour milk, on e teaspoonful
a ·p inch of s·a lt. -Mrs•. W . E . Sal,s be r- of s-oda , two cups of flour. Rars1n
Boil one cup of r ais ins in
ry, 435 West Eleventh street.


solved in wanm ·water.
Use flour
enough to make a s oft dough.
Sprinkle sugar on top and bake
quickly.-Mrs. Peter Younglass, 228
Monroe street.
Eggless Cookies.

One egg two-thirds cup of sugar,
two-thirds cups of moht;s•s es .twoet t e et e e sehthesthesth esthesotet
t1hird cup s of sour milk, one t eas•p oonfoul of sod.a, butter th e s ize of an egg,
two cups of flour , flavor ·with v·anilla.
Use boiled or ra1sm filling. -Mrs.
CHnt CopeLand, 405 W est Fourteenth

T·wo cups o.f s ugar, one cup of
sweet milk, one cup of butter, or
h-alf l·ard ·a nd half butte r, one-half
te as.poo!lJful of soda, .a pin ch of sal t
and enough ·lilour to roll s oft. Fla vor
with vanilla, lemon or •nutmeg. Mrs. Thos . p,a rker, 130 East Twelfth

Molasses Laye r Cake.

On e egg, one and one- half cups of
su.g,a r, thTee-quarters 'CUP of lar d, one
cup of sw eet milk, one te,a spoonful
of :s oda, one-hal>f teaspoonful of Roy•rul baking po wder. Flavor with v-anilla. Roll soH. This will make
three doz en .-Mr s. C. Roa ch, 401
W est Fourteenth street.

One-ha lf cup of sugar, one-lh alf cup
of molasses, one-ha lf cup of buttermilk or sO'Ilr milk, one->h.alf •cup of bu.tter, one ·and one-haLf ·c up of flour , two
eggs, one oonful each of sod.a, and cloves. Bake in a
modern oven. This wiH make three
sma ll layers.- MTs. F . Green, 621
W es t Seve nth str eeth.
Coffee Layer Cake.

One"half cu·p of butter, one cup of
granu lated sug.a r, two eggs, one-half
cup of molasses, on e- half cup of prepared coffee, two cu•ps of flour, oneh,a lf tea spoonful of m ixed spi•ces, two
t.e a:spoonfuls of R:oya l l:>akin·g powder.
- Mrs. T. DumbriHe.

White Cook ies.

Excellent Cookies.

Four eggs, two cup.s of sugar, one
cup of butter, one-half ·cup -of sweet
milk, t ·wo level teas•poonfuls of soda,
tw o round ed teaspoonruls of cream of
ta rtar, one nutm eg, g rate d, and flour
enough to roll soft. Tlh is will make
about three doz en ord•inary cookie.s.Mrs. A. M. K elly, 609 South Division

One egg, one cup of sugar, one-half
oup of la rd , one-half cup of milk, one
teaspoonful of soda, one te a;s poonful
'Of vanill-a, flour enough to roll soft.
Bake in hot oven.-Mrs Atktns on 812
West Front stTeet.

Wh ite Cookies.

Eggless Cookies.

White Cookies.

T wo cups of bro·w n sugar, one
scant cup of Joa-rd or butter, three
eggs, one level teas•poonful of soda,
one-third •CUP, of sweet milk. Mix
s,tiff if th ey raise, and If they fall
add -more flour. Add a pin·ch of salt
White Cookies.
Three egg.s, t wo cups of sugar, and fl avor to .t as te.- Mrs . L . L. Gibthree la rge ta blespoonful:s s'h ortening, son, 606 West Eighth st r eet.
Wh ite Coo kies.
twenty ta.b>les·poonful water or sweet
On e 'a nd one-half cups of brown
milk, six teas.poo nf·ul.s of Roy·a l baking powder, one and on e"half tea- su gar, one cup of butte1·, ·one-lh·a lf
spoonfuls sod,a, fl·a vor to suit t81ste cup of sweet milk, ·o ne egg, one level
and use flour eno ugh to roll soft.- teas.poonful of so d.a, .s e·a son with
Mrs. F . Berlin, 203 East T welf,th vanilla and use flour enou@h to roll
soft.-Mrs. H. E. Knight, 418 Madistreet.
son street.
Cheap Cookies.
Wh ite Cookies.
On e cup of ,sug;ar., one-J:J.aJ.f cup of
Two eggs, one cup of white sugar,
milk, one egg, one tables poonful of
butter, on e-.ha lf teae.poon fu:l of ·s oda, three tables poonful-s of s·weet milk,
fl avor to suit taste. Add one tab le- t,hree-quarters cup o f lard or bu·tter,
spoon of ·c innamon if desired and flouT enough to roll stiff, two teaflour enough t o roll soft.-Mrs. Law- s.poonful:s· of Ro yal baking powder,
ren ce Boismier, 323 W es.t F·o urteenth one-half teaspoonful ·o f sod,a, a pinch
•of salt, and fJ.a vor t o suit taste. Hake
in quick oven.-Mr.s. R. Badgley.
One and one-.haH ·cups of sug;ar, two
Two cups of ·s ugar, one cup o1'
sweet milk, one tea·s.poon,ful of v'a- eggs, two-w•i rds cup of shortening, a
nill a, one t eas poonful of s oda di s- pin ch of salt, a sma.. can of con-

HO_M_!:_C ~~K BO OK.

_4_2 _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _:_H_:_O
M:_:E-----· C:....:O OK BO O K .

dense d m il k, tw o teas of Ro yWhite Cookies.
a l b-aki ng pow der, a nd flour enou g h
Th ree eggs, two cu·p s of sugar, one
to roll soft. Sprink le sugar on top cup of bu tter, a li ttle nu tmeg, one teabefo re bak ing.-Mrs. 0. H . Hill, 711 s poonful of of soda, t wo .teaspoon fuls
L ak e avenue.
of cream of tar ta r, flo uT e-nou gh t o
roll ~ oft . . . Mrs. M. J . Monteith, 309
S ug a r Co ok ies.
Cmam togethe r tw o cup s o f s uo-ar West S ixteen th ·st r ee t.
E gg l es s Cookies.
one cup of lar d and two eggs ~nd
One cup of butte r, -one a nd onea dd one cu-p of sweet milk an d tw o
teaspoonful s of Roya1 b·aking pow- h alf cu ps of s-ugar , one h a lf te a spoonder. Use one<ha lf nu tm eg grated, and ful of s•a l.t ,th ree-qua rte rs cup of cold
enou gh flour to ro·ll s o.ft. This will water, one eve n teasp oonful -o f sod a,
mak e f.ou r do zen. -Mrs. H enr y Bova, nutmeg, thr ee cups o f four. Kn e!l!d
625 V.all ey ·s tree·t .
well a nd bak e in ho t oven .-M rs .
Cha rl es New man, 222 E as t T enth
Sugar Coo k ie s.
One ·cup ea·ch of brown a-nd whit e street.
Wh i te Cookies.
s uga1·, one cup o.f s hortening, •t wo
One an d on e-h·a lf cup s of light
eggs, one ·a nd one- h-alf qu a r ts of flour
t h ree te·a s•poonfuls O·f Ro yal ba king bro wn s ugar, tw o eggs, a li ttle cinnapowder, o ne teas poo nful of salt, one mon. on e-h a•f Cl'·P of bu tte r, th ree
cup of ·s-wee t m ilk ; fl av or wit h n ut- tab les poonful s of wa ter, on e te auneg. T his will m ak e a bou t s iz do z- s poon ful o f soda. Mix har d witb
en .-MTs. F . A. Riley, 531 W est T enth flou r •a11d b.a.k e in qui ck ove n.-Mr s.
H. Cra in, 416 North'l!ec str eet .
Suga r Cookie s.

One and o ne-half cups o f su g.a r,
three eggs, one cup of shortenin g,
-one-ha!.f cup of sweet milk, two .teas·J;JOn ful s of Ray ol baking po wde r, a
pmch of sa lt, season to suit t aste.
F lour to r-o ll s·oft. This will mak e
one a nd on e-h alf g.aJions.- Mrs . H.
Oan field, 439 W est Eleve nt h street.
Nel li e' s Sug ar Cookies.

T ·wo ·c ups of brown s ugar, one cu-p
o f lar d, one- ha lf cup o f swee.t milk,
t wo eggs, one t easpoonful of sod·a ,
one h alf nu t meg. Flou r enou gh to
South Spru ce •s•treet.

S u ga r Coo kies.

U se .four cups of ·f lo u r , one rh ea ping cup of shor te ning, cre3im toge theJ·. T wo egg$. tw o cup s of sugar, -one
tea s poon fu l of sod a, one-qua rte r cup
of cold water ; season to tast e. Add
a pin ch of salt an d be-at thorou gh ly.
These improve with age.-Mr s. F ran k
Bixb y, 123 Gar field Aven ue.
W hite Co oki es.

T wo cup s of sugar, on e a nd on e-half
cup s of la rd, t wo eggs, two t easpoonful-s of R oyal ba kin g .powder , one te aspoon ful o f sod.a, one teas poonful of
salt, on e cu p of hailing water.-Mrs .
P et e r Prve·n cher , 443 Garfi eld •a venue.

Sugar C ookies.

W hite Co okies .

One-half cup of m il k on e cup of
sugar , two eggs , o ne-hadf ·cu p of butt e r, t wo teas poonful's of Ro yal baking
po wder. flour enough to roll s•o f.t a nd
flavor t o ·s uit tas t e.-M rs. A. Ft'eiberg.

T wo cup s of sugar, thr ee eggs , one
cup o f bu tte r, on e ·s•can.t cu p of s weet
milk, t wo •a nd on e-haJ f level t ea s•poonfu ls of Royal bakin-g po wde r, one
tabJ.e s•poonful o f le mon extract. F lour
to roll soft.-Mrs. Wm. H all 638
mast E ig>hth ·s treet .

Wh ite Coo kie s.

One cu pof sugar , one ·s mall ·c u p of
la rd , t wo eggs, -one ·cup of swee t milk,
one- quar te r t eas poon ful of so.da, tw-o
te•a s poon.fuls• of Royal baking powder ,
season, Mix a nd roJ,J ou t t:h in.-Mrs.
Lydia Ca meron.

Wh i t e Coo kie s.

Wh i t e Cookies.

One ·a nd one-half cup s o.f ·s ugar , onehalf ·c u p of la rd , on e egg, one-half cup
of oold •wate r or m•ilk, o ne -tea spoonful of so da, vanill-a .to sui t taste a
qin·oh of s·a lt ·a nd ·flou r enough to r~ll
solft.- Mrs .. H. Moon, 1011 Lin coln
s t r eet.

One •a nd on e-h alf cup s o·f -s ugar
eit·her w hi te -or brown, o ne cup of
la rd , .two eggs, two t eas•poonfuls o f
Roya l bakin g powde r, a ·pinch -o f s alt,
with n u tm eg. Us e .fl ou r
enugh to r oll soft.-Mrs. Geo. Cornell , 720 street.

T.wo eggs , one cup of ~sug•ar , thTee
tabl e srpoon fuJ s of cold ·water, one -c up
of bu tter, or h a],f la rd and bu.tter, one
t e-as ponful of soda., o ne cu p of curran ts. Se a son to suit taste •a;nd a
pin·ch of sa lt. Use enough flour t o

Wh i te Coo k ies.

- - --


half a nutmeg, gr at e d, s ifted with
242 en ouo-h fiour t o roll soft. T h is will
m alt; ab out fo ur dozen .-Mr s. Frank
So u r Mi l k Co ok i es.
Ha ll 312 R a ilroad avenu e.
T wo cup s of suga r , one cup of lard ,
White C ookie s.
two egg:~. one cu.p of sou r m ilk, one
One cup of br ew n s ngal_' , t wo eggs,
teas•poonful of R•oyal baldng po Nde·r,
one t e•a >nonful of soda; flavor. - Mrs. une cup of so ur milk, a pm ch of s al~,
t wo t eas poonfuls of soda, fi av or t o smt
M. Hysell.
tast e. U se :flour enough t o r oll soft
Eg•g less Co ok ie s.
'l.' wo cups of light brown sugar, one an d hak e in hot oven.-Mrs. A. Campcup of m elted s hortening, on e cup of bell , 539 West Front st reet .
sour milk ont t easp oonful o f s od a,
S u gar Cooki es.
a. pin ch ~f salt, fl avor t o s uit tast e.
Two cups of s ugar, one cup of shortU se flour to roll sordlu rdlu rdlurdlu cmin g, one cup of sou r milk, t wo _eg~s :
Us•e enou·g>h fl our t o r oll soft. -Mrs. M. one t easp oenful of soda, one-h a lf n':lt
ID. Ball.
m eg. Mix with enough flo u r to m a Ke
S snsh ine Cookies.
soft batter . Bake in m edtum ove n . Til:
T wo cups of light brown s uga r , one ab ove will m ak e on gallon of cook·
cup of shortenin g, butter or lard , two i es .-Mq· ~ - A. Chah cc, 123 No rth Cewhole eggs or yolks of three, on e-hal~ da r street.
cup of sour milk',. one t eas poonful ~f
Su gar Cook i es.
soda fl av or t-o smt tast e. Ma k e SO<t
One cup of lard , one a nd one-half
clou gh , :roll thin and bake in hot oven.
- Mr s. Ro se Hol derma n, 619 Sout h cups of sugaa;, one-h alf c:'p of buttermille t wo, one"h alf teaspoonful
Union street .
E g gless Coo kies .
. of s~lt, one t ea spoonful of Roy al ~~k­
One cup of srh orten in g, one cu p o·f in g powder . E!nough flour to roll ,tlff ,
sug•a r, •cr eame d wilth th e .a bove, I~:ut­ J<',J avor to suit ta s te.-M rs . B. Bellore,
m eo· ft,avor in g on e cu p of sour m1lk , 73 3 E ast E ighth st reet.
one"' tea sp oonf~1l of Ro yal baking powSu gar Cookies.
der a nd a p"il1·ch of salt. Mix soft.-A
One an d one-half cup s of sugar , t wo
Local. H ousekeeper.
ego-s t wo-thirds cup of sour milk, twothh·ds cu p of b utter, one soant tea Whi t e Co okies .
Two cu ps of s ugar , two eggs, one- Rpoonful of sc da. one scant t easp ?~n­
<half cu·p of butter, two-thirds cu p of fu l of Royal ba king powder, a llttle
~ ou r mille one t ea.spoonful of soda, nutmeg fiour enough to roll s o•f o teasp~onf·u ls of R oyal baking· po-w- Mrs . s.' K ellegg, 125 South Spruce
der sifted in fl our , Fl avor w1th nut- street .
' meg. R oll soft.- MYs. M. Burns, 140
White Co okies.
E ast F'o urteenth str eet .
Two cups of su gar , on e cup of shorten in g, one cup of so ur m ilk , two tea ..
W h ite C ookies.
T ~o cups of light brown suga r, or:e spoonfu ls of s ale ratus . a pin~h of sa_
cup of shor tenin g, br eak one egg 1n and about fiv e cups of flour.- Mrs. L ilcup and fi ll with, _on e lie Griffiths, 519 South Oak street.
sca nt teas poonful of soda, and p m ch
Wh ite Coo k i es.
of salt . Flavor w ith n utm eg o_r lemon .
'rwo cups of gr d sug_ar, t wo
Bake in qui ck oven. T his wt11 make eggs on e cu p of s·b ortenm g, us m g b.a.lf
two ga llon s of cookies. Mrs. M. E. laTe! ' a nd half butter , one cup of sour
Nelson, 215 North Spru ce street .
mille. one t eas poonful of s oda , t_wo
heaping teaspoonful s of :aoya.l ba:luu~
Two cup s of granul ate d su gar, two powd er s •. te d t oge th er wtth ro ue SJfte_Ieggs one c up of shortening, cr eam all ful of fi ou r. Flavor wit h vanill a. Th!S
t ogether . Add one cup of sour mil k , will make abou t fo ur dozen .-Mrs. S.
one te a~ poon ful of soda, one r oun ded lVl. Sen d, 321 W est Ninth street .
t e'!l!s p·oonful ,o f Roy·al baking po.wd e_r
Whit e Cooki es.
s ifte d in fl ou r enough to r oll out east·
One and one-h alf cups of su gar , one
ly . .Season to t a st e.-Mrs. J ames D.
cup o f s:h ortenin g, lard or b ut~e r, t wo
Ayer s.
eggs , one-h alf .ctrp of sou r mtlk , on_e
Wh i te Cookies.
te aspoonful of soda . F lavor to stut
T wo cuPS o·f s ugar, one cup of short - ta&t e. u se flour enough t o roll soft.enin g on e cu p o.f b uttermil k , one tea- Mr s . B. Oliver , 519 Ea st E ighth street.
spoon'ful of s oda, a pinch of s alt and

roll ,- oft.--1\'Trs. R.
East T nth street.



_4_· __________________H
K~·-------------------White Coo·kies.

Oatmeal Cookies.
White cookies.

White Cookies.

One cup of cream, one a nd one-half
c ups of s ugar , two eggs, one teaspoonful eaclh of Roy al baking powder and
soda. Flavor w ith nutmeg and use
enough flour to roll soft.-Mrs. Helen
Glen denning, 415 North Cedar street.

Two P-ggs, two c ups of sugar one
Yolks of fou.r eg.g.s, o_n e and -o necup of sour milk, nutmeg, salt; two quarte r cup of sugar, one cup of butteaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder. ter or one-half cup each of butter and
- Mrs. J. Wightman.
lard, one cup o.f sour milk, one tea:'poonful each of soda and Royal bakWhite Cookies.
Two cups of sugar, one cup of lard l~g powder, a lmost one nutmeg., a
one cup of sour milk, two eggs, one pmch of salt and flour enough to roll.
teaspoonful of soda, two teaspoonfuls soft. T!bis will make about five ·d ozen.
of. Rloyal baking powder, a pinch of Mrs. C. A. Boomer, East Ninth street.
saJt. Flavor to s uit taste and us e
White Cookies.
enougih flour to roll so ft.-M r s. H . R.
One and one-half cups of granulated
Moore, 1024 Was-h ington .s tr eet.
s11gar, one cup of lard, two eggs,' onehalf cup of sour mil,k, s mall teaspoonWhite Cookies.
One egg, one cup of s our milk, one ful of soda. Flavor with nutmeg. Sprinleve l t easpoonful• of ~ ocla , -•one-half ld e sugor on top and bake brown.cup of lard, on e-half cu p of butter, two Mr;;. Minnie Obe rlin , 213 Vine s treet .
.cups of sugar , one teaspoonful of lemWhite Cookies.
on ex tracL. Flour enough to roll out
Two cups of granulated sugar two
soft. This will make five clozen.- eggs, one cup of lard, one cup of' sour
Mrs. Freel Cross, 529 West T euth milk, one teaspoonful of salt, two t eastreet.
spoonfuls of Rloyal baking po wder,
t wo te-a spoonfuls of soda, nutme g to
Whit ~ Cookie s.
season a nd enough flour t o roll soft.
One cup of lard, one an d one-half Bake in a qui(;]~ oven. This will make
c ups of s ugar, one-half c.up of sou r four dozen.-Mrs. Alfred Sherett e.
milk, a pinch o.f salt, one-half t eaWhite Cook ies.
spoonful of soda, on e t easpoonful of
Two eggs, t.wo cups o.f sugar, one
Royal baking powder, two eggs . Flour
enough to roll soft. Season with nut- and one half cups of !1ard; beat to-meg. Oh•o ppecl nubm eats will ·a dd mer- gether we ll •a n d add on e cup of butJter
it.-Mrs. T. C. Darrow
416 East or s our milk, one teas-p oonful of soda'
a pinch of salt, flaxor to suit taste and
Eighth street.
use fiout· eno ugh to roll soft. Bake in
White Cookies.
hot oven. Will make two gallons.One and on e-half cups of s ugar one Mrs. Fred Grattop, 1019 Boyd avenue.
cup of butter, cream together 'with
Good Cookies.
two eggs and m ix wit h one cup of hot
Two cups or sugar, one cup o! shortwater in which has been dissolved a
t eas poonful o:f soda, Add one-half cup enin.g, one and one-quarter cups of buttwo tea spoonfuls of Royal
of so ur milk, and enou gh flour to roll termilk,
baking .pow der, one tea spoon·ful of
soft.-Mrs. L. A. Campbell, 613 W esL nu
t meg, one teasp oon ful of soda.Eleven th street.
Mirs. C. C. Furts ch . 1027 South Union
White Cookies.
On e cup of granu lat ed s ugar t wQ
Go od Cookies,
?ggs, one tablespoonful of Ro yal bakTwo cups of sugar, one cup of butmg . powder, on e cup of sour milk, one- ter, one cu p o-f sour milk, three eggs,
baH tea<poonful of soda. Season with one t easpoonful of soda. Mix soft and
nutmeg. Use flonr to make a stiff roll thin and s prinkle with sugar and
batter. This will make six dozen.- roll agl'oin.-M~· s. F1red M•cGuire, 302
Mrs. H. T. Eldred, 511 West Ele\·enth West Twelfth street. .

sour Cream Cook ie s.

One cup of butter, one cup of lard,
three cups of sugar, six eggs, threefourths of a cup of s our milk, one
scant t easpoonful of soda two teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder.
Flavor with nutmeg. Flour to roll soft
T;tis will make nin e dozen.-Mrs:
John lii.tney, 803 West Front s tr eet.

T wo eggs , one -cu p of sugar, twothirds cup of shortening, four tablespoonfuls o-! sweet milk, on e cup of
chopped raisins, one teaspoonful of sorla dissolve d in a little hot water , two
cups of raw oatmeal , two cups of flour ,
a pincb of salt.-Mrs. Ed P eas e, 836
W ebster street.


Two egg::> , two cups of sugar , one
Oatmeal cookies.
halrf cup of butter, one cup of sour
One-half. cup of sugar, th:ee-qu~rcream, one t easpoonl'ul of soda., nutmeg and fl our to roll soft .-Mrs . Vio- ters cnp of sho rt ening, two-thuds bl•tter an d one-third lard, one-half cup of
la Stephenson, City R. F . D. N<>. 6.
snur milk, t wo eggs , one teaspoon~ul
Cookies With Sou r Cream .
Two cups of su gar, two eggs, one of soda, one teaspoonful each O·f em·
cup o-f sour cream, one cup of butt~r, namon and nutmeg, one-ha.U t easpoonone teaspo onful of soda, season w1th ful of doves, t wo -c ups of uncooked
oatmeal, two cu ps o.f flour , one cup of
One cup of sour cream; one cup of rai sins.~Mrs. F. A. Seger , 402 West
-sugar, on e teas'J)oonful of soda, 1s•a l.t, Fifteenth street.
flavor t o taste. Flour to roll out as
Oatmeal Cookies.
soft as -possible and quite thick.
one cup of su gar, two eggs, tru·eeTwo cups of sugtar, one and one-h·a lf quarted of a cup of butter, two cups
cups of -b-utte r , one cn•n of -~our crAa:m. of flour two cups of raw oatmeal , one
one egg, one teaspoonful of soda, flour cu p of :chopped r aisins, on~ teaspoonto roll out thin.-BY One Who Knows. ful each of cloves and cmnamon, a
W 'hite cookies .
piruch of salt, fiv e tablespoonfuls of
One cup of sugar, one cu p of sour sweet .milk, two teaspoonfuls of RovI
-c re-a m, one egg, one t easpoonful O'f ~o­ al baldng powder. Do not roll ~ut
da flavor wit h nutmeg. Roll soft w:th· crop into pan.-Mrs. Mabel Wb1te , ,
fto~r.-Mrs . John Allers, 418 West 430 Wellington street.
Eleventh street.
Oatmeal Cookies.
White cookies.
One c np of sugar, two cups of raw
Two cups of sugar, one egg, one cup
o-f sour cream, three-quarter D'f a cup oatmeal, two cups of flour , two e~gs,
of butter or lard or part of each , one fou r t ablespoo nfuls of s.our -m1lk,
teaspoonful of s oda and_ flour enough one cup of butter or lard, one teato roll soft. Flavor to smt taste.-Mrs. Slloonful of cinnamon , three-suarter~
teaspoonful of soda, one cup of ~~1]j,_ 'M. Hagg:a r d, 503 North Elmwoo d
sins.-Mrs. 8-. T . Horton ,- 333 West SlX·
ovenu .
teenth street.

Eg·g cookies.
One cup of brown sugar, one cup o"
Two cups of granulated sugar, oue
cup of butter, six eggs, one tabi_espo~n­
fUI of sour cream, sea.son t o smt tasc~ , -c ups of raw oatmeal, two cu ps O'f
one te aspoonful of soda a~d enougru flour one teaspoonful of soda and a
flour to roll soft. Hake m a very JittJ.e' nutmeg.-Mrs . FI'Iank Corwin,
quidt oven . This will make about 746 W ebster str eet.
Oatmeal cookies.
four do zen cookies.-Mrs. George DonT wo cups of oatmeal, one cup of
ner, 309 North Eil mwood avenue.
lard cooked together, one cup of suSUGAR COOKIES.
Two cu"pS of sugar, two, one gar ' one cup of currant s, two cups of
cup of sour c r eam, one cup of lard, ttou'r two tablespoonfuls of sweet
one teaspoonful of soda, t wo teasp?on- milk' one t easpoonful of soda, two
fuls of Roy al bakin g powder, a pmch eggs' a pin·c h of salt. Bake in slow
of salt.- Mrs. Josephine Ahlberg, 119 over{ This will make about five dozen.~Mrs. Fred Elmendorf, 856 Eas'!:
Park street.
Oatmeal Cookies.
E ight h street.
one cup O'f o·atm eal soaked in two
Oatmea l cookies.
cups of milk, two cups of sugar, twoOne-half cup of butter, one-half cup
thirds cup of butter , one-half teaspoon- of lard, one cup of brown su gar, four
ful of salt and soda, flour enough to tables poonfuls of sweet milk, two cups
make a dough. Roll thin, cut out and of flour, t wo cups qf raw oatmeal, two
balte quicltly.-A Mother.

C ream Cookies.

White cookies.


· Two cups of sugar, two eggs beaten light, one cup of good sweet ~ream
one teaspoonful of soda, t wo t easpoon:
fu ls of cream o-f t artar; flavor to suit
ta:;te. Use ftour enou gh to make dough
as soft as can be roi·Ied and ·c ut.
Sprinkle lightly with sugar a nd brown
in quick oven .-Mrs. Tony Mirovsky,
309 Ced3Jr street.








eg-gs ,on e leveJ tea.s-noon•ful of s oda. gallons. -Mrs. Henry Sih erette, 102
on e round· t e <~~spoonful of Royal bak- Nor llh Oak str eet.
ing powde r , one large te·a spoonfu l of
cinnatmon .-M rs . E . A. S eymour, 230
Ea st T enth street.
Two cup s of gTanulated sugn.r , one
Oatmea l Cook ies.
cup of lard, or one-half cup each of
Two eggs, one cup of dark brown butter an d lard, two eggs, one teasugar, two-thirds of a -c up of lard, spoonful of salt, o·n e cup of sour milk,
on e-half cup o-f so ur mHk, two cups of one teaspoonful of soda, one t eas poonuncooked oatm ea l, two s·c ant cup·s o f ful of Royal baldng powder, on e t ea ·
ff.our, on e teaspoonful of soda, one cup spoonful of vanill a , one cup of r B.isins,
o·f c hop ped raisons, one teaspoonful four cups of sifte d graham flo ur. Beof cinnamon , one-'balf teaspoonful of for e putting in batter roll th e raisins
salt. Stir together and · spread in in one-half cup of white flour. Seagreased pan. The above will make one son with a litti e nutmeg or cin naand on e.balof do:>:en .-MTs. M. A. Hub- mon. Drop from spoon in baking pan
ard , 506 W es t T e nth street.
and bake in qui ck oven .-Mrs. Frank
Oatmea l Cookies.
Babel, 824 Randolph street.
One cup o.f brown sugar, o-ne-ha lf
cup of shortening, using butter or lar d
two eggs, one·third of a cup of sour
On e and one-half cups of sugar,
milk, two- cups of flour, two cups or thr ee-qua.r.ters of ·a cup of butteJ·
roll ed oats, three-quarter t easpoonfu I thr ee egg~ , one-quarter cup of sweet
of soda, on e-hal,f t easpoonful of salt, milk, one teaspoonful eacih of cloves,
o-n e t easpoonful of mixed spi ces sift· cinnamo n a nd soda, one cup chopped
ed into the flour, one cup of chopped raisins and a little nutmeg.-M)r s. Wm.
rais ins. Drop into pan from mixing Nast, 326 South Spruce street.
dish .. J?o not rolL-Mrs. M. Windover,
72 6 'Dh1rd street.
One cup of butter, on e and o-ne-half
Fruit Cookies.
Two cups o'f brown Sligar, one c trp cups of bro wn s•uga1·, one-half cnp of
of fruit (raisins or currants,) one cup mol•a sses, one-half cup of sour milk,
of sour milk, one teaspoonful of so- three eggs, one cup of raisins seeded
da-Mrs . B. A. McGill, 1064 Webster and cho ppe d, three cups of flour, one
teaspoonful each of soda and cinna·
mon a nd a litt le nutm eg. Do not roll.
Fruit Cookies.
One cup of sugar, one-half cup of Drop the same as for ygems.-Mlrs .
butter, one cup of chopped raisin s , F' r ed Lar cli e, 859 Elast E,i ghth street.
t wo tab lespoonfuls of sour cr eam or
milk, one egg, on e-h alf t eas poonfui or
On e tJhird cup of butter, two-third s
soda, on e hal{ t easpoonful each! of nutm eg, cinn amon and
F1o tlr cup of borown sugar, one egg, two taenou gh to roH thin. Bake in quick blespoonfuls of sweet m ilk, on e •a m!
oven.~Mr s. S'. Sh ields,
816 East on e- quart·e r cup s of fl our, two teaspoonfuls of R oyal baking powder , one-third
Eighth street.
cup of chopped rais ins, one-half CUll
Fruit Coo kies.
of •currants, one-quarter cup of walTwo cups of brown suga r , two eggs, nuts, •One·.hflll f tea s·p oonful of cinn aone scant cup of la rd , one cup of chopmon, one-qu arter t eas·p oonful each of '
pe d raisin s, on e and one-half t easpoon clo ves and a ll spice. Mix fruit with
fu ls of soda, one t easpoonful of cin- flour.-Mr s. C. Duncan, 427 Second
namon, cloves and allspice, one·half str eet.
cup of sour milk. This will make fi ve
dozen.-1\ILrs. George Nickerson.
Chocolate Cook ies.
Fruit Cooki es.
One eup of light brown s ugar, on e
T wo eggs, two cups of wh it e sugar, cup of lard, on e cup of molas ses, one
on e cup of lard, or b utter, one cup of cup of hot water, two eggs, one tachopped raisins, on e cup of choppe d blespoon of soda dissolve d in hot wawalnuts, one-quarter teas poonful each ter, a pin ch of salt, two squares of
of nutmeg and cinmanon,one sma ll Bal,er 's ch ocolate, thre e and one-quart easpoonful of soda dissolved in one- t er cups of flour. Frost top o! cooki es
half cup o.f boiling water, a pinch of with Baker 's chocolate and drop on
sa lt. Mix with flour enoug h to ro·ll out tin s. T his will make four doz en.-Mrs.
soft. Th e ab ove will make about t wo F. A. Winnie, 823 Wiest Front str eet .



teas,poonfuls of gin.ger, two teaspoonGraham Cookies.
rt- ful s of s oda, a pm ch of s·alt and
Two cup s of :;ugar, one cup of sho- t
enough flour to roll on boarcl.-A
en in g, u sing part lard an d part. ~fk­
cal Gook.
t er, one egg, one cup of buttet m '
. ch of sait a teaspoonful of soda,
Molasses Cookies.

b tter
a pm·
. with vanilla and mix
of s u o-ar one cup of roo·
On e cup
"f ~hortening, (meat
h:~g~ with g·r aham flour. R.oli.r ?ut ~~ lasses,
cup ~
one cup of
.b oard with white flou~· .- IS.
. fr ying butter
01 l ard,)
h of
J acq•nes , 321 W est
' Twe lftn street.
hot w~ter on e tabl esp oonful ·e ac O'h
Brown Cookies.
ft in quic·k oven.
One cup of molasses, one cup 0 Rod a , gmg II
flour to ro Bso ·~ 307 North Ellnwoocl
granulated sugar, ane cu p of l al~d\ on~ -Mrs. F. E. -a! •
cu of hot water , two t eas p.oon u s o a.venue.
S oaa one teaspoonful of gmger, onhe
Molasses Cookies.

of su gar , one
t easpoonful
o.f salt . u se flourb enoug
t two
o n e-h a lf cu P
f shortento ro ll so•ft. This will m al~e a ou
cup of molasses , one cup o.
gallons.-Mrs. W\. A. Smtth.
one tab le:;poonful of gmger , .
Brown Cookies.
f boilln g water.
Mix together one cu p . o~ s u~~r, t~~ e~gs, one-h:l~o~urp t~ roll soft. This
0 ne cup of lard, to wh1C
enoug .
-M ·s s. S'cott,
t n Add on e cup of molasse& "L·se
ill m ak e SIX doz en.
I .
eggs , bea e '
d coffee one tea- ~
South Spruce str eet.
one cup o.f prepare

s oon"ful each of cinnamon an~ gmMol a sses Cookies.
~r two tab les•poon.fuls of v n:eg:;

up of sugar, one cup
T wo eg,s, one c .
'f short~nd o n e tablespoon ful of soda •. Mlllx 't
s cup 1
'geth er wi th en ough~ill~IO
~ . of mol asses, two-third
lard two-thirds cup s
W ebster
ning butter or
-Mrs. L . Lothanus, 730
tabl es poonful o[ vme.,ar •
of water , one
a pinch
tabl es,poonful of s o a,
. ft
ta roll so •.
Da rk Cookies.
p S.
of salt, floor enong 11
0 n e c..:
• "" one cup of sugar , Bake lln
t m e824 W est Fhont street.
cup . of sh~rtem~,~ill' two level t ea- Dumbo o n ,
one cup o som 1·atus' one level teaMol asses Cookies.
spoonfuls o[ sale
a nd cloves·
well beaten, on e cup 0
spoon fu l of salt, cmn amonft ·ol! Thi ~
c s one te as poona, . on e cup m·o1as , e '
fl u 1. to make so
1 .
e~ou gh o
anon of cookies. ·- ~ u ,ai,. cla , u t into molass es one cup
of so • P f 1 utt e r one·llalf te.aWll! m ake two ·gel
827 W est Sixt h
Mrs. Frank R a r y,
on e-half cu ph 0 f )lov.e s'and cinmunon,
sr,oonful e~c 0 c d fl ou r to mal'e
street. C kies Without Shorteni ng•.
a •pin cth of s·a :t, ~~n F J Robinson,
Da r k oo
cup or m
edinm b attei .-lv, r s . . .
su ga r, on e
0 n e cu .. of brown
o · o·
three tablespoon- GZO W est Front &treet.
mol asses, t wo e,,s ,
t easpoonful of
ful s of v inegar, one
. .
Molasses Coo kies .
wd·a , one teas poonful orh~~1:dger,quite
n e-half cup of molasses,
an d O
oneteaspoonful of saltd b k e in quick onOne
e an d one-half cups o . s u g~r , eet
stiff w ith flour an . ~ 838 E ast !la].f cup of lard, one-half cup o swone
cv en.-Mrs. F. Boenm , ,
ro ilk one teaspoonful of soda,
Eighth street.
f o· ' ·e r one tea spoontatl es];OO,Dful 0 '?m g· '
lt - Mrs . L.
Bl ack Coo kies.
fu l cinnamon, •a pm ch of s a ·
Two e"'o·s one cup of sugar, one culp W hi ppl e.
r< ~
of ·b lack'""molasses,
one ?up of laon
Mol asses C ookies.
two t a blespoonfuls. o; . vmee~~~·lf cup
f s uo-ar one cup of
f 1 of
t ablespoonful of gm ,m' on
" '
Qlne h a lf cup 0
Lwo eo·o-s
ater one t a bles poon u
of mo 1asses,
"" •
of ·h o t w'
f 1 of salt enou gh lard , two cu~~ur milk wit h one te ac:oda on e t eas poon u
' •
t one cup o~ b • in mille, on e table,
' t
11 soft
Bak e in moder a e
flour oMrl'oS MaO'gie Dral,e, 1001 Lin- SJl Oonful OL s od! . t wo teas poonfuls
oven .·
~po o n fu 1. of gm,eM1'ake stiff and stand
f soda 111 flou r .
coin street.
~ ' p ·· " i gH an r! roll out soft the nex
Mol asses Cook1es.
· g · This wi ll make ab out
u o·ar one cup of roo- DtOI'n1TI
s f l ~rd (melted) .on e doo;.en .- :YI:rs. H'E: nry McRob er .s,
On e cnp
la.sses, on e cupfo boiling water, three south Maple str ee t.
tabl espoonful o





Gi nger Coo ki es,

One cup of sugar , one cup of molasses , one cup of butter, o ne egg, one t ablespoonful of vineg>ar, one tablespoonful of ginge r, one tablespoonful
of soda dissolved in boiling wat er .
Mix rather soft.~Mrs . Mar y Slackey,
302 North Spruce street.
Gi nger Cookies.

One cup Qf clarll: syru p, on e cup of
corn syr up, one ·c up of sugar one teaspoonful of gin ger , one- qu~rter cu p
dark syrup an d thr ee teaspoonfuls of
sod a. St ir until ligh t . Then a dd one
cup of boiling lar d and one cup of boilin g water.--Mrs. J.ohn L ich t y 725
·west Sixth street.
Gin ger Cook i es.

cu p of cooking mol asses, one cup mixed h ot wat er a nd mil k, t wo teaspoonfuls of soda, one-h a lf teaspoonfu l of
ginger, four cups of fl our, Stir and
crop in pan .-Mrs. D. C. Adams, 325
West Fo urteen th street.
D rop Coo kies.

One cup of sugar, one cup of shor Lcning, one cup of molas ses, one cup o f
hot w at er, two eggs, one t easpoonful
each of soda and ginger, one-h alf tea~poonful of cloves, one-ha lf t easpoonf ui of salt, five cups of flour. Bake in
·h ot oven a n d frost if desired .- Mr:o. A.
IN. Ri ckel'd, 119 Nort h Oak s treet.
D r op Fru it Coo k i es.

Two cu ps of brown s ugar , one cup
of lard , one scant cup of sweet m ilk,
t wo eggs, on e t easpoonful of soda,
1.wo t eas poonfuls of Royal baking powder, on e pound o.f raisins chop ped fine ,
fl-o u r enough to ma.k e stiff batter .Mrs , W. Witkop, 719 E ast E ighth

Two eggs. one cup of sugar, on eh alf cup of mol a.sses . on e t easpoonful
of g ing-e r . sli ces to suit ta;st e, one
cup ·Of sho rtenin g, on e rounde d teaspoonful of s al er atus dis solve d in a
cup of boilin g wa ter, t wo tablespoonful-s of vin egAr and enough flour to Sna ps.
ro ll s oft. Bake in a hot oven.-Mrs.
One egg, one cup uf molasses , one
L ewis Cl a rk, 326 Ga rfield avenue.
cup of s ug.a r, on e cup o f butte r a nd
lard mixed , one-half cup of boil ing
Ginger Cookies.
One and one-half cups of suga r . one wate r, in whi ch bas been di ssol ved
eup of molasses, on e cup of shorten- two te a~ p oon fu l s of soda , t wo level
ing, three eggs. three even t ea spoon- teaspoonful s of ginge r and flour to
fuls of soda, one even tea spoonful of mold ou t r atih er soft.-M rs. J a mes D.
cinnamon, on e even teaspoon fu l of Aye rs.
Gin ger Sn a ps.
gin g-er. on e eve nteas poonful of cloves .
Melt one cup or but ter a nd la rd toone-half c.up hot prepared coffee and
on e t a bl espoonful of .-Mrs. ge th er, a dd one cup of brown sugar ,
Fred Bail ey, 801 Wlashington str ee t. two cups of mol as~es. one-ha lf cup of
milk, tw o tabl es,poon ful s of gin ge r a nd
Ginger Cookies.
teaspoonfuls of s aler atus. Roll
Two cup s of molas ses . one cup of two
thin and 'h ake in slow ov-e n.-Mr s .
sugar , o ne cup of s·h ort ening, la rd or Mary
R ei nck e, 1114 W . Fron t st reet.
hutter, two eggs, one-half cup of sour
Snickerdoodl es.
milk,on e t a blespoonful of ginger ,
Two eggs , a half cup of butter, two
three and on e-half t easpoonfuls o f s oda. Roll m e dium and bake in qu ick cups of sugar , one cup of milk, three
oven. T his will m ak e about five doz- cu ps of flour, two t easpoonfuls o f Royen.-1\flrs. David Ponton, 30 5 Vine a l ba kin g powder . Bake in bbcuit
tins and sift over top cinna mon a nd
street .
sugar befor e baking. E a t w arm.
Gi ng e r Cookies,

W afe r s.

On e cu p of granulat ed s ugar, one
cup of lard. one e up o.f molasses, two
eggs. t hree-qua rter s cup of sour milk
t wo t easpoonfuls oof s oda , one t easpoonful of ginger , o ne t ea s poonful of
cinna mon . one t easpoonful of salt .
Flo ur eno ugh to r-o ll so ft and ·b ake in
mo derate oven . The above will m ake
ab out t h r ee dozen.-Mrs. EJizabetbJ
Sm it h , 419 Nor th Ce da r str eet.

One cup of s ugar, on e-qu art er cup
of bu tte r, one e gg, o ne-qu art er cnp of
butter , one egg, one-qu a rter cup of wat er , on e t eas po01t ful of Royal bd.king
powder, one-half teas poonful o-f soda,
fl avor with nutmeg, a pinc h of salt.
Roll very t hin and bak;e in quick ove n .
--Mrs. J . 0 . P ear ce, 818 W ash ington
str eet.

D•ro p Coo kies.

Cream Puffs.

One cup of so ur m ilf,, one egg, one
One heaping cu p of sugar
t wothirds cu p of short enin g, either' butter teaspoon ful of salt . one teaspoonful of
lard or meat dr ippin gs, o n e egg, on~. soda. F lour enough to roll one-h a lf

HOME CO O :._K:_:B:_:O~O
. _____ __ _ _ _ _4_9
Potato F r ie d Ca kes.
inch thick on board. Cut in s quares
S.ix potatoes th e size of. an egg,
~.n d ba ln> in hot lard.-M!r s. J . aBesch,
mash a.nd a dd bu tter t he s1ze of a n
21 0 North Oak street.
egg, t wo eggs, well beaten , one large
Kolac e:.....Boh em ia n Ca k es.
cup of sugar , one-half cup of sw eet
·. Sift two p-o unds of flour into a b read mille t wo t easpco nfuls of R oyal bakp~n . m akin g hollow in center. Pour ln in g powder. Se a son t o t aste and flour
one-h alf pou!l d of m elte d butter; cool. enou gh to roll so ft.-Mr l?. E . W .
Add s ix oun ces of granulated sugar, Moody, 203 W•e st Fourteenth stre et.
four yo lks or two " 'h ol t? e e.·:>·~. a. T' i nch of
Potato Fri ed Ca kes.
ground ma•ce, P. •Piece of !':ratPd l'lnl·O"
One-half cup of m ashe d potatoes,
peeling. ~a lt . One oun ce of CO'ID'P ressed cn e tablespoonful o.f butter, one and .
yeast . dissolved in lukewarm c_ream . one-ha lf cups of su gar , nutmeg, one
Mix t horo11 gltly with enou gh m11l{ t o cup of sweet miH;:, three eggs , t hree
m ake a me di um stiff dough . Work it cu ps of flour, five teaspo onfuls ? f
until it w ill no t a dhere to spoon . Place Royal baking powder .-Mr. L ew1s
in a warm to ri se. Cut ou t sm all Priest.
pieces. fl ~tte n o-ut and place on
Dough nuts,
greased tins. T·hen gr ease ed ges of
Two a nd one-half cup s o f flour , two
:K al ~ ce with r -utt Pr. Pnt n r n nP fi ll ing teas poonfuls of Royal baking powder,
on top, or o ther ,fTuit m a y be u sed ln on e teaspoonful of salt, nutmeg, two
s:1m e mann er. S·e t in warm place a nrl t ables poon fu ls -o f la r d, t wo cup s of
lei rise, t hen bake in oven. -Mrs. su gar , t wo eggs, one cu p of cold wa- ·
Jose ph Vlack, 629 Second street.
t·er .-M1·s. Cora Willia ms .
prune Filling•.

Boil rlry prun es , nit and chop fin e.
Pl a ce in stew pan and a dd piece of n ew
butter . a bit o E §!;r at ed lemon rind,
ground cloves and enough s ugar _to
sweet en to taste. Let boil a few mmutes t hen en-ol. If too thick , all a littl e ~ f th e prun e JUI Ce.- Mr::;. Jos.
Vlack 629 Second street .

Fried Ca k e,s.

poor Man' s D•oughnuts.

One q~ art of flour, on e-half cup of
brown sugar , one t abl espoonful of
shortenin g, (either butte r or lard),
thor ee h eaping t eas poonfuls of Royal
baking powd er . Mix t ogether and add
enough sweet milk an d flo u r t o knea d
we-ll. ,.. F Lavor wit h cinnamon.-M'r s.
Geo. Donner , 309 No rth Elmwood aven ue.

Two eggs, 0ne ctip bf sugar, two
Doug:h nuts.
cups of sw eet milk, six t ab-lespoon-fuls
T wo eggs, one cu p o f s ugar, seven
of lar d. tw o t abl espoon ful s nf Royal teaspoon f<uls of melted butter , nutmeg;
baldn g nowder . Season with nutm eg. a pinch o.f salt, one cup of sweet m ilk,
-Mrs. T. ·M eyer s.
two t easpoonfuls of Royal baking powFried Cakes With Sweet Cream.
de r sifted int o flour . Make dough soft
One-!halof ·cup of ·bhick 1sweet crewm, nnd fry in hot la l'd. 'This w ill make
fi ll up wi bb. mi lle On e cup o f sugar, ab out three dozen. Mrs. W . J. Armittwo eggs. a teasooonful of salt, t_wo age, 210 North Spruce street .
rounded t ea spoonfuls of Royal bakmg
Doug.h nuts.
powder.-Local Hlou sek eeper .
Two eggs, t wo t a blespoonfuls of butFried Cakes.
t e r one and one-half cups of sugar,
Two eggs, on e and on e-baH cup s or o n ~-third eup of s weet milk, onet eas ugar one and one-half . cups of sour spoonful of Roy al baking powder , flour
milk,' three t a blespoonfuls of m elted to roll. :S'eason with allspice and cinshortenin o- cn e t easpoonful of Royal n a mon.--MTs. Nettie Crombie.
baking p;.;.,.der and a pinch of sa l t.B r eakfast Doug-hnuts.
Local Hou sekee per .
Two eggs, one a nd one-half cups of
Fried Cakes.
sugar, ,a pin ch of cinna mon, a teaOne egg. on e cup of sugar, two ta- spoonful of b11tter , one cup of sweet
blespoonful s of lard, nutme g., one cup milk t wo t EJaspoonfuls of Royal bakof sour milk, on e t easpoonful of soda, ing ~owd er, three cups of flour. Stir
fl our to roll soft.-Mrs. Chas. Cook.
th ick .and drop in hot gr e-ase.- Mrs.
Fri ed Cakes W 'ith sour Milk.
P. D. H ulbe rt, 420 North Spruce
One and one-half cups of sugar, one str eet.
cup of sour milk, two tablespoonfuls
Puff Ball Doughnuts.
of lard or butter , two eggs, ~)ll e t e aThree eggs, one cup of s ugar, one
sp<Jonful of soda, nutmeg or c!llnamon pint of sweet milk, nu tmeg, a pinch
t o season.-Local Housekeeper .




of salt, flour enough to pe rmit spoon
to stand upri ght in the mixture. Add
two teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder ·a nd beat with flour until light.
These a re very nice for breakfast.Mrs. W . M. Higgins, 412 West Ninth
Rai~ed Doughn·uts.
Two cups of sweet milk, two cups of
warm water, one cup of sugar, oneh alf cup of butter, one-half cup of lard
one cup of sponge yeast, two eggs.
Add flour to make a stiff dough an d
Jet it rise. When light roll it out and
after they are cut Jet them stand on
molding board until light. Fry in hot
laro and w·h lle hot dip in pulverized
s ugar.-Mcr·s. John G. Loeding.
Raised .Ooug>hnuts.
One cup of su gar, two eggs , one cup
of shortening, using part lard an d part
butter, three cups o.f s weet mil-k, boiled, two cups of lukewarm water, a little nu tmeg. Use one cake of dry hop
yeast and allow to raise after being
cut in shape desired and fry the same
as ordinary doughnuts.- MI!'s. J . G.
Loeding, 312 West Sixteenth street.
Two eggs, one and one-half CU;iiS of
sour milk, in w.hi-ch has been dissoJv.e d one-half teaspoonful of soda,
two scant tablespoonfu ls of melted
lard, one tabl e ~poonful of Royal baking powder, a pinch of salt. Season
wi th nutmeg. Use flour enough to roll
soft.-,Mlrs. E. K eefe, 934 East Eighth
Two eggs, one cup of sugar,. one cup
of sour milk, one teaspoonful of butt er or lard, a little nutmeg, one t easpoonful of soda, a pinch of salt and
flour enough to roll soft. This will
make four and one-half dozen.-Mrs.
M. ·Gallivan, 205 North Division street.
One and one-half cup s of sugar, one
egg, one teacup of buttermilk, one teaspoonful of soda, three tablespoonfuls
of lard, melte d. Season to taste. F lour
enough to roll soft.-Mrs. A. M. Scofi eld, Corner Boyd and F ern.
Two eggs, one cup of sugar, butter
the size of an egg, one~half cup of buttermilk, one t easpoonful of soda, onehalf t eadpoonful of sa lt. FJavor with
nutmeg. Flour enou gh to roll out soft.
-Mrs. Anna Pike, 205 West Eleventh

One -~ up of sugar, two eggs, two
cups of buttermil k, two teaspoonfuls
of soda, e ight tablespoonfuls of melted sb.o;·tenin g and flour to roll out
sUff .-Mrs. W. D. Hollister.
Two cups of sug«.•·. two e gg-;;, two
cups of so ur milk. c.I. E: teaspoonful of
soda. one · teaspoonrul of Royal baking powder, a lit tl"l nutmeg, fiour
enough to roll soft a'ld fry in h ut lard.
This Vvill make fi v~ do?: en.-Mrs '\V.
S. Clark. R19 W est S;x th street.
Dough nu ts.
One c·up of sou: mill,, one cup of
fram:laLed sugar, one egg, well beaten, one teaspoonful of s-oda di·1ssolved in a little warm water, a pinch of
:;a It, one-quarter n iltmeg, grat ed and
fl o-ur enough to mak e ·s of\t dough.:\1rs. M. E. Hill , 50>l W a~t Ninth street.
T wo eggs, ono c;~ p of granula.t<·d,
sugar, three tabl es J,Jooufuls of mo,ten
lard. a litt;e nutm,~c:· . one cup of sour
milk, one ~; mall teaspL·onfn l of soda.
u s e e nn: ·gh fiour t,;; 1n;1ke ruollerate
dou gh.-:\•l r~ . Wm. Nc1~on , 416 North
Ehmvo<•d avenue.
'l'wo Ci;gs , bea tEn 0ne !':up of s ~nr
milk, one Je1·el L ~ -~o onfl'. o: s:>Lla.
one :Ra';tconful o[ rn11 ma, on ·~ C!lp ·Jf
>'Ugar, u.o tabl e" ''''' .1fnl of :nelted
cutter , th1 ee cup s 'lf flonr. C 'J -' ,;ma!l
t easvoomul of saiL. 'ne-balf Lea,.tJOOnflll of f-l(·yal bakin g J-')ll' rl er. :Mi;; s•Jft.
--:\lr s. S. H . Mc~!iC'hael.
Two <:LliJ8 of browu sugar. t W•) e;;g..;,
one teaspoonful of s·od a, two cups of
sour mille fiv e tabl espoonfuls of shortening, nutmeg to s uit taste. Mix to a
s oft batter and fry in bot lard . 'l'he
above w ill make about six doz en l\1 rs. Ira Hull.
T wo-thirds cup of li gh t brown s ugar,
three t a hles poon fu ls o( melted butt er, one egg, two thirds cup of buttermilk. S'eason with a little nutmeg. Add
on e t ea spoonful each of soda and Royal baking powder and one-half t easpoonful of s alt , all sifted togeth er in
fi.our, Roll soft. T·he above .will make
a:bout t•h ree dozen.- Mrs. F. 1. White,
220 W est Ninth . street .
, Doug1hnu\S'.
One a nd on e-h alf cups of light
brown sugar , l wo egg~, one-half cup
of sour m·ea m, and on e-half cu p of

-------------------------sour milk, one level teaspoonful of


wheat, three-quart'?.rs cup of cold wa·
soda, a little nutmeg, a pinch of, ter two cups of boiling water, one teaand flonr enough to roll medium stiff. ~p~onful of salt one-half pound of
Fry in hot. lard . Mrs. w. H. Kearney, dates, stoned and ch opped fine.-Miss
116 North Oa·k street.
Margaret Smith, 641 W-e bster street.
Crumbled Tart.
One and one,half cu ps of su gar,
Three eggs well beaten, one and
one cup of sour milk, two tablespoon- one-half tablespoonfuls of crackers
fuls of l·a rd r butter, two eggs, one ground fin e.
Jn cracker crumbs put
teaspoonful of soda. Se a:;on with nul- one-third teaspoonful of Royal baking
m eg or cinnamon. Add to this one powder, 5 cents worth of English walcup of mashed potatoes.-Mrs. C. E. nuts , one cup chopped dates, one cup
Miller, 128 Fifteenth street.
light brown s ugar, one-half teaspoon
salt. Bake in square tin. When done
Three eggs, one cup of sugar, one crumble and serve with whipped
cup of buttermilk, four tablespoonfuls cream and jelly.-Mrs. B. A. M>CGill,
of butter one-half t easpoonful of so- 1064 W ebster street.
do , one teaspoonful of Royal baking
Tapioca Cream.
powd er, a pinch of salt, flour enough
Four tables poonful s of tapioca sakto roll soft. Flavor to suit taste.-Mrs. ed ver night . in water. Drain well next
Anna Doerr , 20·9 East Twelfth st reet. morning and add one quart of milk,
Potato Doughnuts.
two-thirds cup of sugar and let come
Three lar ge boiled potatoes, two r.o a boil. Stir in yoll's of five eggs.
cups of sugar, three eggs, three table- W'hen thicke ned take off th e fi re and
spoonfuls of melted lard, one cnp of pour in dish and lightly fold in the
sweet milk and flavor with nutmeg beaten whites and add one teaspoonor vanilla. ' U se five t easpoonfuls ·of fu l of van·illa.-Mrs. Louise Brooke,
Royal baking powder and enough 410 West Seventh street.
flou r to make a soft dough.-Mrs. P .
P•ineapple Tapioca Dessert.
s. Heaslip, 403 West Fifteenth street. •Soak .o ne-third of a cup of tapi·o ca
in co ld water over ni ght, then boil unPut in dish one pound •o f warm flour til disRolved. Add thr ee-qua rters of a
add one-q·uarter pound of creamed but- cup of s ugar, the juice of one lemon,
· ter, four yoBxs , salt, grated lemon rind · one-half CIIn of grated pineapple.
a pinch of ground mace, one-half '\Vben cold stir in the w ell-be-aten
oun ce nf co mpressed yeast dissolved w'hile of one egg. Serve with wbip·ped
in lu kewarm cream. Make stiff dough; cream and powder ed sugar.-Mrs. A.
work well. until it will not ad he-re to F'. Owen.
Pineapple Whip.
di sh or spoon. Th en add two ounces of
cho pped blanche~ . ahr~.on?s ,
On e packagge of orange brom.angeounces Sultana ra1:>m s. S'ift m a. ve~y Jon and one lemon ad ded to one quart
little flour to cover ?oug.b . Set 1n of boiling water. To this add the pinewarm place and let nse. Then place apple with the syrup drawn off.
dou gh on breadboard ;veil fi?ured. Cut Whip .o ne pint of cr eam and beat int()
in to pieces a nd r_o ll mto srsky_-Jong j elly. Serve in moulds with the syrup,
doughnuts. Let r1se and fry m hot -Miss Mary Melichar, 203 South.
butter o1· lard. Be sure to :tave enough Spruce street.
lard so that the sisky w rll no t touch
Pineapple Sponge.
the kettle. When done on both sides
One package of gelatine, one-half
re move from k ettle and roll in powder
eel rs . K a thl ee n E. Boelio, can of grated pinea.ppl·e, one-half cup
of sugar, one-half pint of cream. Dis629 Second street .
solve · gelatine in a littl e warm waCr ullers.
Four eggs, four tablespoonfuls of ter. Le t s ugar and pineappl e boil,
lard fo ur tabl espoonfuls of sugar, one fhen n.cld ge latin e. L et cool and when
t eas,p oonful of salt, one-half grated nut it thicken s a dd the whipp ed c.ream.
m eg. u se enough flour to make m edi- Place in mold and set in cool place.
u m batter. Roll one-eighth inches Othe r fr uits can be used in ·p l ace of
tbi cl' and fry in bDt lard th e same as pineapple.-Mrs. B. J. R eynolds , 526
dougbnuts.-Mrs. C. E .. Howard, 429 '\Vest Eleventh street .
Rice Pudding·.
Monroe street.
Olne•half cup of rice, a pinch of salt,
Cream of Wheat with Dates.
Three-qnarters cup of cream of butter, the s ize of half an egg, one-





b a lE ·cup of chopped raisins, one
quart of swee t milk, three-quarters
c:up of suga r. After mixing, place in
even and bake one hour, stirring frequ ently. Oven should be mo de rate Mrs. Wm. Ne a son.

Steam Cu.p Pudding.

Put one ·tabl es•poonful of fruit of an y
kind in four cups. Make batter of one
cup of flour, one t ea spoonful of Royal baking powder, a pinch of salt and
en011gh water to make thick batter.
Pour this over fruit and ste am fifteen
minutes.-Mrs. J. E. Roach, 443 North
Cedar street.
Fruit P·uffs.

On e -e gg, one-lh·a lf cup of s ugar,
butter the size of a wal.nut, one-half
cup of milk, one t easpoonful of Royal baking powde r, a pinch of iHtlt a nd
flour enough to make stiff. Butter the
cups and put in two tables poonfuls of
fruit , an y kind desired. Fill about
half-f ull wi t h batte r. Steam thirty
Sauce: One cup of water, juice of
on e le mon or vinegar, one-half cup o·f
sugar, a p•iruch of salt, a small piece of
IJuttei=, a little nutmeg and one tables poonful of cornstarch. Boil until
thick. This will make six cups. Mrs. B. A. McGill,1064 W ebste r street.
Lemon Pudding.

Grate the rind of two large lemons
in c-ooking basin, one-half cup of flour ,
one cup of s uga r, butter the s ize or
an egg. Put on the stove a nd add
enough boiling water to make a rather thick custard. Boil a minute stirring until smooth; remove fro~ the
fire, add the juice of two lemons and
pour in custard cups to cool. Sauce:
One-half cup of sugar, one tabl espoonful of · flour, two cups of boiling water, remov-e from fire, . add one teas poonf.d l of lemon extract and one-half
cup of ground English walnuts and
s erv-e whe n cold.-M-iss T'h i e::;, 210
Stmth Divi::;ion street.
White Cookies.

One .cup of ·s ugar, one-h•a l:f cup butter or .lard, one-.hal'f cu-p of ,s weet milk,
on-e egg, flavor to suit ta·ste one teaspoonful of Ro yal baking po\vde r -a nd
flour enou~h to roU sof.t.-M!"s. 0 . M., 423 Elmwood a-venue.
Molasses Cookies.


chopped r.a1sms , one-half cup of choppe d cun'•a nts, one egg, one t ellispoonful
ewch of sod•a, s alt and dnn rumon, onequ a rte r nu tm eg, g>rated. Ser ve with
s weet cr ea m af-te r being st eamw one
and one-h•a lf hours .-Mns. Lee Hornsb y, 521 W es•t Ninth street.

Molasses Cookies .·

'I'wo .cu-p fuls of mol, one cup of
s·ugar, one cup of !hot •w•a ter, •o ne •tea.s·p oon.ful o1' soda, one cup of l·a r d on eba H teasp.oonful each of cinnamo~ and
ginger.- Mrs. F. Ir'ish, 61 6 So uth Oa k
.s tre-e t.

Delic ate Pudding.

Molasse-s Cookies.

One egg, one cup of .mol asses, one
cup of s ugar, one cup o f lard, on e cup
of w a t er o.r pre,p-ared coffee, on e ·t easpoon ful o f ginger, one ta bles poonful
of soda, a pinch of saH a nd flour
e noug>h to ro!.l soft. Tilli s wiJ.I make
two gallon s.-M-r s. E. M. Fra nk·l in
1021 Wa yne street .

One cup of sugar. one egg, thr ee
t aJbl e·s pooll'fuLs of melted bu.t-te r, a dash
of nut meg, ·a pin•c h of s·a l-t on e t easvoonful of sod·a, one -cup :of bu ttermilk, one-thalf t eas poomfu·l of Ro yal
baking •powder ·a nd t wo a nd one-half
cupful-s of fi<?Ur.-Mrs . J. C. Youn-g, 505
W. T en th s treet.
Bread Pudding.

Have ready one pint •Of staJle bre ad ,
soake d, o ne cup of su-g>ar, the yolks o-f
four· eg>gs beat li-g-h tly. Then add tlh e
grated rind of one lemon pie ce of but t er •t? e .size of an egg a'nd on e quart
o1' m1lk. Ha·k e ·for one hou r and r emov e ·fnom ove n and -s pre-a-d jelly over
•the top . Be at th e -whi-tes of •four e ggs
-s·biff, a dd four. twbles poon•fuls o.f su g>ar,
-~n-d s-pread this .over th e jelly. Br-o wn
m -o ven.- Mrn. V. Sladky, 620 T·hird
s treet.
Graham Pudding.

Two cupful s of Gra,ham flour, on e
cup o f dark mol-as-ses one ·e gg oneh·a lf cup o.f sugar, one cup of :sweet
milk, on e-!ha lf teas·poon•f'lll ea ch of nutmeg, cinn aJmon, cloves and ginger , also
on e te a spoonful soda. St erum -t hre e
and one-.ha,]f !hours. Se rve with cre·a m
·sa uoce.-Ml'S. W. M. Andres, 916 South
Union s•treet.
Graham Pudding.

Mdx we.]], one ·a nd one-h·a]lf cup.f uls
of •molas-s es, one-qual'ter cup of butter
one egg, one-half cup of milk, one-half
teas.poonful of soda, one-half -cup of
graham flour, one ·s mall .teacup of
!'aLs.m s. 8-pice to tast e. Steam four
hour-s. Se rve any ·kind of s-a u ce.
-Mrs. J. W. Hobson, 310 Nortlh Spruce
stree t .

One cup of molasse.s, one cup of
brown •SUg>ar, · one-tlrird -cup of butter,
Graham Pudding.
one te aspoonful of dnn•amon on e egg
One and one-half cupfu·ls of gl'ahaJm
one-halif cup of wate r, one ' quart -o f flour. one-lhaJof cup of tJ:nolasses, one-.
flour. a pinch of salt, one t e as•poomful quarte r -cup of milked butter , one-half
of soda.-Mr-s. Mary Tra cy.
cup of buttermilk, oqe-.half cup of

S·t ea:m .thr ee hours ana use h ard s-ruu ce.
-Mrs . W. T . StiUwell, 708 W e-s t Sixth
Dark Pudding .

On e cup of ·mol a s ses, ·o ne t ea spoonful of sod a -dis•s olved in a cup of .hot
•w·a te r, one-qual'ter •c up of m elted butte r, or one s cant twbl es,poonful , tJlliree
cupfuls of flour, one-ili·alf cup of
ra1 s1ns or currants.
Steam tihree
hours and se rve wi th so me kind of"
s•auce. -Mr-s. Baes ch, 210 North Oak

One egg, b'll t te r ilie sdze of an egg,
one cup of sug>ar, one cup of · swe et
milk o r wat er, one cup or .r aisins, a
pin cth of s-a lt two cup:fuls of flo ur, two
t easpoomul s · of RJo-yal baking powd er.
Ste am one hour. Use ord·inal'Y dre ssOn e cup of sugar, on e egg beat en
i n-g.- Mrs. Milton Bush, 40 5 F-ranklin
wit·1 th e ·sng>ar, two .teaspoonfuLs of
corns.t:u··ch dissolved in w•3Jter.
Cottage Pudding.
One cup of s-wee t milk, -two eggs, one the auove and pour in two cupfuLs of
cup of srug>a r, -t hree tabl espoontfuls of boiling water. Ad-d bu tter -t he s1ze of
butter , two cu]Yfuls of fl()'llr, t wo tea- a hick.ory nut •and flavor •to ·s uit tas te.
J. Baescth, 210 Nortth Oruk
spoonful-s of Roy-a l baking 'POwder. -Mrs.
Bake one-half hour ·a nd se rve with street. Never-Fail Pie Crust. sweet •s auce.-Mr-s. A. Maske ll.
Two an-d one-half cup-fuls of flour,
Suet Pudding .
one cup of shortening, on e t e aspoolllful
On e cup of su et chop-p ed fin e, one of RoY'a.l bak.i!lg pow-der, one"nalf cup
cup of mol-as ses, one cup of sour or of · .cold water, .a •P inch of .sal-t. For
buttermilk, on e cup of choppe d raisins, one crust redruce ·tJhe above to one-ili,al:f.
one tea s-poonful of salt, one e gg, (can -Mr-s. N. Kapnick, 131 EJast Eighth
be omitte d) one t easpoonful of sod·a, street.
·t wo cup•ful.s of graham flour, one cup
Carrot Pie.
of whi te flou r . Steam t hr ee hours.Yolks of three eggs, two •cupful s of
1\lfrs. J . M. Gall erno, 518 South Oak milk, on e t easp-oonful of vanilla, ·a
st reet.
.pinch of s a].t one-ha lf •cup of S'llg>a r ,
one cup of gr:ated .raw_ ca rrots, whites
Steam Pudding.
On e eg>g, on e table spoonful o f butter, of two eggs for th e frost iog.- Mrs. S.
t wo tab,le:s poonfulos of -sugar, two tabl e- H . M-cMiCh·ael.
spoonfuls of flour , ·o ne tarn espoonfu.l of
Cream Pie.
cor n sta.r ch, o ne ta·bl es·poon,f.ul of milk,
ll'hree-quanters cup o f sugar , one
enou gh frudt .to suit t a s-te, one tea- tables poonful of butte r, t wo yolk!s o"f
spoonful o f Ro Y'a l baking vowder . eggs, one-h al·f cup of s.wee t -milk, on e
S•team the ·a bove in th ree cup s •tabl espoonful of cornst ar cth .
ab out twe-nty m inutes.
with \"an ill a. Frosting: Wh1tes ·o f
two eggs, on e tab les•poonful o f granuPlain Steam Pudding.
One -ha lf cup of mol asses, one cup of lated sru gar." Use ord·i na r y pi e cru st,
bu tte r or lard , on e cup of swe e t milk, t ne fr os ted top to be brow ned a ft er
one tea,s,poon ful of soda, on e-h a.!f tea- fillin g is pu t in.-M-rs. M. Bra cken,
s.poonfui ·of crea m of tart•ar, a pi n ch of -corner Oa k and Second s treeL
salt and -cinn a mon to t a s te , t wo •a nd
Cream Pie .
one !half cup ful s of flour and citr on if
F1our eggs , saving tlhe whi-te of on e
des ire d. •S-team .for two hou rs. H ave egg for fro s-t ing, -on e swall cup . o f
w.a.ter boil'in g when Meaw er is placed ·s-uga.r, one a nd one-lh'alf cupful s •o f .sioftove•r an d do not lift cover un t il a ft er e-d flou r , on e te a spoonful of R.oyal bakt wo ho ur s.-Mrs. G. F. Saun by, 518 ill'g po wder , two tabl es-p oonfu].s o·f boilma st E ig hth -st r eet.
ing w-a te r . fl a-vor with vanilla ·a nd bak e
in oven till a straw colo r. When don e
Plum Pudding.
On e cup of mo·l ass es, on e cup of -cut in two Joayer.s with thin kn1fe_
wllir m wa te r , one cup of s·uet chop-p e d putting on e -l a-yer in CaJcb cru st .-Mrs.
fi ne, one t eas poonful of .soda, one cup S•t eve La•Pdi e, 120 S-o ut h Divis~on
of cfu.o d r a is,ins, one cup ·o f chopped street. ·
cun'ants, ·one-ha lf cup of almond s, ·o n e
Cream Pie.
teaspoonful ea ch of .cloves, cinn a mon
On e cup of milk. one-,b alf cup of
an d a.lL~·p i ce , four cupful s of flour. -s uga r , tJlE' yolks of -t wo eggs, two t abl e-


, I





spoonfuls of flour. Beat tlhe w.hites of s>p oonful of v-anilla and >thrae tab leth e eggs wtth one rt:ablespoonfui O'f •Spoonfuls ()f grated Baker's chocolate.
·s-u gar. Se ason wit h banana for top - Dom estic. .
of p ie.-A Home Cook.
D ate Pie.
Cream Pie.
One-halE pound of dates boiled and
T.he Y_o lks of two eggs, .a pint of s traine d thro ugh cola nd er. Then •a dd
sweet milk, one-ihaM cup of sugar, one two egg-s a little sugar a nd th ree ·bablete a.s poonful of va•nilla, a pinch of sa,lt, spoonful s of •milk. Use fo r filling
. a tablespoon ful of flour.
Allow .to _ or-d in ~ry pj e cru.s·t.- Mrs. Emory, 232
c ome to a boil and •put into bak ed Elast Eighth stre et.
cru s t. Beat ;t:h e whites of two
Lemon . •e.
and spread over top, t hen put into
On e lemon, one cup of sug.a r, one
oven to brown.-Mrs. Gus Engs-trom, egg, one tab les poonful of cornstarch,
849 ·w e·hster -s tr eet.
one pi ece o. butter ·the size of a nut. P eel .tlhe lemon -and .sli ce very
Boston C rea m P i e.
Oalke part: Th-ree eggs, on e ·cup ·o f thin, then ·a dd water, sugar •a nd butsugar, one and one-.half cupfuls o f ter. Pu t on stove and l et come to a
fl·ou r, one teas·poon·f·ul o-f Roy•al hak1n.g boil Bea:t t he eg.g -a nd stir t h e ·cornpowde r . two tablespoonfuls of boiling s ta r ch it. If too tlh.ick, •a dd a ver y
water. Flavor w it h Vll!Dil!a. Bake in lit-tle water. Stir t his in t h e lemon
t wo ·Pie tins and ·s pl·it e ach wi-bh •a thin .and let come to a boil. Let t hi s cool
lmife. Cr ea,m part : Put ·o n to boil be for e pu'ttjng it ·i nto '(jj-sh -t o pint of sweet milk . W.hile he·a ting Mr·s. D. S. P:aden, 522 Wes.t Seve n th
t ake t wo eggs, one cup of .sugar -and street.
Lemon Pie.
cr eam together, one-hal•f •cup of s-i fted
T:he juice an-d rind ·o f one lemon, one
flour, one ounce of butter fl.avo.r ed with
va ni'Ll a. Ca.n be ·fro sted if d es.i red.- cup of sugar, butter the .s•i ze of an egg,
Mrs . M. Litn ey, 803 West Front stree-t. two level •Lab1espoonfu.l:s of ·c ornstar-ch,
one cup of boiling wa;ter. Cook toCocoanut Cream P i e.
g ether until clear. Beat up the yolks
T:wo cwpfu ls of s·uga,r, two cupfuls of of
two eggs •a nd s-ti r slowly into 'lllixflour, o ne-lhalf cup of mi lk , two t ea- t ure while it is !hot. Use the w:hi tes of
spoonf uls of Royal ·baking powd er, -four· t wo eggs >for frosting. Pu-t into stove
eggs; fl-avor to s uit tast e •a nd ·b ake in
brown frosting after t-h e p-ie cr ust
laye r's. Fros-ting: One cup of miJ.k, hand
Hs been baked.-MII's. Wm . Hayd en·,
one-ihR-lf cup of sugar. small lump of ~26 W es-t Front str ee-t.
butter Hoi.! all toge th er •a.nd when it
· Lemon Pie.
comes to a boi l. pu t in one 1Ja bl espoonOn e cup ·<Yf wa,ter butter tlhe -s ize o·f
fu,J ,o f corn s.tal'dh di s·s olve d in a litt le
mi!k. L et a ll conre t o the boiling an egg, one ·cup ·o f ·sug-ar, thickene d
pomt. ·wh en n eaplv co.ld , •PUt in one with cornstarch . Add .t-he Y'Olks of
el!;g. S.prea d on the laper s of the three eggs a nd th e White of one and
cake.- MJ'S. J . Baesoh, 210 North Oak llS•e the otlle-r two >f•o r .f rostin·!!'. with
two -t abl esiJoolllfuJ.s of wh ite su e-or l:!.n;l
str eet.
an·d fl·avo r wi•t h l€'mon jui ce. Bake in
Coco a nut Pie.
Ol"din arv ni e cru:st. -Mr.s. Ohas. McOne cu,p of sug.a r. on e •a nd o ne-half Gee, 127 N or.tih S.P'J'U ce ·s tr ee.t.
cu pfuls of ·sweet milk. one-h•a lf cup o-f
Lemon P i e.
cr ea;m or a t abl espoonful of bu tter,
On e ·cup of •sugar, pjece o f •butone e2"1!;. on e cup <Yf cocoanu•t.-Mrs. ter th e size o.f ·a n egg, the volks of
M. P elton.
two e ggs, two >h eapin~ teas-p oonfuls of
cornstarch, jui c~ and t h e •g r ated .rjnrt
C h oco late P i e.
One-half cup o-f sugar, three-oual"tens of one lemon, on e ·cup of cold water.
cup of boilinl!; water , one tables poonful Boil until ·thi ck and >s-tir •constant ly.
of corns tarch, t wo tabl es-poonfuls of Use t h e wh·ites of the e[!:!!'S for -frostflour, yol k of one egl!;, on e tablespoon- ing.-M>rs. B. A. McGill , J 064 W eb ster
ful of •bu'tte r , one-half -square or st r eet.
Baker' s chocolate, one-half .tea,spoonful
Lem o n Pie.
M va ni lla.
Use ordina.rv pie cru s·t.On e cup ea·ch of .s u l!;ar a nd :s weet
Miss Bell e Pitcher 1009 Lincoln milk, jui ce a;nd the grated riml of on e
lemon , two ·tables poolllfuls of flour ·a n d
Cho colate Custard Pie.
yolks of two el!;gs well beaten. Pou r
On e quart of ·milk, four egl!;s , on e into ·a crust not previous•lY baked a nd
cup of milk, a pin eh of s·alt, on e t ea- bake till fil'm. Beat th e :wihites o-f two


eg-g s s tiff with t wo tablespoonfuls of for .s·and wi•ch es.-M r·s. M. J-orgensen,
sug-a r spread on the pie, and return .to 436 West Eleven1h. .s treet.
the oven to bro wn.- Mrs. Josephine M.
C heese Dreams.
Hill, 320 Union ·s-treet.
Butte r t hin solices of bread from
wihich the cru st h·as been >removed.
Lemon P i e.
One cup of sugar two eggs, (•s ave M-ake s·a.Jrud wi0hes with cneese about
W!hiteS J, One and one-Jl•a lf CU]) fUl S Of one-e-i ght h ·i n.oh thi ck -for fi lling. F ry
water . two tabl espoonfuls of •corn- in ho•t frying p·a n.-Mis•s Margaret
starch, butter the s-ize of an egg, one Burlinglba.m, 1327 South Uni·o n sMee t.
lemon. The whites of the eggs ·a nd a
Macaroni With Cheese.
little graruulated s ugar ar e beaten •toOne l-a ye r of boil ed ma caroni in butgether a nd ar e s pread •o n top.-A Local ter ed balcing dish; s-prinkl e with gratChef.
e d cheese -and r e·p eat until dis.h is fu ll.
Cover with Cl'ack er crumb s •and pour
L emon Pi e.
Jui ce and gr.ate d rind of one lemvn, over wlhi te sau ce. Bake in oven unt il
one cup of flour, two cup.f•u l-s of cold bro wn .
Wbite s·auce: Me<J.t •tw o tablespoonwater, one scant ·cup o-f sugar, fiv e
well beaten eggs, .s ave •the white•s of fuls of butter add two trubles,poon-fuls
three for fros·t ing, -a pinch of sal-t and o·f flour , on e-half teaspoonful o.f salt
ba ke as cu s-tard. Wh en do n e, sp.rea·d a nd pour on slowly one and one-ihalf
on frost ing.-Mrs. R. E. Rin ard .
cupfuls o f s-calded milk.-M•rs. L. W.
S•mi·th , 245 W·asb.ington ·street.
Mock Mince Pie.
· Cheese Sandw i ches.
On e cup each of crumb ed cracke r-s,
Work good cheese int o a -paste :with
s ugar, molasses and boiling water. one
cup o•f Eng.l ish . curl'aiLt'S, one cup o-f Fuffi cie n-t butter to easiLy s pread thin
seede d rais-i ns, two eggs we].] beaten, slices o.f bread. -Picnic Caterer.
L a mb Sandwi ches.
one teas·poonful of -cinn-rumon, one-ih·alf
Mi·nce cold J-amb fin e; mois;ten wi th
teas poonful of cloves, ·o ne•.half of a
nut meg, grated . Cook this liglhtl y and warm -cream and -add a l-ittle s·alt. ·
fill your pies, th en bake unt il the crusts Spread between thrn ·b uttered slices
o-f bread.-Picni·c Caterer.
are d·o ne. Thi·s will .make four ])ies.Mr.s . A. F. Owe n.
Veal Sandw i ches .
Chop cold veal an>d •mix wit h :S·a l·a:d
Pumpkin Pie.
One te acup of pump·k in stewed do wri dress-i ng, th en spread ·betw een .slices
until ver y dry, two cup-fu ls of -milk, two o-f brea d as you. would any filling.eggs , well be·a ten, two •heaping tabl e- Picnic Cat ere-r.
spoonfuls o f sugar, o ne teaspoonful of
C h icken Sandwi c hes.
ginge r one teas-p oonful o f cin'llamon, a
Chop cold 'chicken v·e ry fiue ; h ea;t
litt le rmtlilleg and .a pinch o f s alt.-A some ri oh 'cream and mix ·with it . . SeaHom ek ee r e r.
son with a .J.ittle s •a,Jt -and :s-p•read betw een sandwiche·s.-Pi-cnic Oat erer .
Vinega r P i e.
One cup ·o f -w.hi·te su gar, one cup of
Ham Patti es.
v.inega,r ; put on 's tove ·a n d let come to
One cup of fin ely cho])ped ·cold han:n;
a boil. Moiste n f·o ur tahl espoon-fuls of one-quarter cup of fin e brea;d crumbs,
flour, add one egg, and S·tir this into o ne- qu 31rter cup O'f milk, one tablebojlin•g s ugar and v in egar.
Ba:ke -spoon ful ·of butter, one •teas poonful of
ordina ry pie cr-ust .a nd fi·ll. Let s-tand s·alt, one-quarter te-as-poonfu l of ])epin oven a -f e w minutes.-Mr.s. J. per . Mix th e m eat wtt h the bread
Bae·sch , 210 North O-ak. street.
crumbs and s·e asoning ; a;d·d t'he butter
Ice Cream .
m elted. Moi·sten with •bh e milk and fi l.l
One qua r t of ·thin sw eet cream, one gr e ased p.a tty pans with the mixtur e.
cup and ·a half ·o f ·s ugar, fl avor to Break on e egg varef-ull y on the top of
taste .and f.r eeze.- A Local Cook.
each -s·prmkl e -w ith •a li ttle ·s alt ·a nd
pepp'er and ·cover with fine •bread
11'\'lp r ov ed P ean u t Butter .
Make ·a boil ed dr es·sing, us ing one crumbs. Bake e1ght minutes in qu.i·c k
egg beaten li ghtly, ·acld t wo tables·poou- oven. Serve at once.-Mrs. M. Jorgen...,
fu ls of sugar, fou r -ta.Jbles poonfuls of sen, 436 West El eventh street.
Hamburg Patties.
v in eg.a r, o ne teaspoonful of mu.s·tard,
One pound of Hamburg, two eggs,
one-ha lf teaspoon.fu l of s·alt. Boil un ti l it t h-i ckens. Cool liglhtly and add bea ten .s•aH and· p epp er t o ·taste. Mix
two ta•bl es poonful s o.f p eanut butter. well f~rm in ·patties and fry in hot
Beat wit h fork un•til ligfut. E xcellent lamd.-Mrs. w. D .. Hollister.



Beefsteak Cutlets.
fish in mus·s el s h ell s in stead of pudding
One ·p ound of bee.fsteak, pounded, dish. Sprh1k•le .with bread cru.mbs .an d
.two egg;s, beaten . Dip Slte-ak in eggos dots of . b utte1·. Brown in ov en and
and J'OH in flour seasoned with saQt and serve individuall y.-Minnie B. HalT.
p epper. Fry in !hot lard.-Mrs. W. D.
Baked Whitefish.
After dres s·ing cut the fish open,
Veal Duck .
sp r ead it on a broil er. cover the top
Season a la:rge veal steak wioth ·pe p- wjth thin ·s !i.ces of bacon and .put it in.
p er and salt and S•pread with a bread a noven over a baking p an to ·catch
d ressing, .s u ch as i-s us ed for ·p oultry, the dripping. Wh en don e r e move the
serusoned with sage or r.nym e. Ro ll up bones and se rv e on a hot pl ater garncared'ull y and tie in J;Ylace with twine, ished wioth pars.Jey an d s lices ·Of lemon.
cover wjth some ·th in solices of por k -A Local Housekeeper.
and securing .all by fo lding a r.ound it a
Brook Trout.
thin wlh ite cloth. Put in a dll'ip•p ing
Dress ni cely, le av e who le and wipe
p an with a little water and bake S·low- t ho-roughl y with a dry cloth. Roll in
ly .f.or an hour.
. J.l en r emove the wheat flour. Have pl enty o:f •hot butclot~ and brown for aJ?-othe r .h our, ter in s k.ill ett, .pu t t rou t in and sprinkle
bas.t Jng often. S erve w, the gravy lightly wiotlh sa lt. Cook five minutes
pou red over it. -Mrs. W. F . Griffin, 325. tm·n them; and cook five minutes more:
Boardman aven ue .
Be sur e not to crowd the fisih when
· Me-at Loaf.
cooking.-A Lo cal Cook.
T:wo po und·s of Hamburg steak, one
Salmon Balls.
·p ound of ·S·aus-age, one cup of cracker
Part 1-White •s auc e: T :wo a nd ·onecrumb's, moistened ~ith sweet m i.Jk, •h al.f twb els •p oonfuls butte.r, one-third
one egg, beaten, a pmc :hof s·a lt. and cup ·of flour, one cup of milk, salt an d
p epper. Mold mto loaf.
•S prmkle p epper. Put butter in sau ce pan stir
craJcker crumbs o n t•o p and bake one until melted and bubbling. Add 'flou r
and :hours . If desirred ·a dd mixed with seasoning, pour milk on
chop-p ed. on.JOns to the a bove.-Mrs. H. grad uall y, sti-r unti l well mix e d, then
Ohenowitih, 428 W es•t Eleventh s treet. b eat unti:l sm ooth and glossy.
Meat Roll.
Part 2: T-wo eggs, on e can .s almon,
One pound of Hamburg steak , one crackers. Add salmon to white s-auce
pound of sau s·a ge, on e eg>g, one pound then .form salrrnon in bans, roll ·in
of cracll:ers rolled fine, all mix ed to- oracke r cru mbs, egg, a nd crumbs
get.h er, on e ·Can of S•weet ·COrn. Bake and fr y in d eep hot lard. Garnis•h with
in ho t' oven t hr ee-quarter s of .an ho ur. parsley.-Mns . Elta 'i>V Igihtman, 245
-Mrs . W . Gi•bs·on.
Was!hington s treet .
Stewed Rabb it.
Pot Roast
Ingredients requir ed: On e rabb i•t; a
Rub· ·POt with sli ce of onion and put
i.n li'tt le pi ece o.f s ue t. Aliter it .has few strin·s orf bacon, rather mor e t h an
been washed dre dge roa st w.ioth s•a lt one O·f goo d broth or stock, a
am! pep,pe r and pl ace ,n ho t su et. bunch of ·s·a vory h erb s, salt and -pepCover, s•o very li tble :st eam can escap e ·pe r to t ast e. thi-ckening of bu t ter and
and cook .s•low1y. Turn .r oas·t flour, on e gla ss of •s h erry win e. Well
after it h as cooked aw hil e. Set pot on w.afih t h e rahbit a nd let dry, t h en cut
asb estos lid. If o n gas ra.nge, ·put two in stew.p-a n and l ard with .s trip s of
ba con and fr y until brown . Put in
lids und er .-Mrs . A. F. Uw en.
s t ew,p an cw ith broth . •h erbs and seas·on
with pe·o·p er ·an d F·al:t. Simm e•r gentlv
Us e fre s:h fi·sh oof any vari ety; d•ress unt il rabbit is tender. Then str a in the
but do not cu t up. Make a bou ll ion gravy. Thi cken w it h butter and flour ,
•by brazing a 's mall oni-on in .a k ettle add the sh erry •a nd give one boil. Place
w.ith •a smal! piece of butter .
Ad d ra•bbit on ratlh er deep platter an d pour
-tw elve p eppe r corns, two bay leave s , the gravy over tbe l'abbit.
e igh t wh-ole .aJ.l spice a nd some .salt. Put ·with sJi.ces oif ·tbinoJv cu t lenion.- Miss
i.n enou g;h water to boil fish. Allo w N elli e L eder le 549 'P.a.v f•tre et .
•the fi sh to ·cook until t h e bones may b e
Wild Game Prep aration .
easily r emoved. F lake fi sh an d put in
Use enou gh vin ega r to cover game
·Pudd ing dis~h. Ma:ke a b ut te~- sauce and add oni on , bay leaves, whole
and m ix •with fi sh, with pul- cloves, a Uspice and l et ·s tand twentyveriz ed bre·ad crumb s and dot with four ho yrs. CX>ok a nd add w11.ter and
butter. Set in ove n an d brown.
Thicken w itJh
d'!'ai n aft er cookin g.
A ·dainty way a ls o ·to serve ~ s to ·put mol asses ca k e, grated, and .sy rup. H


th ey li k e it ·sweete r add prunes and
rai s.ins, and boil t oge-th er, making a
d e•Hcious tJhi ck gravy.-M!'s. S. M.
S'k luzak, 301 Vin e street.
Baked Eggs.
Break egg into well-bu tter ed b-aking
pan , season .with p epper and salt and
s•mall piece of butte r, add three tablespoon fu!.s o-f thick cream, set in oven
and bake.-J\IIr.s. A. F. Ow en .
Creamed Eggs.
Arra n•g e on ·a .platter .ha rdboiled eggs
cut lengthwise and pour over a rich
.whitt e sau ce.-A Local Schoolgirl.
Egg Salad .
Boil eggs hard and place on le ttu ce
leaves with dr essing on top.
may be sliced in rings ·o r whites may
be cut and arrangoo in any ·des ign and
yolks may be forced .throu gh strain er.
- Mrs. Laura H end ershott, 226 Monroe
A ·New Chicken Salad.
One qu art of ch.i cken cut into dice,
two large cucumbers
one can o.f
French p eas; ·chop the cu cumb ers and
let drain, turn the peas into ·a colander,
let •cold water run over .th em for a
minute and dry in a cloth. Ju st bef·ore
serving mix a H together an d cover
witlh mayonnaise dressing. This s ·ala d
is far better than w:hen made with
.chick en and celery.-A Lo cal Cook.
Waldorf Salad.
On e bunc:h of celer•y, on e-•h aH .p ound
of English walnu ts, chopped fin e, oneh aJ,f ap.ple. Dressing, one egg, one
cu p of sugar, one tablespoonful of
mustawd, a pinch of p e pper, one lha'lf
.tea·s poon[ul of salt, one cup of vineg·ar.
Put vin egar on ·to boil w.hile mixing ingre di ents. Willen cold pour ov~ r th e
above.-M:rs. E. B risto·l, 206 E ast
r treet.
Fruit Salad.
On e-half
doz en · bananas,
t wo
oranges sli ced fin e, on e ·cup of wa lnut
m eats, •one.Jh·a H cup of sugar. Di ssol ve
one box of gel a tin e accordin g t o direct ions, pour over th e fruit an d set away
to .h ar.den . Cu t in squ are s •a nd se r ve
with whtpp ed cream on each squa r e.
Any kind of fr ui t may be u se d.-Mrs.
L. W. S mL·- · 24 5 vv ashington s•ti· eet.
Beet Sal a d.
Bo'il me diurn·•s ized r e d b ee t s · t ill
tend e r. Wh en cold, ·cut off the top and
scoop o ut t1h e in s.ide, making little
cups . Fi·ll with cabbage salad.-A
house w ife.
Potato Cucumber Salad.
Six new ·p otatoes boiled with th e
peeling on, on e ·good~si ze d cu cum ber,


thr ee h ard-toile d .eggs. W:hen potato es are cold p eel and cl:lo·p :with the
·c u cumbers ·a nd eggs, not .too fine. Make
the fo!lo.wing dres·s ing: One teaspoonfu l of ·s alt one teaspoonful of mustard,
two teasp'oonrfuJ.s of sug•a r; stiw a ll tog e·ther. Break in two eggs and b ea•t
until - lig•h t. Add one-half cup cider
vinegar. Stir on .stove until it boil s
one or two minutes. J.u st b e fore serv·
ing a dd tw o tabl es poonfuls o.f :wh ipp ed
cream and pour over vegetab-les.
H cucumbe r s cannot be o btained,
u se one Large onion chop•p e d fin e.Minnie B. Harr.
Cabbage Salad .
H eat one.lhalf cup of vinegar and
o ne.lhaH cup o-f sugar. When very hot
add one- half -cup of sour .cre·8im, into
which the yolks of .t wo egg>s .have
b een beate n. Stir well and remove
from fir e ·a mi wh en cool, u se.-MI's.
Wm. Dyke 1015 Boyd . avenne.
·Cabbage Salad .
One cup of sugar, one cup of vin egar, one egg, p epper and .s•a lt, butter
the size of an egg, let boil and s tir
in a cup of sweet cream and one.lhaH
hea d of •cabbage.- A Local Housek eeper.
Salad Dressing .
On e-haH cup of vine.g ar, on e egg, one
tables.poonfuJ of butte1·, one . •cup of
su gar, a pin ch of s ·a l t, mu s.tard to suit
taste. L et come to •a bo'i! and t hi cken
wi bh cornstarch or flour. When cold
thin with s weet cream.-Mrs. E . S.
Jon es, Riverside Flats.
Mayonnaise Salad.
One cup of .sweet m ilk, one 'l ar-ge
tabl espoonful of flour mixed with l" '
ter t h e size of a walnut. Pour in mi lk
and let t:hicken. Beat the yolks of tw o
eggs, .ad-d a pinch ·o f salt. one tab-l espoonful of su ga r w ith a da sh of p e-pp er and mustard and a .s·cant h alf cup
of vinegar. Mix well and ·pour in m ilk
mixture a nd boi l until th ick in •a doubl e
boil er. ·w h en cool ad-d on e· h aH cup of
w h i-p.pecl cream or rioch omilk.-Mrs . G.
A. Richa rdson , 932 Lincoln street.
Salad Dressing.
T wo eggs, one-:half cu p of butter,
butte r th e size of a walnnt, one-haM
cup O·f v in ega r, on e half cu p of ·cold
w<Jt er, on e tea.s·poonful of •s alt, on e
t eas.poonful of m us.tard. BoH un t il
t hi ck. Wh en cold a.cJd sweet cream.Mrs. M. J.orgen sen, 436 Eleventh
One cu.p of sugar, one tabl es•p oonfu l
of cornstarch, on e·half cup of vinegar,


_ K_. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

one egg, one-hal:f teaspoonful of syrup over the m in cans. SeaL- Mrs.
:mustard one teaspoonful of butter. Mary Menold .
T o mato Jam.
Cook until Lui ck. -A R ecord R eader.
Cut u.p, cook and str ain one~balf
T able Mustard.
One-quarte r cup of vinegar, one- bushel of tomatoes, as you would for
quart er cup of wat er, o ne-ihalf cup of catsup. TD three parts of juice, add
sugar, one egg, one h ea!ping teas poon- one par t of sugar, then add one,half
ful of mp·stard. Cook until thick . - peck of coo·king ap·ples, ·thr ee teaspoonful s of cinn!l!mon and one of
A Hom e Maker.
'Cloves. Slice tw o lemon s and boil all
Cherry Conserv e.
toge th er, being careful not to let it
Three quarts of ,pit:ted cherries, burn. Boil until th ick, as fo r a ny
three oranges, one pound of seeded jam. Remove the lemon and seal
r•a ism s. Put a ll through a meat w:hiJ e hot.-Mrs . Mary Sladky, 302
grinder and ad d t hr ee 'POUnds of Nortih S·pruce street.
sugar . Cook .slo wly till done. Ve ry
Bl ac k berry J am.
good with meats.- Mrs . R. Kinn ey.
AHer boiling blackberries until sof t
Bo r d eaux Sauce.
in .suffi cient w:ate r to cover, strain
On e gallon chopped cabbage, one- th em through a n~w flour seive to reh alf gallon green tomatoes, six onions, move seeds and ·boil one hour. 'T hen
two quarts of vinegar, .four .pounds of add equal parts of s·u gar and boil onebrown s ugar, one ounce of mustard h alf hour, s tirring constantly, as it
.s eed, one .o unce of c1oves, one ounce burns easil y.- Mis.s Thies, 210 S·o uth
of cinnamon. ·Boil two or three hours. Divis ion ,s tr eet.
-Mrs. H. E. Atkins·o n 812 West Front
Molass·es Pop Corn Balls.
For tihr ee quarts of ·POP corn, boil
one !ha lf pint of molasses 12 ·minutes.
Piccal i ll i.
One .peck of green •t omatoes, t wo Pour same over ·c orn and roll into
large h.ea:ds ·o f cabbage cho•p,ped fine, ball s.-Mis·s C. H . Ste.wart, 1013 Oass
one small teacup of salt.
Mix to- street.
Cocoanut Candy.
gether and let stand over night.
Grate the meat of one cocoanut and
Drain, cover wi th vinegar and water
and cook till tender. Drain and throw h ave r ead.y two pounds of granulated
liquid a:w!l!y. Sea soning: One green .s ugar and the beaten whites of two
pepper chopped fine, two teacups of eg.g.s , also the milk of the 'co~oanut.
horseradi Eih chopped fin e , ·s.ix tea- Mix all togetiher and form into small
spoonfuls o.f cinnamon, four t easpDOD- cakes. In a short time the candy will
ful s of clove·s, thr ee t~aspoonfuls of be ready to eat.-Mr.s. S. R. Elliott,
allspice, .two te as.poonlfuls of mustard_, East Thii' teenth str eet .
Turkish Delight.
·tJh1·ee .pounds of white sugar. Cover
Two ·cupfuls of sugar, on e-lhalf cup
witih new vinegar and scal.d.
stand a few day.s before us ing.-Mrs . of wa te r, on e-h a lf cup of corn syrup ,
t he w'hites ·of two eggs. Cook syrup
A. F . Owen.
until it strings. Take from stove and
P i ck les.
.s.tiffl y beaten whites of egg.s.
Pi ck and wash pickling •c ucumbers add
Beat, and >yhen read y t o ·p our on 'platto flll a two-quart can then add one ter, a dd Jiavoring. This .Is al s·o nice
tabl espoon.
each of salt, su?:ar and mix e d with walnuts .
miYed :w hole :S•pices. Cove·r with ·COld
T urkish Delight.
vinegar and .seal tig:ht.-MTs. W . D.
Two cupfuls of granulated sugar_
one-h alf cup of corn syru,p, one4lalf
H u c k leb e r ry Pic k l e.
Five pound s of .f ruit, three nounds cup of wate r. Boil until it breaks in
water. Beat th e wh ites of two eggs
of ·?:ra nulated sugar, one ,p·l nt of vine- over
which :pour ·th e syru:p •a n d b eat
gar thr ee tea.s:p·oon fuls of cinnamon
·o n e' t easp·o onful of cloves.-Mr.s. A. F. until ·cold.-Mrs. J. L. VanKeuren, 524
Second str eet.
Owen .
. omato Pick leo..

Slice green tomatoes and ·put in sa Jt
w:ater over ni ght. In morning drain
and scald until t end er . Make syrup
of one Guart of vin egar, on e pound of
sugar, thirt:v4our cloves, t birty-fuur
ci nnamon stick s , cook, then pour

Muget Cream.

Five cupfuls of sugar, three cupfuls
of molasses, bailed until brittl e when
cool. Beat the wlh ites of four eggs
until stiff :and pour in to it one cup of
nut meats. Into this pou r t he syrup
and beat to a stiff cream. Pour in two


brown suga r, on e-half cup of molasses,
one-h alf cup of bu tter or lar d, two1Jh.irds •cup of buttermilk, one te!Ls,poonfu l of oda. on e teaspoonful each of
cinnanion and cloves. Mix quite thick
Home Cooked Beans.
Two po und.s of beans, on e pound of with flour and •put in .pan, alternate l y,
salt pori>:, on e cup of sug·a r; cook dark 'a nd lig>ht.- Mrs, Jcla O'Rourke,
beans until done .before adding pork . 223 Monroe s tr eet.
Afte r pork is put in, ba ke until done.
T·wo eggs, one and on e-'half cupfuls
-Mrs. F. A. Alvord, 314 South
Division street.
of .s u gar one cup of btittermilk. on eSpanish Beans.
half cup of molass es, one cup of -lar d,
One-.h:alf cup of •butte r, one cup of one-:h alf teaspoonful of cloves a nd one
sugar, two eggs, ·o ne cup of sweet t eas poonful of vanilla. Mix quite b1ard
milk, one cup of chop•ped ra is in s, one pnd r ~ k e in a. moderat.P. oven. When
cup of chopped walnut meats on e tea- +b e too nf each a. dr es~ ine; m a de of
s•poonofll'l each of ·c inn amon ·and nut- cooked and nearly ·cold , s·pread over
m eg, t wo cup.ful's o.f flour , two tea- ·r> ow nPred ·~ u and mil k , ,s ea.son w ith
s:p oon fuls o.f Roya l baking powder. vanill a. Jt improves th.ese cooki es to
Bake in mod erate oven.-Mr.s. John l'e ><tirred tog;etb er ~. haJ,f hour be fore
Ciecha.nowski, 511 Fift•h street.
haking.-Mrs. Ida O'R ourke, 223 MonB a ked Pot ato es.
roe street.
Put medium,sized potatoes in hailCo r n Sala d .
ing ih·o t w•ater and add a ihand.ful o-f
Twenty-four ears of conr, three
utes. Then put into oven .a nd allow green , four onions, one large
salt and aJ.Iow ·t o remain fi.fte en min- !head ca•b bage, one-half cup of saH, two
to bake unti done.-Mr·s. A. F. cupfulls of sugar, two quarts of vineSteven s, 536 ·T enth s·treet.
gar, one-quarter pound of :moistened
Potato Croquettes.
ground mu!;!·tard. Cihop onions, ·cab'Roil a nd mas.h very ·thoroughl y four bA-ge ·a nd ne•p p er fin e, cut off corn, •PUt
or fiv e potatoes, add cream, butter and A.Jl to ge·t,b er and si·mm er :about five
.salt. Crerum t his and add the white of Jhours.-Mrs. H. C. Lud.w ig, 1012 Webone egg beaten to a stiff froth . Make ster street.
into . cylinders wit'h the hands, dip into
the yolk of the egg, tihen in cra cker
F'nnr e e-gs. two t a•noonfuls of
crumb s. Put in wire basket :and Jfry .s ugar, butter t he size of an e gg : cr e~ om
in hot lard about two minutes until thP ·s,na.r and ·b utter. ann heaten eg?:s
a nioce brown .-Mrs. W . F . Griffin, 325 ·~nd on e cu·n farina. :and level te~><·noon­
Boardman avenue.
ful of ~a vo] b~kin !!' ·pow d·e r . Bake in
Meat Souffl e.
a. ~!h a llow tin . Wh Pn non P H Pbonld he
On e and one-half cup-fuls of coo'k•ed an inch ::mrl 9. h alf thi ck. T'h en cut the
chopped meats, one cup o.f ·boil d milk svetek into on e an d o n e-h:~.lf inch
two tablespoonful's of butter and two ~au~r es :and serve with hot milk.-Mrs.
of flour. Mix, and stir :in t he milk two MoargaTet Fif.arel<.
Po p py Seed K oblik y.
well-beaten eggs, ·a few drops of onion
One QUfl.rt of flour. on e pint of milk,
juice, a littl e celer y, salt an d some pepper. Bake one,b:alf ihour in a hot oven . •one cup of ·s ugar, one egg, a little nut-Mrs . Id·a O'Rourke, 223 Momroe •m eg. one yeast ·ca'k e. Make a >< nonge
.si·milar to bread spon ge . but thinner
·s tr eet.
11nd let ris e. Have t1h e po,p))v seed
Sal m on Lo af.
On e can oof salmon .pi ck e d fi ne, ·on e "''·onni! fln e. and then a dd to it one cu.p
egg, one cup of sweet milk, one cup oof of ·Coff ee, one cup of sug>ar, one-:baH
bread crumbs. Mix .aH togetiher and cup of lard. Cook this from five to
mold in loaf in cak e di sh and ,p ut eie-ht minutes . stirring con stantl y.
·c racker cru mbs on top with generous 'n1 en let it cool. Roll the dou gh into
sHces of butter. Bak e on e-half hour.- s mall sq u ares and place ><orne of the
Mrs. Id•a O'Rourke, 223 Monroe str eet . r>onu v Beed in tbe center. P inch dou.e;b
· Marble Cake.
togeth er and let rise •a gain and then
Light p·a rt : T•h e ·whit~s""'of wo eggs, rrv in hot l Rrd like fried cak es.-Mrs.
one cup o•f sugrur, one-baH cup of but- Marg>ore t Fiofarek.
Kolacys W it h Dutch Cheese.
ter two-thir·dS cup of sweet mil{, one
MRke ·nbe sam e kind of i!ough as for
t ea'sopoonful of Royal baking pbwder,
on e te as:poonful of lemon. Dark part: the kobliky and rol l out into a sheet
The yolks of two eggs, one;haH cup of and pJoace in :fl at cake m. On top
platters. On e-half of the a bove r eciope
may be used if desired and ill ma k e
two and one-half •pounds.-Mrs . B.
Lab y:m.



<place Dutch cheese mixed with thr ee
eggs, one 'CUJl of .s ug,a r, one ·c up of
r>a.isins, a little nu t meg a nd a li-ttle
milk if too thi ck. Bak e like any cake.
-Mrs. Marga r et Fifa.r.ek.
Pocket of Veal.

Ge.t a piece o-f veal -from the back
with the ribs in. Have the bu tcher
m a:k e a po cket in this a nd stuff witih
the <fo!J.owing dressing : Soak a large
bowl of •brea.d ~crumbs in s ome milk,
chopp ed fine and a small ,p ie ce of g•a radd four ,e ggs ,a small pie·c e of h rum

lie dhopp ed fin e, pepper, celer y and
s alt to tast€. Then :place in bhe pocke t
.a nd sew. Bake until very tender .
Bas te often .-Mrs. 1a Mrgaret Fifa r ek .
Easter Loaf.
Boil ham and veal and ·chop fin e,
add'in g small pie•ce of garlic o'hopp ed
fin e. fi ve eggs with half pound
of •f arin a, add one t ea spoonful of
th e m eat wat er until it is a little
tJhi cker th an cak e ba tter and ba:k e in
•a mod erate oven for forty minutes.Mr s. aMrgare t Fifarek.


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