Carolyn Gay Taft Farm Letters - Transcribed letters from 1932

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Carolyn Gay Taft Farm Letters - Transcribed letters from 1932


Old Mission Peninsula (Mich.)
Crops and climate


Carolyn Gay Taft (1873-1952), was the owner of a small cherry farm on Old Mission Peninsula in the early 1900’s. While she spent her summers on the
Peninsula, her primary job as a teacher at the Illinois State School for the Deaf required hired hands to run
the farm in her absence. These farmers, and their families, lived on the farm and sent frequent written reports to Ms. Taft. Most letters are written by the farmer’s wives, and provide a record of both agricultural and social history.


Ralph Kitchen, Joseph Kitchen, Essie Kitchen, Max Gilmore, Hazel Gilmore


Collection donated to Peninsula Community Library by the surviving members of the Taft family.


Peninsula Community Library




Mary T Morgan


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Traverse City, Peninsula Township, Grand Traverse County, Michigan

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[Jan 09, 1932]

Dear Miss Taft
I want to thank you very much for the Christmas present of the Ladies home journal. we enjoy it very much.

Are weather is very mild. we have a little snow but it raining to-day. Mrs Ida Lardie isent very much improved yet. Mr Charlie Lardie was to see her last week and said there wasent any chance in her for the better he could see. Dr Swartz said it was up to her to get better if she worried she wouldn't get better. It sure must be hard not to. Mrs Richards is expecting her baby in January some time. That I know is not the neighbor gossip. But she told me herself.

we don't know or havent heard what there' plan on the new cottages is

Max got on 1 bag of bran and the cow is coming up on her milk.

Max kicked up the horses new year day on the sleigh for first time this winter Max has the barn full to the brim with hay. and a little yet to haul. Fay Dohm helped him he was here

Old Mission, Mich
Feb. 2nd 1932

My dear Miss Taft -
I’m sorry I have been so slow in answering your letter but wanted to get in to see Mr. Lardie before writing.

There is little hope held out for more money from our last years cherry crop. Prices have droped out so we will not need to expect any thing from them. Mr. Burkhart never paid us the other [$].02 on our sweets. Has he paid you? Most of the farmers feel pretty blue as they are broke and can't drive their cars let alone pay for their telephones. It sure was a blow. The canners havent tried to hold the price of cherries either just so they make their profit.

Mrs. Lardie is some better but will never be able to use her hand much if at all. I haven't seen her for some time and all I know is what I hear from the neighbors. She is still with her sister.

The gentleman I was thinking of has some money but hardly think he would pay all cash. But as long as you don't care about selling I have said nothing more about it.

I think of you real often and wish I could see you but feel as tho' you have other intrests now so I try not to bother you too much. I hope Max will be on the square with you. We were with you so long I can't help but feel interested. But will not poke my nose in your affairs.

Will you please send me Mrs. Stutsma's address as I would like to mail the girls a taste of pop corn. Ours was very nice last year sold 6 bushel and still have a little left.

I'm so busy there is very little time for me write letters.

I nearly forgot to mention that it has been so warm here that the tulips were up nearly 2 inches out of the ground & cherry buds are fat. Doubt if we have many this year. Have a little snow and raining again this A.M.

Must hurry this off as I must start my dinner going. Please do write some times as I miss you so much.

With love as ever


Feb. 4, 1932.

Dear Miss Taft

We recieved your check on Monday and am sending the other one back.

Yes we have had a touch of winter all right which all the farmer's seem glad for the fruit and making ice. Ever one claim's that the fruit isent hurt so far.

Max has the little orchard were we had garden trimmed. And two rows of apple tree's trimmed

Max say's he fully understand about feed only the 2 horses/cow.

There was some of corn + corn stalk that was taken out of the hollow by road that moulded Max put corn stalk out and plowed them under. And corn we feed to pig about 6 bushel. which we though you would be glad of fertlizer one way as the other. and we bought midling in fall.

Tony Dohm get one pig for buying the feed. and buy's one. which the though was a good idea. for to have 2 pigs because thay do so much better then one. We just bought two more again from Rory Holmes.

Because I hate to throw out the milk my sister gave me 7 chicken which was hatched in late september and have started to lay all ready

Mr Henry Lardie has not any booklet on oil spray. But said he would send for one and I will sen't it to you as soon as it come's

Max want's to know if you want what manure that hauled out put on the little cherries trees or the sweet one's

Tony Dohm + Max has the spray rig apart. and it sure it in terrible shape. from engine to pump, was the pump ever over hauled before. Do you know?

Ronald had the chicken pox. and was quite sick. He has some pits on his face that he is going to carry for awhile.

Thay say Mrs Lardie is quite a lot better. I dident write last week because there diden't seem to be anything to write about.

I guess that all the new's a happening of the farm.

Best wishes to you

Max. and Family

Old Mission Mich

March 4, 1932.

Dear Miss Taft

Yes we had quite a snow storm and then a thaw. But no snow know weather very changeable.

I dident write last week because there dident seem to be any new to write about

It kind of a stand still month. Max has all the pruning done and is going pick up brush.

The horses are enjoy the yard ever day and cow also. Thay are feeling tip top for spring work.

These nice sunshiney day show up the dirt for house cleaning time.

Tony + Max are waiting for new part for the sprayer. at Henry's Lardie store. Before it can be finished.

Max and Mr Henry Lardie about the book on oil spray. He say he don't handle the oil spray. But would try to get some from the Standard oil Co. Also understand Howard Whiting has book on oil spray

Max say's he ask been looking for a drag. But ever one is keeping these for there own team's this summer

Mr Wounch has one nearly new. and all steel quack grass gray. Thay are going find out if he want to sell it and how much. He has a new tractor comingn from Detroit.

Miss Susie Walker now is suieing her to-day about some misunderstanding about wages.

The new cottages are nearly completed The people around here sure had to get busy to get ice last week. It was thawing so fast.

The crows are back again. some say thay heard robins.

Did you see by the paper were Mr + Mrs Richards has there baby boy I haven't been over to see it yet.

Well Miss Taft I guess that all the news for this time things are pretty quite around here.

Will close for this time

Sincerely yours

Max & Family

[Mar 23, 1932]

Dear Miss Taft

Received your short letter to-day Saturday.

Howard whiting co. handles the large book.

There an agent handling Barks. What are buying are buying Barks. Will find out the agent name.

The standered Oil Co. handles an oil spray also.

Mr Lardie does seem to handle the oil spray this year. There is no order's.

Max say there 1 barrel of lime + sulpur.

The spray rig will be complete next week.

We had kind of bad luck with summer squash seed the mice had a meal on them.

I have the muskmelon seed you send over

Max has got the trees that fell. cut up. and also over to your cottage to and hauled home.

We had pretty good sleighing but it all gone know nearly.

Here some neighborhood gossip Mrs May Ruff. came home from Florida and left her husband behined. He went fishing and she takes the car and starts for home.

She is going to live with Mrs Lardie I understand. thay are planning to move soon. Mrs. Lardie fell and cracked her rib awhile ago. Her eye sight is very poor.

I was over to see Mrs Richard's baby he sure is a big boy. she is and old fashioned mother feed him ever time he cries + has a pacifier for him.

The Kitchen are going to Detroit this week after a new tractor Mr Wunch bought down there

We are going dry up the cow the last of the month. We expect her to freshen in fore part of May.

Oh yes my husband had a peach of black eye for caucus. and I dident give it to him either. His son did. He was laying on bed one Sunday and Ronald astride him and he fell forward and struck him on end of cheek bone. evere one made fun of him.

oh yes Ralph McClusky is sell spray material. all farmer's nearly are getting from him because it on time. Henry Lardie say he has to have cash this year. or he would go broke. I guess some haven't payed him for last year.

The cistern is dry. I miss the soft water. The other is so hard. and take's lots of soap.

I guess that all the news

So will close


Max + Family

[Apr 04, 1932]

Miss Taft

Are spring weather came in to-nite with a very good snow storm. The most we have had this year.

1.(question) we have melon seed you send over there isent enough enough I don't think, and also sweet corn seed - and Bean dident get ripe enough for seed. Thte squash seed the mice got. Cow pumpkin seed too
2.(question) we got all the bran that was ordered but have a full hundred left. Are car has been broke so much this winter. So we got the rest where it was in running order.
3. question $5.00. one dollar and half 8/.50 plow handles. 6 gallons of gas. at 16 per gal total. [$].96 for cutting stalks for cow. $1.50 for a hot shot for engine. 1 quart of oil for engine. [$].25 with tolal left [$].79 and there was out $2.00 $1.25 for lantern + [$].40 basket. which left the sum of [$].35. There a total left of $1.14
3. Thay haven't give us any an's to price of drag. But Max say Howard Whiting handles a drag that look very good to him a quack grass drag. he say's there can be a middle section put in any time you want to. will learn the price of it around $24.00
4. question yes it will be gotten as soon as we go to the city.

Max would like to know if you are sending the order for fertlizer to Tom Richerds or him?

Max say don't know how he is going get along with the team spraying alone. He said he would try it, to see

But thay feel so good thay can't be trusted.

Max say he has your plan laid out in pretty good order

Max says he afraid if the plan were put up in the shop you have to make new one's. The first good rain and thay would be gone

I hope the questions are satifactory.

The spray rig has got to have some welding done and will be done.

Max say he wished he had a set of brace & bit. He got some ash from his bro to make new evener's + thing that are [med?]. for spring work.


Max + Family

[Apr 06, 1932]
To Miss Taft
We had a bad storm we havent been out with car for four days. So terribe icey,
a cold wind. There haveing a time in T.C. about advertising cherrys. Mr. Roger's was elected president for it in Grand Rapids on Lansing. Ever one was mad that he was. So no-body signed up to spend 1/8 of cent for advertising
Mr. Roger was wondering why. So Mr. Spruit told them No-body like Roger's for one thing. sending a clipping from Grand Rapids press that might be of interest
you. Mr Hooper said Mr Roger seem to know what was going on at the town Hall
meeting the farmers have been haveing. Everone thinks Mr. Frank. Phelps has keep Mr Rogers informed of meetings. Max say he can't see why you won't have a good drive way. Since put clay on last fall. with a packing down. We havent
been any where this winter either. I havent been to a show since LuBelle was here. Thay keep wanting use to come to card partys. all time So we at last give in a went. We have went to two and you'llsee by paper where I intertained once.
We had three table's of five hundred. Were buy four prized one don't want have
[?]only once. Thay. have a big skating rink at Ogdensburg school. Max and Ronald are skating quite a lot. Ronald is just learning, and Max is just getting back in practice again. that just. picked up some old clamp skates. I guess must go and tend my sunday dinner. of making dumplings.
Max & Hazel

Old Mission
April 11, 1932

Dear Miss Taft

We recieved your letter and check Friday ok.

And also seed. Friday

Max went to town Friday to get the fertlizer and see about dray.

And they have not got that kind of fertlizer in yet but would drop Max a card when it comes.

Then Max went over to see about the dray. and told George Whitney what offer he had made you.

So he said that was last fall price. But as long as he had offered it to you for (over) That price you could have it for that. So the dray is on the farm waiting to be used.

But Mr Richard said that he would not bring out both dray and fertlizer together as it would be to much of a load for his old tires and don't want to buy any new. Max has all the tomithy in and all sowed but a little in the south bed. Max say for (oil) spray come in 15 gal + 30 gal drum's.

Max has been talking to several farms around and was tell what he was going to use.

And they all said it was a waste of money to but that less amount on.

So though we would tell you what ever one else was using

Max has got his work a far advanced as most farm if not further in line of plowing and brush picked up and manure halled out.

The cow is dry. I had to hunt up a new milk man. I am getting milk from Mr. Richard

Archie Helfrich got road comissioner again only 5 vote over Bernard Holman He has been down and draged up over road twice and kept it plowed when a snow storm came. the rest got there same office except Bill Hoffman got treasure over Morrris Lardie. I guess that all the new's for this time.

except the gas man to get ready for spray when it come's

Will close.

Max + Family

Old Mission, Mich.

Apr. 17th 1932

Dear Miss Taft

I should have answered your letter some time ago but have been very busy. Cooked for the school children for 4 months had some sewing to do besides. And about two weeks ago a resort lady to whom I had sold a bed spread four or five years ago wished me to make another one for her mother. I realy didn't care for the job but couldn't turn her down so with house cleaning and garden soon to plant I've been one busy lady.

Was so glad to hear of what you have been doing during thte winter and to know you are able to still keep going. Please take good care of yourself. I think of you every day and it seems as tho' I shold get letters a 14 yr. habit can;t be broken in a day or two.

Altho we ain't working for you any thankful you still think of me. I sometimes envy Mrs. Gillmore to know she is taking my place. We seldom see them unless its on the street when we go in town. I still feel sick to think of the dear old home where I spent so many happy years. Please don't think I just say that. But I realy did dread leaving there. Altho' I had a home of my own.

We have attended many parties this winter and had a very nice time but always missed out on the prizes have learned to play quite well so rather enjoy it now. H. M. Lardie said I was doing fine.

I must entertain the Ladies Aid this Spri[ng?] have had some parties here but should have did more. I don't know why I seem to keep so busy all the while.

Mrs. Mills is back returned some 3 weeks ago. Mr. Ruff went fishing and she skipped out I guess they didn't get on very well together. Mrs. Milk claims he was cruel and stingy so she and Mrs. Lardie are living here at the Golden Tower don't know what their plans are. Mrs. Lardie is quite poorly and can get about a little by holding onto things doubt if she lives very long altho' warm weather may do wonders for her. The sunshine is so healing.

Now for cherries we haven't received another cent from either place. [$].02 was all Geo Lardie paid or Burkhart. It seems a crime but suppose people will have to get on some way. Farmers are getting labor for as low as $25 per month as there are lots of men and no money They can't afford to pay more under present conditions. We have heard that the canner plans on paying the farmer [$].01 down so if thats the case its all we will get. So far the fruit looks good its what happens from now on. The weather has been nice but cold winds. We always hear about the out side fruit being frozen but they usually have a good crop just the same. The factories have sold nearly all the cherries they had on hand.

The sample you sent me from the last dress or suit was very pretty. Please try and write some times will be glad to receive your letters and will try and answer sooner. Will be glad to see you in June please don't leave me till the last.

Love Essie
[Apr 23, 1932]
Dear Miss Taft

The weather is fine But have very cold winds in the afternoon.

The oil spray is all on. Max hired a man He was Oril Haywood. Mr Kitchen nephew. He was close by and Max says a very good worker.

Max paid him $1.63 for 13 1/2 work. out of ten dollars you sent.

Max want to know if you know any thing about the cut way. There suppose to be a set of truck for front of it Max took it out the other day and the front end dug in and behind was jumping in air. He see he couldn't do any good. with it

He has a the fields that are going to be croped draged. twice

Max gave to old buggy away to a man out back of town. A Mr Frank's

we recieved the brace & bits. last Friday. Max has made use of them ever day since.

Max say the cherries look good so far. We haven't recived no card about the fertilizer yet.

I guess that all the new's. for this time

Sincerely Max & Family

May 3, 1932

Dear Miss Taft

Recieved check ok.

The weather stay cold. It was very dry. But have got a little rain and trying to rain to-nite.

I got some raspberries plant. and expecting to get some more as soon as thay grow a little

My uncle Will Wilson is selling straw berries plant for [$].25 per hundred. If you would like to go in we will go fifty & fifty on them.

The fertlizer came last Friday and is all on. and oats in

Corn ground all disc & draged waiting for warm weather and is plowing the little orchard part of cherry orchard is disc

The piece that was seedid last fall there nothingn coming up but quack grass and Max say that sure is thick

Max took two big wagon load of quack grass root off the garden. and that much if not more to take off. It sure is alive with it I don't know if we can get in shape to put garden in or not. But are trying to do are best at it.

The cow freshened April 31. We dident keep the calf. Max knocked in head. though we would buy some bigger and put it out to pasture. No sure yet.

Thay are going to pay [$].12 per crate for picking cherries this year. Haven't heard as to the price except packing co. is going to pay [$].1 and dident care of thay got any. the goverment men are right and are running it.

Do you know how much time & sulphur it take to do the season sprawing Clyaton Lardie say there going to be a shortage on lime & sulphur. So the-ough if you need more had better order soon. and it $7.00 per barrel

Tom Richerd bill is $3.00 for hauling

There has been very heavy white frost at nite

I guess that all the new of farm


Max & Family

[May 16, 1932]
Dear Miss Taft

We recieved your letter yesterday yes the barrellfull of lime & sulphur is here under shelter and dry lime & sulphur is here to in good shape. Max though he would tell you he diden't know how much was used last year as he wasent here the full season.

The spray oil is in under shelter and there about one quarter of a barrel left. Barrel will have to hold oil yet.

The things was put in a directed and was drilled with the Tompkins drill. Max was the first one season to barrow it. Oat was put in with the seeder and are up and all coming

Max say that the best to but it into corn as it need to be culivate often

It is very plain to see the quack grass. Mrs Joe Kitchen say she wasen't able raise anything for quack grass. But are going to do the best we can with it.

The raspberries are in one row and the currant row filled out. The strawberry plant will be gone after Sunday.

Max has cut quite few bud's dident find many frozen. less thay show up later on. and sweet cherries look good. The price quoted for picking is [$].12 per crate.

The weather a been pretty damp it has rained ever nite & thru day for a week or more and terrible fog's The sun hasen't shine. 12 hour all week.

Ever thing has been disc over. I guess that all the news for this time


Max & Family

[May 23, 1932]

Dear Miss Taft

The weather stay very cold warm up a little thru day time but cold at nite. Last nite Sunday nite we had a quite a heavy white frost. I was about to set out my tomatoes plant I am glad I did not have them out. The garden's have been in over a week.

Ever thing is in blossom know. Max is going to plant both piecies of corn this week.

Havent heard what thay are going to pay for cherries thay don't seem to know. Picking is [$].10 - [$].12 per crate.

I was to late for my strawberries plants. raspberries are doing fine. Ever thing growing a well as can be expected under the cold weather. Max got the pear's trees out of sod. So we might be able to get a few more pear's this year.

Max Dad was buried Tuesday.

Ronald was 2 years old Sunday. and he got hurt very bad out around building Friday He fell on something and took a chunk out of his fore head. We had to take him to the Dr. But he couldn't put a stitch on account of the hole.

And also had the new we had get him built up or he would go into sugar diebetes or anemia. I cannot get him to eat. I don't know if I am going to be able to raise him or not. I hope so.

I guess that all the news I can think off. Will close.


Max & Family

Sept. 14, 1933

To Miss Taft

We recieved your card and letter Glad to hear that you made the trip save. and have enjoyed an other

The weather is real fall weather Its cowdy & look like rain and quite hot.

Yes your corn was finished last Sat. Max & Curt Brother There faces was so sore and cut with stalk's and dead tired every nite. The corn was so big and heavy. Max cut the string a foot longer then last year and had splice them all nearly to get the around shock's.

Max picked pears Saturday before the fair He got $1.90 out of them. He went to town to see about them on friday. Lardie diden't seem know was he was going to do. Can or not. So the only place was Joe Perkett's So he took them on Saturday and they were fillid up with pears. People that were hauling in got out of there trucks and started sorting So Max had wait till Monday to get his crate's. That he barrowed from Fay Dohm.

Yes Ronald enjoyed the fair very much mainly the horses, and sure had a lot of them. He had two rides on little shetlands that are in a ring for kids to ride. Max took a hold of him so he wouldn't fall off. He said no daddy, and pushed his hand away, and said giddap pony. He had two rides on merry go round. He did not care for anything else that there weren't a horse in it.

I am still canning have 66 quarts of tomatoes 20 bottles catsup. Going to make chill sauce. & Indian relish. besides 4 bushel peaches coming.

Max hasen't had time to finish kitchen yet.

Max has roof on shed and lack 1 strip to finish.

I am glad alberta enjoyed the tomatoes Ronald sure thing ever thing of his ball. He has to have it under bed ever nite. He was pretty lonesome Rebecca. Becky away away he say.

Hazel Kitchen is going to school I hear.

I can not think I are other news. except Mrs May Ruff. came down here two day after you left to see about getting a ride to Detroit for her daughter But told you had back seat full.

I guess that all for this time


Max & Family

Oct. 4, 1933

Dear Miss Taft

As it is raining and no day to wash will try and tell you the new's.

Max is husking corn know. was sick with grippe & heavy cold. was in bed four day's.

Max got ninty-five cents worth of lumber. But dident you's it all on shed made a corn horse to husk corn with.

The weather has been nice right up till this week. had a couple heavy frost.

Are address know is Traverse City Mich R.#1. We get are mail about. 4 ocloak. Ever one is kind feel's edge was about it. And he snapping them up all ready. about names on boxes. The Shaws family are leaving Mr Stevens and are moving on Finley Hammond farm. R#4.

Max brought out some sack to pick up cider apple. Don't know how many there going to be. from Morgan Co.

Jhon Kroupa diden't go aftere oats. But. Harry Zang. was going but havent seen him home. yet.

I guess that all the news I can think of this time.


Max & Family

Old Mission, Mich.

Oct. 11th 1932

My dear Miss Taft:

Your letter came today so will hasten to reply as I know how very anxious you must feel.

I'm not at all surprised at Clayton Lardie because he isn't fair with any of us. Last Tuesday Jos. was called to Traverse City as a witness for Jim Griffin as you know Jim got $200 from Lardies on his cherries last Summer and this year after Clayton told him he would take it out of the 1932 crop Jim sold to M.C.G. So Clayton sued him and had Jim figured up for $218 as they had charged him interest on the $200. Finally the jury decided on the case & Jim has to pay just $100 instead of $218 Mr. Foot one of the Jurymen stuck for Lardie or Jim would have had clear sailing. Clayton has lost lots of friends and also some of his best customers this last year. We got $50 from him at the time we drew our [$].02 because we felt sure we had it coming as he paid us [$].03 cash for the few red Jackets we sold to them. But just got the [$].02 on our lovely sweets and sour cherries. I certainly would write them a good stiff letter and not be in any hgurry to give your money away. And tell him how about Homer Willobee and Harry Christopher that got [$].03 or more. I'm sure your cherries were as nice as theirs. Just be thankful you have a job that pays well. I feel sorry for these poor farmers who have had hail & wind storms some years a freeze and now this mess. With nothing to help them selves you can't sell any.thing to help out. During the trial Jims lawyer asked Clayton how about the others that had advanced money and Claton said he had settled with them so you can see by that what kind of a fellow he is. I nearly forgot about this but Jos. is sitting here and wanted me to be sure and mention this part of it. Why didn't they talk to you while you was here?

Miss Taft I have watched and waited for a few words from. you every since you left am glad the weather is cooler as you can work in comfort.

I canned 60 cans of corn and 12 qts. of sweet pickles for one resorter and along with the many extra things of my own I've been very busy. I'm so glad I had extra work this summer as it has helped us so much to keep all ends up. have did some sewing but have lots more to do yet. I baked 250 biscuits for the Old Mission Supper and 310 for the Supper at our own church since you left. I'm all feed up on that for a while the next time they ask I'll suggest some one else try the fine job.

Jos. had 165 bu. of corn this Fall from our field so feel most thankful for that most everyone has nice crops and got 8 cuttings of Alfalfa and still have green meadows. Even tho' some things look bad. The Lord has blessed us with lots of good food for winter.

I'll be anxious to hear from you to know what you are going to do but please don't be too hasty they will be more afraid of you than Jim because they knew he was having a hard battle to get on.

Hope you keep well and if I hear any thing deffinate will write you at once.

With love Essie

{Please write some times won't you.}

[Below was on the envelope, which had been decorated with beautiful crayon designs...]

To Ed

From Hazel, or you know me better by the name of Billy.

Well solong

It was raining like well, well the other night.

But it quit.

[Oct 24, 1932]
Dear Miss Taft

I am sorry to be so late in writing. But have been helping Max with the corn. He has 200 of good corn and 35 bushel soft & nubins. and more to haul. and more to husk. He hasen't got the big piece done yet. wondering where to put it all. Crib is nearly full. He wont be able to get all the good corn in crib.

There a few cider apple thay are only .15 per hundred. Max figure there worth more than that for feed what do you think.

The new mail man come early then old one. know. come's about twelve ocloak.

The weather has been pretty good for fall weather. When it rain's it just takes 2 days and rain' steady nite & day.

The shaw have moved. away. Mr shaw doesen't like fruit farming he likes more general farming.

There were 100 pumpkins. The carrots have growed a little, Max say he is going pull them this week.

The leaves are droping off. trees except cherries leaves are just turning.

Max has been busy shoot red squirrel there just thick in woods by corn. Ronald is pretty good know. he has quite a busy time traveling from corn field to the house.

You will see by paper where a man got killed out by acme crossing saturday He was my uncle. Mother brother. leaves a wife and 9 children. Youngest 10 year's

no body left for Florida from here this year.

We bought a home comfort for .15. hoping to get home soon. we have a fire in heater most all the time know.

The cow is making 4 pd of butter a week.

the pasture is getting shor't.

I have blue dress all ripped up to make Ronald suit out off. hoping two or more.

Did hear any more about oats. Don't think Mr Zang wen't.

I guess that about all the new's I can think of. I am sending some pictures of Ronald. Please send Rebecca one.


Max & Family

[Oct 31, 1932]
Dear Miss Taft:-

In reply to your letter of yesterday in regards to Lardie: He sent us a statement too so went in to see him I told him he did you a dirty rotten trick after you was so loyal to him & his Co. He felt pretty cheap & said he would talk things over with you in the Spring. He told us we would have to pay him later on so let him get it. If I were you I wouldn't hurry us I know he won't do you any harm. Will write now as Roger is in a hurry he has to see the dentist for the past 5 days his mouth has been bleeding where he had a tooth out and for 48 hours has been very bad so must hurry in with him.

In haste with love


P.S. Will write more tomorrow but must get a line or two out to you as no mail will leave until Mon. if this doesn't get out now.

Old Mission, Mich.

Oct. 31st 1932

My dear Miss Taft:-

I waited for a letter from you for quite a while and I should have written just the same. Its so hard to know what to do these days it seems as tho' Mr. Lardie would like to have a few friends & customers left. If he doesn't treat the Christopher's on the square he is simply done there and that means about 7 or 8 thousand crates or more right there also Homer Willobee. I tried to tell Clayton that our contract called for 50% down on our cherries & he never keept his part of it because we got .02[?] down and just $50 over and we didn't borrow that as we never got an advance as they call it. Got that when we settled up with them. Clayton claims that was an old contract but I soon showed him it was not as I've keppt all of our old ones. He felt pretty cheap about the letters he wrote to you when I got through with him. I said in good plain english that it was nothing but a dirty rotten shame the way you have been treated when you worked so hard for their interests I told him that you didn't get your advance because you expected to go to the poor house the next day but supposed you was only getting what was coming to you. And also by selling to Morgan you saved [$].02 per lug on hauling thats more than we did. He is just running a big bluff. I know the way he spoke he intends to wait until you get back & talk things over that is what he told me. He spoke first about Jim Griffin and then mentioned about writing you and thats what made me try to explain your side of the deal as much as I could. I told him also of how loyal you had been to him and his company by not selling your cherries to every one else even tho' you might have gotten a few cents more. We could have sold about 200 more crates for [$].60 per crate too and didn't as we still had a little faith left in the canning factory. You may feel like giving me a good booting but you are too far away just now and by next Summer you will forget. That is the way children usually feel if they get by for a few days without their punishment. We don't know what he will do about us we simply won't take our little savings and hand it over. Joe told me he would serve out time in jail first let Lardie feed him we told him so too. But don't think they will try to do a thing because they can't I believe if the contractors got together and stick they could get more. But so many people don't care about the other fellow. Jim paid just half so why should we pay. That still stings Clayton Some one besides the farmer is making the money.

I felt like sending you a telegram Sat. but was afraid I'd scare you to death a fellow hardly knows what to do. I often wish we could drive down to the little cottage for a chat. But suppose it would be pretty cold & unwelcome there right now.

Roger has been back for about 4 weeks and has been working for Mrs. Ashmore but has finished there now.

Roger intended to send you a greeting from Berrien Springs but couldn't remember your street number. So brought it home I'll give it to you some time. He has always been very fond of you since he was a tiny boy. As for a steady job he could have worked there all winter for a small salary but Joe needs him here too as he still works at the school house.

Lillie was up a while this afternoon and told me about their large party & barn dance they gave about a week ago. We were invited but didn't go Joseph doesn't dance so of couse I never do. Hazel Gillmore took cold and has had a very bad sore throat. Suppose she got warm from dancing and took cold as they danced in the barns and it must have been quite cold out there when standing around.

Mrs. Lardie & Mrs Mills are living together at Ida Lardies home suppose they will stay there for the winter. Mrs. M. has been picking up potatoes or do what ever work she can find to do.

Its much colder today & has snowed or misted all day so a fire feels pretty good. Ive sewed today have made a new house dress Still have another to make yet and lots of sewing for Hazel.

We simply don't like our new mail system at all. Sat. my letter was left so had to take it to O.M. Roger's mouth is much better had to have the doctor clean the wound and pack cotton where the teeth came out. They had been filled & cared for but couldn't save them. Its too bad for one so young to loose teeth

This letter is a crazy mixed up mess about the time I try to write some one keeps talking to me.

I hope all goes' well with you this winter. We all think of you real often and mention your name but will have to be content with an occasional letter now & then until next Summer.

As ever wtih love.


[Nov 28, 1932]
To Miss Taft

We are enjoying a mild snow storm to-nite But has been beautiful all day. I had kitchen door open quite a lot of day.

Max has a corn stock made nearly a high as the barn. Bert Haywood a man that staying over to Mr Richards helped him make it Max got him to come over and help. he worked 8 hours Max payed him [$].50 Max diden't understand how to make it.

I hope you would think we would have more common sense then to have a barn dance in full barn of hay. Just because are neighbor have one that no reason we have to have one. The partys are over any way.

Max hasen't been hunting much he has been pretty busy with corn a stalk. and fixing for winter.

Max say he had to buy 3 dry cell for engine to cut stalk with The other would run engine. at .25 a piece.

Ever thing is fine among the animals The cow is slacking up in milk but can be expected. I am about 3 pd Butter we are enjoyed a good fresh chicken dinner know and then. It seem good know that thay are fresh killed.

I am on my fourth suit for Ronald. Boy's suit are no small job to make.

I had a card from Rebecca. Telling how cute she though Ronald picture was. Ever time any one came he would go and get the card and say Beky Beky.

Ronald has to ride nell to water ever day. There nothing at will take place of animal yet.

I guess that all the news I can think of this time.


Max & Family

[Dec 08, 1932]
To Miss Taft

We are very sorry to here of your lost. One hear so much of bank swindling now a day's. It sure is a crime. to loose money after one work to earn it. money don't seem be any to save in bank know.

we have indian summer again for three day don't know if it will continue or not. we are prepared for cold weather any way.

Max got a ton of coal the other day. The horses & cow are enjoying the yard ever day. we milk the cow this month. and give her a month rest. So will soon have to hunt up a milk man. Ronald is real fond milk know. He is quite excited about Santa Claus. He see him when he goes to town in the store's

Mrs Joe Kitchen does to cooking for school lunch Monday Dec. 5. The parents had quite a time this year trying to spend there money to the best advantage. Whether to have mothers take turn's in cooking or hire a cook.

There isent much to write about this time thing are pretty quiet

There were some men around the other day. with a paper wanting you to sign it to put Leelanau County & Traverse County into gether to cut down expences.

Dec 6. Max is plowing to-day. in corn field & has your garden plowed. no snow. what so over.

I guess that is all. the new's for this time


Max & Family

Friday nite Dec 30

To Miss Taft

We are glad you liked your Xmas present which I though would be useful. Ronald is enjoying his very much. Want me to read to him ever nite. Thanking you very much for both present's I got my first copy to-day.

Yes one dont know what to think of the weather. we had and all day rain last Saturday Dec 23. and is raining to-day and a storm of some kind coming.

Max got thru buzzing wood to-day he cleaned up all the apple trees that were to be cut. So got some wood ahead. need a ton of coal and will be ready if it does storm. Max is milking the cow once a day know.

Rebecca send Ronald the cute's card she drawed of herself pulling Ronald in his red wagon out by the barn. and say's Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with lots of wagon rides.

That is all the new that I know this time

Ever thing is ok on farm.


Max & Family

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