Carolyn Gay Taft Farm Letters - Transcribed letters from 1934

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Carolyn Gay Taft Farm Letters - Transcribed letters from 1934


Old Mission Peninsula (Mich.)
Crops and climate


Carolyn Gay Taft (1873-1952), was the owner of a small cherry farm on Old Mission Peninsula in the early 1900’s. While she spent her summers on the
Peninsula, her primary job as a teacher at the Illinois State School for the Deaf required hired hands to run
the farm in her absence. These farmers, and their families, lived on the farm and sent frequent written reports to Ms. Taft. Most letters are written by the farmer’s wives, and provide a record of both agricultural and social history.


Ralph Kitchen, Joseph Kitchen, Essie Kitchen, Max Gilmore, Hazel Gilmore


Collection donated to Peninsula Community Library by the surviving members of the Taft family.


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Mary T Morgan


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Traverse City, Peninsula Township, Grand Traverse County, Michigan

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[Jan 12, 1934]
To Miss Taft

We are glad you could be with your folks for Xmas. But is very luck you did not come further. We have been snow bound for a week and still storming more snow by far then last winter. It is even with back porch. The water pail & wash dish alway frozen solid even morning.

Ronald & I had heavy cold and busted all rule's use grease & pill getting well. But are still coughing quite hard yet. Ronald had a very nice Xmas. He said santa Claus was good to me. He got in bed one nite before Xmas and way saying what wanted for Xmas a drum & blackboard green house that his color for even thing green and green. That all I guess.

We understand there were a pair of mules dilivery to Joe Kitchen last week. Max say he welcome to them. Essy will starve for sure this winter because there no cooking job To bad with nearly 500 qts fruit in cellar.

Joe has been working on road.

Oh there lots of crocked work going on in goverment work. There man up town were my brother-in-law work putting that brake water in. This man was an insurance man well know around town paying him .75 per hour checking loads of dirt. never hardly lifting hand. But laboring class get only .50 per hour work stead. That the buisness were there a pull for good pay.

The women around here a getting rich[underlined] boarding road boss at $7.00 per week. Of course there not eating beans twice a day for that price.

I had card from Mrs Lardie for Xmas. The horse's and cows are fine.

Max has the corn stalks stack over half cut up. The cutting box broke. Max as to get fixed when he goes to town. Something wheel broke.

I alway forgot to tell you Max saved 5.00 on the cider apple which you spoke of saveing out. So am puiting the other five back into bank again.

Are car is broke since Xmas.

Lots & lots sickness in neighbor hood. The road are so bad that thay have split mail route again Mr. Roy Gering Tony Zoulek son-in-law has this end of route and new mail the other end. Mr Roy Gering is substute for the new mail man any way.

The road work is stopped on account of so much snow to move. The contracton going behind. Moving so much snow.

I guess that all new's.

Max & Family

[Additional Letter in file below]

To Taft

Dropping you a line in haste. In regards to horses.

Max had two call's one from a man near Elk Rapids Vern White. one at acme. Mr Miller But found out there into gether. So went to Mr White.

He had eleven head. 1 pr of dapple gray's wighting 2600 and 6 and 8 years old. a blochy pair very gentle & quiet. Took Max eye pretty except color. Max say if thay were only Black. That only team Max say that is matched up. The rest he dident like. price $300.

The man said he wold hold them till we heard from you in regard's to the color.

Max was out to Zimmerman But did have any matched team and some that wasen't broke. Mr Zimmerman getting some more in but are out side horses. Max want to know what to do with the old team sell both or one

Ronald has swollen gland in his neck but is not sick with them. But I guess thay are dangerous if they dont go down.

There is lots of sickness in neighborhood.

Max killed muskrat in our cellar. we thought it was rats. chewing up things. So Max went to the cellar for some apple one night and seen him So set a trap and run it into it. He sure was chewing up things.

The road work started again this morning after a two week rest to let the snow go down

Three school on pensulia got benfit of C.W.A. work in repairing there school. odgensburg did get it. The director's don't take paper I guess. There was a pretty good argument up there. When they need a furnace so bad. There were some of them pretty mad.

I guess that all news


Max & Family

[Jan 29, 1934]
To Miss Taft

Are weather is very changeable first we have rain and then a blizzard. Saturday nite at midnight I awoke and it was raining and when we awoke Sunday morning it was blowing a terrible blizzard.

No we will not do any joy rideing when are car has been broke since Xmas. And when we go have to barrow a car or cacth a ride. So there no change.

The horses are slow picking. Max when and seen the horses at Front St. and there and old pair of gray's.

There was a man here from bear lake that was selling out. But haven't been out there yet. And Murry Tompkins though there might be some a Manton and was writing to see. I am glad to here the news of the house going to be fixed if even thing come all right

Did I even tell you Dr Mibert texted the cow for T.B and she ok.

Ronald is just starting enjoy your book's especially the one Mother goose Jingles. He can say a sentence in each verse.

Mrs Eiman is quite sick with gall stones

Are road work is slow thay have only got a far as Eiman road from the church

There isent much news. I am making four pd butter from cow.

I am canning meat for later use. My string bean I can in cherry time are very good.

I guess that all the new's


Max & Family

[Feb 7, 1934]
To Miss Taft

We are haveing quite a winter know. you look out and it sunshine and the next minute or so its a blizzard.

We were snow bound all last week.

Max has put the snow out as far as he can. It has gotten so high, That he has got to get Archie Helfrich in here with big snow plow to push it back a way's yes we had a terrible storm last sunday, and this Sunday to

Mrs Harry Zang play piano. Max say she use to play at th church

Did I ever tell you that Zang got the fence posts for you. I was thinking I did. I am sorry if I forgot.

The horse deal is slow. All there seems to be is plug's and old. Max has went to see quite a few here in town. But thay weren't worth looking at.

The paper I sent you seem to be quite the rage around here There was a woman here last week. I was to be sure and mention the fact to you. $1.00 year and come even week.

The road work is done till spring I guess.

We are enjong lots reading this winter Mrs Ida Lardie left me some of her monthly magazines thru Mrs Eiman. And I pass threm on to five or six more. Mrs Lardie said she wanted them to be a traveling library and they sure are. I am very greatful to her for it.

Max has done some pruning But snow has been so deep.

Zimmerman has a lot of new horses. Max say there a pair of bays he kind likes looks of but are a little older than he would like them. But wouldn't take them yet to see if they did get to coughing They traveled in last blizzard and wanted $325.00 and Max told him he wouldn't pay that much. But cash he would take $300.00. But is going look further.

I am canning pork to-day.

Ronald is at last seeming better. I have changed to pill form of cod liver oil. He even ask to take them know.

I guess that all the new's


Max & Family

Traverse City Mich.
Feb. 19th 1934,

Dear Miss Taft,

I was talking to Max today and he said he had bought a new team and I want to buy Queen to go with my old horse for we can not put him to work to hard and I think she would do for this summer, but I have no mony to buy with now and I wondered if I could pay for her halling cherries this Summer.

Please let me know Soon as you can.

Yours Truly

Thomas Richard
Traverse City Mich


[Feb 20, 1934]
To Miss Taft

Yes we have had some terrible cold weather Some nights we did not like to go to bed to let the fire go down. It took us nearly half a day thawing out things

Max is pruneing light.

I guess nothing suffered very greatly only horses & cow. Max hung the tent up by the cow to make it warmer. Max say he hoped he can board that in by the cow for winter time some time.

I am sorry if I never Mention the amount of carrots & Beets & pumkins as to pumkin there wasen't any only a few green one's 7 bushel of very small caarrots. Max feed top and and all 10 bushel of beets small 2 bushel of corn small & soft all to gether

The county nurse was here listing pre school age children. And she thinks Ronald need his tonsils out But advised me to take him to clintic

No I am not undertaking to can a whole pig only shoulder's Yes I figured it would be very handy for summer time I have 24 of beef to.

Max has all the hornet nests down this fall late

yes quite of few around here are waiting to get some more money on cherries

yes February is a month even one is glad to see gone altho March can be very stormy.

Max made the follwing trip looking at horses. 2 trip Elk Rapid 1 Mayfield 3 Traverse City 1 Sutton Bay

(Explaining the Cod telegram Saturday)

Max & Family went over to my sister Mrs Tony Dahm. picked up a Record eagle and was lookin at it and seen the ad at 9th St. see these before you buy. So Max knew Tom Shane was expecting some horse's in. So drove to town saturday on purpose, to see. So went to 9th St. and a Man by the name of Yon brought out of a stable in back of his house a fine pair of black Mares. 7 to 8 year and an other mare weighting 1600 the most beautiful beast you even laid eyes on to Back to Black Mares Max sized them all up with a gleam in his eye. hateing to ask the price and at last broke the ice by asking and Man answered $275.00 today But $300.00 Monday But I want them sold to-day. and $20.00 to bind the deal. what to do. was a problem. The man say to go down town and see what you can do. So went back front St. a set a was think to are up most. So decided to telegram you c.o.d as are money was short after coal & wood way bought on our part and your change was home at the house. And Man wanted reply before six oclock at nite.

So Max is inbetween time went to Tom shane's a pair of blacks there that way a nice team but wanting $425.00. and Max says Tom shane never come down on his horse's if he has to keep them.

Back on 9th telling the man about the telegram yes he say your a stranger to me. But you look honest. So will take your word. And if you don't take them I will shoot you. There was a man standing there I'll take them if he doesn't. There were men streaming in to look at the horses all day. So he put them back in barn and say sold to this man. pointing to Max.

They are Michigan born & breed from Mt pleasant Thay sure are a nice pair quiet and gentle. full sisters.

Have had several offer's on Nell. Lou Zoulek and Bill Marshall would like her and has the cash. You will please state your plan for queen.

I hope even thing is plan enough

yes that Max half brother on spr[?]it farm.


Max & Family

P.S. we were to call Mr Yon if we got word from you. So done so. And he said he just refused $300 for the team. And he said he sure was relieved to have me call. I suppose he was anxious.

Thay are in good rig. Max is driving them home from town on the sleigh. It to cold to truck them. 20 below last nite.

Max is all smiles. he was getting pretty discouraged on the horse deal of getting any. We are going to take there picture as soon as we can and send you one.

[Mar 6, 1934]
To Miss Taft

At last we have a break in are cold weather with a rain all day Friday and all nite and next day to. Are both big pond's have started. I was wishing we would get by with out our lake's But I guess hardly to be expected with as much snow as we have got. The cellar was full of water and barn basement to. Ever things was so full of frost and such a sudden change in weather. Max could not even throw down hay had bring it down by fork full.

Tom Richard took queen at $30.00 no money. Max tried to get $60.00 out of Nell. but coudn't zoulek diden't want her. and Bill Marshall wouldn't pay that much for so old a horse. So took her at $55.00 cash with recipt in envelope.

5 gas $0.95 1 qt oil at .25 per qt. to Elk Rapids
5 " $0.95 1 qt oil " " " " to Mayfield
5 " $0.95 1 qt oil " " " " to Traverse City 2 trip
5 " $0.95 1 qt oil " " " " to Elk Rapids
5 " $0.95 1 qt oil " " " " to Sutton Bay.

The last two trip's to traverse when went to look at team and had to take Max up to drive them home. I had to take $1.20 out of the farm use $5.00

There all waiting for some cherry money which was said thay might get in March.

Max say there one horse that he don't know if he going to keep in the new team.

Max say her wind is a little off. sometime can see it and again you can not notice it. He said there wind was perfect. Max is after him so is he looking for a mate for Ness. But are an ideal team other way's Max has tried them on different pulls.

Max is cutting up the fallen tree's 3 of them 1/2 barrel of lime a sulphur. No arnate of lead yes I told Max I had earned a new dress writing horse news. If I can only make him belive it ha ha.

I guess that all the new's


Max & Family

[Mar 19, 1934]
To Miss Taft

Are weather is very changeable first a thaw and then a blizzard.

When it thaws it keeps Max busy dipping water out of basements. this is third time all ready this year and we got a blizzard again Saturday nite. I don't what can be done when a vent hole is put a foot below the level of the ground.

The callar fits all right it was when Max started to feed her hay she started to cough I suppose thay only feed her oats Max is after him He says he is trying to find a mate for Bess. It is quite a fine you know to misrepersent a horse. Max is going to give him an other week on to give the money back.

Yes we were sorry queen could not of gone further away.

Ronald cryed when Nell went He said that was his horse.

Max don't let him around the new team yet. He say he's going up to Bill Marshall and get Nell.

There a lots of sweet corn seed the best we have had since we came here and lots of it. I sure miss the corn canned this year, 3/4 pd green and and about 3/4 pd of yellow beans

yes your catlogue came here and I alway forget to forward it. Do you want it sent.

I am sending a picture of the team that I found in a Record Eagle that look some like these Max sure like them in even way except Bell wind is a little touched. There even on a pull. No Max will not let them on Meadow. Mr Phelps though he could come that last year and Max put a stop to it. He did like it very well. Max say if you can't stay in road you have to take the big hill. Well he say I don't want to get stuck. Max say I am not going have Meadow cut up either The road is dry right know.

I don't think spring is even coming My this sure has been a long cold winter

I guess that all the news


Max & Family

[Apr 10, 1934]
To Miss Taft

I guess spring has came. Are snow is nearly gone. and are lake's are bigger than last year that was to be expected because there were lost more snow. We thought for a while the one by the house was going to run over bank by barn and into the barn. it stopped thawing in time. the fields sure has taken in lost of water.

yes that very true about horses. one can't stop for money if thay want mates. The man offers to give Max back his money. He has a bay team know older than your black. wanting $4.25 for them Max say he would trade them for Bess & Belle as thay stand. But the man say he has his eye on a horse if he can get it Max is stuck on black's all right. seem to be so honest. and such good puller's to.

Archie Helfrich has bought a large quanity of manure from Zimmermans and is selling some for $5.00 per ton and Max say not much straw that price is dilivered. Not selling other wise as he say he make a little diliviring.

Max is picking up brush. there isnt much. Max has all the manure hauled out. He has not been able to finish the corn stalks up on account of wet floor in basement. But expect to soon.

Tom Richard has his new colt. queen is not any fatter. But get enough to eat I guess. Mr Lardie is handling spray material. and would be glad of your order.

Ronald say to tell you he want queen and Tom Richards colt.

Ralph McClusky beat Morgan on his trial $8,700.64 Max went to hear it all the pensulia was there. I went to. Thay called Mr Balling for one witness. Thay ask him his name. George Balling were he lived R.F.D #1 Box 86 and auditon of the pruning knife. Even one just laughted Even judge Even one was pleased. Ralph had good attorney from Detroit other wise I don't think he wold of won.

I guess that all the new's


Max & Family

[Apr 19, 1934]
To Miss Taft

Yes I guess spring has came unless we get an other snow storm

The geese went over to-day and so low you could see them real plain thay were not over six feet above the maple tree by barn. I have been real sorry all day Max did not have a gun to get one. I never seen them so low.

The grass seed was not in yet went Max went to see Saturday.

Mr Lardie say he has spray material ready. and to call and he will have it over in fifteen minutes. and he don't like to come in the way we travel on account of getting with big truck

My hands are swollen up and cracked open. I was out rakeing yard and I guess wind was to strong or my skin is to dry. So it no plesure to write but will do the best I can.

Yes Max can hire gene Russell roller. only half field can be seeded for some time as you know the water came clean thru wood over to well on this side and she not going down very fast.

Max has not found any split trees he has been all over the orchard.

Max say he was all over orchard to day April 18 and could not find any black centers in them The young orchard & sweet cherries and most of south orchard has been covered.

Yes we will have ever thing in ready your spray. including gas & oil and engine working We just found out he had it for sale when I wrote you. as he asked Max to ask you

Yes I understand Morgan & McClusky settled Yes I would like to have just half of it would do a lot of good.

Yes there plenty of salt on hand for animal Max open the last sack a while back.

Yes you have some money left from before. on $5.00 there $3.17 left.

Max say the man says its a hard job to find a mate for Bess. But will give your money back. The only think Max see is a perfect team is one Tom shane has for $4.25. Black mares 5 [?] 6 year's. Do you think she should be kept. Max is worried about her.

The Brush is hauled and burnt.

I guess that all the farm progress.

Best of Wish

Max & Hazel & sonny

[Apr 25, 1934]
To Miss Taft

Are weather sure is cold snowed to-day ground was white April 24. It sure stay cold. Max was plowing to-day around little tree's by pears and he said he nearly was frozen and had on all cloth he could get on.

Even thing is ready for dorment spray gas & oil & grease and Max is tinkering spray rig up.

No she don't need to be favored like queen. But no dought she will be worse in warm weather she will be all right for summer and longer you can't tell.

Max say there is such a chance as keeping your eye open for a mate for Bess. which would be the cheapest for you in long run a pair like Bess know would cost you $500 know.

Both gang are on road working Hog back is closed

Max say it was freezing ice in water tub after supper to-nite about 7 oclock.

Are pond are not going away very fast.

Andy Breman is looking at the log house. I hope he doesen't get it Because he will kept us well perfumed up with skunk.

Max say there no sweet cherries to speak of thay don't look good. even one he opened was black.

We don't just know when we are going to have a fresh cow. Because she had to be took away so many time last year.

I hear Hazel Kitchen reacted on T.B test and havae sent a sample away to be tested

All the machinery and terick are all up in front of Essey. I suppose she don't like that

Mrs Will Marshall had a new baby last Friday and lost it a boy.

I guess that all the news.

Best Regard,

Max & Hazel & Ronald

P.S. No she is not much worse. some day it's worse than others Some day its real Noticeable and then again you can hardly see it

Traverse City, Mich.
Aug. 4th 1934

Dear Miss Taft:

Max and Hazel was here last night and Max wanted to know about the pitch fork deal. Art Gillmore his own brother told it to us in the presence of our own family. I'm sorry I told you about it and never would have mentioned it to you if I had of thot you would go back to Max and make trouble for me. I never slept last night after they were here. Miss Taft I have to live in this community all the year around not six weeks during the Summer Joe & I have heard lots of things. Max Also thinks we are after a job from you they never need to worry we have our own home and have never given a thought about leaving it. And as for Roger he has a good position and among very nice people.

Neighbors told us a lot of things that has been said about us where they get their informaiton I don't know.

I always considered I was a friend of yours both Joseph & I tried to give you good honest & faithful service when we say that we couldn't do justice to both your farm & ours we were honest enough to quit. I think if you inquire you will find the Kitchen name is as clean as any Gillmore.

And from now on no matter what takes place on your farm or to your animals, I will never have any thing more to say. There are some things we know to be facts but from now on Essie has no interest in other peoples welfare.

I'm sure we have never even hinted for a job. Max says you told him that you heard we wanted to come back. Who ever says those things is certainly very wrong.

Joseph I have been here a good many years and outside of Ralph this is the first time we have ever had any trouble and wouldn't have had this time If I hadn't of thought I was right in telling you this.

Ask Lardies Canning Co. how I tried to help you out. And I guess this is my reward.

All I can say is that I'm sorry for what happend and please tell Max for us that we don't want his job or never have. I wouldn't leave my dear little home for their place or any other like it we are very happy here & have good neighbors ane clean associates for Hazel.

I can't yet understand why you would turn against us as you have and get me into this mess. I certainly have never did this to you Miss Taft. It hurts me terriably to think Max & Hazel will tell this all over.


[Aug 6, 1934]
My dear Essie

Your letter surprises me as I took your report on the pitch fork horses episode for the same friendly interest that you have always shown. Having spent more for horses than it was comforable to raise I natuarally proceeded to investigate. I think you would have done the same. The man who invented such a report is the one to be called to account. He has no call to maliciously try to make trouble [for me]. He has been paid well for all he has done for me [and fed besides].

No one has ever heard me say anything but praise and appreciation for Joseph, [and] his work and efforts to make my orchard a success. If they report otherwise they are plain fasifying - and as for your returning to work for me, that is too boldly a fabrication when anyone considers how much more you have and your attractive home.

It is true that a report came two years ago to me, that you [two year] would like the job for Roger but I paid no attention as you had told me how well he was doing in a much better place than I could offer. I have always been interested in Roger and shall always be as I am sure that he is a credit to his family and will in time be a[n] strong influence [for good] in the community. I rejoice with you that he is marrying such an attractive young woman and wish them every success and happiness. I am very sorry that you became upset over what you meant for and I took as an effort to be helpful. I am leaving for a while but when I come back I am comming to see you in the same friendly spirit as for the last seventeen years (that's a long time)

As I told you, I want to give Roger and his sweet little girl something for their home. It won't be much but some thing useful to show them that I wish them well.

Yours for our continued friendship



[Sep 29, 1934]
To Miss Taft

Here my first letter of the season. we have been have lots & lots of rain and regular down pour wednesday.

It sure seemed lonesome after you left

Yes we recieved the paper a week ago Tuesday and have the gloss coat of paint on dining room and will have rest on living room or bedroom before Saturday nite. We had to prime coat if twice.

Yes we are enjoying your swiss chard very much. I picked and 6 quarts pail of cucumber to-day. and am going to put in with my dill pickles.

Max has the piece south barn plowed and nearly 1/2 of sod

We have been to Willlibee once but he was no there it is hard to catch him.

Yes Ronald had a very fine letter there from Alberta and pictures. He sure thinks a lot of Alberta He alway wondering if she not coming back.

Out of man pants you gave me I got two pairs of pants for Ronald by pieceing them a little inside of leg.

Max will get your 3 or 4 chores done soon.

Yes I guess Max enjoyed the legion very much. Thay had wonderful parade it lasted one hour and a half. The nicest parade I ever seen in Traverse there uniform where beautiful in color.

I guess that all the new's.

I got a 1/2 bushel of grapes from Mrs Lardie and have 19 glasses of jell made and 10 quarts of beat's and an other batch to do yet. I will use your there along with mine.


Max & Hazel

[Oct 18, 1934]
To Miss Taft

Yes are weather is beutiful. If it would only last. But one can not expect it to.

Ronald has been very sick I took him to the Dr twice last week. He say he has Bronical asthema I don't know if that spelled right or not. The first I took him he said that he could get hardly any air into his lungs. This was the hardest spell he ever had. I am going to have his tonsils as soon as he quit coughting

My paper is not on yet. But expect to this week.

The dilecious apple were falling so we picked them 4 bushel

I got the money from Willobie $4.00 for all. Max say he understood you to $1.00 per hundred for wealthys. But he said he has only paid $0.80 per hundred this year. So am holding the money to see what you say. He say he will pay the balance if that what he said to you

Max started to fix plaster here in dining room and got .50 worth and went to take off plaster that was loose and he just touch it and it loosened up nearly half way across room by chimney hole. Max its wonder we did get tunk on head with some other time. so bought 35 pd more.

Ronald is to have his tonsil out Thursday of this week. He is going to Hospital. I am terrible worried till its over.

I guess that all the new's.


Max & Hazel

Oct. 26, 1934

To Miss Taft

Rain and more Rain is all I can say as to weather. But Max is getting things cornered. plowing is nearly done. and post hole are being dug. some of corn stalks cut.

yes Ronald got along fine with his operation. Hopeing that he will get to feeling better. He is very thin right know. loosing so much blood but it to be expected. I am going to give him cod liver oil, and Dr say feed him all norirshing feed he'll take.

Are papering is all done and we look very pretty. It sure makes one feel a lot better to have clean paper & light wood work. I got so discouraged this summer trying make things look clean. But it never looked it after your did clean.

I have tried to get a rug several time for dining room. But have not made it so far But hope I can for winter set in as I will not put old one down because I think it get to dusty were there isnt electric to clean them. With Ronald trouble altho I will put it underneath the congloa[???] rug when I get it. So as not to try to spoil the other rugs

The papering Bill 2 day is $4.00 Edna Dohm she said took her less time this time than last. She said she had lots better help. Max helped her. As I could not on account of Ronald being so poorly.

I am making about 7 pd of butter a week. The papering 16 hour's at $0.25 per hour. The well water has not been very clean of late.

Yes I hope we will have enough of apples If I can keep Max out of stack Declicious He like them right know.

I guess that all the news


Max & Hazel

[Nov 9, 1934]
To Miss Taft

Are weather man has been busy too we had a fall of snow that covered the the ground and then it came off warm and has just been raining ever since

The swiss card is standing all kind of weather. its still nice and green.

are well has cleared up again. The water is nice a clear

yes I think the paper is on very good considering ever thing. I know now that its a job to put it on.

There were 7 bushel of carrats and 10 beets there were none in north half of field.

Suprise is growing very good. Max say she can not chew whole corn yet. But could eat ground corn & oats.

Her oatmeal is just gone. Max brought the sack to the house this week.

Max seen Harry Christopher the first day of hunting season and said he had ordered tres then and thay ought to be there most any day. But have not came as yet and he is leaving deer hunting around Oct 15.

Mrs Lardie took butter from me this week as she enteraning the preacher this week with help of Mrs Mills.

Mrs Neill closed her house up and was staying over with Mrs Lardie and had just been closed a few day when she went over for something and some one had broken in a drank grape juice and what they did drink thay opened and left. You know Hooper had to move back on account of some one was breaking into there house all time takeing things.

Yes the Brimmer are still here it look like all winter. But don't know how thay can possible stay.

Ronald as been feling quite good. I have been quite miserable of late. Cold. a few other things.

The horses are fine. Max has been giving them a little excercise of late.

I have two more suits for Ronald nearly done. When I get done he will have 3 good suits for good and 4 for ever day. Hopeing that will keep him clean.

I guess that all new's

Best Wishes to you

Hazel & Max

P.S The four dollars that was here from Willobee I give to Edna Dohm as she would like to had it Is that all right.

Expenses - Oct. 1934.

Patching plaster --- .52
More plastir --- .52
Mrs. Dohm --- $4.00
Gas------- 5 gal .98
glass starch 2 boxes .50
?Batteries for telephone .26
? 6.78


[Dec 4, 1934]
To Miss Taft

I have at last got a minute to write But don't know how good a job I can do with no sleep for two nites. Ronald has had an other attack of asthama. This one was 2 month from the last one. Its been longer this time He has been haveing them about every 6 week. This attack was not quite so hard.

We got some gravel on the road from woods beyond Dud Griffin's house. And then again on top of hill to mail box. After election Max called Harry Christphor and he said the order was to come in spring.

We had abundance of rain. Nearly steady last week. I couldn't even get my washings done. But had are first snow storm to day. Heavy and wet. And the eves are dripping to-night as I write.

Max had to go on a walking spree with the cow again. So went to Mr. Zoulik. But he had killed him animal So went to Archie Helfrich. I am kind worried we will not have a new milch cow next year.

[No] Mrs. Lardie is with here Sisters at Northport. I guess Detroit was to confineing for her.

Max has the door made but has not hung it yet as it has been so warm. The haven't hued it yet.

We have the storm door on but not the window yet. But I am going wash them and put them on soon any way So to be ready if we do get a blizzard.

No I guess Mrs Crompton is no socialist. I don't know if that the both Grandfather home to-gether on not on just a name.

The Stevens go to Old Mission Church. I never heard that they found any trace as yet. I don't think so. on Hooper & Mills case Brimmer are still in neighborhood yet. He went hunting and got a deer.

Hazel Kitchen is driver for her folk's know. She cannot see to go to school but can see to drive a car.

In regard to pups yet they all had a home in six week but one and the owner of spot took him home. We have one pup & the old dog spot. She sure bring up muskrat from swamp for the pup paddy.

I guess that all the news.


Max & Hazel

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