Grand Traverse Herald, February 09, 1899

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Grand Traverse Herald, February 09, 1899


American newspapers--Michigan.
Grand Traverse County (Mich.)
Traverse City (Mich.)


Issue of "Grand Traverse Herald" Newspaper.


Contributors to the newspaper.


Microfilmed reproduction of this newspaper issue is held at the Traverse Area District Library, Traverse City (Mich.).


Bates, Thomas T. (1841-1912)




Traverse Area District Library, Traverse City (Mich.)


Excluding issues now in the public domain (1879-1923), Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. retains the copyright on the content of this newspaper. Depending on agreements made with writers and photographers, the creators of the content may still retain copyright. Please do not republish without permission.












Grand Traverse County, Michigan

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^rind Traverse Herald



«iU lbs
“ beeetervft.
____ MMdesd
bet bAlf eoclucellMltr.
-Djat.joe ooatd aot be rsMod.
Meddle-iu MvesdI-n Ueve yve be.
Oo b«r sdey beck ebe picked ap
|AlllirABt Idiodoeee Ibe llfbtAoae oareiaf-kDlte tron ibe table, wl
J leaivrB (or ewbile to-etrbV '
Bjbbie bed pieced it. aad CArriad U la
“Bel yon Al
Abea'i do ibev' aeld Uery. '
• id. Sb.
“Tbe Bier
any'i. to ll(b> a leap.
Wiibcat tbe tkfbi shd' . be eare W go (ear ut ber b»lcrvr'a rveolvcr
OB ib« Baeriev Bc.l '
d ralbcr you'd
us each of Ue •iodoere
;kl1l me tbee Ibet"
(are. « bile sM followed. .Nose o( tbea
! “Vd kill yoD qalek c sgb eetber'a H would go up
Ue eaae back U tbe
; dbooldo'i bappee." dbo
a oec (roBi erhicb be bed elaried. aad
1 abei dbe was oxpecllDg bappeaed
i raere was a casb o( g.eee. aed a larie
IaM el a; roie Md >0
._ --------------------- -- -------------- —- • ; part of Ibe Ijwer S4»h dew pa»l her la
, lately dowo agata
'of Ibei'" be growl .
iilie suxil a.ide wnb opilfted poker,
U wee well for bia ibel beglae. ■d srhicD she U-Uhcbt dowe eitb ail her
lirDOhd jisi ibea B .bbie bad got b 111 , aigbt as auuo a> she detected a aioeeI of a 1-bg sharp eareiug knife.
Qieot .1 alteaplrd etilraEce The blow
.u PM ■ eomlogal btm
B- wasf.i.ioued br a b.iul of rac* aoo
.. ...
b'is ree
re» -leer
.leer udnn
u^n II
lb.'bsy wi
a . paio—tbeo s.leuce
Isiert of' fear eon yelled. "liiopiL
Mar) waited tor aeeeral mlaalea la
eol‘. Jeep
p ll
11 nalcb.
nalck. O' I'll ,dJ .fir Toi
Hjbhe relBVUot'T sorreade .
tempi oo tbe window
[ AeepoO to irr«»l.ilble force
tfis .rrit wa. ni sde. hhe wa« begibing to hope
I had bceo.tborougblj r..oeed ;>e .uai s. ir bad u nmpned wbea alArlliag
Ileocecffered I . Mary There was »i>ib .ouu.l. laiue from her door
,'lne be could 001 do or dare for her bljwa were lain.d upoo it, aod ah'
teke.lDce Ibe oigbl she had gooe nut aeatd Ibe 'harp .onolenug of srood
ti bia amd sated hta life aaobg the
lie bad >rft bis kindiiog wooi
1 g.
the w.«rtb..<iM door
r bo^ sealed again, aad s i hold of u. aod was cuiung bl
I Uitigo glared
•a'ernngi}- fe.i’U .in.- way ; • lib riodL-uve eaergy.
; 11 ihe other
a alDuic ' Tbea be
(etched a cbylr i
a de of Ibe table betwoee then, witn
IbCBOtreio face tbe eorwevd
ble back to Ibe door by wbl.-h br bad
. i)ui she was lease lueeroeo eeeo
ir lienwlf thao fur ber faUiei
"S..W, tod iwo, " be .aid. 'there's oo
.• 1'oja.
go'd fo •lit' oter this bl/ • I ni tree l.i
pul out ih. ligbu ebd I m r- log to do ...................
I>. 1 d kill Tuu bulb afore 1 d beituek . nnr ren ii-d to far iintig rojai
Tou can't gel away: and gnu can't stop locked ihi lour b 'bind kci
PagolBt 1“ waleh you: nad I m locked ini Ixirlcadiag to the U
. tol'i’ to do for you. If vou try
Sec '' . -o, ,|,e ki
Hibble looked at Mary and aaw a .
ih'ng .
j l.n.k on h-r face a bit b ucADt aoTIh'ng
if i^c
ibc dghiof I
firing lb wlibont
a atmggle.
Hr . *’ was reached.
r up bia miad to brip ber all hr (
.raahed iB and she
It there a Inia of t
M-.iig.i in the kiicken
- HtAT was maklag da ly (rips
giiiuser tbroogh a
e Nurlbiiaberlana ^irait. which
separalcw Hrlace Bdward l.laud from niiiw Ike light oetil she'• well 'baideot ^i*k"'a*.l knew be was svri.iug a
The a-at
aalolaod I'rotloceaof New B'uns vil Buck point. Sheeaa'l get Ihere j
“r“““a*'^ngle kmk,
k and Nora dcoiia.
lo .pile of ber
,tj„, lo ihe i 'PrniQg with tame in
rial conslructlOB for Ibr aerrioc, skr gry. aad I m gulag w eat afore I make ■
, oar baud axe lU tl le iilber.
olMo delayed aod a laclime. reailr fur ber
• Vunaii .1.11I right wbere^yoo
wbere^you ai
are.-! Ui. lace. iPhu-: I staa Uterwlly eonforerd far out of ber cuurac by .Ue ler
• be ordered Bubble
'tiuo l yon ; ,
abosred the disUact
Ugbibuuaeia alnug the c.iaai. wbk-h
re again nil I tell you. or I'll wrings
- ,markvl Mary'a blow Heabarled ralberr formerly chwed at (kim sewaun.
ir neck, l.u'.mias. you pwae me
a.. Miao apuk, . aad she could under“'•ler
td to re krpl opuoaed CAielu W tendici woo INC
and baod
aland outhltig but Ula murderoas look
I oo her accutoi
hot wale-from Ihr avite hebiad 1 ^
i,,e |,„p,ud approach
Oo Keeper Ward rf Noruio Light
Aad mtadyon don't try Utdobol
tbe alrpa
rented the braneat respuaaibimy. hbr
rr gvouno brorely. aod br
I “V'■
, bheaWtodber
left bia port each mo'aiag aad ar.dum
Wbea be^t
made II again nnlll loa
M!foutalm«l half a*omb'or
Tbfa wtofir. howerer.
enl inreetoB'
bad wbirkey. aul aererwi apuouCol of ! poker lo her rightt taaad
naily lo charge, lor
augar lab. It. aod SUpd ap tbe glam . him w lib the knife In her IrIL
hia wife had dll hot wrad-r “Here a tn tbe aeitia' ■
Be gntined derlalrely. raiaad tbe axe
of ibe i-ular sur.' he chuckled, as he I and look annltaer step Aabedldao.a
aborviy i
tossed uff itac dowe
' aharp rrpurt rang out a few iMl berbednakwebt ImmediateU to h>s i biud
wilboul help
lo afew mibuisi. he waa s-upid I
M mgo droppad with a ahattered leg.
Bia OaugbWf
oaugbur Mary,
bow a lilllc over
fumbling the diahea aod girihg bl» and roi'cd, grownlng lu the fluor.
Mary unde : “t) .a t you atn "'crird Btbbie. a. Ue
-enleeo. aad ber brother Bobble, not ordem lo a ibl-k .»• I-e
•iniie ell leii. were taking sere b.iib o' aiood. saw her chaooe. aod promptly rwoanded man aliempled w rtM
formediber p‘ana
I ' Don't you a if. or 1 II 6rc eroih
len Ihe t-ular Star arrlred at N'orHe demanded a cap of tea. %bd M
»»lhgo g a -ced ai iha Ihrealenon the eteolng u! Januarr ITlb. •hr gate It lu hiB. S'le made a well ua- | lag n-roir.-r aod deU-rmioad lace, aod
sign tn
to lluhbir.
lluhbir, -ho w.. j av as Hi. i a. b.a pain would allow.
____ ud aign
diamlswed" lor druukriiouea aoJ wuichlog hrr cloweiy
had -lean , H.bhie kcpi a anarp eye on bi«. and
lime Old hiabeal to com
groat iDsubord oatlon He left, eowlag ed tbr uur'baod deaf and dumb alpha lallbei
who was leaning ageioai
dire rengaaocig. wbereai iboM oon bet from Ibe cover of a achoul exrtoisc
irtcia i furl Mi
irronl i.oly laugbaO
ily I,





Mtet II L L I. WMm, tmtu L t L H«t


Plate OlMe. Steam Boiler and Accident Inapranoa.

VITAU2E0 AIR AOMIIIISUREO. Money to Loan on Improved Real Estate Only.
lAtMt 18and AppUanoeaLatiaulu^aal. • an aaJ

MtoTM^eat L«i>.

BuamesB Cards.

ai.i. wouc oo^nAarTKao..
rteM ia&

.lolmeon Block, PLone 73

Merchant Tailur
and Me ibe eleCAol aew Use o1
Hprtnc 8l7lee of Wmlesa ao«
DO Mle, wbieh will be nede ap
la liie LAlret iit;lee. eod el
eaeb Low lYteee mwIU eerpriM

NO BLurn s?r...
at 215 Front Street.

We have them for lein|eTalurr. for dairy uae. for eter.

ilizing purpoe«a, and for Iherinomt-teni
UriDg Preecriptioue Aud Feoiil)

IWii>« to





ri|{bt, with clruifa that are rii;ht. at prices that art- right



—~-Apples, any grade



j>2^£iKr=-iirJir- ’

■ Beans, Hand picked or ecreened.


Potatoes, Empire. Rural and B. Hebrt n

Seed Potatoes,

l^noW fhi^?

Hertlesel eaUlde poieu bevlnp etrarc pi

TkM A a MUton Or«c SMte » Me IMMM
IM >l>e e eM.e>«e M
u u. env UM. Jom

Highest Prices Paid.


S. S MrU.B».

2“?S:“=r«f^ ...

a^artaJ auaatlaa


Innne Qt; ScM tt lusic!



Saa. iMiMda.


__Money to Loan
Oa taaaaaae In aX MV ravpart)

Traveise City. Mich

All mail ordere receive prompt

Oeatneur (er.

B^OBia • onoTUA. asm***

ban, lai. ■aataaaa’a VaMaara Aa.

Carpet Cleaning Works

............... I w eu». 4 e«nere, 1

Snrreyor and Civil Engineer

Id BalUIsf. Treteraa


Plain and Artistic


r 1


llJ- ;


Hia pn____ __
rimrdbimaelf with bed wblakry. ■
teugbt. a large
larfc Bask Ilo lakr with b
Hr wiped out reloaded and pia.- <
bit overcoat pock'ta beary rreoi
of the “bnlldug’' rariciy. and
It after four o'clock be art i
Verb Ihiac tagwarrs la iM l.raag Trarnwe

J the Ice. a Vi
shorn the track krpt open br the >
1 milea dewa
and walk '
>re. aod tbea a mi.r out up
on lb' iem>— tongue


^ M^O
»«"* •>«
wrrr at ira in the kitebra
lage aiucbed to thr ligbib
the ouier door openrd ai
ugly, bleated la* looked lo
It waa aft-r aix o'clock

HI DccMt U Fiih (I tM 0«mc Krui.

When you want

two boon Mary bad ewrru
pin bim bait an t
and he bad
ond floor of the

A KNIFE ikal will keeo an edge.
A RAZOR bed STROP Uat will


A SHEARveay toent with, come
la ooe of Ibe ''XLfOTBlC"

Th-y are the Berwt gooda

made and fully warroaled




ifti 8

peelcr anddrely aeiard fell tkrongk tbe
. breaking ^eg; i
(ell la th
oulpiL Which
id a strung
'Salthy luoklag young
married woman, wbo always (ell that
laktDg ibroagS the earth, bes agorapbobta la really bnt a ^aa>« djaurdrr. careful dietary, toalcL
------ ...................................................
sigale, aad ntiseaaea. _..u
tbeerfal eoaseelOBahlp
bad eooeeairaituDot Uiungkt ia opea aaenM, noa-


* Record Breaker
II there U wayoee wbo eUll 4eeM
that |X91 wee a proaperoaa yabr. the
foliowiDgcoaciaeaUteaealof tbd re­
cord la the Terloua llase of beelnaM
dial are fnodaaeoul and lodloativs of
laercial aetirity ought to be cow•laetog. Theeoaparlioa la erory lunor refer, to iha I'alted BiatM
LtrgMt wheat crop esoept that
Mlgbrat price recorded tor wheat
icept le l«a>
t. Largest eotlaa erop t Largest expprtof brod

LargMl aggragate aiparu cl
produce and mercbaadlM
l.srgest produeiloa of Iroa otu.
Ltrgetl preduglioe of pig troa.'
L irgeai prodaetloe of on^.
Ltrgetl prolunlea el exppar.
Largest oroduclioa of advor akoept that of liPl.
IS. Lirgeal prodnetlOB ofgolA
Largntgold holdlefa
La-geat psr eaplla elraulbUM d
all forma of m,oey.
It Lar^t aggregate haak -^laarlaifA

LargMl aggregate____ __________
on .Sew York atoek exebaage alecs
IV. bmaUealBuabarof (ellorM had
.melleai aggregaia UeblllaiM eleee
IW-—SI f-nuIPWanrCrro..

.rning, pie .ky .•d ber elbow
d IhreateolDg
waa already oerm
ikewlac. and abe aald. witb
pled from lb-Tbe ••atorin-dnim'
■a. “Yon must go for help.
I of the meleori
.be i*ae*d.
t four o' lock I
• lamp when hc■rl day had become a'u
netbiDg ciM- '• rewind waa big.DO.c
reacy. and jilmp
' bearing and
gel ;o It before b.
I“r‘roc d
cer the ligbib.-u-.e walla ai -an Caleb vou.'
harbor eblrapee
In ibc
“Hat he'll ebaaa lu.
bay hugs, maaa'S olungrd and
“L kclj he win. but U-. s-ry dark
rd and crunched nn Hie rising avuide heb balf-druak.
You kanw
-be • Blaring Bu.l. " a danger
and rocky point a mile or iwo
juibeaa . waa bellowing oml
Uaita'I I brllcr iri to grab his re-'
Close oight aetiled aowru be­
rer’.’ H'a lying on my aide of his
fore dre o'elcck. -Ilbdriripg aaow add
laaiiy rea-'3 it and abool
piping gale blowing (lom the norib
I Kubb-r
your lifr." aaid Mary
-fbe bur could put poiwlbly gel baek
d be sun• to Caleb Cod kill you ■'
> Norton before aesenor rigb< o'clnck
do ir I gor' aake.i
lingo bad good rcaaoo lo belicse thai
Bubbir, lo..k lUg uoeaaily at hli ais

licago Prices Paid, It will be for yo
It tloci I't cosfyou anylhiny. Addn-;
benefit to try
732 East Front Street.

F.M. PAINE. Florist
now. BlrvecUi BA

.If going down Into t^c oartb,
he elntubcd ibaI paliaga
paliaga to heap from
falling, aod with a deep aigta aad tbe
tkibg ool of a cold asreel. tbe ev
1 bad baased. There was bo Ma>c« of gidiloeu or lalntoeM—alaip-

Stole RooMvah’e Sword


Telepooe 130.

If of adult life, so mack more oomo« Is males than lb femalaa M to
ire banc ndkmled aa “male hyatarta."
■otcaaiooal mae an eaoat ohaa tbe
rtima. elergymee le partJenlar. bal
nrebeot pnnr-w. eommarclal Meala. middle-aged airioa alaro aad evaa
young married mee baee boca kaewa
lo be affected.
Tbe allackt ooma oo
Aa a hard-worked aladeat
Neale himarlf had bia Brat axpnre when a aundea fear atoned him
brisk arraleg walk la a loacly
place, the aed of all hia alrlriogt aod
Inaglbga eeemad lo here c.>ma bH

wbich they would hare beeb tar from
smiliBg had they known it. aed an up
purionlty for lu rxeculloo esmr rcry

II fMJwtwtoirMn

Qrak Mmm ui IM Kii



Once l>ecome eccuHlomcd to tb.or uec and ><>u ere loel
without uoe.

*BaS .

Traveraa City. JUch.


that Ur. 1 Hsa4ley BmIs. aa BagtMb
gbyetelaa. bdUoMa Lm rwMlrad too llv
-------eotloa. It te a aareoaa
arorax symptom
_______ a la
te fawr
(ebr o.
•< .tm_
dlag death. b«t
which d«rlt«s
- il*
ma from tbe droad of aa opsa apaaa

-Osr la»«lal ftoUey "




Dr. J. A. Snyder, RSK'o'.’Sr- O. P. Carver
DENTIST Real Estate

gel away (rnm tbi


e Wimd
wtmd nouartoahakr bim off
I'ben br
ir began
began lo cat up so. 1 ibnugbl
I'd belter
k« eare
of you
ler aU) and Uk«

dli you gel tbe rtrol«.ked 1

TveretMClxT. Weanm

/aad bad Safa Smbte iB Oouwtkm.



T^lefiien^ jrq

'’o'.T'.'sn' :sT..i

.“’did V(l

and pushed back ber
get it fur h-m. leaned
prcieai-e of Ibr


Thero waa mat
Mibgo uue.ed
cluudied al Ibe gibackaaihe light

Ah'sham Lloen'.a'a weelare ploboer,
always oa Ue look out lor deegar aad
ready lo magalfy It beyoel Ha true
iiiiduigbi. by wnlO t-mr Ibralori
roginr wilniy
Kbr W'»ld almost tfier- propurtlona la ooly ooe of a large eUm
lably barr Seen lest haf S' -rtoe Light of peoeie who bm ap la oaa way aad
asothera good deal of vltalltv wklU
beea rxt Pgunbed.
might bt p^tably appUe
Mr Llaeele'eo'.d batkwi
tliwooatmaa had
.aging eyebrows aed
«ire'. but inr I'aaadlao gorere'ueBt lery heavy
iea with broae liaa
Her-.-am brcawie-kaowo. with a bahd- One day be came ratblag tato hia aabla aad ae nog hU riB, aimed ItaaragsE:
iy mgr
engraved watch, la
-oafb a erock of Ue doar ala
.b a neng I
oak tTM Uat auod near aad
aad Mid ,

lamp ehimnet

!!’Dd’ltrortr b:
al oace cupriuded Ibal »

—^'!b‘r?rg'r;ranT“.l^;d‘' l* a

Hack, Bus and Baggage Transferline
Best LiYery In Northern Michigan.


*hia'- ao.wered Bobble
wbea yon b ew out the
a* sure I ooald abool
icir Tom's ofun let me
Ih bia rcr.deer, but I didn't like
t.r I saw him go at yon wH
orderlies'were ealled up aad asked If
Thet. I .lipped in end b
they bad seen anytblDg
anythlag of Col. tooaw
e«it-. sword
The malMr begea to bo
Mingo garc a groan of a ngled pain rather Mrloua. aa the WMpoa la highly
and rege, hut did not dare to m >T«
prised by Col EnoMeelL
It was Tally .
Mary aooi r'c.rrrcd hero.orog
a belf hoer afterward, while b tbor.a. not long .o deriding wbat I
ougb aearehof tba aarroeedlbg* wm
ibe iingvckcd the tower d or and
being made, that tba eword wm (oead
ebaaea you I U
uptobcf'a-.ber a ro.m H-waa i
Id the pomeMloo of oar of tbeM bag*
, aod try <u I
nr KanO.r. aod bad beard naUing crabs, whose eye bed beea eltraetad by
■ b help. I
■ •
n her wrap, tbea aod harried the bright blue laeeel oe Ue blit of the .
bie Un Ih.
weapm. aod which bad tugged away
.be addal. the half hour she waa goor, etltnetll It bed pulled Ue awjrd out -A
>tar some way
l ather
ir kep.rlweand rff.-clire walcb of the eeabbard aed dragged -it eevorml
anytbiog happened to be
nia cap ire wn .m he would hard- Tarda away lata a clamp beabM
Uievieg crab was promtly aaeeated
*b1e nodded bl. willlngBraa lo go, I
wiUoalUe (eraulity of a aolft usea
jual aa Miogo ordered aboUirr cup ol I
safely longed in Son

imprecsUvB, M hr grupeo
Two ol a
• randpiuDge^ullDj
BU may u> the door
and p
..grauit Thru Mary iipic
ej tbe eo'oael of
a icnea. cicaed thr Ouor.
i a about w.
-eeka leave of abeence Tbe coloeel
e bar Inu- p.aee aeroa. IL
e oeiiage roasiMed <
After Uat abr aUxKl (dr a -ilUr Ho
in um
,ny prlrliec
bedrooms abore Tbrkitcbee
I mee. aod dli c
beatUale le
lobble. Uat abr it>ulo rcarceiy erf-ai
ci.u'ed lu lariber rnd Tbe Lring ro._
. ajbterlugr la
redlag tLr
ladjolerd the lower, the iaieru-r of
‘■Puh H
aeaulasiI which eeald ralr hr reached ibmngb
•«“J ■ -'(Vri
brr rnapooaibility h<’ “er
p ...................................
Bight of ball a d.
1 It aod •
■ l*olar Kier brid n
d« r Ird eat of the
began t, regaib r
-h. aod the cbildreo are
miouie or more paawd ,........._nd if y diin i mied. ahr wi
1.0 b
bia baud
wtUiat any acaoc
laod of capture frvo. i,
I were de. p le
II tbe aloptng
Mary waa Iryiog to f..rm some
'eigbl or Mar feel from ibr groned
foe bar owe cefroce. « hrn the .
ITbrar of Ibe rotUge we-i
rick. I might
^mlr^lly^roium.i^a lor,- j
lUlXB f. ur feet from ihe g
I got a levwr
I rosily eceraaib'e
The do
1 moraiag Myiag
, klicbee into tbe Hriag r
comrd i:r auuad. wb.ct, :
,k, .jula'
1 you hr-m'i Uat
pn.r'wl lastI B
,bble waa
Su longer
open agaihsi thr troat wall
r. aod rauad Uc
Mary a.
Mary made ao aaawer. aad Hlago.
Ida of the u B -bleb bad^neen
- 1 won't letyoe
.am eniwbd a
la me dkater of the after rariuaa prelimiaary abakiaga ana
ngka'That aeltlea IL I aeppoM I euat
A IlgbUd lampatood npoe It. Uroutealaga and earaixga. tlir, - him
Miage'a'reT'ilrer glittered la ble baed taJfagaiaat Uadoof wlU such fore- get the far
farloogb. Ucer' mWI Fab
wed bia eyea rolled feroclbaely npao that Ua wbole cuttag* abeuk.
«o. I'm alrouf act. Patrick,
mlad was made no sow. Uat be had woo'dn't
tfaem oet of tbe darkeese
In't br well (or M to do M ua
“D.-a’l either of yoa two more dot beea tricked aad that Mary and Bob- der Ue
m clrCL
mekeeooae.’ be Mid. “or It’ll br the bw were buU wliata
a Pairlek'a
ura aew lo eye Ue
worse (or yon '
Tbea be
rl;; aa far
hr atarled (w Ue deer
door wUh aaeage determisaUoa. Mary dtoppiag aeddealy. baa lid'
latched tbe door behind bIm
expeeled It to break at eeery shock,
tarnlbc ble heed end weiked
‘ ,loael. caa I My
aadaioed trembliag la Ibe dark aabi
whdt la urBobMe oproed bt* moeib aed let bia MlagqMw Uat It wonld aot yield.
bands talHb endtagalaad Irlgbl.
eolor dropped from Mary's, ebeeki aad ^ *t*Um
ber flagera trembled.
Bel ebe set ber aerable poUle la ber del,
“Ceriaialy i L Patrick,L what le iirtrM
Miago bad sobered
two ^cbdtd
Ups end looked tbe boriy reSaa M na- __________
eaeagb la Uc cold air- to
diacblBgly la tbe ejM that hU g:
td I'moa,
Hare la Ulan
UN. BaigaveUe ,______
. .. ... i WM aeear I
ehifled aad wwenred la spite of
1 la ma
aad a tew eeeoada afterward
bimat the fraut wiadew ad
door beiweea the ' b'Si room " aad i
No soaed lo
collage 1 at closed
enengb U tw brerd at> re the saerr,
I Ike storm c.nld penetr.
log r.

Berg Oeroler of Sprllla battle feme,
tail, tbit atory ol BioMlelt
It happeoed oee day shortly attar tba
troop, bad laodad In Cuba that Lieut.
Col. Bmeerelt waa dieleg la tbs
oSrera’ teal. Tbe meal was a frugal
ooe. aad the former eeaiataal escratery
of tbe nary wm very beegry. aad bo­
lting dowe to. eejly
eej >y bl______
bit maul
_____ offnia eword i aed

the groaad beelda L. _
Borne Urns
' ter. wbea be (nraod
■are let the eeabbard
.MB plbeed. bet nothleg _____
(osod of the eword. It hed myeMrin

maad hoararaaaaaaUiy pUaMadUe fdudMtte taWa halfway bw, agdrli rau at aaaa. «ha Mt bar wv tal h
|beiteakaaaaadmawadahMeypahag. HIL

•What la Ilf w
-A wildeaL Bail

d blawUa.

lOld ea. Jt_________________
good wife. “Let me louk at yea. Why,
lawks a-datay. il'e aoUtag bat e IIM
o' your eyabroira’'—reedt'e

Baap Maeb right
A Ruatoe girl wborecMtly w
' •battle la tl
tba wMt
tbongot she woeld try to talk Wa
yonng ledlea brave sUwag acxi U bar.
tieap mack flgSL*
BgOL- ie^e^ ^Ha
amiied s atolcat amIU.
keieloaer aboathim
tUa^le tedeed agvM
laioar penbrnad
least attraetloB hera


r giii (rowi Boeioa «
dbe bleebad aroey fea-cMm
loa gtrU cu WUhBbe wm bat
tre Uat ebc bad haaa addrMBtag ea
—laa who bad gndeaiad from aaUdiaa echool -DMaer rWd aagfMrm
d wall-fcaewa Amwieaa
rWtlac tba cathedral WU
aoealry eomi little hack. Tl___________
am tear abe were a tby Amartaab du
l^laaU to Ua waM ol ^ twalUg
prolMiied aot lo aadarataa
omhUmof Ueamnaad I


a&AMfi T&tVBMB aatltB, mftttAiitt ft. u>t.


ll ta ballaaad tba ArbUbf to

paKTOBlB^ tat eartat to Iba paal 4to-


------- u>«Ub
Hen DM«il« of th* L»tMt attob.
Wbara Ski leeartsata Ort
yiotmr At MmIU.
Waablartob. ffab. a.-Tba



fllEBmiS now H66HESSIH.

ttabarabaaadasldadtOBakaa rlyM

out u>< IMWV Orimd to
:Orub J«alB«ldD*» ForoM.

tba VtUplBoa raoaolly aaeared arma ai

Bear la obia
ItUbtstad ibU Bay i
ralre aesa *all Wdowo Amaalaaaa.

BVM n»w 40 *««»-»»

Waabloftoo. Pab

ytiim^ U4 IM Wew4H-r0orkl

6-Aaa.iral Daw

r eaWad tba oa»y depan«rat loda^

•n«Hy jLffttMl Odfc TU*:
Miollowa; ‘ Tba laasiraeU bars a^
LOM a«lB»tad *t 4.00e-Ba«BT uekad IdaBlla. The Hoaioa leatea todayforilollotojaltaralbe BaJUBore.
■ KMllk F«b- *-iTk« »e
1I*»U* M
*«»u »M>t 4o«a 8«a4k7 ercalas
UrHW* dBolaUae


' tfkUaf «bleh beraa at »:M p
aidar araalBf -aa eoaWaa^l 7~tcr
tay ta a dflarataad



aUacr. aa tba ctrcaaMlaBort a
UaaanaaiT' «*• rillf "<- •***
W»'<oatad.«tHh ftarta’ «Hag<n-T
I'rroBtba b*at laforBaUca pMala


BBBBftetBnA by Aatry •adliraa at
teleoUaawpaBdtba aaeOB- ~tdar.
Ttoa aotepatay taa alae par>
paaytarBDOwtaBaUaelBtei Ita lar.
Hiaad tba aaUre oalpat at Iba 0ambriar a raa butar Oo. at Tantb Laka.
alBllaraUBalBtoBoBBtiBg te te.ow.flao flbt^ia.> aoaeb baUw abape tbab Iba aaUraa.
la Ibareraa
ate rietelly.
Tba follooW troepa bra ia Iba
TbaBa^ Bl^bBB to
tba late rilaaaid aad extrema aeU tba wall eflalDpad tbto aiaaoa. aad oaAar.
.BBteaiKOBBaad; Oaspboy A. oa
aaow bad dlaaapaaarad la maay plaaaa
aaaraBeatof P. 8. Yorka tba
ytaaara; aLz troopa Foortb mabt>7. oa*
pUaiwnieat eioee to j ooo.OOD teak
Karate eara1ry:'fo« eoapaalB
BOtlBg of log! la tUa loeality. tataaw baaidao aboal belag cat by
I anaiary; t«o eespablaa SJtlb
arUUcry; too baltaHta itolUerata ar--cater Broa- mill at Proramoat.
proapeetota'bcallby coaliaaaaee of
lUlery; two batlcriaa Utah arUllaty
Bealdaa tbe aborc tbara are aamar■abUeoadltloBa far aaoriag timPtial WyoBlSf tauary; Tslrd bed
taaBall Bllla aboet tba r^kB bd-'
tataawy: cirbt eomp
JaewDt to ibto city wbicb. la Iba aggre- |
Th4 gBCMBMT FotM Stesiirtod
to aeaaow will ta MM of tba to
teroBtaaatb Ufastry;
gate, will cat a east amocet of Umber. I
TweaUatb aad rwaatytblrd lataairy:
At tb« Lut Komast.
Califoraia. Pint Colocado^ Pint
in eaeaaa of aay of tbepaattbraa yaan
Itebo. Piliy-dnl Iowa. Xirabllelh
Ttoe pragnim :
AeeetadVeeada. MeCaan aad BalUA cairfal caaram of tba Bllla U asd PHdar afteraooa uader the 1
aa. TBinaaetta Mlaaaaota,
vaa Oame Orar Prea PoabifBl about Traeerm aty ladieatea a lleely
UostaBa. Pirrt Kabraaka. Pint Kortb
abieof Mlaa Joaefa Wllbelm. waa ongilial—Bod ofaa Kzeltlar OoBtaat wlBiaraada bury aumater aad there
Dakota, tecoad Draroo. Teolb Peoade.telU aad ebarmiogly h
nla. Piial boalb Dakota. Pint
la W&ieb Work of Parto OeBrnM. are erea aow eery few woodamea
la aeSM caaea it la bard to accan
feaoi Mac, Pint «aabla(u>s aed Pint
teatefoKy haag
atoaen to Ag>pro«ad.
Tbe tVella-HigBaa Barbel CoBpaoy
tVyoBlsr ,
ited I
tVaablagiea. Keb
C.—Tbe peace la mwirlag Taal^aaallUee of logaerery
k the light e<
'WaahlaftOtU-D c. Peb. t—Agoa- treaiT waa rmtlfled by a vote of i~ to day. bulb by raU and aleigb aad tbe ladleaw 'part lei
lllobal fled from tbe 1‘oliad State*
factory aad mill are bfiog put
7 pleaalag effect.
>od 1* BOW iB Woeueal. Caaada. doaaa of .Merada. HeUnrla aod SeUI- claM abape for a bo.y acaaoB asd aa laThe Bnt OB
‘program wa*
altboBgb aome of bl* aatoclalea aay be TBC. doubtful, were woa oeer.
erraaed capacity will bo gleeo.
article upoa -polk Soag*"by Mim U
Boar'a amcodmeot that whaterer cuspar.y will cut altogether aboal ale Wail, glelag a abort bialory i
baa only Waahlagloa for Ualil
It U p.»liircly aoowo ben. gurrraaieot wu eataUiabed to tbe t.uuo.urj feel, a part of wbich wlM be tbe chief ebaraeteriatln of folk mi
rer. Ibathe engaged iranapifia- Pbilippioreahould Iw with ibccobaeal
Laat year of differ
. of the lubabitaois, waaubite. «t to tl.
lo Canada Vtiday eight.
tbe beet to tbe bialory of tbe fac
the atate denar t- | Dear offered ao am.-adiaeolof a Uagu- lory aod there la a good pnepect for
aoolber boay
a in .rage
Mim Sprague rerlewed the life ol
P.hnino laatlen. I
H.fjre the aeoaU eoureacd today the
Tbe Oral Wood Dlab Co la taiy. aa|u^, b,.,i Uie writer of CArmre
•ft 'wgahiagt JO Saturday ' Icadera on bulb aide. oMbe peace tree,
•ual.aod gottiog lo loga am laat aa -hicn
iBlereal aod a 8l-

>t tbat be traab BBOobttotaoat W.0(e Bab.
oa ttsSray to iba fbUIppIbB rtob*
Ibpatabaa bare baas raaslaad ftes
MBaou t<* Oobaibl Otto to Iba bobu«»a] (Hla.aaoapl tb«


be had aome at'* ty raotrorerry
ley can be handled. About lO.nW.noo |
pnrlude lolhe oeXt paper by
All teemed mn.-h lo doubt ef Ibe
be put
la wiater
ard J-dur- '
reaulta. rat fleatlua or nJecUcB log the ai
It t.uiu.woci She gate a leery clear and c.>nciM
nag u depeod opoo aeeerml doubt■ ya.ipait. briogiog the p'ar rlrldly br
aa.d baiorday that
Toe Tnreme City Lumoer Co la
* Tbaaa4l^»«*«aoaB4i-8l’y arrwa
fore ber bearen
Her Ulk waa la-ertreaty oould mutter but flfiy-eighl bnyiifgalUbe hemlock they can get
itbe in
Mra aad Wballr aaprtparad Iw the Ict
aprraed with arleeUoa* from tbe open.
liber aoy other mco would aad large quaBtlliea oPbotb ^ardwood
, C. Irutat.
FeB i-! wbicb were nndered by M 1m Cra« furo
' riUa pBajabarat vbicb iba Anarkaot
aod bemluck loga are belag cm aod
baa I come uTer. ii flueaced by tbe balth
..iiWrl of rnreriM City,
; upon the rinlla aad M.m L.uim lluck
iiaaieMd apoB tbea troB tbe >ary out
baoled to coareaieal polou ua tbe
Brea admitted to practice before the Maolla, remaioed niiliBOWB
. iaat. Tbay bad afidaaUy baaa reiUsp
r.bul tbe bay aborea for rafting wbeo tbe bay charming rff-ci. Them
inleriur departmeat. Tbe poaloffice wbd wore maaaglog tbe i> -aiy.b
mu.ic ia ft
i add!
opena up in the tpring. lo the meaa- j
. MBdy for tba atlaeh for aoBetlota
lepartmcul ba. reoewefl tbe lea** of
HaJ. Oao. E. 1 Otib
time great quaaUUca an beier bauiro '
rhe preMml pout, ffice at I.udlogloe.
»air oaUew Wlealinr ti>a rapaotal^ob
wbieb mu fftorn to
by Min Bock,
. fjr^ year, at
a year. .
•f Mkiac Ub ABerioaoa off tbrtr
aaererai-d urging all wbo might wa­
mtn trounded r.alarday aboard
o'clock each oigbl lo order
MmWUhrlmaaogabraurffowd; tat ricoraaa «orb ooBpIrla’f
ter to tUod with them.
to keep up wliA the work.
They an ;
.Hl»baoera,“ MIm Crawford
* i^oelanaw Cirenit Court.
thr MmadDOvii. ooe trrloualy ’•
AaaotaUaad aod pal Ibca bapcica>lr
Seteral aenaton wno were oa the -mploylog
men at preaenl.
The Leilanau term of Clreuil court
AiHny oftinn Orllrre tbat tbe dla
aa breo a-ljoorood uolll Turadar. doubtful Hat Hoed up aoon after tbe tardwood will amoooltg about t.i«iu... Xq eonclada tbe prognm Mr. White
petcb la a brlatej oaUlrKnio. but oal„og a w>lo aa *oag by the hero of the
March lath. Judge Maxwell of Bay umaioa upeaed. kOB.:b of North Da- no aod the hemlock betweea
vffi^n brilere j'lal tbe oppoaite.
b, , j„,i a,
City, who wm u, bare prealded waa ! uou. iUwUaga of I'tab aad Turaer of 0011 aad s «n.triu fen.
' aoaeawd le tba Plllptbaa. aa tba SBm
WaabiDgiue aaid the tmille at Maolla
Tbcy nr It refen to a aecood eoifaye- unable lo do ao on-aoooont of lllaeaa.
ilghum M.oafaevuriag Oo ka.
White, la wbieO Carmra
barovkOla^aodaroopdad ahowa It
ae of the moat proaperoo. j p,^.
neat which 1» now In profreaa.
Tbe date for the .Anl.-lm eooniy term bad sol cLaoeed ibeir tiewa. aod they
; teat oar troopa aeSarad arora tbao «sa
lit bulory. Tbia plaet b
.bunid tote agalo.t tbe treaty, ll war
g war d. ptruaenl baa made do bar alwj beea ebaugeJ from February
•uppuoed by aome that ibeee aeo'aUira prainrd ab rnriable rrpulalloi) for
: M tnl'raported, apwwte of forty bar
tub U> March Slit.
toward aeodiog fortber rrlo
uruduct aud the bualor
.1 beartily
:irrlng oumlier aod w
; t^baaeblllad aad see boedrad aod
It la probable that J-aoge Peter P- might ae iLflueaced by r<
meeU to IJroeral tl la Two
creaaiog year by yrar. Tbe fai-lory ia |
OOJda ef Ml. PICBaanl. will bold the fact tbat the troop* from
I arty iroaadad. aooordloc to tbelataav
were >o ibo reoeul fight, but tber aaid
•talpa will aurt aooe from Sao Prao Cbarlerola l-rm oo February «vh.
The cbtlre p-orram ■
thiswuu.d make ao dlffereauu > .tb ' t> operalc with
lure* The plnol
,h..wit.g car.-ful preratallon
aad one ■» ea route from New
Tba BBBber of ABarleae troepa anIiaciurr ini', ll Kirii g 'b‘» I oo the part uf b<lh Miaa wilBrlmnod
York, aad ll U aaterted that Ibe .itMuKnery of L*uiaiaaa offered a ' eraaou a ■ul 1
uau feel ut maple.
and not auoote be fori Cutler
' «BfBd «*a l».( DO. wbila tba PlIlolDo
1 Lederle ha- partaiB foeU ao doobl of tbe ability
ildiflg OB SnoUi Coloo atreet and ia; r,-»ul i
Oftieaenioi ato baadle tbe allualloo
looTiDg bla bicycle repair abup to that ^ call , uf ibr treaty it Ik.not Ibteadid oiag full i>.a*t i
Itetof SlUadaad Woaedad.
wilboBt furtbor aaatauoee- ll
place from hla former looalioo la Ctold- to c
WatetertOB. Pbb.
•—Tba oOeUI
tea* fauna they can I
‘-'■V*.-About three
uf the I’bilippioe.
aaid. beweror, tbat tbe abipmei
ell 1 ly-iodon'a toolldiag.
^ ‘ o'clock tbia nlterooan Jcbe domerrUls
I ItaaftbarMBBlUBat lUaUa doriag
be cared lot.-aod a buatliag
He baa aecbrod tbe aerrlce* of a com- j BCX the i.l
reciilanto tba i'blUpplaet rrlll
Mr. Beilner baa ihr® |
•» *«te»Bl which reanlted te
tta IrhUBr tetarday Blfkl asd baabare i bold tbrm until tbe la-aete arc prepar- bright p
iiM with aa BBcb promptaeaa ma poa- peteat bicycle
taxrgeoftbebnateeaadurteg Mr Ud-! ed fur M-lf-foeernmeOI.
J «v*BaabUadte tba dapartBet
neat it a big addiitoo | «“
te W. B Oto'a InmUr
alWa la order tbat the roluoUen
( tennter. MrLaonn
bout 4IXM.WU feel ^f'.ampiwom.lea from tbit place and
a tbe Ulaote cae ba roliered aod aoot
The latter oat reUteed bia poailloo , tUeu came over for tbe treaty, glelag
be maoularlurwl ,„u, j-bile engaged te aklddteg lug. the akId
a.dororaterandfiniaherofwagoo. aod the nemMary iwo-iHrda
wa* tbrowo up with great loi.-e alrlkcorlaic poles and
buggies (or Caldwell A London.
iogSum-rrllrno the bead
He -aa
Maaila. Feb. G,-Toe balilr began
well known aod hi* death bring, anrU K ti.bkn A
1 tits teturJay rernlog.
Three t
A Crushed Leg
row te tbr home, of many friroda. He
102 at M'ral Sumait
TooB a Pnie.
iplaua boldly attempted to patt t
Or. Martin wna called te Interlochee
en are employed te waa :: yrar. ef age aad a ngle.
picketa of tbe Kinl Nebraaka roll
Thnraday afterDten te dreaa a terrlblt
Tbry were cballeoged aoiT
by John Lota.
MilabaOiCocporatoOay ^aa. Brary tired
telured mao wa* engaged te onloadiog Grand Rapidi. where be attended the j wil; cut about about r oiw uoo feel tbia
AgulB they tried te paaa I
tkeapaea. PrtrmUa Asm Bate. Ha«r Itan aod agate mired Tbry aUried log* from a oar, wbec a log oam*r down ! ®Dr«Blion aad eshibil of the Mlobl
J. U Gibb* 1. ruoulBg bit saw mill
Ootvaa. Lob Jattot Khirtat. Choa forward a third Umr, relnaed* to balL colwlae, alrikteg Lula and croabinE |gao Aiaociallon uf
and >birgle mul ai Mayfield imd tl-out
Tberexraa a large alteodaoce (com al
Oaortoa. Pimak
balrbaata. Cbaa abd Oorpnnl OrrelT firril, hilling oat one of CTt-tS* ngate.t aoolb.
orttaenntirea and muundiag aurtber Tbelefwaanolbrok.-n.bul tbe U-.h
taHa. AltBBB BoMer. Potter BlorBcr
An Ininrgeul alarm gon waa fired from wa* literally loro from Ibe butir, cao.- rr r .b'.wo In lua alau. Mr Mi.ulo betide* l,.oi»i,oO'..btegiea. The faclory
Ulockbonae lirreii. aod the Filiptnca iBS a homble wnood and one which bal a floe dUpla) of cabinet work will turn unt alau a qnanUiy . I'cbair
begao aeoaccbtrsted attack on the will keep the man from actlte work a aad wa* b iBurcd by btriaf eooferred at-tric
Tne empire Lamber Co la empleyNebmkatieopa. Tbeeollre iu*i
up<Q bim a diploma f-r‘'work of-.u
long time.
Mae from Calrueaa to teau Meal
periur merll " He waa ooe out of ax te Ing * large force ol men id the woodopeaed fin
leerlVe ibc diploma, which (peak, well aod mill and yard* aod will get out all
A Pleaaaui Wedding
of Trarerae Ciiy'a repreeeolatire and Ibe limber piwa hlr. Tbe .-Offipauy will
Tbe Nabiteilca. M.-auna aad N^irib
A rery preily an-1 very happy «
Dakote ooUKaU bnrrly held tbclt
teU mti-x-d Thursday ceenlng bla work.

"‘““^ete" mraa“dK


grunad antil relafurcrmeou mored ap.
Te> laaurgenu then eoaeenualedi at
roeaa. Uagalaogte and teals
aonb aod ea*i of Manila.
Tue American firing Iter eoaaialefl of
the Third regular artillery,
taath-ry. Kialb arlillery. Fuurtb caratr]
Fouruentb tefautry and tbe followlBg
Tolucterr Infantry rrgliornti; Kaiiaaa.

fbM Idaho-Mapx S.





* Aaaaaa Praaar. Ueorya Dali.
TfaM Oalllvala-PHralea |. [
«MaBt7mB,doarph Habar.

at tbe borne of the pareoU of tbe bride.
Mr and Un. F Ycnd.-r. oo Suie alrceL
Tn* prircipal* were two yont-f people
wboa* (nterw bapploew. will be lb*
atecere wlab of a wide drole of
(rlenda They were Mr. Harry U Hunt
Xb, I
aod Ml*a Adella Maud. Yeadei
I'ler [
bridesmaid 'was HU* Carrie Miller.
Mr. ClarkaonO. Corhe'i. ibe bu.loea*
Montaua, Ml^oiwia.
I’eoury ifaoia parrocr of tbe gro-.m.'d.d I'le bonoes
Nebratka. Mano, V.athii.gtoo,
,.f b*a-.mati. The eer-mony was per­
niaaod X.irth Uako'.'a ‘ Tue a
formed hy R-r r r stout In Ibe preabraced te the aurne of the. rngageinrOl|
large oumbur of terllsd
waa a aeml cir.'lr folly •rtruteeo milea
te leagtfa.
Tbe fir., bream- hotter at I o'clock,
areaenU were many and b-auiital,
ibe FiKpinua uaiD.DE two *cige gui.*
UU1102 (rum out of the city
Ob tbe Amerfnu* at Uaiik llallk ard
Dual h*. bea-om. rcry popster
adranclof their tkirDlaben at Pa® te Trseerae City, barieg been a dlatteaod Pandano
Tn- American* re- gulabed raemtMr n( the lluaUofS -«(we
ipoeded U) to.'darkneaa.
Tbry could


Opposite Shiu's Ban

I2M2E SlatP Stoll.

Brosch’s Meat Market

Choicest Meats, Poultry and Game.
BNd-w1 In Hnnno-n

Fresh. Salt and Smoked Meats, Sausages Ftc.
TolnohrmP 4




a Sduaaumx acrtxnec aso
woaKKFvt tcnacX-

___ •/souut mmoer."

o*ir rwr «oraer «r
r mmai
iw» nmie ex*
at «i/i______________
Ttviridte jucv»rur
ji rairrow
laaal. IM .uu
ew .* >wa—m ..
*W ...I. .Ci ■....UMkh Mena,
U ...r Itf. II,
1.1 I. .*11 ^

■noioeat. Look Box 403. PkiUtBottMmiFm.

Traverse City Wagon Works !
A J. PETEETTL. Proprietor.
BDd Kkiuksof all kinda.
t '{lair Wurk. iV'tmiiiUuK. V

H fiHd t'l

General ’uim-kamilliiiiK and FtorLHag.
, •
liuftieebueiiii; a Hpecinlty.
‘'liilly"' Alcimtt baa ebari;* <m tain
dpimrtineiil. noU bia reimuMM for knowiu*: bn* lo do a |{cwd j<* ia
lixj ireli known ta neetl e<i^Vi'nt.
tV.irk in Ibe dly trill bo «Ued for and delireped.


No. ffU.

Tbs Hlacf, tbe new bri.-k factory at cor. rwon and State- attMla.

Trwwww flitto. ffflrtiiMaa.
tj-ry. hare ^n auff.rtef with the grip
tirelhck Bros are poihlog the. work
for ae«er*l day* past Thorad.y aighl at tbelr plant al (>reiilck*ill* atd will
j Qrdei^ fOF JOb Printing left Rt th«
about midolgbl they were awakeoed OUT ail the log* tbry can get
They j that truly great bnlmeal knosm aa
and di*co»ered the bed te be on fire exp^tteeu.t .Mo uuo fe*t there and < MOTHOTS FJtlEMO ^
Pht-blate wa* e*liogul*bed. but the al tbe Suites* Bay mill kbe logs oo which modifie* all the duirc-A. pxic aod


large* I p^rtl-io uf the-r wearing ap­
parel ao-1 rnd.-lolhlng were horned.'
j „,„hUaeaWat>er-afrt»a«torHatmtH.
Before re-j'iug fur the nigbu they
Tn«J E t.rei'ick C> faelory aad TWI aaaBWXiJi axgp--a TOt
had Xl a lamp burning low near Ibr saw mill wi:i »iart up Beat
(out of the bed.
It 1. auppoaed that
rmploye* ‘ibe compaoy
will buy a good deal of lumber, but at
-e ®Dlribullng c
Ibrtr mill here they will cut abool
Kind (I
lorlunate eoi'ple and ; j,„,uoo f,.,i ,bi, wuiler. te be maoq'

111 be greatly approci-1 faeiurrd late aa*b acil lotenur formth
_____________ ling*- The ®mpaoy ba* an e*iabii*bed
for turolog uol clegaal

Senior Uterary Socieiy

The regular meetlug of Ibe iilgh
doriiig the past two aeaaoa..
Tbe acbool Senior l.-terST aocleiy look
The Tub artillery fioally located
equally well kouwa aod popo place Friday eeeBlog. tlwiog te tbe sbibeoailrc Ut'.iry aud eileuerd It m
lar and'ttaeir legion uf friebda
Moee of the preaideot. the e'iee preai
abort urder. The Tbird arlillery alao
deoL Fred Smith, p.aaided
Obany. KharataB BardlBf,
Edward ipeoi d fire lU^be Irll There waa an lend tbe moat ctwdial
Th49r»t onmber oo tbe- program
Tbnp. Walter BasaoB, Amoa Bolcke) other roa'lateat : 41.
Yesder reaidebcc after Keburary 1C
wa* a piano npd amji.doliG duet ebarmThe crnlaer Ubarl.alrm and gunboat
ingly rendertd hr the Mlaesa Csrruil,
Coneon) bad quirt y been plaoud by
I wbicb •raa h-srtily eocored.
Dewey into puafiiou where they com­
"The Wreok." wa* the aohjeel of a
manded Ibr te>urgrBl trcbibra and
1 well w.ilteb origiual atery by Louu*
■ nratlliMUaa-Oorporal Bayea Prob- defenrra. Tbe douh> turrrtnd maoi
1 Theobald.
•Mytead. FlmOolonda. prirau. C
Uiibadnarkxra* in a puaiiluo to
After a plann *0lo by Edoa Mcffali.
Wblto; probably drowaad.
which wa* tboroogbty enjoyed, an
Boon aa day dawned tbe warab'.pe
•arioMly WcBBded.
»*1 .ter, wa. giee. byjtefupeneu U.F ami materially aislateJ tbe
PIral Moatem-Prlrate John tter
Wte. woaadrd la beml. will probably
daybreak tbr Amerli-ao forrra.
4>a. PrlraU HaconcK. laaga peealrat- with cliaraclnl.Ue Vaiikee rigor aod
gv-roment Machinery Almoat al a "Ojr Flag.- wa» gteen by Fred Smlib.
a4.aBk>aa. .
mllacCT) began te. l.arge Ibe Filipino.
r>...nAali!l -Guerm -a* I’eiceblxa*
In this partieular case tbe apesker dea Coope,
» ibai te muvh aUMlrd
of Rmplc-yes Btriokea with
aerrei commendaUoB for a apleedid
be h|toiai(. a I<a 0.1 n-b* a^o.
La^pi>* ^-Capitei at tbs
I Caldwell.
nUbdldcbargr Ibr Wa'hloglne
Mil. Erelyo Morgan (aeored with a
Tbeliitp epidemic la ragtag te Ike
Callfuania regim.-oUawi-rt out of the
aBVaaalOriiB’Hlaa.abotie tba bead.
pll->I City, aurt fm-r oar-tbitd of tbr ilewalng rocal seleetlon.
:bea aod oruri- iht- FiUpInoa pell
The fullowlBg quealion wma dlaromar* sick or aafk™i|o's,»<
from the Tillage* of Sabte Mean
llwwae. ••
-d eitempomaeoualy. ' Reaol.ed. That
tab. e.-Iti
-iBRnetioBa aodCalTocan.
... eblll*. - . .
Ibr rye* aad aoae. I r
teBtak^ to (
OUt aad
The .Venratka •rdunlrert eaplurad
with the boor raekieg achrs
m pnaldaDl. dl- boerliirr.acrrml priamer* aud a ruuog felher
Bbd pales and a general rzban-llna ate
. 'pmUb%^ % BaauBte tba offeBiire
ihe rule lath.r iban tbe rxeepti'D
The Kaoie* and Dakou reci The br-l way te fight the iSr-pja |.The,
mtau brat back tbr eoemy'a right atreaglbra tbr aerrr* sod build on 'be
reei*tt*F puarcr* *-i a* to throw uff ibr
fiabk and drutc the Datirua inw
JeadjT rtlaeaae germ*, and aolhteg wiU
taia^l WeKlstoy Imesa Uw arork mean. Tbe Auierloana eaptorta
tSocl*‘ly-Tb Inrite graUemea'a
dr> tbii *A qal'bly and aurrly M Dr.
tBOsMT^- baste, tafl argmex rillageaof Sas Juao def Moote. teble Milea Nemoe
fl ba* restored healib piay aad propnae marriage.
Ana, ten Pedro, MaclL
Mcaa w tbouaao.U of lirio »uff.-rcr* alter e*
Hullileally—The right te rota
and U>mlB Tur fire alackcned ye*ur- cry olh. r remr.-tj bad fai ed.
bold aoy rfli •*.
day boon, tbr aa jrr troopa beisg e.
Tbe aO-matle* uraa
It Holla to t
p etely deaaoral aed.i(
eompTetely handled by WUeon Hobbell, Eatber
HyaeTr, w.
flabte pweably tf Ibt
tiled, c-nld
no'alruug, my mpprllu
A camber i>f altcmpu were made
Upsall Uobtaa. while the
a 4 sleep and bgeaiae so dee^mdrnl
pntolL terribly If Bosaaaary. It to ta Manila te aMatrioalr Amerlean i U:
tbeaegatlae -em Mew*
iball d^palred of ere- ge-t>a2 well.
%iibd that tba Roatta aantoa ibcoa Is bnt tbe eSre’iee pull» ayatrm pn-rrol- I began te iinpr.iT* wflh thr fi->t
ibert. Lory Brown asd Ftom
Llcai. Charles ■le of Hr Mile*' Nrrrter aad wt
-U. Tbe Judg® r*Dde«d Um
deiriteaa to Om. Miller. Tbla settee. •d a gearral onibresk
bad taken arten toitllra ^t''was eomUugan nod hrrgeanl Wyli
l^teBlgblaaBnauUor tbe ratifl
p'etety cured
Ha*r twen
been well aad
ly wonndrd by aatlrra lo Ibe
_____ _
. . lee irj wtlgb_____ _____
as of Ibt paaaa treaty, ladkstea a ergeanlw
killed by a aaUee akarp- I eerr did twf.wr "
Al Bay CltT. A'lnism Titema*. wel‘
fiparter* from lb* prilry ef U* praalrr who waa will
6*urc r
SlTavtlOB. V*. .



A E Hellioger will hiari bl* mill at
Map.e Cily te about ten day* and cnl

Ftat WaablaytoB—Corporal George


aWteAafl I y«0.

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' spring stock of Carriages, Buggies,
"" Wagons, Etc,

c lorurmaLioa about tbe buctllo
ode u1 hlr eoootryaee In
ppiu la oot haowD

a.ega.wbtefa (auiaau ia But briicrad to



"i.'“'.“1"“' ‘

LMaUlarmiBf UarUiplaea- lOM


TTototy of PetoOB Won Out by
OloM Vote.


Ooorya Balobart. Praak daith.UaUilaa



Sooner or later ev- j
ery woman must duel J
with DeathNature- .! J

cn, TdKlta emu lulreiGnip,

will r«tc«ivA promot Rtt«''tlOfl

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ber for U.m-MEiu shinglea from ibelr
tract te Solon and tbe atock will be

JiaS PPOVlded 1161


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AAmlf* »ew«a^ U

•sdWm^riBgteg BboBl tba de-

e ftewtlyriun 1* d..„_______
pul Me eg esijag all di*e»ea. or
-r*ri tbefcmioiBc »,»ttia, yxcepi
_________ —. ,.
irgtlaniy of Ike
mooIbiT raacuou and pou tbe whole fe­
male umaaiem ima a •tau of aueag. riaurau, heahh

Takes dar*^ the period ri gewstwa It , ^
rob* ckildbinb oi it* pais awd dangrr
OeeTiygouogTxtetolwuaewbaeewTineB ' ^i..
'FaTarTte the. i »

jss-jcSs'sr’c.N-.'a?,: ^
--lo o«^r wa* i raw bmh to i hsi-> awd
the teeuianVl
wife wa we wbk i I'l , i ii t bed oo heoba>e ’
erwah of fee lh**e Tear* 1 k^ aowber boh*
Whka wm the tfeed mM MTamBhtenolo
1.11 »adl thee bodUueewTiriweiiaodboad

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«f *od
*ho lo aU tw hmn. far | wa* ou'iumaort

Agulaaldo'a aeerrlary baa bsea
•aUlBtelaytaf. Tba Flllpla^ wbo
areed^ a* a any.
ta*a bota fHsB SB opporteBlly to tabTta AmerleaatcoopaareaUDaglycapsBaoteliy.BBd barifl^ dadlaad
Vsnebsd cad te good aeaditloa. There
:ar*()ow BV .Maolla Sl.eik Ameracao
The fortaa of Agalaaldo

a. ffflto. A—1( to U at Ita


I *m>------ ----------- ----— - - - .

YmwwemeduSAll druuglau are satk.'adasd te aril kbotm asaaeritarof JarcBllaatrriescf
1 kart apptar-d la U» l>r rwy-. r.wteie tomenptlao *od fa a
II- M. e.'Nerrinerram gaaraeiea that
first boUle beaefl • «r- m-racy tolnadod.
Be mare aad gel Dr Mile.''NacTtee.
Booklet oa Baart aad Nurtda aaat Irw*

Dr*MUai‘,MadltaS Co , Bktark IM.

Wilhelm Bros.

Thar* **• tflaaa faaaato at Port
aaroatonThataday. PaaaaoatoaBd
BrtP& B. Aaway ad p«ar teal
•OBrwthalanby daalhoC htotoally
tat. *tad tw«BV F~»»AbaBl»4*aitoroftb* wb«u frew
Itood^ tote* to TmoU *eaaty
haabaaaklltod br ■ataraly add waatk-

i«*ri<ad*ofoatU*M> Bctalo
Bkd M tb* tloa* of ib* daal tfarad eat

WmII». r«k
ywMrt>y »rtnoMOnnl B^'»Mr^t»dTMOTb* body of tk* tot* libao* Pteafoa
«4 mad leek tk« «r»ur work* at aiorWM ael teftod to peiUr*' teU a* al'
wotU* Rtl
m d^tte**. bat lU* be­
' ipclmotutfaoortotUo Utab kaW
tid* tb* rcaato* of bit wU* aad e^.
tarj, with two Arid laaa aed iwo
BbwetFmwr. Ik* Oatroltbey wbo
BoMkUavaDi'aM U* asrotj •
kULkattaBlloeoL Aikar»aw*ra- wa* bully toluwd by eoaiaf la ooo'
t*«t wllk * Ur* wire, to aUU *«ry 10
W»l took plaea la whtah tka Mil
■otto. Os* defer bad to b* aapB•maat ol tb* TainI anUlarp. wa*
wouM.«ap*vad aod brtullr
Aarad. Bi* ted; wbaa U wa* rw
•ad. wao (uaad to kar* b**a borribly
. Tbo raiplao* wara driraa
kaok. nllriac la bad cvdor aod carry
t larUaralracaad bcadaof Ua aUi
Okaal aad ejUadar ot Ua ponpii
aakkrtcBd* adrace

Oaaafal Uedrtkarb dirtaloe baa ad-


: Zt

IbaaaaairratraaUad apeaCalooe
rbara tk* t
aar Ilk* to MaUbea.
dU >kaadrad
aartaai (re« Um flaat with (oar Maa
t« faaa kara bcaa laadad ea tba baaab
yortb ei tka oUy.
ArtlUaryoaika toad aad Ua Utah
kauatyia tka <ecMVary eorarpd the
otroepa Anoap
I polat* captarad waa a
■BolMtrtkwork wllkla

b* bald at IkaU Laacattar. Ma**.,
Fab 7. Jaat llod*ltr*t** I'M B*tt>«
Crate wiU attaad. bariBf l<f-. Aeada^
•At BtoadWb Mr*. Oaafharty. aotber
rty aad of Joke
raaoear^ adray. broaktof b«r hip
dbe aaBBoiteoorli^
At Yala the U B ebarte w** fatted
kyBcaflaaday. Tb* Are aterted wUle
the Saaday Bteool wan to taaloa bat
Ua cooloaa* of U* patuT-Bad ten'
L. ti. burcaa.<a* of Ue proatoeot
B*B ol Ala*, dlao Saiarday ot heart
a U* wai a aerfeoo to Ue
*ray dorlsf Ue clrll war a*d to the
rapator aray at lU oloae.

Hra AMfto F. Sawmu of fltto.
Kek, ea* «f tba upaetotemdni* ud tk*
Tbcsoaaailan Hto cnaiiw tedtotour tsaa.1*Bow^ny (ran Eatiusl WsaButo CkrtoUu Teapar- psu ot aweanl rosUaa BBUsra. |ul^
AsnrmltetotktBrittebllwnaB. .
toCtkaaUowlacstareseal HalM. bat
owtoy to U* ourofalaWa abau
Leadsa a pactoc -Aasaa. wUd>
r aad fiwnpwd- wu wmeod la all tldn by o(k*r Bteaa
nad aid to tb* W. C T U. wuk
wulittedbyaanahreoa whUcc««
Uafs. At Huna *b* wlU eWt tb*
Mr frcqanUy Ttolt bia avhto boa
Ud koapltala ot omr siddlsr
Tb* l*r**t «oal ato* to UleUfM
U BlBotn wu rrqolrcd te rl«ar Ue
a* teeeatly etraek tkra* alto* ao
etorb't dnk cf U« pmatoy bulnm.
hibll aad buUdtoc *t tb* vxpeaiUsa tc
ol Wnl Bay Olty. aad to aow tatof
Oiy Trcsaaiwr Wartbarff uksd u
I. ot tke Twuty*nep*dbyte*W*Ma*l(totofC«>.
It be kMd to aialA^ty to IML
exaeutoa ol Urn* to M*rcTnt-for U*
tooT*r*tof**tto tbhiba***
Tb* «»Tb* Atone* boantnd tow will ea Utrd Eaasu Tjlustecra. hursurmd
to Wleblta with s wsieb wbiek un bw edUoclina ot tear* aad kto teqaut am
p*«lty <rf tb* ala*, wbca faUy dcreloprrmated
(tea*, atoe* Ctoaada bn cacladad loaded to Admiral Gereera. aad wbtoh
•d. wUl b* 1.0*0 toB* pw d|iiy aad
Barry of UwUlehlca* telewrhtofUsaiu wbo piloaedtb*
tb* Kloadikr.
aaall rlllac* wUl b* boUt ap area
of Caba Uiml- Sputob Reet ost of Auilac* oa Jaly A erect ooU* te conaret tke ra*'d»*eu ol
W lesee Ike tolaad or appeM te (be The pilot nya Oereera c*** Hm U*
At Bb Bapid*. tkeotbn day.
- W Uad aa Wubtorioe *tmt ud
Hta. B. B. NohU w** tooklaf eatef Ur doited fltete* to aaa«z it aalen Ue
'. fi, A Tregcaoa brTrate atmt
wtoJow. *b* baard iOBcUlBf *b
armnlBf tactic* of tb* Cabaa* *****
Tb* bid uf Ue Firtt Xattoaial Buk
tk* flat* arltk ao •Ball fore*. A*
Qarln Barrel! of Chlcefo. wbo wae
of t per e*at later**! tor Ue caHtody
id It to b* a Uarf* of crated by a blow oe U* bead w.U *
Speelkl dUptIcbe* from Vienua ny of Uc city faada for U* eualaV year,
abo^Bradfroa U* oppsalt* baek
brick iwelr* year* *(h. ba* beco re- aa kcrariao r'aloc 1* rcoo*ted 10 bare wa* aooeptod
Tbe State -Hank pre
daek* to tba rirer. Tbeteot oe ttflk. atored te araial *«BBda*n by aa op eecorred to RoaaaBto. Bear Crajna. Mated u bid
• ^
tof Ur water, boaadad aad flew eratlOB.
Ueenate* of Baroa Hit >lo«altrb.
The raport of City TTeaaarer Wara
afalaat tka wtodow.
ucc'c of ea-Kinc Milas ot Se*Tla. ow- barg abowod a balaaoe oa baud oa Ur
InC to bto rrliual to ruew Ue toun Srti of tbmbsU ot
>*AiAbb Arbor. Blal D. Roekwall. of
uthUfaraa It to added tbst two reelTb* •tatemeat of lb« board of pobllr
Boaltoe, dlad ton wate of appaadlelti* eeotly rteolted afalul Seacr ConteA.
taesU wklcb were sent lo tbe sora* of arorfat called for |T>3 UT. and a-lditionwaraed bla Uat d«aU *tere<l the prorialooal preeldcat cl Ursfaay.
tolBrbaoee were reputoed by tbe al elalma aaoaoung 10 tl.otSM wir*
Trai soillvy if oow retterodhlB to Uf taea bat he laaiated
allowed ud mderod paid,
A wlater eycloac bt* awept fnm
waltlkf BBtU bto taUer wa* heard
ScBor Raelel IcleaUt. pre*ld**t of
Cbalroiae Moatecarof (hr ommit
(roB Tbetuto waa loo tote Kow eer- Horn* te Dele. Alabeaia At Dele
won ordinuc** reported U*l th<
waatatow paaaad fir iwelee boom erera wr*ek*d. nerral Ue republic ot :kBta Rica, to a aa toimmiuw and city attersry bad rcperaaa* were toyored, acd railroad ear* lervlew wlU Ue
tofUa aeiraralty a
u Monday nld he I
airwedand rearraayed a anmbrr of
are blow* off tbe track*
eot dtoeotacd Ue caul qeeatlon with ibc city ordlnaoc**. but owing te tbr
Aapaeof Ue hlfh bride* oeer'lhe
auTOBc but that be had ouaplried ar fact Uat ibrr* wu not a fall bmrd
atMotnUae. la . fell
-Sareae Wao*ter.a farmer llriof Bear
a ayndica^A ol Amv^- aucyrated Ual a meetinr b* called c*irday, owtof to eoalraetloe do*
Blralacbaa. aet wltb a palefol aod
ana ard other* to
B I/oudoa
I/OUdl (o duelop
peclaUy to conildc- tb* ordinaoeer.atoo
the cold
Patrick Carry wu tojored
Tbaraday. ' White erelfblhf
laryc traet of aoriferou land '}! >901
tbe oropdael charter amcaimrou Acaad tear bone* were killed.
Oadotpradoea bto whip fall
mile* to rxlest. ot tbe Pacific eout
oording to ib'it laggciUoo U* council
I aew wlof of Ue blrUpIacc of Coila Eica. sear FudU Areou
froend aod to r«aehlDf to fet It Mr
'jMiroedu meet for Uat parpoae
Woorter Irat bit bplaoca aod Ue borare MaeaoUy. U* hteterlae. at &oUI*y •mpltel of Ue ayodicate rm K.oon.oo. only, oa arzl Mandty night
.laritof ep at U* taa* tiate. ba wa* reaplt. LtolcuterUin. Bof. waa of wbirb one soarlcr ba* been aireadj
hroere ^aarily to U* froood break- boraed balontoy. The flaan did eot
tof hi* aoae aod tpraiatof bit'toll reach U« bUterloai eoetioB of Ue balld
AtBrrlln Emperor U illiaB ku ar

Tbtra are oow M patleoMto Ualrerilly boepltal. at Aae Arbor, faad^lappllcatkae for bada Tbe |a*t bodU
AtertoataoeldeetoeearTadet Urolt
wa* U* tortetl Boaaetolly to U* bto- Hvndi' lifClBf raad. elfhf allr* wait
lory ol Ue boapitel. Ua raeelptt batof of Kalkatka. Tbofadar. to wbkb It to
roporud two B*s war* killed aod aaAt Stftoaw t
other Mriooily lajored. The aoddaal
to appar wladowa of boaicau la the y*t*a toata dtooOBBt ewtof to tk*
inad wbil* iryiof to ro* Uelr
BMira kaartcr of tha dty Uat alrbt. rtoriaf arrer* loaad to Ih* **rcra] •saw plow UroBffa ■ taeaey drift The
Bat »o Ckaaalila* arc i^orl^
toolioe caat«*te P*epl* tb«r* are, plow Jaaped Ue track aod
Tka tlcaaloorpawarc «^U*d to UafBited aad hr* alaaortof lor It* ursed astf
tu tkalr Uaa* aloaf the t.iac Ilka tbollteaeav
idblledfraa Kalkpk*
darlar tba Aftatlof.
btoaa ■piritaaltou wlU hold Uair
At Port Horoe Albert El*r.
1CBidwtotor aaattof at Owooto oe Feb
ra* drowsed to Black rirer Thsiadiy
r to tka cnttlDp
Yoimf KiBf tra* alraUsf
a< Ik* wiraa aad tka *l(aal owa
tbe rirer ne^
ardarad to kiU wUkaat haallaeey aay UB Bkd aeaben ot U* board wUI b*
lee eattef* were *i work. At the tiar
aaokttoapU^ to laiorlara wUb tka aurlaleul fratU.
ol the aceldeat be wat aorlof rapidly
A eow iMloBftof to Fraak Halley of aod before be eoold real toe bto poaltioe
3rasd Blaoe. rae aans* Tbaraday aad be bad akated tote a* ope*tof. Elforu
laM pan* of tka paapiac aadhlaaiT at lotted Mre. H. F- Farbata tolo U*
erne made to rato to (arc Ue boy boV
lha.wBlar worba, abloh aMfM tba
Sh* n«*rad *nere tojortoa Ue eold water ehllled bla aed be task
tpaadr laaaBpUga of tba watar np- ll*T«ral other* b»d karroer **c*p«*
roa U* brou.


dBpaiak froai OoaaKi Oil*, teted t
• day;
‘■Tba laacrpaat atay asMtatrab

Krapp’fmsa A food oortlea of lb*
aaa^ w*n arsod wUb,Haa**n of Ik*
tolaat pattara. Two K<4pp aad a fnai
. f*al* Brad a fraat qaaaUty of amno'
rttlea. .Tb*r* watoafraat BBBtwrof
■paatehaeldloniB tb* laaarfMi
T*d tb* artUUry.
“Tb* laaarfOBi*
-----------r ««f liar
B**tly la tk* bkBboo tbl*k*«*.
«aTB*aahartod. blUlaf eraapUriaf
,^«May (f tb* aa*By.
f ■•Oar iMaillMa wtU probably mr*r fatatw. IkhtllaeadfaUraportatoday.
Tka aaaaalUa* ot tk* latcrfoau wen

BBEAU), gBBBUABY ft, 1889.

mtkto 10 nPn«< TMrtaW* Bea fln
■awationoMka Orton (sally,
u*elda*i,wB*bnato Itl*.


•. Fte. T.~^Tb* pfraid«ot
today eaaatA to b* pnaalpatad tb*
liiln rr of Uaearal Cbarlaa F Bxaa
_Tte*aarianrUal*tataaaa waadlaal*
'•al f<va ih* anpy. Tb* prad iaat ba*
•anaatad thto teata ywr'i aa-paetea
to*a daay. white otwrr* tk* t.a.Udar
ad tb* Ua* prtar ts «*a*ral ttoras’a
. ThtonmblBlroa
pm dtofraop. bat prMttoally pata bte

Atot* Lie* Bute Aeallarr Ooaatoelo**rJ. B Browa to*t'Bow*U tor**.
Ucetm a «temaf* faUllty aao«f nt8 b Parker, l.rlaf nraa all**
t'OlUeeliy. ka* beta la*l*con
after aaoUer ol hto^w* dartof tb*
ton tea. day*.-the •eeeaih aow dytoy
Ooaatoaloaer B-ewa bn
wired Or. 0. W. Daephy. *ute **teritoaenahad toenUfata. It M
lb* Atonn M

t> mra* •away warn BaB.*a« bam I ba*
baaat 11 I ky |kjaaii, BBir.baMk. 1
aaa* Ceticeu iiuBa //katomc^a*aa/wtu*aw.|bwtaib. 1 nato
Uaaa lea kMU^ CcraCBa^RaaamnBB .
■a aki af Omeua Bar. aU

.......... .
Bm'u ana to

Chnrtu R. Tnylor. ■ artol Rsowb
Buekut ef PhltodelpklB. 41*4 (tea
U*eBcoB of uttoc priiaiifi mml.

Daring Jaanary gold doabl* csylta
AtO«B«4l Breeba't *w*Miu tk*
eiloed at tia.n*:.ooa ar*r* cotord at U* ooilrctlca of toxu to Oab* anil b*
Tblladelphia mtsi.

I We are Still
i Selling Goods.

bnt will sot kiarayfl be flbl* to ofpr yoo
pDi-b naoaata at these prica«a.
For a taw day*
Wtf tvill continue to give yon:


Enterprise Grocery,

Manila. Frh ' —The Amerirao*
I complete eoutrol of Ue alluation
iUlB a ra^at of Otoe nrtlu ot Ua
Ua. Uelr lioe*. exlrodloc tram Melabuoon tbe oorU ud raruaqae oa Ue



B38 Front Street.



lU, are twroty-flTe mile* looc
Ybite a few detached bodi.c ol
Drofeuor Dr Lamar wiatoa to uy
ibe eni-my will offer a dr«ollory oppu owing I >’-no “many mra ai d wumrn'
being cured of Iheir **rmu» ailarnl.appiard te (>e Inrurahlr (and cbroi-ic
fell reirub-ulierly rooted.
etc .1 barr rccninnirndrd_n>any olhen
Uf the horde* of troopt nriciaally
to uk* PII(>FES.S0K’S -Srw Mcihod o
IrawnaplD hAlUe array oya leal tbr TrraUDrnt. for during tbr put Twribi
■leaoe felly oar-lhiid are incapacl
uaa been lirr*. many bate Teairpieulog and Curable eff.-rlof hi.
lated aod tbe oloerc are acattered la
iBon •*»* Nrlbod., curing
•rery dirrrlloo
all cla* failrd. many wiaked him
Tbe terrible Ion* of.tbr rrbela may be
we<ka longer f<ir ar
^•bered from the tad Ibai 16“ of them
erre burled to one rice S Id M .
a'd eifhly-crreo
lOUrred brlWcrn |■a■.••■ and b*DU

lo nrit elly
ite a'raogn'.
rrmalb hrn'dt
.11, but on Inogi-r. aa arrangeairi
■•annot br e»>»iponrd with othrr c
ble eaecollno tninny tbe ri-bela, twerp Longer. .Siiri'.'RTCoi-itrd te 73:- Fr<
SI . r.rrr siroog'i Mo.irht ’rr. near
■ny both bai ka of tbr rir.-r with il.t Opera ll-'uar
liourv a a to ui 11 p
iig ycet and a braaler battery. Bun- Free ad.!■» all arrdlpg Trraiiu n(
[H*n»r what y< ar areaknrra. or <tl»n
Ireda of Fillplnoa aodoaCIwUr
I* If any pta.ibiUiy at all rraaonai
ed late c*oehre»ka and died Ihr
you nan be Cured
C.rfoit of dl*cj
Tbe Amcri.ant ar* worktof 11
jnou dr»t fr ai yr-or •y.tem hy t
Sod tbe wunoded. aad ar* 1.
built up by
haadredaol aefferiog rrbFla te the liokCcterrb.
oilato Tbe ualtre* are unable
•nalic, Fara'yal.. Fir*. C-in.lipatlon.
dcratand Ue moliree which prompt the ~iraprptto. 10 fact rrcrytblog, Uvrr.
ricteia te auccor tbe eocui}'* wi.und -d
lolnry and lirmri 1Iroublr.
reaknwaaud diaraarr:
Tbe ehirfol the Ycorote*. tbe F-U
il detaimy. b)i
and •exitol<a ar-irfosybl ao gallanily
lihy. itroog c
pal lot' he*lthy.
to tbe face of oar arti.tory
qalckly Tbto add tpprara evrry nlbri
Dowa and arrowa. to to tbe br>.|-ltal d.y to Ur M.irelng R-cord -hltr brrr
UaRly dlagoiwrd acd lrrfr<i
with a ibaltered thigh. Ue anmlti
Srnd year aod dar of m-nil
Uai h* berer before taa' modern ar
•tillrry and w*a igooroot of lU effsef.
Tbe'kblef wu bitterly tooecaed ayatoll the TagaliM
for plactoc tie
•Ygor.itea lo front of *0 Aoirnc»n bat
terr. under preteOar that lory Were te

Mra J. H E Bood of Cbicuco.
le of rierenoe Mcbitocalr'a ableut
aaaiaUuU.-^ud aerred Urpneb
war and Efyptiaa euBpalfn*.
spbutRiadall hlmaelf.
Oirinir bto
lOBC abauee be bad acqolred conaldrr- Ak u cobi-qacnee. aha la probably
decorated wosaa lu Aaerieu,
able wnlU, whleta did .aot make bla
aoy Ike In* wrieoa* lo Ue f*<oUy wbo burlac receleed Ue Slar of Ecypl
from the late kbedire. Royal Ib
bad ao loBC twitered bla dead.
from Victoria ud throe oUcia.
A Harbor Syriac* nan went n
Friday alcfat wu Ue coldcut lor elcht
e*b Uroocb U* to* tbe oU*r day
yeara to eanlral aod oorUern N'ebruk*
ai be did not own a B-h-bouae, ic-b at
irj rectoterioc ** below lero
lally oaed noder aueb ^Irenaat ValeoUne. C below *i Bearer City
^ aad' tba eoaolatioo wa* rMcbcd
Tb* Obarleroto Barton Baok of CBar- •tenen. he nl ricbl down os tha Ice ud ten belew at NorU Platt*. There
.WbM b* Anally cot Urod aod
toeoto bae foa* tote eoloaury UooM*wuu abaenoe of wind and Valeniioe. Mcnpy tbe p.wi of b nor
•arlty to Ilf* aad orrparty ooaU b* **.
tlOB ae aoeeaai of U* dtotoelleaUoe of decided loco boa* he found hi
■Icb la Ueceolre ot.Ue Ncrrtb XeMany of tbr Filip no oOji'ato dl-*p' aaiad Afalaalde'* foroa aa*l b* a»dt thenoteboldor*
innbl* *o arln on aeeonnt of Ue
brukacBiDe raoc*. raporu that kteek peared from Maal'a aa aooo u L-jaliU
Wlay dowa tb*lr ar^ aad itli*«Tb* toaUtuUoB wUI be itUebacot formed between tb
lie* ooamenord
Sim« of Ihrs are
' fwUd thkl Oaeoral Oil* aad Adairal lacoMded by a prirau bask aader Ybe and bto troutera AU rSorU to ■ break ia aundlac the cold wnUer
^bkt Uer* hare beeo no loew
•aapbeed to br atUI oldiag brrr
Uon0*wv will pate forward at oaw and lane of Ue Cbarlerol* OMoty Uak.
Altolled.lphtoeompuy bu p aced ircdi ol womra arc pouring Into Ea
(Ifa tb* laaarfBBU ao tetae* lofw
tPhile folbf boae Iroa ecbool H»ry nnbsr curaeni* aad co borne wI^Cimi
nila from all dtoivii-u, at BiBt ol tbr
larce order wlU a R-adin*
a tb* dalett ol Baaday. A*
larM «aa b* iaarard ao potlur- lo- loeaa. of Ba*t 81k Bapldi. aeeldeaity them, be called lo a friend n< ar by and plkM^for Ue aaoofaclnre of mw<)allo rlllace* around M toUa wero dr*-.aoyid
by the irnopa.
The PI
teaiilliiai bar* yat baaa eablad. bult ell tote Ue rirer while crontof Ue had Mmeaop oulUe piece < f Ice Ui
Tbeforlber the Amrri.ani ritend
Fortenately Jaae*
latte aapartatloa of ataban e> tk* aw Bill bridfa
1 ae waa auaeb*^ and aad*
Veriaer bappeoed to be Dear aad re
tbelr Itoe, Ue flidre Ue n< .-d ol
«. aeearryiBf ui lee with t
uf trauaportation increuea
*01 b* paraaad. llaUo will b* oierB' der*d Uaely aatoteoee. teelnf Ue
•. 1 Free Pm*
mudera bari-already breei cor
pMU oaa* by tk* Aarrlc** ear*l •blld from a eold aad watery fraer.
Carrtoon doty'
U'loeuto, Ian year tb<
la****, aad It I* *ap*et*d ttetOaarral
>lou liti* >wder« for the bark an te Imprrm borara aad reh'clr*
At Port Sara*. •
baar.i of <daeailoa dee ded that teach
Otto will aor* laaBlaioly oo Balolo*. Ue board of ■
I Or. Blrsa •m to the public acboola mut sot at- placed >0 It.iKjO lota at a time
fte la*arf*M aa^tal. aad captaia or Mllto waa aaaed eouniy pbye'eiaa *i
Berlin 11 to, epidemic aad eiUrr hero ixpreued or bare diaao
( -ed daoc -a on any slffat rarept
Strert or
Atopea* of tba ao«all*d VOiplao for ealary ol |1 ooo o*r ynr. be te farakk
many of the p-rbiir ofB ‘la'a are aufler- peered In aume masoer
day. •* Uey were not to flicoedl^loa
traSrhu been runmed though U<
bU U* a*d«:lor».
I’ "»loa» lo Ut* u u-ach the aefi day If Uey did The toy from the d-aeaae. tocladiac Bar-.u
alm-mt di
paid Btaaroa* doewr aad urflerof Ue hard bn beea atrictlt Vos Buclow. tbe minialer
aflalia TTr ebl-t at*(* ai^oey, Voe t »e awm *re open, and wblii flaga
drafftoto' bill*
. Fab. «h-A1 telt paat
adhered te by the Uafchera *9 far. Dan
tewela, plllcw alipa ud aproei. tied to
The *10?* la • t/»oMr eUie'ah hr>a*e week. h .tb* Iron tdosnteto Moo*, la-dead. Prince Ueorce of Pruaadorn lb* wlndowa of aaUte
t ib* latiSpin
iplcded ayeterloBkty Ue other day e nhdecll.d in fir* * •well p*rty OS ato to reoorrriBC. Half of Ue cuml*
a eaeryworr*
llopit.- U-a*
wptal*f*o«*l ol Caba. UftOr>.(** btowicif It to pleoe* ud wraekiaf tbe F.b I) -The lu.toooMoodar. Mkcj tortled te (be luteJurt ball weito ueUpon
fa for dpala oo board tbr ttararr
1. «o ooe wa* lejered aud U* aftb- wachetu Saelotu ib*itflly wli:
■ndercorar of darkeeu. fired froa Ue
Tb* »*a*el ai*o «*mr i tk*
errit an *aytof a word a* It to attend U* ball, board or ao board.
windoe* lut eigol on Uc Ameri
ton of tb* Mpaalih aoldtor* aa.i tea Mated U*l fa* fot bto wood froa a Brea tb* taeplU rrffl.wr declared J -klec
Asur U* maay proxIaeBt u
*u patrol*.
d to a -w . .a- aelfbhor-e pile, aad oae of Uk ettok* :iyu*llf U* bard did Botruaeiadiu wbo bare approred tbe pr-jeet
Heerral ilagbea b*a Ue inimor elt
IM*. It waa ■ i*Bj-«t <
•CUOB. he would order tk* tehoo'* •eert to Rlcbmoud aCoafidoruM m<
enal bail ar* PmidMit McKinley ud
The fBBboat tor U* Uke* tor which eloard dariuc tk* w«
teypnaraaf tb* Inl *oldla« *ad tb*
Froaldenu UarrlaoB ud Cteeeiud.
Jut wh*l the acitetla
IM.OQU ba. boM .appropriated
•allflaatlap of te* paa** lr**t) wiU
SeBulBrin 0*cr- Alyer. Lose. Bltoa
treaty wlU Oaaai'a U aot kaowa. but U* aeabemofU*
Apala by tb* Ualtad Atom «<■<
B y. Pcatmuur Ueeeral AmiU.
It w^eUer *o blp a war renal aay boud laatet Uat Ihry will kdber* te
eold. kiiay. eosybtec *1
teoaid ter* ooearrod «■ tb**aa<
■eretarlrt Saermu, Whitney.'bar qolckiy^ nc^Mieougb cor*
tkclr (oraer o*d«r.
Many btller*
be bolU OB the laba
•ad (b* oaiandea** to leokad ope*
ud Lamoel ud u-Pntnuter
aofollatloat of U# }ot> I ifk
te*a a* a happy M*aa tor tte laute of
Oanmal JuBra Masy of Uem baro
auuibated W U* object.
Pent Perry, of Cotoaho*. Oa . *00**
penalcs, Nr. Randall barlnp arryed
; In Ue elrll war. In Ue mno'Uae
Randall aad ber ehlldreo bad m.rred

they toaad tlw«h *i*S whteb to *akd
te'nrry TOO naSen of iiltor te Lk*
which itwrif weald b* bouata or*. Tb*
place ol dweoTcry la riaty mile* from
the Utah line


dered Ibal Ue park and c*”lroa
III poneda Ursnototed begnr........................................................
Tbe oplnioB Bial ea yre aaed by Schia­
Mud u^an Chateau, to tbr
idlDC «■"
io pound* C SuynT... ...............................................................
parelli Uat ccrtelo liurartolble oe
>t Berlin. be cloned to inc pub
TI pound* Brown Sugsr.......................................................... ........
Aatro Pa^Chic Modium-Kadeuato to bow oppoeed by aoutbei
Thto to dur te a aterllinc
lo ter* L*nux. Jaauu or L-ybUouar^mp.......................... .
Dr Cerolll. oho wbleb buonlyjuat breome knowo
•ID Le launflr
16 bar* goad laundry Sj*p............................................................
deelamtbe wboie Ulsf aa opUeal de- 'mat Sunday tbe emperor and rmprru
After T week* of uitofqrt-iry buatoi
I barrel Salt....................................................... ...............................
left tbe ehnreb oppoeitr the puUcr and to *11. many people b*rr rrqortted I
U pound sack Packer*' !fai(........................................... .........
A beaatlfal red lo* •oddcBly sp- •alked toward Uo carrlart -wbirb
VADtU to eztrcd ber atay t
werkktongrr 10 Trarer** Oily fc
prand to (be elrcvu of West Bssbory. waitioc for Uem Jut toride Hon
1 plugi Fruor J«ioe lobaeco........................................................ .
tbr eouaeairoc* of maay to and out e
Maa . to broad dayilfbt. aod wa* la J lu. AB eeormoui crowd saarm
p.uodSBear Head Tobaroe........................................................
I people to c>naull her ni
aodtetely poraned by dof* aad arr. and wu *o dreac Uat Uelr b>1 i
fatoa of life ^■A.^^, FRK-iENT
. ..
,. I p-rand A'oerleu Baglr-or siulard Nary Tshaero...
dlSioltyri rcee'ilDg Ur n’BG wbtoh ahr cisil. 1
I* far oslraa Uea Ml aad ee* Ni-«''i*«ticBa-a. per pound .................. ................................
pie like aniii’ES' BunK, and la grltlnc
reblcie. Whda Uey •uoceeded to 1
y U.
rreommeodrd nlgb y carry day bj
U- # Regular Uamv per pound...............................................................
c-Bthman ^ nnable
Oo*. J. O. Brady of Atoaka. wn oaee
Btka at pwiplr that rl-lt hrr ilallr
glrar'a But Crackriu. per pound.......
................ V...........
a boMalen b>y to New York. ' B* waa drier off.Deloc hemmed to 00 * 1 aid
"" - ' rcall
all plearr arc ber
aa early •
lopaoudayaod Coffae-........... .................................. ,.............
poulbl* daring tb* one or two arn-k
Tbu the emperor aod emore** weeoltoaolowa taraer by U* Child
'nr cotiTrniroi
rco't Aid Sjclely. which iaUcr aaeUtec iblicrd to llflen to peraoo*!, co
■sd utooy utbrr btr^uinii mdsIIt •« good that yoa arill
d, for >b* I
bla Ibrourb ocUefe
Be dr*t ,weat to menu of Ue papulacc. and It to elaia
tK»lp->nr hi
find by »fiTii.g u« • «flU.
Uai totuiilDC eplUela Were flbec
illrrr City longer.
NOlICK! bar*
Alaaka a* •

t-i T15 Froot ktrerl oarr
r HcHiUab bn totrodaced • the itsoerial coople. Ftoallyrelefarcr
MuklcSior*. near Sirlnberg *
mrnta of police mad* a llnr tbrooyb Strong’* MuklcSi
0 protldloc for tbe crecUoe
placH, end that vs will buy u Bnob.of you
nprra hoate. U jur» u a. m. te U p
IIUC'OD Ue ereod aud Uelr mrj-wtlo* dro»e
rnto ad aoprar* carry other day
pro luce u wc can posnibly nu
Morniog It -cord wbilr brre
eeaetery lo memory ol CeptelD Urid amid bootiadBud calcaila
Lock ot balr, aod ilmr of birth.
ley of Ue Ua Olyapia. turaerly t
K. arot by letter, y
year life cu be
Miebirao to*e

Id |0»0 when Baloe oOBoly Brat be­
ta* dry, Cbkrtotu loppurted Ur**
•taned foras *toborate aillury baa
drBfktorea Today U* eaaber ha*
It 1* reporlod that tbe BelAlaB po*<
qsev reception aod ball oe tbe e**slo«
w«U*d to elfbt aad ko (alook*. bot
I Be }*f ba* hero o*plu(;rf by Ue der
. f February *»- The faaUre of Ue
itUl the JotUo* doekeu are erer-roB
labea Rrjaf to ntuaM os Ue Nile,
stsslsf will b* Ue
etween Faahoda aad Uno-f*- K **•
brookt aedab to eaeb Uraed Eapidt
A. W. But a Uertkao pbyaleiaa.
•oldtor to Ue waf, to eoaemormte bto aitackod by tbe derrtobr* to farce to
boa ledla, bow at Ue Battle Ciwe'e
eerrloe. Tbe prtMktaUea
will be Juoe last, bat Uey were repulaed by
laalteriBa. eaya th*r* ar* *M toper*
Ue cerrtooo.
Bade by Mayor Perry aed Ooe
tbe Ualted dteten lo ol Uea to Cblfro*. Frod A. Mayeard aad *U*r dtocyolpDl rtolMd aortbers
■afo.UoBfb phyaletoB* r*B«rally btfB**u will b* prtBent
Saiarday Dl^bt. tbe
toro Uoro are ooBe here.
/ackeOD. a Detroit droaiaet en­ dtotriclof MiJiDca.ou Kembarok* bay.
Tboa** Helteod a pentioDer wbo
on Ue we*l toaal, auffertoc acrerriy.
ba* tended at Brockway ike putato tered the Hibbard boaae aod after **11- rheoerd froreronenl bolldinc* Uvrr
la fat ordeta, told Ue hotel keeper te
reported be
enllapaed aod Uer* >rer* other iaryr
pot him dowa (or all the thirtecB* h
will retelee baek pay to Ue bbobdI ot
propeity ioun.
M.OOO'frea Ue roeeraaeet. Be I* tu bad to Ue hooae. He bad room 111
Coaima Wacuer. the widow of Rich
S dromaer* on tbe way froa Des
ar* of afe. a palour by trad*.
Irolt. Ue «nrtoe'* onaber wa* II*. apl Waco*'- tbr dramalta eompoaer, I*
Albert Tow of Charlotte brafbl a
were II ear* on Ue trato. he dBoceroualy 111 <-( pnnem mla *i Vienn*
white oak tree Ok Ue f*ra of D. U. left boa* PD J*n. II. there were II
Im* Wacoer 1* the d*iicbl*r of l.toii
HiteteU. I* Cbetter lowakblp. Batoa people to Ue dlnlor rooa sod be Ue planto'. and campoaet. and wu
aoBBty, that yielded flee tea fool loft.
foymetly tbe wif* of Herr foe Kulow.
• Unaaaber to bto maaoot.
wbton*ealed».OI*feet. It to eae ot
Bite «* tt a«ner to l-cu.
Hit Brut
Twenty year* *co damn U. Rendsll
ibe tanat «rrr eat to BtloD eoesiy.
wife died to laud.
of Bancor, bade bto wtf* and children
At bewoll. l/eTl Ball. «l eawa, a*dc adten aod went to Oaliforola. where be
an. O'Leury writee from Dawave
tto tkeoad Ba*a«e*at*l alMapl at eel- hoped to make a lorUne dlcrtop cold. that bediaoorcrid Dec < on nu claim
BldewlUtooea wak. Moeday aora- From Ib* day el hi* departnro bto faa- eu Haulier creek, tbe tuck uf
kCbyJaapIkf froaUe •eoood ttoty
The lu.k wu imbedded in
■eer bnrd of bla, aad It wm *ap todea.
wtodow of UeraldaBeoofbl* we io- poted Uat he had ael bto deaU
H.i >*Boif’aod Id* thirty feet deep. U*
,w. Bewa*Dot*erloB*lylB)*rte.
feet loRC- iceoty-aia Incbe*
wife bM aenraed bla aadead for
Lwt week aboslO,000,000 fat of loa- yeara. and nbool a>ear aco applied fur eirtnmfereoea and irciched about MO

Tbair lea* la klllad, wooadrd aad
prtoeBati wa* probably i.OM.
“W* took Ik* watar workaaad paBpllf Ualioa yaatarday *la alia* eat
W* ted a aoMMarabl* tblrBUb with
te**M«y. who Bud* ao atMd. Tb*
adeaoepaap* B«n daatfad. bat wUI b*
ed prleea Thto 1* Ue cal ot ti»7. Hr*
waridBflB a w*te. ff* bar* bad a
Btv brlkf laporUd from Cbtotfo aod
a **t ap la tka
Iwaake* to work to tbe lo-fiaf
ahr. wbleb larelth food
■aap*. Wafeear* better ihto •*•**■
«oop*ara la aseallaat i^riu. QaUt
Ikaa to 10yeaapa<t
Dr. Braaeb. a pbytlelae ol SL L«ato.
watantotlar to sortoc a load of bay
WatUamoB. Fab. I.-It t* aadar- Moteay aftemooB mod fell Unafb
•bood that tb* **apalCB afmlatt tb* bole lo lb* barloft fl-ror. aulkiec
TMIlpplat la* wUI b* aro**- brad 00 * Bail aod rlpptof a fhaatly
Be will rooerer
OaMd^wltb rlrsr. n* qa*nioo^wa• wT^labtoaalp.
Bally dl*«*a*d at to<t* cablael ai^' BBlta blood potoialBf MU to.

ran *S*« MVAHXA.
■*«*. Onto.. Feb • -If tk* n
tkatwnamwtoad today (rata TlaurOolo.. arc e*rlfl«d. tkrew to llWly
aataapedeW iko oosiitfy akal
bbrdecaL'takasd Colorado b*fan tt*
tprikc ameea
u H sopprr
•hoara to tb* toadlac be
nto today Uat carried TS pat mt. ooppu. or a hlybar rours tk^cu b»
claiaed fay uy otksr mto* b tk* eontry. Uwu fooodooBoall^nacoto
Ih* Paradoz.*all*y Uat to oamd to
U chlyaa by 4 ryaJimte Ikai bu
pce'edUr extotean ot oopper
y*an aad bu aalateiaed k two

Alwcirc nf (irra,i*tiiui to Dot rr*t A
mibil quiieTacui u a mind diatrcurd

Our Clearing Sale

Winter Merchandise
' M*rkt«l itnwn
lkilow cost of
ot nreravr stock* haodlMl
:n Ipilow
III)- liAiLbwii a dwidtol puocww. Muy
Ukru adtiBSifr of thia uls who nerw
th'iocht of btiyini; nt ibi* 1st* hour
Tbe wgsttaer
nod (iritow wrrr lu i.ur favor.

1 Fea Lots of CiDlhlie to dost Oil al Piicis 2S pei Ciil
dieatti That In, U Off Salt fit Offirei.
Lot I —('bil'lmi's Ol-rmsxt* vAth e«p««. agu & to 8;
also L-Uti-to. was 2-i0.''iiow........................................................


Lot 2—f'bildreti'R C'bincbilU B«*rer tn^sre, •oca lU. 11. wu5 0U, now...........................................................

.. SM

Lol 8 -Bo)*' Krraejr aod Brever Dreu Ofercoata.*
:es 15, 16 sad 1~, wu7.60, now.......................................


Lot 4
Ubtrr*: BhrUnnd*. CbiacbillM«ad
•Sc«t..b Mixed. bkt“« 16 to l«. WU400, oow....................
Lot 6—Mrn's Blark (’brviut OveroulA waA 4.00, now..

rt <if Men's Orrrtofif
Ornyp, T
wu6.00, n

Thrrv «fr r“i p'M thing* eaoogb le
life to indt-ninify na for tbr Dia;Isrt «C •
^BgledatT —kliuq Swetebina
’ If wr hacr ored of a atrong will In
cedrr to do gnod. it la allll morr n«ct»
•ary for u ^n'order not to docrlLUide
Tbrjc to B“ ImpoBDulity for bin whe
•tanda prepared lo t-cBqorr «rmy batard-tbe feariol •reUetoUing -ttonk
J Hal*
’ Tb* feflerticea 00 a day wcD *pret
(nrsltbuiritb yoy* nHic«< ^rortog tlws
la tbostud tnuispfa* — Tbomu
Wr .cuaot Uer brRB -than to m
tblr PM I* fauriBC ■


Lot 7-Mm's Barer ud CbioebilU OrerconU.
wax '.t.Ul.Dov..

n* to rirbret wbo tocmtefil with
Iron, for niiit-til t* U* wealU of na
Hr wbo liT-c only to Imirflt himwlf
rosier* on tbr w-cld • beaudt when b*
diem. —TrctuUlu


Lot 9-Mru'* rilrs fine Orercosto, Kerseys, Booclu
•nd t'ore^. wu 11.00. now.....................................................


Lot 10 -Spi-cUl niulity. enttom mode, slrgaittly
6uisb.-d ud lined Oreroosto, wu 1200. now............


Lot 11—Extrn fine enstoa msdr OrereostA belt
Mliii liasd, elcKul KfiTBonta, wu 1600. now____
Lot 12—Ex^rsordittory E-rscy Orereost. Skioaer'fiutis
liyird tbroBkihoDl; best msds: wu 1600, now.
Lot JS

Mu'* CbiucbilU I'IxterA wu 6.00,




Lot 14 -Men's rxtrs size Scotch Gray Ulster.
■l»i SbetUnd, wu 6.76. now.........................................
Lot 16—Mec'i nil wool Scotch Ormy *ad Irish
Friere Ulstera, wu 8JAI, now
Lot 16-(tood Inxb FrieztvUlster. well Uiud And
Lot 17-Irub Frii re UUDr, M«dtoa finish, sad bsst
Irish Friezs, inportod. onstost Buds Ubtor, vu
150J. now.....................................................................................................


Lot tS-'All sold.
Wbowra li • wotf wiU act u
arolf. th*l to tke BUI certtia cf nil
Erary mu atampa Ha own eslu a
klawlf * • • Tbrprto*wr<*Bll»sc*
fo» ooywdrro to glecn on * * • Ku to
m*ilr grut .«• littto by bto oars wUl-

A report from Cltoeb eunty (}«., ed Bgoay for IBlrly yeur*. and Ur*
•bow* that Ue nefron Uer* nr* be­ eorsd bto pUe* by utog DeWUC* Witeb
HeacdaMT* Il hall tojarlrosad Uto
Paaaal CWnrr aaa>* cate teat *e W ta*
en far u lutecl- dtoaaullksutcto. J. t>. JohaaoB.
ata*M aRccto HQiard bMto tb«y
amor pertaeraf tbe Bra »f P 1 CuntTA 1-4.
*••*« WwMa u Ike t-or *( Talad*. Oeaair
M but to BpMB.
iBtlBC beearacea ai
arecteked aboal half >
prior tow
aM eT»r» rmft W Caterrk ikat eaaao ke cento
ud uu mub*t ap ud allowad te ler- Ar* y«a TreabM wltti Py*r*P*»st
to Eaylud. tk* teUi
[(•*.**•■> nrotoea mefl It la we law iBB to carinc few tbr pag cF Eegtond Skf
menL A emry atreac driak to nld u
ly of ridaiaa yeenrll eg IIU
'Bto* lor ato Mcmtte wworsr llAm
Sa*’ be mad* to thto way. ud 'u* s^oia • mil riaaatoi
Dyi*ppila Cere u
■eluesryaattofuiorydruaka wbu- ■wa* laplto*. la riaplyrCto DyataB* mU
An EwUth gnldabaok Baku tb* esabey WUI te do aa os Uto poteto wine. laiuwatna. Tbkbapw*mro<H. ka* aM
topriraaapruUmhgau ttouiBBTiw tkalBtorc* pfoportka
Thto to tali teWsuot Uat poereM beH tbu vH> teT* ^* (k* ueut H
Mad UB He fstBki MBp whtok to piua•A^fur.


Lot 16—Boys' Cbtochills Beefere, vu SfiO, now............


Lot 90—El^gsnt fucy.sU wool 8bs
op lo 16 yrsrs old. was 666, now......................................
Lot 21—Fine ChitkehiUs Burse BMfer. hnfidsd,
wu iUW, BOV............................................................................
Lot 88...B >oele ud Astrschkn Basfsrs, Um4. bro«
sod bine, vu 9.9U, BOV.................................. .. .......................
Lot SS-Hury AsUBohss BMdsfR. WM 400. BOW ;

. 176

Lot 94—All sold.
Lot 86—OLtoehnis




The ^^ton Store,


aBAM) TBAbmafl amtAU). Mmaoeat fi, UM.
DMIb «f i«ta BMk.
4flbs BiMk dM dbrtg rn4*> atwlir
MtbdWdornrMim. ftfMT m u»m*
PMBmU. wMtb*
Otbli tetb.
4dbB UMk WM OM of tb* b«t
kM«b o( lb* Oimsd TnrofM pleaom.
«ta imiB SeoUud. aad
OmMb wlibbto
tnt. (■ luo (W7 BOf*4 to fftMoa•)S,aBdlB >•*>. BttBTBgHldlBr » U
lUi IB HBBlHM. Hr. BlBek cbm
Trmrorw Ciij.
Iba Bret work bcrc
lor UBBBBh. Ur 4 Oo. iB elcBTlBf
Waabteiiaa. «eb.-</-Tbs war

aalib. bae It seeend to bread a
If wa ledge the uap.
af tbs tegietelen hr tba eplrilad awi.
■eaSMwbtebaeeBncdoBUu Bretaew
Bfbt. la faatoae weald
alMaat eoaelads that the Um dnrtag
adjmnisast bad been atUUed la
deelelag new Md. of eoadacUag tbe
old war.

Uadere'baraliM aoM i«wv bewlaabcrtag opcrmlkiaB of U»i
r.. tor the apparaat bbIob of tba
•uBiaad witb HkBDBb, Ug * Oo. lor
roBlaeat leadlag Msbare os both
■BB/ roBi^ pnrriDC B BMBt niBBbte eldee teeortef tba adopUoa of tbe aoa■Itlee report, oa the qa.tloa of eo.MO wbarcTcr be ws* |
BOBbrr oJyeBre be wee lueewen ol pleie eteaographle reporu of dallg pro^
oBcof lbs wistcr esape e( ^ eeei eaedlegs. felled to taeora a Mjjrltg.
ioat ererg .SBbtr wbo spoke os
pB07> •»«
MUnuUoaot Hr. ftsd Mn.
tbe qn.lloa, farored foil reporu aad
Mlt ud tbclr d»agbwr KU» «p ft*
bed etroog reaeobe, bat wbam It
, cf lb* •»—»» *«»' Hr. UsBBbb cbU to ibe Bcooab Iset
toeotleg aed going oa . record
at tarorlag area the modael optlag of
■wealBg, wbBB he was told of
d a*ddB
BiMk'a deetb:-;Ue wee B woBderfB’l; •, wbtob bg tbe report ibcee
HMk u*
letlre teoeoag ornxaae the rgotua
wbleb lores to see Itself quoted In
prlBU. STUB of toaelblog »o wlTBsOetfsloB.
> md ae tbe lagUlatita juurabl.
Tbe MpiBM eoert bee heodH Borv
»4sekNB )e the tb« UU. oew of « J
MorcBB ee. Tw«MU * LroM. la bLW.
bat oocwlth eeeb other. The fortnec
Ibe daeMea of tbe dreall eoert bare i>
waeu to tan eyoper about P90 per toe.
toeefwdB^lbeillUectaebie. A Bar
while tba latter at the earns emloa de


bee beaa Baeided la tbU ease ai
aetrr lea ttUe of IBM le aHraUd. •
IM aeataMcd faj tbe piaiaUB Ibat be
CBMe tlM aaKBaW set dowo Is tbe t- Bales term were sot aarried out I*
aolaaia 11 betoe tbe drorae 1
tbattbarewBeBadeoaetoerll Jedfr




leaf restfala«>oaraMtbeAMt e

«lr. to prtrlde e liberal bMiolg, ee
Baaataelar* of copper Is U.i

b far arraral .11. t
and to tbe aoalbaa. for eight .lira
Theatraggllng tasergrat troepa
driraa la
a aad the .aUr. ara
retaralag tc tbair rUlag. dUpUglag
tba white flag.
■^OOM. aU aUra aiwth.
aaie a naad beklad tbe

la Baglaaw aoaatg. taMtlg
for tbe arraet of Oeerge
WlUlaM of Fargoe. ebargtag tbb^
was mUI^ “Are wat.'* witboat a UCblet Ooea btp.

Steinberg’s _Closing Out Sale

HuudeaaWelteof Segiaaw bat aa
dowad tbe ebalr of pbUcaeobg at Aim*
oollage with fal.ooa. The eadowoMl
te la lorlag Beaorg of her fatb., wbo
teODeottbetoeadan of the eoUegr
The ebalr win be kaowa ae -the Cbu.
Ip of phlloeapbg "
eat troops ted bg Celeaal
tbl* Beaae eirangtb> le tbe faeultg
Tbsre was a ehaa aaeoaatar r.alUag aod a bright future lor the ooDege.
la tba rout of lbs ascag witb h.»g
lo the pa*t to gsara the eerollmcel
at the aormal echool ha* grown from
Tba ImoftheSaasaercglMat wi
*S» 10' w>Belbiot orer I.000
la tbr
alaaaatAlftrd killed bad ete n
l*e< tab g«an it hat laereated omrlr
40 per cent, wblle the eeerage aesber■Oatbe feortb Agnlulde l.aed
thip in tbe .bool ha* doeblrd In the
*ameiiat. TbcfacuUg kae incrcMol
wiU Ue Inraatieennd deelarlor
froB 1: BCBberete l«T> loa roaier ol
bn 8oM*g be Utued another
calling all to iml*t Ue f *re[gnAr.lun
Uli Inflaeso. Urougbouv Ul. eee«;on 1. ' *« >•'>“ “>e f.BlIg of
dBlroged. Benow apsn. fora
; "i*"
‘ "rilerlg unforluottc Tuev
etUonof boullliU.aoJ a eonftreoc* ■'•5’
'o the ooralng Mr. Chtp
Wr bare drcllsed to ao»wer.
at Ue OMo Pepet
od whirled
''Tbaloaurgeni expectation of ri.- “n"-a* rtugh-. In a-.hbfi aod
•ei.fng .10.
logoniheeghtorthetKaribw*. -nu f
«iih leir.llr force,

Lott of peopU have Alr«kdjr tak«D kbvmnu^ of the Orest _
pleo«l oa every Cloek In our eiock - AU new and deelreble
BOD'e menotteture

e PriceAwe'TO


HcFc Are The Prices That arc Selling TheiU:

Ladies* Jackets

Ladies' Cloth Capes.

BOiide Jackei-, al! liiu-.i. tal-

iie S4-J5


'tt> tliisf AA AQ

out at .


Black Wool Ucaver Jackfis, h.ili Htietl. value St.75

rea'Ued. Tor proe.t m»r.h»l m .ib ixfir*-hlch B.g prof*
admirable dUpa*Ill.)a of Ibe troip. de ;o the forenoon * 3-gears.ld Haughtrr
t.ud eeerg auemol. The dig 1. quin f-‘l °o a.lovjand w** trrriblT bura.,l




dose out.................................................
Other C.ipcs, plain,

valii.-s jijc,

Heavy Beaver Capes, hraid Iriminrd

ihis dosiny A I


| A


This Closing Sale S2.8S. $3.40. $3.90
Ul.u'k all ttOLil


This Closing Sole 49,69,89c, $1.05.

taliii i

S4;5»- ?-oo-

aud ba*la«B hw boea re.amed.
*• '» de.inule
attire* are r.peetful aod'rbeerful.
(%e flgbliog qatlllireot tbr Ameri kti
MUa L'ule Kiaeam-k ol UuuUIrg
troop* Wt*a reteltllau le bU loh»bi- fcsw a wildcat prowling about tbr

eti .

and 1.75.

I ft

wZ* I W

Bcavt-r lacki't-.. luK-r.


hraid irimineil. l.raiti and fur trim*


ijokt-i*. some

pMra qu.ility heavy Ifcaver Cai>es,
prodneu te Id tbe opluloti of Mr. Ln*l>
■ml tuildiog* near th* range l.ght
half lincil. Mhf-rs .ill linnl. v.ilufs
I'r.iid. .hr.iid an.! fur irimmetl. etc.,
eoiBelblBg 19 he eneuuragrd bg ttxl^g
boUM where *be lire* with her brother
Sf'.iKi to 7.50.
tbe elbU bt large. Ur. Heise w:
iMiMf from Cuba
valuesj5;,5n, i.-.V>tar *e'»*d a khotgun. ullird forth abd
equal aatbu*i*«D. be'lere* Ibtl
'The lollomliig leiter wa* reoeleed ■DrtUcleakt in dradig cuntlicl. *be
.OerbM held tbet #*ee tboegb
It BBOuaf of profit It beiag made graierdag bg Mr. for .tia. tbe Front being elctor.
Tbe cal weighed IT
•awBBM were aol carried oat tbe
of Uleblgan ejpper. aed that
■treot trait dealer, from bl* brotbri. poondi. and tbe skin will be atuffed
.All wooleKcrifv lackeis, in Cailrt
tUBWBBTaUd. IB Ue eaes ts qi
' wbo is a soldier In Ur SerroU t'. S. for tbe rdiflcctiue of Hue Urannock'*
' Bhif-. and lirccn, At A P
tka tba aMsais wars aot carried orer
l ine tpialily Kt-rscy C.i]vs. irichly
fneuda 8he u now known ak "The
this dosing' s.ili; yUsZU
telolbee. .
log fortubre
Finer Ilrl Flo, Cobs. Feb. (.
trinmied. value $; 50. this
female wtldcnt killer of the fioirn
t elBraed bj tbe Jedfc.
bare bme made la the ten few gran
I reoeleed gour Idler all right and nortb."
dosinj; sale. .-Ml luir IvcitcrColi.rnJ l.uki-tsof line
nmZitma U
ose wb
H9tb hillt elraogelg aaough also iflect was g'ad in beer tbat }ou are all well.
A Flnlandrr raoaed a lot of treublc
IKcrsev's . all
in hantl-x'iiif'
n aed tbe
Iroe le tbe .ne ratio, and oorer large
1 am tbe laair;^ Mg cocnoeoT left M* 4ot Lake Llodca inerrbaMa one
,styk-s. tan, iii'tv litnr, lirc'vn; urt-i-n.
Besl Krwey Cai>rs vet^- choice, hraid
« n Ibat tbe deeree 1aapllee oalj
ig ibe MBS frouod lb the rarg oppo- eon. Ub . oothg :ib of laouaig bOd
reliable bcd
la»t week bg going bmeod lotbratoro
etc—values S10.50. 1 t.s-h. I n.txj ,in<l
Bfanc are
• tiaw leads wbeee» Bgai
and fur trimmed. h>ni; lenytlt. y.ilmebrd bear on the loth
waeplaeed." la tbe
sad bnging goods for wbirb br paid

4a*aU that aalasa.
Ib tbia
The growing saede of
We expect to atar here at Irait rlx with bogu* checks
be bbd Hre. Bleek eoeducled tj^r old
for this do*Whru tbr swinill,
tbna wee aegUet Is aot earrrlBg lbc» Karbange taolel. that the old srulrrt
It Is kj rerg warm ber« tbat wasdisweerrd Ur inrrrbsnU suocen'
luy sale.
sat, aad tbe BcprcM ooart bold* tbei ee wrl^rranal
tbe Cnhent run ■•■■und hal^nsked. an-1 In gntlar all tbeir gocifltPack. and a*
inaber Tbit hotel *Iom)
aalbere waeaotblag la tbe mlooiu
Blue Bf.iter Uikcis. «i)u<'s
Browa, of a bill appruprltUog ■omr of tbeir cbi'dreo pUg around rmr
where later the rroni
ebtbejroseil e
tbe mao bu a wife and (eoiilg In sup
frsvlded (or Uat parpeae
llttoqe for ibe'.uiltatloB. ibesua of eaiop wUb-ml wrarlbg aug clolhlrg.
#5-^0 aiKl-4.5o.
porllbeg went ar-juud ga>e bint s
Bam to aell tbe Uada
re.(l(« beleg for a aew building to ac- At eeerg meal we bare tbeg conir
g.Kid *nund ihrs*bing lnslr*-l of beearoDDd with no*, and pick upoar Irat- lu him J*Ued and tbu* deprirlng tbr
One lot f.amy miMiin-s. W«h>I C.xssiwbleb
fao.itg of tbeir m.F* of •upport.
Missii.>4' Tan'Govt-ri [i^jkcis. vdn-i
meres, for ayes 4 to .S ye.trs. v.ilurs
cxne are all Ibeg lire os.
Mr. aad Un boogbt a piece of lead
tVklu-r Finch, aged TA gear*, and biS1.50 to 1.75 — ihis dosiiiy
wi-an-rs, sigjhily iiarI bare area wins: rs-main* of Ibe 1' S
BA Hag lowBsbIp. and l.prored the!
j wife, sgidgears, re*pri-vd eliitei,.
Usttlesblp-Malue" In Bseana Barb.:
wblle allllearrglDgoD his other opermcnls
da. of. tbe Qaa
|c*psi-. we'c esrh stUck.ul' with Ihand It loola Juit ae tbe pictures reprewere dellghiloll} elkoe. For quite b eombar of grar»
■*eaL Tbe■ boge
gripsbml Ihrec we,.J»-> ago, S>ie dud
dosiny sale..................
Scotch mi.vfiires. l.lue .itui while, ami
the (aria bee beee the famllg 1
(•.lead aad braid, a
F«br-,*iy ut and was burled K*turdsi .
green and while plaids,
I have also been through one of
elal profra. rdrcabMat' aod le oae of tbe floe fanat e
aud be dieil Tueedsg.
When hr wa>.
crs. ages 4 U) 14 V rs, value 0 I f ft
■ gwo for Are proof Smuiab forte en.l tbeir j.U- 'ItTnii
war* tarred. Tba da. oSeen
•tucked witb tbr ilieeasr be. bring rnot sigbUere to be seen there. Th.g
$5.00. this dosing sale..^1 iTU
Is ll'.l be narriad liarrlsli A.
Bleated . tdlowr
tber na rci-rnirir lodiTidual, refuw d I,,
Boom erbeeaed todag
do not borg tbeir dead as we do,
field of .Vrw York, who died la
Fr.»eBt-€artoll Bale
Silk I’luhli Capes, liniiij.;.
remoTebl-. cl<»tblng ur uke off b<*
l ine Wool Cassimirrc
juit plei-e the ixI9d OB two sticks aud
be Biarrled Helea .HoFarlaod
VI. peadBeaVrBalfb B.IU.
boot*, aud duribg s,i this time be he*
full stvci-p, fur trimimd00 9ft
5'.v5*’ to 4.0>- .ih«4 dos­
.rrgftiike tbat. When tbeg get to
of Ckoada, who eareltre.
•aaretarg Berbg Aadersoe.
,rg Tlh U Ue grace Ibrg Urow Ibe corpse tu and lain in l<ed drrasrd Id that tasnuer.'rfle
ing sale.
value ^4 5U.thisd*>sing sale vZaU W
of Hr. Black's daatb will
Tbsaaarec-risBkU Vealab.
ws* tbr father of seren eblldreu, >>x of
brfag sorrow to etrrg old eelUer of catcae to thequelitgof cute printing .ee the eoflin. wlcb .1* nted mai
wbnm are lirlog
Silk niuf-h Caj«-s. fur irimmcJ all
• Oo'one sida.of uor camps
Kba Harg Mhrelag waa plaaeaatl} the coUre graad Tnreree rrgioo and whether anreisontble deteg* were
around. Ui;; .stvtrep. value
aarprked Moedag elgbt at tbe boiue ol
of good Ibiog* evoldbewrlt oecaring in tbe delirrring of atnie high Bonoulps. aud about eigbte<
UcCalla-n. Burcb. UIH. miles Ueother aide of ihem lUaUie
Hr. aad Hra Alee Uebart oa UbIol tea of tboar earig dege whea therr
S? oo. this closing; sale
I. I will close bg sending ell of
Heavy wool L'asslin-i t- Uo.nks. thor­
alpsal. Abeat Ibtrtg of her frlra<l>
few here and all were iBlImeU Ueberck nndAValerv It is sndenloud
Cumgou mg beet w-isurs for prnapcrite.
Silk Plush Capes, fur.hraid andyiin|)
' baleedUlMHBrgoeUbraUbcrlerDtt Wenda 01 all tfaree Mr. Black wm. T. lUTta.
oughly g >i>d ill every way. ages 6
Yours Irulg,
BiatWrthlag. TbetiM was ddlghl- laeof the kledret hearted, tbe o>oe< pang wbo here the ouDlracl for doing
triinmetl. values l57.,o.
to 14 ye.ars. vaiuL-s S4.00 to 6.0b.
I len i« f«K«iiJs.
(allg apeat la daariegr gaMa aad elair- grorrmie aad tbe moellored.
Be wae Mm eUte printing .arc turfecllg willingSorTrgrng
Troop I. 7:h U. S. Csssltg.
food Baa to kaoir, aad a tbonaand 10 bare Ue lee.tlgaliou Bade.
Uunng 'hr w ,i.i..r I will at
$3.19, H.49.
Uorernor Pingr. bb* ordered oob-'
leuoriee reaala of plraeaol word*
ells f->r sorrrf Ini* sml Itmher «
ilMloB* to iMue U tbe tollowlnr: J
Mn. Dam Loadsa of FUth Itraet so- klodlg deedi aad ebrerg belpfaloe..
Cell iHi i>r *d„r...» loi- SI ■';Zr
'Cotton Ki.Lrdown and'Wool Eider*
icbeo.'Mitls, t' F I ii4.i:m.
Best Piush Capes, elaborately tri-ntactalaad a law trlaade at tla o'dcci
oeerr bappW Ibas wbenfio- F. Woodard. MalaBAz-x). . Ut lleuleo
l.snsiag. F.b » -Tbe Uiebiran crop
•low n Cloaks for ages i to 4 yeara,
«aa Ileadag ataslag.. The creatwee lageomethlag for aomebodg elae that antofOompang D. Tbirtg-flnb Mlebi
nied with yim$> and braid, fur edyrr. o - tor Jaousrg. teauBl bg heereUrj
prir. * $i.j5 to 2,75.
gab Instead of Uentenant Yeluf, rrfftMatabaaorof Mrs A. U Baeba
•oold glre pleaeare or ouBlorb .
Steam*, ugs tbsl Is replg U Tc tbr rarmersri (irand Trarers* C-.e<l. value $15.00, lltts ■
«ha Atg balag bar MribAtg aablrerea
Tbe ranke of tbe old eetUera are •Igued; Fruk 8. French of AIpcBt. w tbr quutluB. -U*« wheat dao
I will reir lb- bict
Plab aad wblu bgadathe ware ai
hlBBtag fast, aod tboae wbo Ptlll rr tud lleatresDlof Cimpaog D, Tblrtg- oeig»tff«rtd ioj irg from ang rsu*-.'
Wu. 1.W.1
fiClb Hlehlgan. Hr. French Un tua of
37s correep'iodrats In tbe eoutberu k'lnrsleT Su1na.1i. ‘ 1
Und OoBBi*eloner French,
cnatl. answer -g.." aad :s -uo." tfrib-mr S' Trarrr.
N.-v.-t 111 ill.- Iii-lorj ..f
ib.aftedi.of Amada Ul» lored friead. Joba Black .
••uls in vnlu.-* Ih-n mail.- .111 di->ice
rbeae eoBml.lon* nra to Uke elfeel
la Ue oeniral ouatir* i:« onrmpsnsl>li-li garm.-iits. ''J'hi-.. l*si. s
U-I.Ti- you.
u Tresers* Otg, Kieh
Tbe fsberal eerrlecs were held at tbr.
BeOM^'^d who bt last aigbfe dentsaaswer "ge*." and 37 "no," ao-J
(awilg bone gwlardqg moraiag aad
Buy for N«xt Y«.ar:
If >(.U
Ihis wiiil.-r - Al Ih*- pri.-i-i. kU i>-i- iiaim>-«1 it trill pny
a Ue Borthera eouatlM’17 aeiwer
iMHeaflag Bight at b.hoM la bn
largalg attended bg old satUeri
for I..
111- vblut-w will he- 'luplieatoJ nyBin.
b>ee Oitg Market.
bSM te Oak Park. A mm del)gbttBi
^Ttae preraljlBgopialoo Isthat wheat
dag Introdueed a teaatlon
tlMwaeaa)ogafl bg alt
Ugbi rw
Itofthebaging .oid srll
Jonlor Lgocom
« of grairrdeg fer grooerkw
ueded to cBbodg all aBtl-Plngree fra- sas suffered considerable lojurg. C-in
bnhMate wars icrred. Tbe gareb
-nd fan--------^........
Tbs regular uaeUog of the Jualor Urea. It la olalmed tbl* bill has been dltloDS bare bran rarg uofaranble.
nn'nw siii-.-.-A*—A i.iii-ce»» lv-eBUH*-JBriJMi-sJ t-e »l *nuniU-r» of aiiilB. overaemalad Ura taltb with a beaatUo:
largeig wee held g.letdeg atlen
prepared bg exHloreraor Bleb and'
, iiil-. .-Ki-I]
llimith At »u.-li alAiik’lilettsl |>ri.-.-s llial tiumt riores would nutereo
sunn* Piucc
IlneUg after eebool.
A plapo eoto bg otbm.
II ef cl--I
• ii'-h « tl nu:. 'Vtxv.iiiiuu,-hu. li t iwlf uiiiil K. l. 15tli
Kvery udl, uv.psMi,
Clear Pork per bbl.brB.............
FtUag Bifbt aboat twaalg begs eo
Mead Moodg was tba Aral aaaber upon
Clear Fork per tb.............................
BenreaesUtlre UlllaB Uleafternaon
-r. juiir i.I jmiiis, mn. kiiinu. .i.-.,-aI1 new nnd dniirable girwlia—nt a U>aA-liilw diaroonl 4>tShort Cut Fork ...........................
fartaiaed aboai Ibat Mag girl frleodi tba progrsB.
iBlroduoad a resolution requiring
Dty-flv« per cent fn-m uur f./iui.T luwi-pt priiim.
State Hews Item*
fa a AaUfbUal pang la Hoategae ball
Ora. Uaallagi preaeated a dti
uSctel-etrnogiaphrr during Ue dlicui.
y.iii enu’t Disk.- a iiii-JAXe if j.m trad.- Bt
Al CoBeUBiine. five email bog* lurl- Flour. If L. A Co brat ...........
Tba fso. was aiqiltltalg ulaned
leel wbleb tfaowed Baeb caratol elOD of Ue railroad bllU. A hot Agbt ed lonpat down tbe 8t Joseph ri*er Btc Flour. H L. A Co. HeeL..
with satieaal anten, abowiag a verg tboaght and atodg.
Burch declared faat Ob a large .kaof loe. Tbe .ke broke Heal. D. L A Co Beat................
Feed, M. I.. AOo. Beet...............
pratfa cXeek B.g ebatra aad onj
iBBoroae illuttralloa of “Bow
oppoae a Beaeura that
and begad 10 sink. Tbeg jumped out
oeraarn aada It twg teeltlag.
plated a special tUnorrapher for asg into Ue stma aad reached shore wiU
Tba aecateg w. epaat la plagtag
particular bUL
Lord perft................ .....................
dia»ug. .
gaamof eanoan blade aad dtlldcw prodocUOB of -King Urelt.''
Batter per Ib Deira.......................
Teas and nage wera«rdarad aad Use
Boten Clerk of BiebBoad eonntg. Creamerg Butter.ft.......................
A bright llltle eoeal solo bg doMD . It rislting bis brother. Willism Cbreee per ft ..................................
igof no obtee HoTBUlh wat appreoielad.
per bn |old).._____ s.............
ark of Hag Cilg. Tka two brothers
“O d IroaddM" wa* tbe aabjeet of
per bn., old...............................
Mparalcd In Wieeoesia in Msg lu. isis.
FoUtoes. per b
*a eeaag dereloped bg Thom. Parker.
ed bare not met tin. that lia* an^ HaltVr bbl..,.
Tbe original
eaUtled -Bra
11 now. Bobert Is 71 and William «7.
Oeeeral Uosei trrle. here and
Hag" bg Lgdla Koeoif prorad to be
Tbe secretarg ol war ba* .at to cos*
if he do. not appear Wtore Ule Asaamtrig iotereetlag aod raeelrad plapeo'blg to explain bit agraeaent wlU Hr. gre. a slatesenion Ue militia, show
abte atteatloB.
total urganixed force of lul.Sdc
Bobert Forter, Pr.ldent McKluleg't
■taA bp a qaanat ooBpoead of CIbuii
A pteao aad SMioUa daet ehara
VEU\‘ Seboil
»h-iiilil Iiav*- a Webslrr’w laierDatioDol Dk-lionary. a good $lobe
UBorganlxed and ursllaljle. t.ura.
MeOeaalil. Fraab Dartew, Ua Bag lagig seadered bg Uara Foneeh aad
; ^
Ai*' A Art uf at lessi ••IV Wall .Ma|m (L’liiW SiAlra, Norih Am**ri.-A, S mill Am.-rica. £nrop«
Vlcblgan strength I* reported at date. So. 1, per bn. (usw)..
to UeUlg M U what look pte. at Uelr
. 0Y Asia aud Africa) Au-'i a tierlaiu atu-.iuol uf lurju.-y s*-I aside {->r a grade lihrarv "
Cbrrie Ararg, was giraa salhaeteatk
.Beeta. t.7M enlieted men. wiCb
—f’r--/ •grotra i bvlurt W/-.rr (fw .MuteF-inawt'fAsXtMS
betnged Ue oaa. of Cnfaa bk M.OUO aseo aeailsble Icsr miUiarg datg.
Tbe qoMtloa, “Baaolrad, That tlie
iMefaatefi bte AfU blrtbdqg aantreriBce. be wUI be t
More rooB It needed ni Ue SUte
egro bae euiered more at tbe baadt
awg at tba Hha. KlItMi and Darter'*
el the whit, tbaa the ledteae,'' bed.
oL Bi* UuleaehojI
Colonel Fernando Hendtsef UsBaral tnre'will bensked Undoplfiis.u-iu for

This Closing Sale $3.1S and $4.35

This ClosingSale.$l.98.$2 69, $3.48.

m Clesllj Sile $6.79. $T.t5. $6 75 |ld $9.95

This Closing Sale $2.10' and $2.05



Children's Jackets



Ladic.s' Plush Capes.



• Children's Long Cloaks.

Thii Cledag Sale.' S5.25. $5,95, $6,75.



This Closing Sale, half BBICE.

Our Quarter Off Clothing Sale


verse City.

: g


Reliable Orr Co2ds, Carpet and Clolhiag House

■----------------------------^---------- ■


Aactfi tba prteelpai f.atara o
Iteraaateothe Mnbdag analeamrg
Sf Mba BiUlege aaa wbea the litUe
pspOBof tbs sMol deparfad tor the;
iapeaah earrted a prettg boaqaeiot:
faraaUaae . a raslafl. bt tba oe-

~ I

Tbe UaealB Lllerarg Boeletg ealebralcd tbeir Bret aaalrsraarg In Fomt
an hall 'Hoadeg eennteg. There were
•*. tUng-Aee preeanl.
was e.g plea.aUg apeat te gaa.

.1.^_______ _

roBrx'i staff, reported heretodag from
prcaenl' irainiog
;p ^
lioa. Ue mgt UeA Oeeeral Uomex echool beildiag. Tbe pnoeoi eecom
h. aot left Uat plee^ bat 111* belleeed Uat he will come to Haeaua ThuTu- large DUBb«rt.wbwjnusi bura pracUTbe Cebaae here expeoied bte, <•1 uwehiagX
arrlfal tut aigbt. and crowd* ol Urm
Frank TaialBe. • miner emplogrd In
.'Bed near Ue rallwpg statloa
lbs Bug oowl alb* In Hoallor lownsblp
late boar, expecting to e. n red
wu terriblg enishsd bg w half ton
era boieied. This wu Ue elgael
■IBW falllBX OD biB Tussdsg afternoon
Uoi bad beaa arnaged le be .1 wbea
brakes, but bis body wo*
OeaerBl Oob. aurted tor Hat
euiand bralsod Is » sboekiog Bbaner
Heoateir Praetor will leete hare te>BSd II is (Bared faara nra ^terasl .Is*
■errew to BMSt Ueseral Ooacx. wlUJuries
who, he teteade to bare a eoataranea.
Bra .
Tbudors Cabp of JtskAOB. who beFiled Uaaer 'Traoe Flagfsa fam gObrs fo ib a umall wag te
Maaite. Feb. > -At CbloMBn gMer.
Jcrssg orsaB from bl* awu
dag. a FillplBo eolotal eaae oat nndar
BOW dolBg a bwtusBoffao,a fl*c of teaea. ueanl Aaerleu oM
ar. Xxpvu laCbicAffo. wbera
aatarteddo BMt Ua. bat wbea Ue gnat qaaatlUas of botura ara a
-It. aet..Uu Fillplaea opeBed Ara proaouneo ibe Jaeksoo prodaet
torfaebartmr. AamtiB fas world.
OM aoofiaet «f his
Mrs. Ltebreek Chaabsrlaln
!*• rpei*i« UMiri fw WM fvsscj, **a t. IS. rrv
Blgbt Whl
m* MIrf. to te*
at T**«ww ou, •• te.
mnd dsad la bad bssld* bsr hasbaad U
MfM* S*I w r-«ra*f7. to te* tmr ra> ih -iwmr
•gte nrar •
orriterlBg 1b b }aagl
*a»«**4 M< *te-lf *to* H«**«i.
at MV Morriv Aba bad pasaed awag
B-writo Jate*Mrr-rate. 1* te* to*K*r mu*
UeatMtABl Alford of
darlsg fas nlgbk aaaovioad bg bsr tSUt:- •
SaasB* latABiry uBd B nrtraia of Coa
harbaad. gbawasesarlg 76 gsarsof
puagl.wsrukuUd nod olxofaarBBU
a*B aad aa old rualdaav Boart (ailora OratMU.*' ***.*< »***te-'J'V*aM**--« teS
rer* wouBfiad bg faBBacmg. Two
Ji*te>u .-—I rarto-* r.». *to...,ite>4 IWI. to*
waa fa* eauaa Mr. Chaa
'AteSiff **'-*■

b**a alek (or aoB* Mm
Tl-tiWte 11 to e*d-r*a Ih** H.*S** to* all.l
■ raocBO of farir esarmdra aod
s*. bT to*f«* *-ae *1 (*« tostoto* to te* fwto
raig low.
•toto. tm *«*t**4 <•' te* k**.*to« at tote **OUra.
drara tba PUtplBaa late OAteeram. pr>*
. to--------------to-, to-*..
•IratlBg tew fa* rarg bam of ibo
(ataated -tb JaU Ufam 15^kowu. Tba rwwboBte bIbo boBbardoA


Aannal Dag of Prarer.
HsBbere el the Woaaa't Bobs aad
Foiriga HteelMiarg Soeirtg of tbe BaptUtehnreb will oberree tbe asaaal dag
of ipager in tbeir bom. fadig.
Fteg earwetlg for: Oar aletm
OBe.onr *1.0. mbroad.
Bead Pi. Of t I Acte
Uehlfaa goung womsa abread. sail

All Hlehlgan Bl.toaart. afaead.
ATI BMonariMOB furloagh.
DarM IfaUlBg aetad . taastBaeler.
Tbe treaeirg. That tba boM far
Olteg the afltea te a earg. pteaelng BbaloBari.- eblldiaa at Morgan Pfak
■laa.. Man. Ollbert. Uypr.liunt. sag be dedkatrd free from drbt.
! lifagafillfaataaeUabte Met hsaPer tbe ITT elete and taeeete
SOoaBMan.. Bag Cbapataa gees aa aaeeee: for pH oaeanand tbe Bs
I Istectteg talk on -Tbe Put Bletorg Peb ». im


Ha*. A. C q*«»«Tt. I
is'tbs Boetofa.'' Letead THpp. tbe
IfliBt pcldtat of the eoaietg. goes a
Joba Abelden. (or Ur arraalb dag
jearg taMsUag talb oe tba dlMeal- edresli;. bu parebaaed Ua Bead
llteaof tbe orgaateatum efAhIa Mat far. . U aerta. oae mile east of
■luAtebU aaaiatg aad lu okiteu.
mao. A eheecb aebool wdl ba pal
oa Ue pte.. wbeco. After Ue prae' *
Oroaasd tba lotaat .bool gear aleeea. Ue adraattet
: Otoa Hates. Huh.. Febg T.-ThoB. ehlldru tf Ue eoaslg will be be rafassB te men e«t *n* ou. *m *w« wra o aar ***** **..
fas uuborbs Orasral Otla tBOllg ratW.. paatMBMr at Mth Haalioa, bed. . Tbe far. wlU ba eat ap fa. ewllad fas lAopu TbaaratabUlBof faa
tbreasAata, abated or. oa tbe ts>ax aareate aad teUto Ueadmtteu
■ to totototoral ..rara W. HW-'
S'** -MM. 1. XW. ***** tol.r.H.t
sfftrlM aw*g asraral Uasa. bMllko|?ISr«aII .TuwrrafratrW teU|ran*A.w
ifaAep fartbatraall. Tbdg reporl wbo wUI oobUbs la btltdlag ap a rw
' Hlsbigaa .1 fa. faamgfalsal oat fasAarooMsbafau
fast, la tight Bioaad tbe
, Tbeaatlre.
Tbs tter.0B»faf gegfelarad
to,. ...rtu w. toto'««,__'to*to -toitotoj, Ul tetototo toam bare fate .arslqg.
I to


teurJAA. I. Beh..b...t;s.a*ns.’:}sjr2«=v*si‘r:^

: a h-tt-r *vn» f->r fi 2*.:
‘'i^lit-iorh for $2 25 ar>d tb<-brat twolrc' inch l.'r.Al r 1
He bar- .Mvpa.
pa. 1I'Isra
la« II--.*
B--,'i*t.-fw, Bla* BbIIa. Cbalk, Drawiug Psp-r. Black iimnl St-ueila. Ink by tin- l^iiAri. WaAle Pap* r ijasketa.
We fail wll yon a'l lb***!, ami anythin;: i»l»r nprtled in tbo n
I cbeaper lUau y-.-u cmti b-jy ibeto fruoi ouUide acboc;! aopply firaa.
^^'Srr'its© -O-B for F2Moea.=

I Mail Orders
I Promptly Filled


"W e a.2?e USTot
BUT<we do believe in SlOItS when they are as convincing as !
those which point to tbe increasing demand for oar “BEST’’ j


W.f «UMM,ot tba t

at^PAaT a.


PaaobeanyCama^ •
Baalaaaa Oellfa Worn.
dodta tiHadall atatad laat alcbt! PaofeaaorOrawa
The IVafona
■aalaiai OoHofa
.yoaam ba>a alaetad tba f<41ow1>f iaallttoqaliaprobabU^tlhepeaeb]l«»»taalaabJ.attotba ar^ of lae
iflaata far tba aaalaf tbrat awatha:' aioplapraatieaUydaatn^bytbaa- i>><«b>yc«nr maa. C. B Hanay.
troaa aidd waatbee. Altbeafb, be) bf^t of tba Oraad Kapldt A ladlaaa,
.lalaa.iiUiawaatbar -odamtaa eimd-itblUtmd. ba. aoaaaatad to addrm.^
Viet PratUaBtoalljlaataadof a eaddaa thaibtbaea,tba ycaa« mm epm tba rail-,

lU Aim

Mlt*M>tCM>r. tolBtk* attf.
Wfel(BuM«t«tlmtU*<»apu7 *fil
f«t la T.ino.oao (*m ot k«i tut

r^k SbeWr. a formtr Tiamrm
ttr )B7, «bo bu btta la BV U)q1» ,
nay ba bopra of aoma aort of sop. Bftt mad hmlaam.
Id Gkicaro tat Ibt rati >hrm fmiv
OoL Battoo for Hasaat
Tba (Toatlyi fewrettlof aad laatr«et’ea.
vltlUar oU triudt bact. Mr.
Cbl. Unttao. of Detroit, wbo waa lowmt tba ^vnry bat UUaa at Ibe h, uamy will apeak oi
bebar baa a paaltkiB wllb WaUa.
alaetad laat fa^ reftst of tba aalearal- Banadall fars It II darraaa below .
the data bad tor tba laetara
A Oa la Cbteafo.
tytesa eamaey. toaabadldaU for ra- aare, wbleb waa Taaaday auwalay. ^ dt Sryder at tba 4*rtcaltnral oolMaa|r Trararaa aty triaada cl rraak
aprlaf. ItttTaryBt- Thatre-a do not yal abow aay tlr»a
on aynealiara aod bonlealtore
Irtab ^11 r^T«t i t laara of tba tarkma tiar that tbia aomlnatloa ba made. ofdamaca.
TUadoea aot maaa that Dr Soydar
■ af bu wKr. with bat all(b( OoL Hatteo la an alamnna of tba aal------------------------------win aot be bam. Ba la ai
bopoa of bar raaowry. They wan eaialty. iaa
ruaiia pancbon DM
wltb laatltaw work aad wUl aei ba«e
farMly raaldaaia of tbU ally bat art baa aliaady proead hit aWllty at la^
Bllaba I^Bdbom. proprtator of tba oo«plalad that work In tioia for tbr
ow Urinf <0 ThosinoBillla.
rant, aad U aeary wny
*"l Bolal Banybom. died at foor oelo|k data Bealioneri. bat baa ptomlacd i


Thavotad labor adiooate apoka Itat bonorof are-Bomlnatlon. wbleb mmna
a*aolo( tea fair brpta at City Opera ...elartlod- Tba Hmai-D wonld
Hr. Deba. la a fleeat Ulkar rlad«o am tbi. aomlaaUuo mad. by
aod U set at all afiM to aay wbat ba
tblakaaBd bcheira. It waa aa able
Bnay Woekara


SsiSE,..-.------ —--------------


Cbnrim 6 Vadrr.Jr.wbo bna beld tbe '
pnatUonof book betperlo tbe


lmame..tB;^;^M; a««*i abew
lion of reoelriny leUe^ ^rl UarlUnd
bnn been promoted to Hr. Vader't for- '



Sv)CT^ S)a.meTv\ 'WCv!is\ 9o.


l K«yt Xew Diac.wc.
r' The laat earthly irlbnte. were i
bottWu It
j-; Tuewlay afieruooo aod ha body
laldlom.lleOakwoodceB..lery. Tbt




There are ! bmiard aad a deep flyab wound Inflict-1 *od ba« Wo a retidrnl of thit ei.uBty
no bupraot bit .-reotety. Tbe Arm He waa taken to hit borne oD I' '
NcltunAl Splcbiyer. confrciloaera and I Troth timet and Hr. Uemer nailed.
'______ ___________
.dp™,™...d; j;;
Biyh Sohool Nuiea.
widely known. Tbr wife of the'*“6
School la badly laterfered with by
know what you Seed.
><L 1Wb
deomwd died nbnpi ale year. ayo. He, *
town come and sec
Tber* It a hearr adeance tale of alckneat aod tbe cold wcalber.
Irace* three dauyhlere and
in advance,
amU lor ibe neat entcrlalaBABi In tbe i StTeml hooka bare bmome loal from
tba airh acb >ol oourae. Bnt acme r»«l ■ “>cMlyh nsbojl library. They are the
aeaU yet remain and the plat can bei Speaker'a Garland, tbe Forum. Vul. X
of Honroo Centre.
at Holley 4 Coftoabln't book .lore, land tbe Caban aod Forlo EJpaa CamTbe attraction will be tbe ealebrated ; pa.yna.






: ZiA'n.^.z



SrO^Xo. A

I ]


Mr. aod .Sica. DtoielByeru. afred

Ladlrf HUllaiy lUnd. which will ap-i ThcJanlorCermao elaaa ta now ibor-1 ,!relv ?« and -li year..' an et
pear on tbeerenloy of tbe l«lh Injouyhly oeyanlaed
It meeu twice * | tweaicd couple raaldlcy near B.nybam
SUlobory'. Grand.
I Irwlt. bealdea tbe reynlar work, lor j
their aoa Jacob Byort. died Salor' conreraatioa cxereltea eondoeied by |
moruiry within a few bouca of
A Bee audience of eonne nes lie Mim Bouldtn. Berry tiro Aeeka there
other. Urv Bycra pavdoy awat
lenrd. Tneiday eeenloy. to an addime




Haviag bought the John j
Dunn, lately know* aa the ‘
Moir barn and alablea os State m
atreet. 1 have refitted the 12
same, and have put in an en­
tire new lot ot horses and rigs
and am prepared ao meet all



\a ^OOT \o\y.

iliei-Stables and Livery.!

ADOtber el tbe old and mott reapeetfould Franklin atreet. the cuintlos { ^
of tbe iiraod Traterte re
i-ecorrad. Tba pUUorB ol the. Oat ear'
tammooed by death

net forced to tbe topof tbe plow, oot j wilUaB^Anyworibr, oneof ib^oldwi
neltbrr left tbe track.
| and well known telilert of WllJ. P. .Sclioo formerly of tbe firm of
Bacepi ^terere atekiny up for all; lurntbory, died Monday moroiny at
*^m;;^.*rawa.Weawwwik- Bm><>>ira.
NeltoB A Hplrfalyer of tbla city, waa ; it,r men none enceprL'tk reeelrad any | ^,a ^ome of bit dauyblrr. Mrt J. W
tererciy Injnred on a lay rollway ati|,}gr,
Hit rlybl ley wat quite badly ' 4fno,a.
Drcrat« wat »* yetrt of ay.




lay bit realdroi-e la tbit c.ty bad ^ H# drclarra that yoldbof !iu'

. . io eorr.iBriton with ihia ma.
le blybly
, wife and four annt. eee at .Vewayip. 1cure: would hare it. erra if it euti n <
hundred do'Iara a bntilc.
. two at Peioakry and oe I la tVnablny

reiDalei were mcorted to the yrare by . goteed to core
price rrfBoded.
Haanter BarrT baa reoelred aotlee
a larye number of Odd Kellowa
troB tbe tMadqaanerm ol tbe Hleblyan
Telephoaa Co. that the polet and wire
Hr. U. a Cook, tb^ welt known
Badly Brmaad.
baerbeenaecored for tbe enletialoo ol
oumerymao. i* on bi» round* inkiny |
frad Llak. coodueior OB the C A W.
the lint coanerllay tbr pfiacl^l lowna
order. ot.aU kind* of frutl nnd ortit '
wtajlcjirad Honday niybt ina tmall
la Ueelanaa soanly. at far laroqBd tbe I rolllaloa 00 tba C A K. H. track near
aeota. ttock. l-lenae rrait for blB.
■ born’' aa Bmplre.
i tbe oral wood diah factory
liomeln Sottoni Htr
k Pnller of Fife Lake, patted
A flat car wa. left alandlay on the nearly ecrexty yearn of aye and
ibroo^ tbe el y Satorday oa bit way : '"aln irapk while tbe aiyht crew were knowe.
low w|tta tbr (rip. Hr. Fsllcr<a talb
la Tr yearn old and it la feared ba a
Doorer. Hr bat been a raaldi
of AlBtra tuwuahip tiocr Itill.

■W 1


after to appear aomr time la April

Hr and Mr. Z O Perkeu of Oe- [
p.„,hom baa b«« a raaideei
troit. D-eyon. bare arriead in iberlty j
Trarerae City 11 y«*r». barley atBo^y
here from Kewtyyo.
L P Perkeu.
ier of
Tba Buy Workara. a Biaatoearr ao- the
kla point of *iaw.
eirty of tba Flrat Baplitt eborcb. met Odd Fallow, in tbla
Hra. Btadiay
Bradley on
on il Oioo
olon wen
well anowo
nil o*er
orer vut
a»l». partly.
Br A C. Tbomav
Prolaaaor Orawn la a.klny arran»- at tba “OB.
l.rir tbroayb
throaeh bb
him IdenUdealioa
identlSealloa -Itb
wltb **»-•

Luyrr i^iTirr * ■ rImroriTS
ymierdae aftaraooD aod elected larly
kna yet been Bade In
Klondike. For rrara be tuSrrrd
Blyb.acbool for Tm. wbo ‘--.i
“‘T „
■ Pojrallat I
d nyony frr
fcaehty or Are yolny loukr lb# teaeb-I
gird by
foor ymra nyo.
, brio
= ararnaBlnatloBln HarcbwUhlbeliil Vice preeWanl-Clare BdUm

Clrct^tiojl^ this week 2jp0 UBUoa ol tmeblng l.ter In lee ymr.

■Es- ’


by Bee. D Cochlin on lb. Chrinllan ; „„oem which mmU at the!, ho»,A i;"',, s'^'^Imk. They wem well k,
MlnUtry. TbUwae tbe third lecture j A eery beneBml factor in tbe Uiyh:„j blyblr re.pecied. aod-tboir dcaih



- 160,000 I

in Ibnoonreeaeranyed by Prof Umwo.j,ftool U ibecorrenlerenu which Pro-1 ,rtn be bmrd of with rcyiet by their
yleen doriny tbe winter by locnl,
Bo„ bnnuven ebnrye of. Hr | ,,tn<ln- They had both been 111 for a
ime and peolre.lonal men. Hr. ,*,« tbat the correal erent. are (!»««, ,hbrt tin. with the yrip.
Ooehlin yam a Boel rnoelienl lecture. | o,tM' b Friday by one of the Icnebem
and Itwanyrently appreciated.
orby bimeelf.
Tbta enable.a ^larye;
Mra. Btaui.Schclieriydied Satafday i


Abont mldniyht ifooday niybt a Arc number of pnplUwto do LOI hnee pn-1grip at her borne on the penio-; QurSavingS Department
~r. u, keep imek of the prmcipel,
OeoeUrd we. w year, of aye, ■
u that tramplrc during the w eek. >
•nylne booae Uled tbe depart
t to tbe ^ A N. B. ymade.
b Is ba haU In UU d'y Harah tfife.
refriyerator oar
I two brother, to m
An ezeeMlinyly laieratiay ptoyram
Bm from a ntore Innlde and the flnmm
anklny headway tnyt wbca wa. rendered In the Bueinen. Cjlleye
r r.vyjcgttyo
•men arrieed. By tbe nee of tbe Lyeeum lut errnlny.
Mr. HUltrsf^aplruaod Hr. AuaGo
tim'Ainella Uok'eller died .uatur-1 StlOj OlMtU OtlH U mi til T(TI lit M J
al tbe blaze wan noon exUsHr. Griimtend read a letter written
) f hataeslmadt>roL4>oebaray‘aBaaiaaaa
__ Tbe
Boor nrnrH
- all bamrd
byOeaeral in l«is. .hortly Iday of old aye .t lbe_bome of her
b i
iTbere wa. nolbluir In tbeemr rz- j alter tba battle of Kew Orlean*. ylriny . Jutlyc C S. Lii.kleUer uf L.ku /
eepl a atoee and a few board, for aylowiny account of that famon. bzi-'
Oart Bsaybus aad Hlanle Carpeatec
bra aawatada«Matlba'T«a*acw aty lining parpoaea.
then. a. well ai today, and aUo a.
Mamed tor Dewey.
mckleoa la doing.
Lwt tall C B Warper. «m ot SnperTsbamry ttrd U tbe data Bird I
Tbr quwtioo for dlaenmion waa,"Beeiior Wamar, of WMtewnter, wn. Bolred. Tbal tbe Indian, are tBoeirisy
tba Damoemllc jadlela) eoaeealloe
tbe happy father et 4 ■ >e. end be their Jut deeerta"'
Wbdd In tblaoity.
yee. blB the aeae of George Deway.
Him Z'mmerman and Hi.) IIoiBBt
J. W. Beott ol Haple O y.
one of
tbe bero of Manlle. AdaimI Dowry eery ably pmuntrd tbe .O-m.tIre,
tba Basaab BiSea wbo west to Coba.
waa npUBud of tbe tut and found Ume while K1 Clement and Brono I'lan.k^
HsoaBBpdtoUdboanawltb^IU asd
wllb all hi. trying duUre n. coBBnad- defended the neymltre. Tbe epe.ker.
' .
er of tbe fleet at Unulln, to write with entered Into the debate lea .lyorou
bi. own hand n pleamnl ncknowledy'iner aod the qaamiraat tbr Indian,
menu and yoo eouldn'l yet lb.t Uttar both rood and bad. were Inid bare for
away from the Warn- r family If yoo
le eonaidenUon ol the j idym.
aboela offer a farm fur iL The letter
Id the general debate emrly all the
U a. followz;
eludeme preunlec aryuBenta.
Hn.<itL.. P. 1. Dee. ». 18M.
judge decided that the affirmaUra lide
Hr a H. Warner.
bad Mored tbe acet^oU. Hr. D>ekDun Sib:-Tour letter aenenaelaff
emy acted u critic.
tbe birth ofA eon and eiatioy that be
Theodore Voorbeee gam an
hml been aemed tor Bc wa.
BeaMm the lh.<Wtid> •■ahlnyls
me wltb xneeb pieeanre aad appreda- promplu lalk neon the differaec
eat for tbe Kelley b.. oyle Ck
tiini. :aod 1 wUb you to accept my taeeu faetory and farm Ubor.
BBlllean «d Cedar will Baai
bearty ibaab. lor the bouor ibu aetb« mma Bowan t for hlBiell.
eorded Be. Tonm Iroly.
Dry thre
ly tbe Hat
la Ootbley Co
TSm W. a T. 0. wUl bole a molber'a
■aBtiDyattfaeboaeef Hra. wabrlm.
Wmt Blybibatrml. at t p'b. Friday
Hra. Hiacm. leader. All am toylted


mm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrnif

Se^L-l. V I


S'" “■ ’■

Non is lour Chance to Cel a Fine.




Now is the lime to prepare your poultry house.* against
tbe ravages of lice.
One application of Carbolineum Avenarius V*y the in­
side of a chicken coop is sufficient t,^o destroy all lice and
keep them away. Results; Healthy chicken.s and plenty
of eggs.
For sale only at


THs trleada of EUworth Hale will
be pleamd to Imra that be oae aecar
ayoed tba wbolaaalebon
Of Hacuball Field A Oo , ol Obwayo.

HaMcer dielnbery a
thedMeof the preaeolatloo of "
labmn Bzed lor Hnrcba-Jl
Maaaffer Berry of tbe Hieblyea telepbeae Co., be. plaeed telepbooa onmW lOo la tbe matdence ol T G. Hrdeeky and nnBber luo In the iihUaoD

the city llBlu woald be s yood thing
apd-effordpleaaeretolbe pabiic end
pre'Bt to tbe proj'clor*
FoBrleen below oe Sunday
MMday. »l on Tumday. *1 cm W.
day. 10 tbla Bomlny. Webrii- •
Hlbaiongcat eeaUaacd a^.i
af B^»ir known here-________
aty AUoracy i>. C. (MIben bu k- en
•acayadtonddreaalbeOdl Fe low.ot
Berth'port «m the weeniBg ot Feb
thot bring the analeeraary of the
ffanlzation at that lodge.
Charier Soaeathal la BtUbg B(
. Iniffnapamoa the acooBd BF>rofthe
Boatoautomforihe parptma «t car^
iaff an eateBaiee alack of wellpaptr. A
AKyraaigemre hoe tba way
OUb Ho. 4 ol tbe Kiral M. k ebereb
•oaday ecbool bad a ^y time leei
•eenlz« at the bOBe ,<g ihelr teaeber.
HUl Wlnaw. on
a Meaaanteraolei

Oup One-Fourth .Off Shoe Sale
Nettleton's Patent $2 00 Shoes
go at $ 1 60
Calf and Tans.

$6.00 Shoes
go at $4.60

PlDgree t Smith
Bake of Fioe Shoos

$1.76 Romeos
at $1.33.

Oxfords go at

$4 Welt Shoes
'r at $3.00.

$6 Enamels
make at $4.60

$2 60 OU
4rain Boots
at $1.88.

$1.13. '

84 l>aire


SI Chilliren's Shoes

S3-50 Hand Turns

at 76c.

at $2 63.

One lot
$2 Shoe Packs
. at $1 60

Toro Sole Joliettos

Coil Tubs
It 1-4 off.

00 pairs Men's
Oearer '
Doe lot Men's $3.00,
$1.50 lact and and Felt Shoes U
$3.50. $4 Old $5-1101
$1.50 Henr Shoes
at $1.13.^
Old 1.2 off.


. 96 Fairs
Oil Grain
ladies' Haod Tori Creole8--$1.&0
going at $1L3
going at $1.40.

This sale Will continue UDtil March teth.

TP-nj:^.-n'kr ,^b?iedjrd.cIbL,
118 Frost Street.




At a Very Low Price.





\Vc have a few of these cutters Icft.over, whicb.we have been
selling at ♦S'l.W. and rather than to carry them over until next
winter we will close them out at

$23.00 EACH.
. This is a rare opportunity to gel a nice cutter for a little money-

We have an assortment of



for both wood aod coal, on which during the month of Febnury
we will make a liberal discount from present prices. NOW ii
yonr chance to gel a good stove for less money than ever before.


7^.0 PXaoe


TtiB Hannah & La^ Marc. Co.




Mien (koultop^M^'^EalkaMB om ^Btoi^BMtlatn at the M. S. ebardi

, 1^
ud Mfm. C B. »l»IU«a *r. heUIW • MriM of nwUac* »t B nplra.

Hr. O dt baa bto k____e Ratobedaed
Booeab faalV bare baaa afflietM irlUi Ibarrlpor. bat'ai* bcttar. Hr. bablo of Btadoa baa Boved laiolL
and C aUor ara ealUBf
Hr Bowsaa ieet a calf
Thanda; alpbt.

Wa. »»d Omitj SUobn bar* flo
a^Marloc* focB B D*U«yoI8*l-

dialaeatcd aboo^dar.
B. Beatoa baa traded boiara.
Johs W«te b ■pndlar *b watk
Mra. Bell eleaed a rrr; aaeeeaafal
Mr. Jrirreyt and bmllr oj^rtle
wtUfriMd«MB««] CIV.
tera of aehool la tbe B.xberr; arlirbtoka eUilad at H. Fallrr-a iaat •rack.
Mr. aad Hn. Millar of E<
borbood.laat Satarda;.
Ir- and Hta. H. PBller ha*a Bored
obiUac «>U> frtoad* at ibU
real orov
JohD KrlMh aod W« Subora an
eat. no Idle mra^to”
lad. Somr
la; O<boro li rUitlor relaUraa at
aorkiar la tb« Barkar Cedar Co.'a nUI
I are ban:
Hbaroc Centre thia week.
bradeb railA larre naabar of onr paeaB atVadad abelaaeral of Hr. and Mra Daolel
Bjan at Bla^a today.


Tba MiareaC.ara and Mar; HolU
ewtad amb aa batsrda;.
Hr. SUbbelta aad John Johoaon r
taraed fros Biarhaoi Saterda;. wbei
tbe; hare baao aaoliac to;..
of tbe eebolare of thIa a-!-o

forataS; bee
le ledeBeot acalh
lB|r. batooias to tne
or BO ooa atteaded .ad the; were
elr menr^ak
j>Wlfad to pBtpooe

a^ Beaa;aibe veaibu-doiTB ibere
taa baea
rw; Bocb eolder^t^o^at tbia
period it »a» a
At tl
---------re -abljvfortbe ibarBoaeicr to
>r U® Oeloo

Ceorre Carol baa ukee poaaew^'
oil lirrr; bare at Trairrae Cit;; I
lamll; a ill more tberr aooa.
Mr. aad M-a. Hrainerdof Acarca
-d oo Ur aod tori. T. J. Carai banda;
J. K. Urirre of Mt. riraiaot apeat
Fbarada; with T. J. Caroa.
Mn J e. Hawle; aad daupbter Bntb
ofA; Uoui
Mra. A. looia la in Trair-rar Clt; wi
brr daughter. Mn.\VJ>. ICxtdpood:
Tbefollowinp la a liat of Ibr peoc
whoarr barlep a acipe ol ibegnp
thrprearnt wn'ior: Mra J a (tour*.
Frm/.k Soura. J rhooie itotapheil. Ui;
WraIrh.J'OnV (Ama. Ura. II Pirior.
ElUr Ptercr. U:a J a Corwin.

J L Ulbbt w.
o Crand Rapid.
It weJk.
Littlr«trlr Crandall to qnite iL-k.
M-i Cbaa Mary bat baeo tick bol ii


Dine loti week
ark of theprlr
t borne la Trnv

Hitt Dtity Oardarr. i
kltyingwiib reltlitrabi
m -uiba bat rcioroed u
Robba on.
atlett daugb UcUioad dm.rtoBIk &apid.
Satirda;.a(lrr atKi-ii ibf-er ftrekt aura
iBKibecrrip Mra U.-D»ald and Unpc
Pbilllp«arraU)petUug betwr
Tt^V-iwodactaea baloo aaro tbia
A. U Smith ulrd to work the prip
off bol waa oot aocorw-fal ,aed had
^3aB Baeord apest Snada; Id Eb call a phTelriac; be ia paibiBp.,Ool
rerj weak,yet.
> '•loae hla *chc
Edmond D-ae
a of Bodac;. Mleh.
oo ac.noBi ofaickorw■ a fewdapa I
bm 'taa't w^.
fore the trriq expired.
Baeeoa, wb^^Jraen ria.
John skipprToah. wbe
rbe broke 1hie Irp
tUBcaW^ldCil;. ratal
earir Ic U.-crioo-r. it Boi
aol yna
;rtalilr W
wa’k, but wl.l pi-t arooi
oood afi ri|
Fraak Flabar of Olaa Ai
taare Bpeda;.
Mra Kibe A'Irn Iron thriiek li<t;al
Hra BaoDmford aad little aoa
•o her diopblrr Mj-nir bat a bard at
Fiaakle bare beea auSerlar i............
lark ol quiaar and aore tbroai.
(rta. bet are better at tbia «n
Me aod Mra. C. S. Allen drove to
Hewitt waa takea alck with
d r
retanrad to bia bbme la»t Traii-rar Cil; Mvoda;.

oa will f-Mob wiU be ukae at the eloaa for ibr
porpoaa of aiaiUar a aebood llarav.
krarptna tolarlied to be preaeniaad
wa hope tbe; will raapcad »ltb a lib
aral aoUeotlua.
Wm Babbeil bad tbe Blafortnae tc
araah bto le; oat da; laat week wfaili
voikiBC la tbe weoda. bat aa ao boeei
re brokaa be to able to work apain
W. L Frlak and 3. 3. Frtak
Maaeaioaa Thaiada; wHb two toea of
aad a toe ol park, all ol wbicb
If at-,
tba boma fars. Tbe
a tauad
> BtSO.
two laai
Frlak to
r tbeAi
at Maae

Htoaia Mabel Wall aad Cora Trip­
lett drora to Fife Lake Hoote;.
Ktoa Aaaa Irwia of Traeera^ Clt; le
the raeat of bar atotar, Mra. Ooa HeXkMBld.
3. Browa aad .wife. Fmf. C. H Aa
deraoa aad Mtoa Mae tilaB look a
ptaaaora drtre iMt Baeda;.
Mra. Cbrrie Oatti
itteld to ridtierwlifa
aad Mra Joba OeU.
if oar people are
I Porter aad Mr.
label, were failed
.a aeeoaal ef tl
r. Portar'a Botbi
C B Uaairold. who baa beea tto'
lap relatleM here for aeeeral weeL
rotaraad to bto bose aaar Oetraii to
TfcOBii WTDkoaa. who was ao eei
bkk toat weak, to Boek bettor.
Lee WItooB, joaapeet aoo oif Wb I
.Witoaa. to err; alck with poeaiaon
with aaoBlapI; aaall ebaaee of reeo

Ura FeiTto. wblle rldiap from
Bafea to ttalf placr frots botb o
Ui>a Olive Sni’lvBc of arar >
Clt; tititod Ura Van N'WlraodfJ
place rrceoU;.
Toe taw b'II bat tlint dowa
lew da;a pa arcouot of the cold w

' ~

Tbe prippe le rapiag to tbe BCipbborhood.
Lrti PbetU bad hit foot erntbed 6r
t log wbllr work.op In Ibr S--bombrr,
lltrdwood Limber O-mpaoj'e laiabr
E-neat. fo..eWen-yc.e Old fin of Mr
and Ura Jrbn-Burry ol Ceolrrvi Idied alwr a l<>ap illoeat with an at

Number eorulled lo primerv rorm,
giris. is; JO; average LdailJ ,

leiiirltad ap.-c
randot'ea-u.. Ui
Id., la rroverra City.

Catper K -Bel. ao old pinnoer of L-wlaoaw cnuniy. died Snoday wth la
irrippeat ihradrnoeed. apeof ripbty-

Ueory .\raaee made a trip to Manit.
tor Ian week.
flaat Jeoeon had a rnnnway ;eater
dty: rranll. a tmt.bcd cotter.
Tbe mere-iry wa>lt®bslo* terob’
i o'clock init Boralngi enine rap to

Ur. Swe-t itgtlaiag fatt; be rode
Iro® hit home to. U eu Arb »r 'r&uradai
tditiaotaolfour miles.
Tbr boilMB aad fixlerra for the
^rboratw mill ptMj through here eo
Mr-.^Jobotun bid a very nick hotm
roau (or that piaor.
itki we-k. r_aoteJ by orerfeedinp with
Tbe editor of the Kiaplrc Leader
tiled OB frieadi at ibU place ;e•lrJjob.'o bat Ib'rwen ti
1ra ting lugt lor h.m to toe mill b.
Tbrrr will brqoarterlr Bertlap oa I irntl; ttagr dr.vrr,
Sttordi; next at S o'clork o. m.. ml th- M-. R-liC^baj p-n

M E cnoreb. E drr Kellopp .if l't«f
.nrougta all
bad atori
d.hvre atttiattlab tbit winter
wat orptnixed lati
the ioVien
Scada; w ih the ftllowioir pr^-uo vealber tbe otrlr wi
uniiiap: Mr. aad Mra Mi-latjre. M'
aud Ura Uoorvi. Mr. BoideD. Ura. E
Trumhgil. Ur-. K C. Helm. Mr.
alljoibri'i. Kchard IlcmiriU. All Kitber. at per last week't licuai.D
Jolond hf letter wiUi tbr exreptioo ol
Tbe N-tteo C>. It getl'Bg alnag 6nf
II. Djinbrill. who wat takeo io on pro'y With tbeir new m II
Tory are pu‘
never belonged l.i a
irrb bel->re.^ Be wat alto appoialed l-ng Id tbe latchluerr; a large boue

. arebavlar
week ago Fridi
■da;. Tbr tloro
■haraia; ai
baa eootinaelvi
ter tlncr.
Joe April
ifferlnp with a eeverr
tuck ol po.
vl«!wi hitfaotll; la Tret
Bo wat biekel b; a bnr>r

TTbe night train
KomUr carilled in' High trhxl,
wcd-ltyed pariullhe a ghl by the
>iin. pirlt. ^i; boys. 17; average:
oretkiog Ouwool a wood caraear bero dsily aftoadnect.-. 4V
Will Uugvlabd to quite tick.
NomtM-rrarolIrd la grammar room, I
Ix>rea Wurdea It baaliap lope
girlt. S7: bl yn. SS; average d*<lr ai
Icmbrr for bit new bouta.
toadancr. r,i.
Somber eo'.'ll.'d In Intermediate '
Ura. J. Uickey e ci.tof rtoitod her on
boy., H; average
Snadty. reinraiog to Traveree City rymm. girlt, •;(.
Monday c

Tbe labot baba of Mr. aad Ura
Hr. Sweet It ab'w to ride eniV
eld HcQaaw died datardaj aitereooD.
Ura. E. W. Trointaull la iaiaroriap.
Fab. 4.
Dr. Fralick called here baterda; c
OattoaDOBber of oar ;oeaf folka
auoodod a nirbaeap aaeia] bald at hU wa; toUleo Arbor.
Vmvir V.tkocb'H aad Bert Bonpbrt
tMoa aeboul boaee (Btarda; ereolB;.
CbauRcr; Daru ol tbia place to on
are on tbe tick liel.
aad iwporiad barlaf a (ood ttme.
Ibr tick ItoU
Oar a.-hool U doing ep'rndld work
Ur. Cobb of Oapo canp troto bto earn
under toe maoagraeal of U.te Llllii
orXorlhpjrt. .
Ura. Aoderaoa-a cblldrea are pclUnp
Hmh MUioa to blilfh^ farored
a of FTlp at pi
ITir mercar; repiaterod SI below tbit
r. aad Mra. T. 3. Brpaa weal
_____load Moada;. where tbe; expect
terwalB oatll TborwU;. ’J he; will
Mlat Bee. Wlaf of that >aoe la re*l*al wark. ^
O. L- Ooeltrr to> le thia rtelnll; Uk
,lar eoatraeU for aeed
peaa and beaaa
'far Jcroae U. Riae A Co.
Tbp papito ol tba Kewadla aebool a

PatarOeaaoadto aaBariapwUh tbn
Tbe abiBgle bOI to sow laaslap at
Tbr Literal; baa aeerpiad a c
leage to debate b qonttwn at Enllci
poM oatU Feb. IS.
oo FridxVkreetop. Pnbrnav mb.
h'tv Joba Soaborra wnat to LaUad
Tbere wan ao error to onr liean
toek which we with to e-srraet.
Wrdaeadav Mr. R^klt wa* >ere
elated that Ura. Jamm Rodpern
OB Eeewiek.
Ur. Budpera to a baebetor
Hr. aad Mra. DeL Joyat and Hto.
•Dd it ebonld nave rrod Ur.
tuie Joyat Of Oseoa were la town
Married at Eaikaaka. Feb 1. IdM
tbe paetor ef tbe U. E eburea.
Ura. D. r Boxil
Id COB Lronard '
FradStltctof ibiiplaKand Uiu
e. eoaieg from ' 1
via Magee of LeeurUle.
Tato wat
irnlng»alara»y ;
q-i.le a torprite to mas; of cor («ople Lei aad Frtfay aod
Ur. Telgaard ou
vVe ex toad oeagralalatinBa
it bit ear]
rpealer ttaip. cad laat Uoni
rer to Carp Uke
Tbeladict o! the R.-liel C-irpt r
J R.'Ue-.iunand wl
forntob U oyttor topper on Feb;:
Abb the eiatt^atuaf
(cneral of It tbe O. A R anil. Supper from I
Ura. Hniwa". graadm.
Loren Wurden lo. bto hoBir
to by flff a
A number Ol
. .
; are bavlag ■
Id awry-a Lbs grip and a large nua erof cor ill.. 1
defective eiovrpipe.
Ue loUu are in9«no*
Urll Ktiroaakt and Sid Swartoot .„Ua' Among onr t;Jk‘^onJF ar.-*^Ura*. '
Cbta ■ lo.toff. Ura. l..Rtaprr aad Urt.-i
ealtoTravertrC.ty today.
A.i: ^irbtnk. went to town today. LIU II
•* have treorrd tbe torvi ,
UcriJxbatodand Willie Pray wee; ^ Tbe^LO..
u-rtui rr.rsrteCiIrtt 1
> Tueerra Ciiy loJay.
lecioref lor
•(ourireaih. E ah .rale ;
A Kraiter aad Will aad Jor Frry
rnt to town lodiy to altrad the lunlebrallun ■
al ol E. Paageoro.
part of X>ri«p*t poblicschool fur
Ulna liamvinod. we are ptld
a..oth eodiag Feb. S ISKU
jri. I. tmpror.Dg.
tnbrr enrs»lis-d. SlS;
loj; *
Mit. Bertie tVoM.
faoyi. IIS: are.age daily;atteadaace.
City fora few day.

time to prevent erriout d

Horn, to Ur'and Mra Aupntt Bebae.
SuBday. ntoa.
Tbe bootr of Graodmi Laraon a'
Good litrbor wai boraed to tbe pruand
.atl Tharadtr.
Toe flee urigiaated
fros a drI.’Ut re .totepipr.
lean Vi.kocbu. Iltrry aad mUiam

tbe oatl lie we>ka with oalari
•r.Uainoh improve I.

't.r. given b.-lb.<i-.d r-mitora
oogtBTie l.b'.r was prelti
eoratel wiUi e.rrgrrens lalrraper-,
Ih b-igbt tetrel btroerrira and
antilul ptlebl
itb ae^rd 1
aod tp.fkliog ti reran
ir.s.eoleil an iovi-mg at
I fare ■
tod tui
tbamttiograp d

atnroxi aar.
' 3. Utae; Bide a betlaaB trip
Ttaearae Oit; oaa da; toat w*ek.
^oha Oadbam to qelu 111 at ihto writMte Caw Voiea to qolla ■
etoller at Sottoa Ba;.
Mr. Tinkler. Uarellap aaleuaaa of
Oraad Btplda. made oar lovaa boal■OBoall toot woek.
b Hook ep
MClt; loit
Oeeepo filolBel. faaUtorl; kaowa
aattraodpa dMlaeU departed for MUwaohoo loot Wedaiwda;. wbore be will
. opood tbe winter rtolUar bto danpbwr

Mra. Dr. Cbaae of TrarofM Clt;
fiireda la town tbia werl
lU betia laarerlap at preaoat.
JobaOtt. Jr traaaaetaJ tBalaewili
. Trarerae Clt; toat wark.
Be; Ctodkaa to harlap aae«fa1
'taaatloo; btoaehoeUa eloaedoi

•d. Jobaaoa aad bbtrlea 1
Maiotod baaiBBa la Trarwo

faai la; el toat weak

vi.Iiing matoTcaaod fricadtat C
Mux Cora Uillrr of Trarrnm Oty,
bi> hat brro erwing witb Ura. Bollco,
r'Uraed l> her h.sme Salnrday.
(jilteafew of the Ltd; Uaceabere
eot to Trnverar City Friday.
week. *
All will be pained to beir of tbe
death of Ura Henry Scbrtierly at her
io Trpterae City. bb« wa
n OB the
^rbcrada^evenlop aod elejwd' tbe folhad alwayt live 1. Mr. S-tetleviv »a»
bent and brought op at O d Mu.l->a
Fee.—Jjijn SjotL
He bat Uie eympttby of bit many
Viee Frea.—LIbhie Oeaimore.
(rieoda See';—Ura D s-oit.
Trete-M. E Ileotmore.
Ura. Porter came very near having
Blnee It bat b.eome a- artitel (act qnlto a aerioot ti-cHeal latt wevk
that we are to bavr the railroad aext .tt ebe wat her borae to tbei
nshrtiipMaad fell aod the borae,
>p-d on her. turfing her qnlto btdand prohahly would btee hurt b»r
hardware at .eo aurl a (arnlture aad
nodi-rUklBg raUhllthmeot.
Biree fo'Dithet the hardware, wbllr
Byker A Cbaaee earr; on tbr lalW.
Rt»e Toianliin* atme homi. to »uy ov
Tbrrr It ao mnob itokneet and aa
Baay terid-n... ii keea. tht doctor rid
U K, Jl'inV-rr-aa I
ie« oMrly day aol aipBl.
r.ver to Elk Ropldi
oe (be let
Uarer hat Beer
Mr. Be.'i. h
•eea alck with th*
»1 th r.. h, beea ao actaub
8.W0 to Hr. aad M?a E.twortb Rv gvi*. »’
lool la hi*
room I--t-rera daya
Tbe relailveeanl frlimdt leva iKlt
Port-e eaWfUlaed ba-A
flnoeol Ur. and Ura Otrid UeU tocr *obo..l elaet Sttorda; vveniBp.
lUoaded tbe foDoial of tbttr tolaat at! Mra Wb. Bloao to qalU otok nil.
Tbr iV. II. U S will merl th‘e wr*a
Tbaradar with Un Libera D.-atottre.
The rnroUr meeUnr ol tb W. C. T
1' of^U

.Vam.t'.rf popllt In order of mnitn.
deiermmed by the regnlar mooihly einiO'Otiijnt no.| by g»0'rnl p-..fici.nci ■
UigU S.-h..ol. TveKlh iSrad—Fraa
ci. L wlie. FreJ \B .ile-, Ev. Bet.
El .yl Ranger. Rdfut Bueeauver. Chat

Sinlb<lrtd--Frttik'eW.sU.y. Jo'
ia irtarisUaosia. A ice Gill. Beiu Woul-


* E Chth IS.-vle—E e-eia Thomt. Til
lied'i-icD-ae. I.illii- Hu-iipsrb. A Jibn
.Seveolh'iir-d-—l^v IV .sien. W.nBir
liage IS. L'eUiv liu-rafr. K'lt tV, l.un.
Gramm II iOim. Sixts <i rale—U «tti'




tbi. b-ard.
Lrery.tae was
n tbe otuti g-vud humvr. that is pr.i.
verbiti of U > .4 T-ai><art. aod the time -tpin-irti..
Slerli-. X
oatte.1 all to quickly'.
There to a great tm>QDtof elrkn*..
ib'UO.’Kfic Humpteb.
lb tb.t luc* i'.f. act. I» erery family
asAcellent oebos>:
ins O' m-ire tick with the grio At
going on •oa-.Lh,, hat lagripnfcMiat come, ao wr
fear a pjor moBlh Iwr FvRrutrv.
b..a k-epi.< clats work hard
hvM Sf
Installtllooof nfll-sr
-mined toflolth


of iboae No 2961 UudediM Ladies'
Rociew will yos
st #150
eset? Tbeysre srei made; have
brace snus.
OMhiaNo.81-8AmEocker at
aame price; with bret arma bolted
totbe eest;iiretty embeuaed back.
The beet Bycki-r in tbe State

^'e hare a 6ne larv li
a niiv (,>ak ('..hWn
.“H-ai Rsx-ker for f J 50.

We Gtte Speclil LfieBllDa (o Iili Orders ud Guraitee SitisaclioL



120FroBt Stre%i New Store.

[Sind Sie Mit “Benda’
If not. be sure to remsmbsr us when next you ;
arein'towa. We got tbe best Use of

Fiflb fir»l,F|,„ra
t-iii-. F.---1 .
Voice, Ao -ie 'i.-s
.:3 lltbsim '
F.u'Lb iJ-ad----Kartlv.t. U .yal “ k’/i ;
Intsrrn.diala R vsin. Third Gra l»—
A'O'w Rioger. Ce'viu Cutnttock. Wn>
ley riiU. Alslie S'- sm

t'ldi.ndsof dale
wbicb giittnp'-tr.

I Men’s, Boys’ and Children's

^in Traverse City.








j& .iat Front street.

V,,frleJH«h Blook. :

Lb' fjIli.wlngoBl-r. w
C T-Mra L«e.iii
« J T —Htr'v Jognt

T.-mnk M-Muir-a
M r.„
V T —» U M -d-ild
I> M-h.-rlU-sWlib
• -nap-Mra A'rat
Se|.-y—II ItuipthaB

.r-'j.r'KiiV'’1 —Honieo ritnd.
Oef-LfV lUwkio.. M4:-.v ctm, borne- Friday tick
with the grip. .

The A-m. anl »V;
•cbool A»-n«-i»rti->n''m'
*'r day
-niiig I'-.-ii.: -I. rv.'s.n.. c .i.•rSiiut.lay Pa grein JV-i-..v ;
-ng sod srai'C wrvi,-» led by ■
•.^A Di*

I" o'rl ioTiiig
- mull
!• bji a.-iLb and
ing^O'l iu-s s-l-a.


iinq ...f.-.

aelow i -r« tbit aiorniog.
. McLiun. wbiba« been t
r taep*9. two weekt. It .

A pl'per'*ttCl 'is'-BTsh'-’-ul-. we .'e- >
V- from tbr ermeelil ol;r?" bv Usr
rfv HmkeDS.U...-4 by J. iv;
rra.-iie. I. F .x, Mr Fife and othertoT

M-t. Lsie W»dw.rth ofUrtnl Rtpdi i« a lew davt w.tb uer p-i>mpl tcliuR. bs fii. y,
-u-.b-* y cirre.-l tret'
ootber.-^-.K E Wood*..rib.
The Ui.tes Jeaeiccod Esther Bro.kt f-rer htt b—orratoit-l I
.fdriailarcvraiiing tbe.rtittcr. Ur.. bl. r.iaiiy aad frivadt.
They life to biett hit i
J. H. Ua*..-. ,
Uito JeoaicCLareb bat gooe to Trav-

)rm-d a curget; opert^un^aa


to gveallvrelirve t bioina 1 n it hoped
le troobln tiat b-eoreauv-d by the
Ur. D>v,d.ou hat bad very
-rioot tronble w.ib bit throat for a
■og time.
In Memotrol Mra. Jennie Anaiuga
A; a tegular meeting st The Order
ol Mutual Prolec-.IQO the following rranlnlioot wrre patned apon tba death of
Ura Jennie Armilage:
.Whereat. It ha* pleated Rod la bit
proTideoee to remove from nt by deatn
ou* ttoler and felhtw.worker. Urt
J'on-.e ArmUgr. Ihrrs-fore be It re-

- whoM irauecce
nth In Ihelorigc i d ID the Gomanbiy wa, alwtyt for , istd.
Tbtl while ee
loern her le*. w,
eel ftt *he b«- .: ne to a higher
ebere of Dt-'u'l eThat *e ex-erd
rath, to he, ku-.

ri aad song »ejv.i.-e led by ^




.•iiig.u,-aod wbic.
f rapecta: iotev»( to ciub
)Uii r d je »rtu:lr4 *re "How
ly VV. ui*a Immc a staoilari.C/ •
I'AJlien.f |]ei.---SjBe Poasib.iir lleFarm iiouve." -II-Qwbo,a
. aud Ibeir Fk;o....a>ic«J Uaea." etc .
notob. surriet and recipee in
•ianee *it Trvaosi Sk, Ruatoa.

raa-tw^toiiMi to Cnn^a
Thee.nvenU.-n •*. very e.-iia-iTd. ' iwrd* to
-el and wa- bo-.b pi'atoot and p-oSl | ^f 3 »« :
’^rak"! Tbi C “^e
ton Uagaxjte i
llun cttto oothiDg. if you can be cured • b e for those P-raenL
'rariured tbe *<rle
Toe Crvmopoli
Vr'o\rtnr?,raeryof New Vs.rk.
,S. V. —
(1 e-•
-;ilvi..i Trav-ni- n.'v. Mis-h . Stiur
'o Ihi-'.m.-er. aod memb-r. of Mu-rv. ^.........ngtoa.
dty tcrfs.ndty. F.|hy n_tnd I •.

l ontu.talioc free aol atrii- ly c.infidpo-

1----------------------------- '.
Tb're ire dtegeroos Umce for Uw
liesllb. Crrao. tvi'daort throat Irooblea
!■ ,ri tap'dir t-> Cottooiolloo. A bottle
of One Mlniite Coogb'ara n*ed at tAa
right lime wi'l peraewe life, health
and a larre ataruin' of m-ma;. PIco*^
nnt b> take; cUldree like It.
J. 0.


byJ W t.-e.o

i.f'. health an.i'iitnp-n.'W we «

0,nu,..r. -Whereas thi. l-.t has 1
X-lbi«c.. ou, laei meei iiig. oy een.ii .

K. J Shrperd.
Shrperd. Publtabee AgrialacdAX
Adveriltev. Eldea.
. . o.-'
O'P will ‘x-'Si
. pslng Ube MiRRle Cungb Cnra (or
Pleaaant to lokd, qolok
» WpP®............................................................


To the many frieuds who *i kiDdly rrimmg eor-iilpctioB and iHitr tronblta.a


I .e..

...e . .



P''*-plU.. oafn plU. • J. O. '


Sondty School Cobvepur


Ut- lity
b. y., isii^

e.e«, comra

Ibteuf Ion '«d by C. 11 Es-.e*.


|i uo-r and tcvLal boor from IS nntU
Fra* PlUa
Seud yonr addrnu.t.. If.


Song terei-e. R
o Smith
-at by J. I
Res- u'-ion bv A^e Bobrer
song by Ety Birmley. All.
nd (Jofg.* lltkvr.
Muetiion box, iB charge

DwTe-te. f.

vin.-e yu of t

le vi-g. table

They d., n.

11mw*;. grtratly .
lystem. W >lar idxe itc.
by J <;. Jid

Addre** by R.v. Jotrah Peoalagton
What have we pridtod by (bit ooft
eatioD. by
AX«IL H Jtiratot Free

ebIMiva b apecdllr runal by w
Shu pDsrvvfnt ramrdy. Trail.
dlHTgnrOrd. many tenpla d^rnisc tl

Mary L. Vaui
moved to tradoa. Cranford gono-y.
Ooii.mli-ra bBnsoniand Cve dnogii g.ei
tera were brrn to tnem
< iriarnalng
Mr. Freeman nerved aaturgeooof Co i
eolond v-ilaoierra. aan-■"* |.;.".V^
< amucg the many
. Ilurklen ivifra-rd

parti ufariy elTei-tue i
l.>mi.tipali'in an-l Sii-k Hra<la<-be.
Uainria'nnd Lire, iruublra thrv hab-en pr..vrd iRva.uablr
They a
goatraiiteral tol» |N-rf.vUT free fru

itie re.gor
h FromuslU
of the iael eoavet


Wbat Bo iba ObOOna Bttabi

Ja-41.—o-u* b--___ ____
i.«olv»: Prra. Ckaren. SaMha.
•B balaiali wBdai
Jl*^. Jaarpaliew

“I s™ s-.vr... w

What Do You Say?

HF died aa
-roan In death
Hta mind never
red and ara lostsoJ.ble wor-A
Lwd Jeans, receive my sod just
lie leavma wife nod six

Will tbe World
J- -r Bd HflnpT?

Bockleo* Are ea Raiva.
Tax BaoT in the worM
Cou, BrnlMo. Horen. I'loeira,
Rheum. Fever Soren. T<
- 'FiWe LBands. Chllblxinx. covne_________ ______
litre piUe for «mat pq
Rnie'joBi. and poallively enrea FUm.
rer tronUea J. O- Jobawm.
or CO par required. It la gnaraateod;
tagiVT cerfeet txllafaetloB or money i
r^aaded. Piie* UecBt* par bix. For' Ocna
ea'-eby J. O. JubatOBaad A R Walk ; brauii wi

TirOraloe: Try Pitta Ol

member* of I

jbvrlev be drap
t'-O Devoti'in*! tervice* condoeted f-ir ihlnv d.
tneirnamo b* ,y Urv. U E-tteuteb
• record
AJJrettof W..|,.,m -. L'v: Mutcy.
f oor ,ir-rej dead
K -ntootc I.V F..rr,ral Tti tor
R..pectfu'ly aub
P.p-r, -ru- tnurc—
jiidero Suoday tcnossi wo k ' by L'oya

. who^atgOM
B a Lane
V. B.W.

»:“‘ldree. snff. reh terribly (a»B La
i*e HiBBto Cnngb Cor* wo*
eemedy tU»t beipetft^m. tt

r-ell-ol ,tw
tbU rrin^y a*^ aiwiflc^for W

i-rmi- by Ura







Mitt Mnv Crnnkhito n
•pebl laai week jailing bci

11 d.'Ok them uo in the yard
Cate A
CroUer have over half a milllop feet uC
hxrt atUyde't m il

Literary Nr.te*
Ri-rd aoueekeepivg for F.brr.r;U

>1 per year^ Tea
I be prond." by

rmau i.ave laiird.

ftmll; to lowrl'Sehen aex; we-k
Tbe I Otf r. lodge hat in ivej from
are eorry to lose tbem from am .ng ov
iwdca-. bt I to tVuolwo-tb'e ntll
ora-oeinr wiin Itn Snnd.ytbvr
Jeuf A’y.-k iff bat m leed bit family
be church e*rv'era at the echor
hoate. .Vi. l.’aalij (artbor at here fro-a lo liana nod loleadt to m*k.tiraci frtv.-i.,- o>» home.
Bj.-«.evbttt>ld bit driving
Ura Zrao Moon, who had qdlW
ura-i. li EiugHr. bowera. onr Heplr Cit; bw-brr. dcageruut loll down tbe erliar eiairt a
s.ey act au
Ddbit Itmilv are living io U« Voor her h >ms it im»- >ving
ere' oollnge.
Mat 0>rirnd« Limtro from Sorth
Jiamie SnUivno. who bnt been nick Utkola It vitUlog relallvra bere.
to grtdutli; Peltinr wakvr
, aod Mra. I'tyton. (r.j* Bear
end lira In a Brlpineoaditmo.
C.htr rv .lx, a-e viXi-.itig theirdanghler.
Tootooo the tick lit-, thia
They think lol^ a
TheThnrada; aigbiprayrr Bmicp Mr. E. Brytm
-r. and Mra J P Ti*l-<tooi
at the Congrcpallunai eborch atd la. err; pretty place.
rootniidtled and
Byr 10 AUrat htt rr.-svred from th. hViolworlb. U T HcL.ap.
>A',od-a'd, S J WyckulT,
llogt every;
lontiliLit and work at caoip again
tV.ncb.M'tb Js-Miv Utogwori
lowed h; p
Anhnr Widrlc. who had hie (oo
the patio
T be U
r. Ur Crane
-- hour
rutbed on tbr roll way. it able to b<
e. pirn-; of erate i Dri lb
Mra. D. B. Wpakoop ba^ qi
d oy Ho
li.ll; iavi..rl to att.
Bear* laat week. A d « la tba
Vrod li>wfn-t dan/birr won tokre
Bid w,U
Mra iitrviele
toacaataaaap at aad bile tbe plaau
w.tbSl. Viiut'daaee abont two week,
aad ATpOt
Mra. W;akoop bretar Mra. liurk.
ago bbe it .meroriog BOW
aaaladmod locked .berarll la the bed
A large aomb-r brrv aad arenad here
taoB. Mr. W;ako0f> oer; foriaaatri;
re htriep tne-grip.
bad aa eermod to Ibr bouar. aod notlcKiek B xt; b1
tij^ TnrHuie L-j-aOerCu are thV
lac the ctraape aeliona of the dog aboi tw.ol hi. bare
wbo U working t
llap bix wbiiecjli.og feed.
Mtoa Joato Btepbreoon hadakrrere
laltol dtugbler of IJr. bed Mra.
attack of to pHppa laat week aad baa
\ce 1. eeey 111 with broach l:a
•at jat racoerred aoCcieeU; to
aaBa bar aobool work.


Bd. Fraatof Taa Bana waa la torara ^Hr. tleajaato won la unea WadMn-

N-n i

:. b'5:rS7J!£b&-e!5S;. ns.-.iia.-.T^T.r.iCTi.'gaa:

gatAiil. ymapiitY a: laaa..
ItoHpaear dtopbtab my *M
Hr. aad Hra. Alia. Ballay of HOIa
Ud.. ara Iba raoMt paraata of droabaa Seraak Jadiawa tiM be aa»f~tod
Tba tatoar to '» yaara .dd ilbltota -hlWBto Alatoto»r+.«or rode j slreeta. urxa
erra kUlid and
eia^-aarsa allHoa Hlrar ddlara wblto toarAaarleaa lArpvy-aaiabale alreatoe eawdiUaa that a atrip bt prw
Oraad KapUa to tatUar •( Maf
ban. UBltedtoateaHarabalHe-iptowdlortbaaaelaairaaaerfWeye’J
>war»itotktaamar et atraai alfet aoo to too slat at PbllaAalpUa arUU
aa too raalt to tba oow atot to ....... at Jaaraa. bad kinadaa iDdiaaj At p rrerot rsblMtloa la Urerp
■ ooraara. alo.. aad a
toaalfdafaBaa.aDdlbeSltosab«kayad{saa4o>.ibr airoey aaaa. wblU i
j foraiay bto feot of boldtoy ap a ptaao
plaead la ooapartaaata baartoy ibt .poarrdllqooraBdaalliadlortb.

... ........................................ ...
Md•dlotoorw tb« fay of ihclr «b10 par «aav to toko ca«st Hank

,5m «• Itm «r. «k«


■q>wfc»a to*^ to • ti»#to


^s(«iMtk«U7ih* •Btto. oMMi
l«»ytoy. tba ia.troforta eftoaaaMll boy to
th* L«to Sapvtor mtoM tor U«
giMltaoay.aad toat to a btook of
daoeb Baard. »l yaara tod. walbad aat aaov ^Oraak Isdtaaa aai of —»
wrirff]------ TW*to» bMtonr thx
' BBaabtoy of tba piaao; a wak to bad
with Ika Ba»« of tba auaoto froB Ctoaabla «ty to Prlooioa. lod.. a Saeaad Foa ayaacy. aod tba
nrtoob*. o»» two ar *«•
no kara
dtotaboaof.twalra ailta. to abU bto
Halt IQ
xal qatraffbpe. t'ally SOO ladlaaa ^>w»*ll.
------v._ M„.«Uarry P-atoba.
Tba rath of faTsaet ■
de^hefBBaral of aelcdlaadylpy: Oforjre Calloway of <birl«
I TiaWB He to bale aod beany aad. walka
nt -pUlr^ea
iraaloaicbt aiUa arary day wboa of eBallpca. aad all ware rapoard applied to tba Preatoa I
le of praalno. do
Thirty eases aod aerea -dratbs are re- a rc-toaoe aod l«
la waather to oot too atoray.
to aaih that it to ao«. a qacalko wlto latiw boa ee aaeb, atroat ear to Otaad
ists. aod last wetb arrearOo Pebraary IS oral sad tba aamr pwted. No wbUsa wrr* exposed aod toy back
tha er«<napul«aa>U> boo far Uaf KapUa Tba Wf^m to alraady la
kllowed to Mr UsUnwij.
edlaot arr all riyldlr quaraatiord
UoUra. la. arbrn It
aaa fo ollb Ui aalta aad atlll baep opaiatloe la
eallloy for PSbOu. with liTaoetbly par
. ,Mlpo.)daalraatba fla(a .
n*aa rnal aattofaclloa 4t doaa oot
•rTbody'a liable to lirhing piles,
bowreer. Mr. (>*^
Ibay aay aapaet to tba oatpat Ubr tba olaee of tba lellaf b»aaa M (orareaMat holOiafa to the a
aad poor, olo sad yoany—larrlelr lowey bad been r need to tiic sold
.lhalf aasl. to a------atraateor«eta. bat to rrrarded by *Ca
tbe lorlore they eeffer.
Oolr ooe
lers- n>s at Laf.yetibv - here bto
Oosa-e ti.BlBeol.
tba datrprtloo of tba Hstoa. Be baa
Tba ora baatoaat for too aowtof ywr dapartseat aa aa added tadllly tor
•d oa tbrer.Dleg the ao
wU) ba Uwlud oely by tba prodaclac tba psbUela Weabiorm.
Debolto Oaodaoll of l^l'fi>^ld.
Maalty. OBfortoaataly tor tba laka
o tbe etoriee of surdera of alastor
yaar^old hwbrlor. apaot »acb of bto
"It Isa aurp-lslnyifsct,-' asyi
baaa aaarly all eloaad apoa a baato of tlneplaylBreroqaat oo O-J drety’a
Bf tneels
tram* la aH a^'»»
.f'^elyn rta deaia itc.-oil; li
II.>BU)a. "Ibat in1 ■ sr
aelestlficfroBbdaotddrUo. Altbouffa
paru cl the w. Id. for tbe Issl tee Chisa. details ol a pa ticularly ba*U>
M aaato par toa for laka fraipbt
r people bMleC oBs iffelr at Cb'.ayaa Cblany, l-iroir
' ite baad of Laka Bapartor to Ohio alDoolMlDdaDd hardly ablr to dUtlo- eabIbitloB ol rolla of the war of the yes'*. I hsre ib..
• tbau an^,, EoyltohBsa naoie.
llofl at badalla. Mo.. br(laBio(
potob tba ooolaoaneaa of friaoda ba
porta. Bt eurared too aarly.
jary IT.
O. A R. p»u fro« ell
of the moot aklllfal playrra oa
Ttor oatpat to rxaretad to aaeai
>ad Jolt 0
paru of tbs euta bare promtoed lo aeod ticn. I flod for InurtsM ssd salr.Ber. learurd tfasl at lessl its. pei^c
threoort. (totorday be bad
: u^.OMtaM.
or for parsons fillog offler psitioo*. ed the niurJef the oppFite side of
naaead a ramr whao ba aoBarad . deirsatlooa. ^ —

r";r rer^^;B«b"’:B^'“for

atroka of paralyato abd diad la tao
BiataMava Itasa
Opt. JIa ftolUar of tot. Cleaaai
Tbraayaaraarea trart’llar-doelor.
■- otTMkby a ahora Iloa oar aod

la rary draf. (trier tba aasa of Jatara Martial, call' Aaoto raaldrol of Oabfaa. d. 7- ad oo Jubo Kartlo of Salrm and offar
; Barbaa. afad «• yaara; eesnUtad aql- td to eata Hra. Mania ol rbaeoiatItBi
for that
■ .atda by baaftor- Hto atnd oaa aBect- tor flOO. toanlo (ara
OBBt. "Ko cora. no pay * aod tbr
doeler want; away. Icarlac a
Tba Oyetoaa Woras Wire fttet Oo.
Now CbleayoparilMaae
of HoUay to «uUf ao order for 100 U>o» eolorodatoS
' ofwitobbdlooftoaamaohlBto-topolo for the ptjaaat of
[raato B P Betcbalder of^boa
tory elala to bare boa(bt tba Mta.
A»a« "oldaat'Barrtodeoaplt" bart
W. B. Crafto. oar of the pWaabn ol
baaa dtoooaarad at BaiUo Craak. Ibay
Orsa Laka to daad. aywl "I y»n.>. Hi
•IB Hr. aad Hra. P. Ooald, aad tara
Crafu waa a aalira ol VrrAoat^ bot
baapMTTi^ at yaara.
eaatio Uloblyaa oariy a bi
Tbabao/ Itoaob Blpb aobool bolldlary ayo. Wbeo ba decided
Off «aa ditrcyad by flra.
Tba water
be drora orprlaod from bto asUrr
Mlat w«b Iroau aad tba Bra daaart. brlaytBf e flock of abrop
waabalplaa. Loaa to lll.oiio.
Wbra ba reacbod Dalroli
n A. Blodffatt. tba Bllllopalre lea- ptalorrd hli aheap oa what now to the
alia ol the OctroU opera faoqaa.
Al Iroq HooaUlo a aao who bellera
la tbr old Mylofl. •'dee a olo sad pick
Hop sod all that day you'll bare pood
Itoa atotb. MaoaW report oi tba
mw a pia op tbattrtrt tba otbi
otate (biw aad Bab wardaa rww' Bcedlap dowe to (cl It bi* bi
. MAdatbat tba wardaa bapald«aalilrd off mod roUrd lelo ihc atrte
•ry of Ba.too a yaar. aad aot ft.Mv aa btoipaaaclr* fell eft oo ihr walk; b
•arpoedcrepBre way beblod; ba borst
tba botiooholr oa thr^baek of hit ebin
' Atopaea Friday af(bt rcqairla
illaraadallbotloat bto falae taelh.
Uapotlbe^D bat talle to tea where
toad* to ptaak allaireat


:barl« H Taylor, aped ss. yrare. a I’c^Tr^B
•11 koowo coal arrebaol of rmiadel lircsD'sAugBst Fl.iwer IS a grsod reallldoesool injure toe spstetn by
pble.dled wddeoly le bto oft.-e at rdf
Aaerlcaa aad York etrecM. yrktarday frrqnem os-, sod Is tscelirni for w-or
Hr. Taylor's drelblibollreed to herr
beau aaaeed by plomaloe puiaoDlar. erseCiiy. orB K Foley, tediy,
Sold ay deaUra to all clril «e(l co«n
ikeraoltof laporemeatared lo tbr
aaPBlacturo of scrapple, which article tries.
To BSB can cui^^'shiTliot. Yoe
of food be eta for breakfast.
Ilr Wuod's
The •'Military aod oaral order of css prcrrol It tbuugb.

Dashra into a Preceding Conveyance in tti^Road
and a Yoangl^dy is Seriously injured.
TrohsNy there is »• * „'eeir

re. •

rss iwxuwur Usnums taretere-rUMItilSe
>Uell tv«n •l.sis Ur IWSSU <• UrrU Tn<
•tw;. «*!*. Hr. SSI U Sfru. IWS. srlssirr rctrU.

...'.er Buouler. nf (b*
I sUwldbs.a
.’»'*TJs'r-d^iel 1.1m
>.,e ,.U'. .«e ...k I




<)*< ehile MCI riHiii^ miU. 1
sere ..rre-sk.ri *.» s rp..m
srrl ihr mmsce
Iwdl! ei...te.l sj.


1.UI .1.1.



aodqBickly cm down. Mr. I
ii’> muonlcd fruB h'% ye
nqlslaoee, b..l be. loo. was Btlacked

•“ •’■'v'r' • '"•rr'

aa* dreadful.r w..unHed wiih a sword
SBrt to cfnti rpike The two ric'h
were s-j’.pped of their elu'.blag a
pablic road.


“>r-e days on t

ibe Spaatob-AaerloaB war" «*• orpan- cildr,‘oronc“riie%a“rc tbw. “sfee*;
Tborsdey ttodyard Klpliagariscd
ISew York ob tbr steamer M.jrs
Urd laKewYork'Priday bight
Teddy BooerraU erae ealeclsd for
' «»«»•>««■ were bto wife and three cbil Iree. Tney
aaodsr. The parpoaa of the order to
,r« predu.-es dvltof*. were set It tbe pier hy Mr. Htllpsllar.
to pneerre tbe armorla aad aaaoelasrr .11 .Lwr-dupesa .M™. Kipling's father
Mr. K.pliP*
if ibaetrofple with Seale
jBbtolDg actsal panlclpants.
>--u o.ti^ed
, while, but »li:


Poryrartoear Mealean: Kso., tbrre^,eC‘l.‘.towran goprf^otlsxo bto f.rorli- aBericat
^dtobaalarye tract of .sBol.Bg «cu-r.
••d eity. Waehtogtoe. and afiag—rde
prairle." It was a yood yrartoy yr-und j «•«

’ '-.T'

bat dnrlBy and atlei
.ndnoope knew the cssm nntu a
teanyrrqnreUy beaybtlbe tmet

Cares eroap. sore
U a rati bed of natoral oeBCnt wbleb
tmublea—Moesrcb orer pole
linelaeetq^kar snrfaee nod to worth
Or. TboBss- Ectectric
' a barrel.
-w thel to Sooth America, aa well ak
North ABer^ca. the wpmaa liree
locyer tben Ibe roan. Bet the areraye
deration of llfrlt only eeeentuen years
for bdtbaexa to tbeeoath and 2: per

Asturdsy.tli-kigbWBtkasyoI MsstB,

•>" ^a. n.

?i’.“^.^'‘.'1.,'dtoe^ ‘®*“ *“■* ***‘‘"' **'
I some lUlle lime to study tbr prcplr
--------------sod the exlstiny eandltluBs < f'lhe coun-

I At'les.'VreU

--7. :.ndm.t,rl
le pHnulpal cbaraclrrr.

WlTilsw, seclioe!'

fall during Ue later b >et* of tbe'si.g
bto life after serrral boors' work.
eortne.rWa.1 day wu_.ery b.eIdeeer be bothered-will. while strong winds pl:eo It op sud I
ilm-wt complete
A diepeteb from Palrtt, Orarcr. aye eansilpauon If erer^ne knew brw ed rallried cuts, elm-wt
T.elurallr end .loiekiy^ltordnek Kioon , blocking ee.iroed Irsfli.; to
OoIslIleY. loyal*. Aaeriean rkr-oonKiarreiegBlelcslhe.UjBnca snd how- i„n ji.,,i..u, baor. slide.
At JaAaoa Barry Water*, arad
aal bu died ot hydrophobia.
He ww
__________________ _
i red et s. rersl pilnte.on. ibirti-co mil.*
bitten two month* ayo, but Arm the
ar« toaad oa tba airaqu PrUay m>
herrelrasBiawtSrIurMb tnsr.
wetlof l.eedrl'leon Hi Ebeil.csry
and redaa^ treatBenl
la« to a daaao aoadltooa.
ubaren es.ilr sn'l lutevrr, bemss Ing down e miner's cabin anil burying:
BatUa Creek. Re ba* reoeatly r
thaap^ bla oo tba bead, bat ha
iDgate WU appointed elee coneel at Dsrsseoai.rot, UkS NuTo Ji-iiii.m M.Beior.
MsrT mountsto
ebtofed bto tara to Ooaitoek for
FaiiMOB No>. *1. ia»*
Hewumna- Bu'tu'
(ifa BO aaaoaat of tl)a affair.
boose aad lot to BstUe Crerk apd Bor­ llrcol Mlulstippi. bat mored to Ala strong. All drur(-su,COcnrtl, Cvi
At St. doaapb Joha T. Hurpby. tba
u-ed Itnoklet snd ssnplk- tros.
eons ol commoLh'si:
ed to the latter plaoe.Baklog tbe for- btma aod wu appointed to Ue eoDsu- Swrllec Ueawdi Ce. Csluco 01 M
ea^raa trait (rowa, (Iraa It M bit
ly-olelh llae be has Borrd sloi
laraonrlce from that alaleaptoka that Iba raoaat oold aaap baa
■arrtod (orty cor years ago
beoator Hill* oITcxw. who will re­
. •elto]and paaeb bode to the laatt.
l St. Looto, Mrs C C HurtOB. wife tire from tbe benaie 00 Ibr tihcf
•eawtdaiaadlaf iba aaqalat raaon
eaof Morlay kroa' trareltoir aao, MsTch. to rapidly yetUny rich and will
aad proBlaaal to cherob aad aocl ' probably 1
Traab Praedaoa of naablpy.’ta aow
elrela. avemplad to rekindle a oo
Oenyreu Mr. Mill. T|| MdA YQB HBII AlWITt 60H{llt
hit whole
to tba Mloadlka.^ Ba wrola a trlaq^
flra with keroaoBsabd was terribly ha* bean poor, but a ebon time aye oil
totoly tbai ba bad a elala troa wbleb
baraad aboot tba faor. oa^ aad
HoabpaatadtoaabatoaakitoOa day
riplealoa aal her clotblB( oi
•aai aapaor.
Ha baa baaa .Baraad oaly.proapi work by a oalybbor yrwat qaanllttos of oil
«4ffl.HeterUbat bHdi oat for lio.
wred bar Ufa.
MIchselFettIlof Marhn, Ind, Is a
THOfl. fl. flPRACUC A flON.
While U. Hoekata. an o'd paasloarr. eateran of Ue Meilnan aed the clril
BaaoH PprW. of Oaoala.
as balBjr tokaa art of by tba suu la wan. During Ibe Mexican war his ear
toarof bla bard of aattia froatoar
Weyi.e<'-uml. Ilsnk h.-lg . I'l.lUulT
aa ssylaa, prop paaslOB lo.aey aoruma- wuellppad by a ballet, be wu shot to
«• ^ tklppad tba
tbe beck at Y.rkrbury, and in tbe fenl
hMTt. luffa aad aioBwh to Ua arn- laled. AUoroey OrearmI Cbaw aakrd
at RlchBoad. Just balore I. e'e turret,r^ltaidl aolU(B to laarp II peatlbla tba Ui baraihasUU rclabursed froB lb
Boaay. Ik^kBaa'a malUsr to old u
. f mm» al tba diaaaaa.
poor, aed asked that tbe aoaey ye
J. K. Mtoaoek. aa aaeaatrla faraar cart for bar.
Peasloa CoaBlahoA
MarPUaV bad a oaat toeoanafaw Btaat daelded that aacb a ibloycaal
4aya apo. Ha toatoud oa belor bto be dewe. at tbe nee ol tbe peeaoa ‘
OWB towya aad prtoelpal witaaaat aappon any oae bat the peaaloeer cate
«ha aaaa uaa.
Wbaa It
U be had
slclaas bare been eayayed f->r use
balp. Ha lost la bto
weeks eaoeiaatley Ue eatlrrs
Tbr | paoBATi: onnEK-rTsTr or .......... ns.
■atoral UuU beya at Wat Bay Oly
more sickly eeamre I. daring tbe hot
triad to (aawbo'aiald ran aaaroa tba traps, sad tat poisons One farmer had amU., March. April »d Uey.
" ............. .......... ...
m%ek tba aoat Hawa. Oaa <ff t^ea Ue toch to (Bleb oecr 4*U to one week
o Ciildo wiin a DUE BILL
■awid Hoaobard eraiird ooaalooaaay to a tlayle trap and eecr sine . b„BuI preuIenL Nine per cent of
r 23 coma ivorth of ficnwoe
Haaaa^lbaseriaaatnuk bla vegctoDle aeerfa
wilc and mercbsDi *> «ell u farmer command are now reported sU-k.
toll Ob tba track aad war raa orer by haeesrayad war agsiuet Ueae pats.
great m.J'irlty vf the eases
■ •
dPwal eara aad ao badly laji
Baeeatly wpeof Ue moat popalarynany ellybi allmenie.
kadlad later.
Udiu la town laid her UeU-fstoe
o b
At Waal Bay CitT Baary. tba V yrar- tseU—ayoa Ue abelf upon retiring.
Ue Kansu City A San rnneisco ruad
’ dUaoA. of Bdau'.l Hoarbaro. wbl'.a Tbeacatdsy Uey were mtoeloy aad
wu slowing up for a tailrosd uroa.toy
tbe yoang woman bn* J .toed tbe army
i«Mto( boas {r <« aebool triad
Bear ritUHnry. Ku.. when tta<
dUabMaaoTlatu IC. Hi loai bto of rodaat hnntera.
bed lor a dtotanoe ol e» feel sunk from
boU aad fall bodar lua trala loaUf
Deriay tba toee^Uoiloa of the onder tbe enytoe and trato.
kta rlirbl arto aad la«. Phyalelaat
moauto is. Pokayoa towublp. Cam ylneer pal on a fall bead ot
MMOaad arbo draaard tba toicrlaa. eoualy. Ue boMB ot perbas* 100 pareoeceeded to palltoy tbe aoUrc into
«Wa la alirbt hope ol bto raeorery.
noB* were foaad to tbe eantor ot ob# oBlil Ue bole OB totolld ground.
Btoaad aad aader Ueu uparaled from wu found that tbe roadbed wu orer a
At Harbor Bprton. Um boaaaofJidx
iHoffan baraod aod wbaa tba draeoai bto oompanlun*. were Ue bone* of a coal Blae and tbe yrouod bad se
•aydrlrad. tba aaaban toaad ibi mas. wbo. to life, mail baec beea tally a distance of six feet below the li
' tba ataia had baaa left to tba boat aad atoe feet tall, occupying a aitUey po.BMtraaae. They baU It to tba tre sitlOB wiU bto twl under him Annme.u swwi^Tu,
"I'CHESIER, K. Vborof esKto'tolktoi or pina.troB two
aad pattoBOy Wbitad lor It la tbaw *
la too awaa'tlM too boaaa barord to Urae laebu to trpytfa were foand.
and alao ^aa nude from tbe boau ot a
wolf. There were aamervu copper
. ■ A Haraball i
hatohrU. two edged aad sbsrp. um- o'
I was wrapped to a llnrn cloth rebto Imm tba othar day. bat tba epcea
eeinbllny to Uxlare
itanu of Way.
Scrofula la Ua moat obatlaat# of blood
Uepflidaotpreeaedaaootbly until be
traoUu, and U often Ua manlt of aa
.■ade'lbedtoeoeary that he sea tiytoy
Inherited taint la Us blood. 6. 8. B.
topaloaealdeaf tba barasu oa tbe
Onod aolhorlty hu It lh« Ue. Jem - u the only Tsmsdy which yoet dsep
taailyeow. who obJ*ewd etreaaonsly
U. Oanfleld. O .lo-u '
letreliy prml enough to rmeh Serofola) It tome oot
tp paOay as ranuiay asls far a boes*.
deal and ao eduuawr
national frp sTcry trace «l Ue dlaeem. aad <
Oartoy a ba tie la Ue dell -war. Bd.
utalios. aey bMOse llbrarlaa ol eon,- thCwont eases.
OwwaofWuiitoyOlv. toat a baturn
trPBtbe front ot bto bloau. s>blcb
H- Trexler, * lermw lletog neer WIU tosM^^beip
laaadHfMlauble body by a eebal
bepiMrible 10 dr
yur*. Bl*
baltot. Ha carTtodUanandWIlli biB tVleblU. Ra*.. dropped dead at the
r-ffloe of a farm loan erapany Jest u
Udy w«» e
i «atU this leaek wbaa be taeoeersc
was abont to place bto alyaatura le —» «< mree.
j pad to enw abowtoy tbe aoaeeairtc
a aartywe coeeriog bto boauued.
«trleada At Uau Itcaosad
Berebolera to rmytoy In Ue rictoHy wee ypersd tut -u
j t
owsealhfd la front of tb^I'iUe of PerB'aad. led .orer 1500 bead bar
; aaa Of B Jr Powatl a taw dsye syo. lay died to Ue adjilnisy towrehlp
Tbr dtoeeu to yraeral Uroayboat rut
: Wblto be waa anasUay.
kaaebad bar from aader ^ ear.gBd ara ladl
froto atdawalk to sidewalk. It
oast iba roada aorc tbaa

A TenibleActiileiitt

cent of Ibe ladlane dir deriny the flrel

. for lA^U ud CtuUran.




. ....



toe food laek ©onn In.

ConsultatiDH and Etaimnatinn Fine and Stric!l|i Conlidnnlial.

■DKS. li. S. cS: CO.
American MeJIcal and Snrgicai In.timie of Mnskeson, *lcli,


5ot«^ "Waa.itlTXg, Ti’iivoE-ao City,

Saturday and Sunday, pub, 11 and 12, 1899
OmccBoifrefioin»a I

.........■“ “■ ■"'•I



Carden and Floral

''■■^'”“rorBt*Jtx a.sisTAs.

<un t;uisi II sir tar UruS Tterwie

•t' l-T-u., I.«n Iw, MMr^st), bris M Ck« Pt*
ISIS' lit) uT TWSrrw -1., .K, US .S.Mr
rU^°SS3Sr,a sl«°^Kr*«lrr iw-.?AswwH
H.UW J«Sc><>r|-r-'*.> IslS'WSUMWUsms
Bsss-e >..A*n<s. IS.' w ISSUI, etTsarrrw



V I V Llttlo com Catnlogu©
Vic'is Monthly Magazine,


Scrofula, a Vile


I aba sat 4o«rn oa tbe atod. The > lad
I aWsd tbe aualn aad eo did tbe cow.
' bat [he bsy't rihe are rnUer the w
to roayb Maye--I>ellair« ledrp-admt.
M. Oaottosadt of HUtodsIr. to a mu
afraaareeaad aeree. While be aad
bto brotbar were wtiutoy tbe ice os
Haw Bease Ube Ue oUer dgy U- laklar walbad late Ue lake tbroayh a
tote that bad beea mode by toe cattoa. H. Oootkoadt eeold yet ao lool''be yrabbeA Ue tot wfu bto

srfets ,

N arly nice moDlbs ago Ue Prlpceu iSvfi^Sp^brv'sdri
toward. rarrttogC. -sto Pandeend * SSh2d‘2E?IdS!iiTS^

WblW Ur. and Hr«. Tboau MaleIrlayaeae Cedar Crrrk. la Nr ,t_

Fer'ieal blead ttooblea It toswasu
of time to rxpeotaetue ftoa Urdo^ :
ten.- Blood ^eeonea are beyond Ueto i
eooaty. Me., weteaicbareb, their ^-•e aUlL SwUtbSpedlfle,
iBal'.cblldm. wboB Ue locked
tbehoBM at boas, wars beraed
Hra. Dick Noblee. aoi


-to-Uw and eUernoMdlMT^niMktoet'apn^^U
daayhur.aad Mrs. Dot Carpenter, anhaotber aal allowed




Lrm w«U>Tmm u*
k-M. l3 WCS'
f.aii Ibcr^i. ISM IS. Ml .* •wu'.Aieu kwds

arteii iMon.moiwkurisMeiurbrssd Tm.ri^sV't".:^.c


If yon wqnl a Bop- «oy aixe or Irnylh. we can auppl.v
yoa Wi- have tbe betot Uanila Rtp?. it y >n want clolbe* tine:
Tie lU.pee for cattlr, a W#1I Kope or a rup- lo bam; voora- lf
ligt ibe beet and yon will bare Du.trouhie. The bt-»i it always
tbf .-heapcel. We also have Cotioti Line. Latb Twiu.-, Wool
Twine and Twine.




MO^AOk HA^ -l.t-l|tU


o7-!'’oUviVLOW*!~ r...r'.c’.-.I't
.*>1-, spiui,.!

Ocmseltuiot, fruuS 8t',cUr <

*cS'aO»IC aO«* XT*a-s..l *-..-.1.-^ ur^.

I SJ.»c.'-w 1-- srsrr use

r..—l rr„«>,l«,TS. UMIlraO

“a oiiii!4Ai5’A«o FoiiriT* coHa


^vkYy^TKALobp Ajri^«i^^Pi»«*-


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m. Bonj
m. Boy
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home cheek.
t e. BAtw. Baiter.

tTT. HaryX.
tn.* Sylra Fera Boleomb. MUaa.
m Ooo. W. Pul. Wexfoed.
no Berbert Daria. Wexfoed.
»l ArUt Beward. Wexleed.
m. A. Bebell. Wexford. •
Ml. Kate Hodfuoa. Pialaetew. Bab.

Matos tike food iBora Mkioa» •


The Kaid Yin Java
Ahmys Bn/ghi

tfaw el a Baaeh efOatery.
^ Bew 4mt te Br bMTt to ^ boa e( Hr

WrtAB <w WatOaan.

aai laferaard aet naay people baew
that a beach of eelrry la the baada of
feed huoacbeeper to eee of the few
thlep aboet vbleh then to aheoleulyaowaato.
aato. FroB u ocdleary beech
eU- to
r of fire atalka ideefa oS the
Urfi Icerce. weih then ud pli
ko* “•
le a qeart of water, lettley the saaatl.
>u oea I COMQt dM} ty beU dewB to aboet half e plat,
cold bottle thto ItqeU ead ff««p
sepa Not weeb •
eoil the fireteouthei
irjlaf Ibrm with a furk to tell wbe
Cat Ihea lets ihie eltoee. add

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ordtaary poUlo ealterWODoTwot BlfkV «kn roton
Tbe larfer ead ooetMr italki at
•d (ma mj led.
I loud u dM toorao ct u »t<)iUlt< eelery eat loto lock leaftb*. boil, toia
with a creaB aaaee aod aeree aa a refBhrbo^M^^feod tUt yea <
Tbcdcllcalealelkoeee at erdiaarily
Bov erdui l wlira Hum with e
lor a Kltob. aed the youey yellov
I - Ami oato(hlto^% bror tbna wlu le«TB will be fooed to mpke a pretty
iriaaief fora BHBt dtob
Thto oM
I ■ Aaa«&' to uj nonth Blfhty (ray
ereiy aerap of the oelery iUeU.
Hb. T. H. a Tbsoba.
{' or
prtoookco I
Bearer Cotlafe. Feb- I, 18b

*66. Alloa Taylor. Ttararaaaiy.
MT. Oraoa Taylor. Tkarecaa aiy.
dlebee^lBf a pable
2M AUooa Taylor, Tcarorte City
to be Btranfe to a> nf tbe pmeot (C
»» Biy Taylor. Trareracaty.
eratioB, for It la diffl.-alt tor m
M to real-,4
X90 Helea XeKaa. fidruoa. Antrim
jauf tbaploaeorm wbo A
w Cuada. tbe. euaiu to *
whi b Ibey wereattimn
ira redaced
Bi. Clio McKee. Adraace.
lack ofartielea aov aa c_________
Fioreace McKee. AdeUeo.
ter ud air. aed tbe raloe
IBe Baaahlaa Olab*9i. Iu MeKea. Adraaoa.
tbry ofUB act apoe term.
Aee.rdpDf to the aioiy of aa afed
tM. Cladlle L Slmmoaa. Baker Cmreaidratof Fiiamy,Oalario.he vai
voU r«There ara aU baadrad ud Ivca^ acre. ladiaaa.
Dbera the lime wl
fire of oa thto Borsiaf. dear ohUdraa.
SVi. Julia Falkeruoa. North Oatorio.
dareiaf aeedlc. Iia
d that eouiy.
eouiy, uc
a day'a Joaroey oto ud that to a let of aBublaafor
day. to U ut? Wo will aot talk to
Bette Browaaon. Hoaroe Coaler.
Oee day a Mra Dickaoa. wbo ehaaeed - yoa maeb. bat let yoa do tbe rialUof
Hoaroe CeaUr.


atcck IB her apnw la a bolder, aet ofl ,
lor the
mill wUb a baf of frala oa tbe ; lited a lone Ume.
back of a borae.
The frxid lady bad« :



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lo Blintets,. lobes, Gloie aid Ktleii.

Wra. Ooo. Hoaobor. llelar'atorOv.
teed, Hich.. baa bcu aa laealld aboat
U yaan. 6ba baa been awbla to walk.
•B bto rtffht bead or hoar dUtlaelly.
aad Beat of hoe Ume baa been apeat la
a wbtol ehalr.
She' board of ibe alr« of Bor. C.-B. BoUea. el De-pbU, by prayer, and deicrmlaad to try
flora. S-CFeaBtoaadr

*3A EIU Shaw. Slipbla.
*37. NalUe Byera, B.nibam.
»3». FraeklcSieber. Biatbam.

Brfo’etbrmocte elowd tbe "Brira'
Paradtoa- -a. e-mplete. and a aeoe^f
-------fathrra an.----------B Of Iraa r>
wwa Inrited tot^ l/
Not oae of Victorina
Victoriaa anat
Udtr ea
lya hto
aoteadld apartmeala
to amaedld
more, baa
, jaap fneanaeB^^y Ibein.
teeir father, altboapb ba eSreta to
tcera ueb teinpa. to tare t-i take errer
ateaa^ ap tbera. ud to a,,. -W,
l^h^-ud mak. tb... fellow, hap.


^Bimahw au am bar rlffbt
• Wmraa wall'to oear.aad eu
ma^^d iMr eoaknaey dTlot dia'^HegoB. Sbtlaaoafldei






Pinah, Wool aod Far Eoboa. all pricaa.

Troakfl, SatetaaU aod ToloacQpea to Bolt all taataa at
pricoa that Innore roady flaloa.
1 am ohowini; a haDiiaume liue of tb<*ae gooda. all oev aei«cUona vliicb aie offentl at lowmit poaaible pricea.


Travarae City. MleUcaa.

j .ji?i

Ill ^^ millll


Orders for Job Printing left st the

will receive premot aite''tJor

Aws arPABBMWXjaa*



, Markers |


oflw, Bfly City. Dotrolt, Hew>
•11. Abo Arbor. Toledo aad
polnta SMt aad Soath. Oleaa
lootloBa at Oopaaiahwlth

We handle all pradetof Oraelte. Marble aod Stooe Work, aad ea- •
» dearer alware to keep rar prior, low, coaeiderlap tee quiity df work i
. we ar
are furntoblnr l>ur exuoatre bandliop of moenmeDlal work
ork eb- •
P abiei
• fit tel
telakiof^'b^^ f
# Jop aayib'O
call er drop oae
^ card before plaeinp year order.

Travsrse City Granite & Marble Works,

•ulFiaa-Ac*. VoMo.

t.'KS, Kr
Me. CUrx. tee wa.r a-rrae •— '—*——r-

n. D. ALLKY, Proprietor.
401 Waat Freat etTM

Tiavano Olty. Klek.



EualitUn It iMden.
Toe asriea M f

■maamas ar the


Carriages, Catters, Sleighs, Etc.


w6rK warranted.

teatxesb ott.

H'etest Honan. Warid'a Fair
Gold jWadal. Midwinter Fair


GIoik aid liUeDS in all Grade ud Prices.

He-Painting ajid Upholstering.

Joba Lorkiaa. Blopbaai.
Baxcl But. Biapham.
Beaale Horpaa. Biapbam.
LartnU Lowrie, BiaphaB.
JametUUUaA Binpbem.
NellU Balbaru Biapbam.
Beraiu Bslbart. Biapbam.
Ereu Hoepu. BiaphaB.


A. iflit* Uno of Wo^l Bquaro BlaakoU.


The dafly paparaef latt waeh aoatola tba teUewlBC.

West Mlcjiigan.

unnEB UD lonaEurm

I A Stflbla Blflnkflt for 76o and up.

:riv; Ii


. Ira.iar Tr»,T,wOu al tBu K.tue
wrior Far u<.rate Baiue>
*r*>FMCMj ailBa.a.u

Winter Needs



You Have
Always Bought.



3Unai tit Otttt'f foUU.


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1 <eaaaaaeaaaaai


McMIcbul. Trar. City.
Grade McMIebuI. Trer. City.
rioaale UcM.cbul. Trar. City.
Bertha MeMIcbul. TVar. City*
Nellie KiapUey, Copemtoh.
Happie bdneke. Kmwlek.
Bvbcrt Beioeke. Kmwick.
JalltmStartack. Urawa.
Barry Slarback. Urawn.
Olircr Slarback. Giawa.
AapiuCook. SoUm.
Jimmie Sweet. Berdickriile

for onr yoeaf foikt to
a. Aooibcr reed Tbe aiorlB era rery alealyurritraid aol bea be prom i’rrih a matter of tea. bat aa the aabjrct to tbe aesc they
ere rery mack ellkeao we will oaly
ridiiita of tec dlaaaier which bad priDt oae of thm. It woold bare b
lalirn Mra. Diqinoa aoia apreed. and olce if yoa eoald heee each bad a <
313. Leourd Sweet. Burdrckrilla
UraaeiaoUier't Fiaa.
i feceot Bubj-ct. flrlAud tbea we co
3U. Beery Von Glabo. Sotteiu Kay.
cbilclivn. aod anme of term by ! hare prioud themtwtb.bat tbaae
313. Emma VoD Glebe. SultoBi Bay
aed 16 yean, were brimCte^
boaUoda,'arced out u> arecoli' alec loo. Tbe aame of tbe alory to
3l«. Joba Vge G-abn. Sattone Bay.
life aod fee.
I'bry pUyrd ihrlr
three mllra nf foi\>t path.
Id boaU.
pracllerd fya
- . rowrd
.. .t. pi
317. UeraiAs VooUlaba, Suttoaa Bay
It aerurd B boprlma te>k. but keee
Tba B-Ol ot Airt
(ic, aeraped oa rio.ia*, blev bori
318. Eddie Von Ulebn. Suttoaa Bay.
brat apOB et
Betooea Mkrtoto wooU tooitt »■
____ ed.
- taef
- a ' tb.jiupd.abd It
tbe taifbvay.
y. ud at Icefte
S18, Larisla Lindley. Keawiek.
'elieted. at by ulety rtirqt, tbelrtur
toon tbrok
3*0 Irma V. Uadley, Krawtok. '
WhM eoet thoy had «W«oa sy rlut aoloial tpirlL Ttaw d|d rely wril ^'a freat 'aboot wu ralard. ud tbe, be wtobrd acery oaeia blakiafdomto
oy day. but voeo oifbictaeer tlotst foi^ Dcva waa carried alOBf the ilar bare Jortlee dooe him.
3*1. Herbert Lindley. Krawiok.
Be bad ao
ehSy^Stof ay woy threof1 ayes, th'y were like CAfed eafles. If
3*1- Perry Lindley. Kmwick.
erf erarefarra.
Tbe party retnroed maoyearea that be could not bear all
they weal lato tbe tiuiaf they wpre
the rrjoirlafc io aewly aeibome.
Imuta Nkboto, Cadillac.
iMtolDcoMt irf lu oorrow osr fuind to tliitill Utl Uerabuuld alt
be beef a 1^ epoB
fed Fiur.
fieat.Ofb tbelr ftiber. woo wet tlwayi elca HeUctat.
A tower ot tbe city ao that Ibt people
toM'rotanoto tbo OMOB ot ay Jie,ap bit diy-t aowiaou there.'- It
Nrrer look brbied. boys.
could rlof It to call tbe Jadfe to
Kaotpoa from Table Talk
t'paod OB tee wayl
they treat laUi the kilvbre they
aad bear tee eaae.
Tba people
.ara to fire iffeote 10 old Uei:
Time uoopb for teat.
bat. boya,
ParaoipStev with Beoea —Braiorr
le riad aad amokcJ aarface from bait tee bell ao maeb that tec rope be
fijor.°* II t^r druBimed oa tbe piaau a poooa of fat aod leu bacoB.
TbWb tee way bt/oBp. boya.
l*ut It wura eery abort, ao they fot a frawlof
fooolwet yoaealuo,
B the parlor they .Iitlarbrd Uxir aif. OB le cold waur ud boll ball u boar. rloe aed altecbed it to tbe bell rope to
Flpfat It wite a wilt:
at ooUntod ptMokM I at* whoa t or't atody or madt tp.mcbody t head Tbea patpo io freak boUinf water ud
U waa fia tee aai
So tbry too oftco took ap teeir aimiBcr h^f ao boot loafer.
Skim off leofteea It.
teaai '
the liquid fat and add luur or fire par- lime aad It waa eery warm ud ia
aaipa atairb birr U-rn waabed,
>wnud take.
A Blndeat receotiy wkrd tbe prealaod
cal lout ioeb
Bchailcca- Pare aod
Dtp after dlaeer, ud ooe day tbe bell dent of Uberlhi Collepe tf bckodo not
lour putetneaaad oaeoaieo. aod
raep while they were aaleep. The peo­ Ukea •borter c
than teal
TbeB boyt were la a fair way to be b'll for brr mlDoua, tbep drala
ribed by the Inalilution.
'-Oh. yoa,"
Baba ihart otowt. ud eawruyi
Add aalt i
uiDcd for waatof cheerful boBCtbe].
It tbe reply, -bat that drpenOi upoe
er, aod tbry woold bare been bel for pepper to teaU. apd tblekea wilb fl
bare bran drac becanae tbe bell
lb walto ^tll yoB r«t to tbca. oi
lal yon waat to make ofyoaraell.
Waco potatoea and partolpa are leader reap an rery loo^
«e blattlof-lbey bad a praad
In a few miantea
roM a kridf* aatU yea raad> If
l want# to make aa .oak he
term out. iBloadeepdIab
iBloa deep dlab and lay
foitbeir oomforli '
sndred yeair.'bol orben be
e laipoipaace tbAO tbti^ tbe bacoo on he top. or allcc U aqd lay tee judpe arrired at tbe pablk aqnare
' aaquaab be takea alx
with a preal maay people with' bim. wuu to
' or of ibeir iltterb. or aroood the bordi
Seed Uato tbaae tor thim wb« rloK
ttwaiehbtbBe dayawbaa tbr Bar
Paranlp Stew wllb P-^rk.—far th>- They aaw nciUi'er mae. worau nor
.year to i-o tbopplof. aod coda of the ribi of freab pork Io plue efaild, beta poor old borae reryeaaoa the aalto BO^ are toekraoBaalto. If
font eerm Chieeec I
t boulbUI.
'I'bit food of ter bacon In the precediof recipe
Mtood. aw rtoito at all tad to aot rath
10 a halt Boil them naUI nearly Modu. akim off elated tor wut of food waa eaUnp tbe pla Is ter L'nited Stetee
learet eff the rine attached to tbe bell
1 V«t BOt
tbe llqoid Cat. and teeo’add tee
a oa tbe ti
rope. The judpe waa dtopaated at Ud «&>k at dlracted.
Inp diilnrbed tor aucb a allfbt tblop
Cora Snap —U» ooe reoadiaf tableaod
aiked. "Rboae bone to tbal?" ud
poopful of fl. ar, two rooDdlof
toeaaed afaie om erceisf aed
ANN AB80R ^EaESWbytoitherer' Thbptold bim tbe
apnoafalBof corn meal, aad coa
piaioo vataaaed epre tbe mailer.
Be. ar AalB^ dlahet to
if kali; a
make It iulo a tbia borae bolonped to a lord of the aelpta■’tlarid.’'aheaaid u> her coa, "what
M wbaa the}
Coairoeior WooUy. of Ana A
little CO
Iitbat larfcchamber for with the bay
ud teal be had beeo a apleaara able to read, er tbo iott new aorel wlaitowa and ttoo
Hekof a pobuc eiatemeat.
it iato naeqoi
Itou mectrl pieeeer'
uimal in deya pone by.
ay. moibcr,'* ww tbe re
which U in the top of tee double
Mr- Edwfa Woolry, cvotrectoi
Mier placed dlrrctlyoo tbealnre. Stir mrrled bla matter Is battle ud e
earpeaier of Aon Ara-.r. edda bto_____
dr* mlontea, tbea p'ace the teea oace bad aared hto
to laat ut tue army of Miebipaa people
Blfth.pnm*laf atory. or a brifhpad orer bulliof wa'er And c»k thirty by tbe rapidity •>( bia <1 pbt.
apected aay.
wBo esdnrae tbe little enequeror Onr
ptoB at foBlp. orrr wUelb we fw
ojiuM ^ Add milk ur err«B to tbia li
rtpreurnteUrr f-vood bim el bia place
Sit matter waa a rery aUnpy mu
Aaakto ofi^ and «ala.
The wel
uyoM^bo happeoaaloBf
of reridencr. Sj <.1« FjuciAin SL Mr.
I Kmma will leace Kbool ud paprika. And ad.i e-lo'y tall if^^llkc. aad be bad piree ordera teat tee borae Wqjley aoprecialo.-a pood Ibinp.-aa
w rtalMr to be wbe baa aeoM ebecry
be^tnraed out w paatur* on tbe do m.«t of oar reoden, aod be dora c
BBBfe to hrlaf. tost tale ao reell
A OlaaaCu Carden.
>,late to tefl burxperleoue fori
euirteide'aod K*t
pet bla lirinp tee . beet
•hkh Batt be paaeta.tad with leofb
i alwaya auy t
Eodoraement of il
'or little ebl:drea or u lertlld way be eoald. Tt
rtacn tee ji
aroaa laato aflor flower,
Id baa made Ikwn'a Kidney IMli
-med to
“ keep
k .
- .
_____ here
laeLold word tbroepboal tee Su,<.
hare faded, aad eru after thafoor
alooedarlnf tbe chill winter <la)-a. a iFr tbe mutei
.leap au Oiftau In tee year, ud ham
pood they bare done bee woa tbera
I fardcB.
ddcB. u adr<km<«d
adrototed bj
. a
_ him qaeatioca abnnl It. ead fooed teat
tUhfb hare beaa dtoeoBed aad torfo|.
iBoBaand tlmee tee claim oa you to
-y a title bad aucb worthy aai
writer in ibc Oba^reer. will be f laod a
ell ao. Then he pare tee met­ many
amuop tbe peoole aa the "Jiu<e,c
ier ordera to t>«d.him well aad abelter quen-r
*‘0e^ forfat thal a food ^b to
•r of • iney-.f e,:' ••litile‘'eoe^lea
Any flam ditb may be u-ed that Ua a
‘-WbataeraaceBteaU baeey<m tua
t« -km-he,' ■ Muaera woader-whrka toato to the iaralld deprataad
hr tht
plaie aide, auvh u frait cans tall turn- bin end pire bim bay end onto aa loop
If ■■ac4Belae"offr1p.
A bit
And tbe father repeated tea reiaarL with tbe oe;du.£u*- off. or a coefectioo.
Tbiadstbebestef uubise doetrioe
eyeayr: "I wu aoflteel for
abed made to btoeary wife ao often er'a eaaSy jir. Fill it to wHbie u
backaebeor palna.
' l^toa aoBlrtbatloB of real ealae
»At "boya didn’t cate, aod that ihrj
ad one of oar ralea to to be iorinp ead yeara
' fruui ine lop with earth, lay a
throupb tbe lama aad kidneya.prnr
raid caddie down to aieep aoy where •
of aeeda—e.ira, praa. beaaa. naa- belpfol iecrery (li'iap lAlne
So we ally of a dull, heary. a hiap'uiai
■•Bal ibeae boya muat not alerp aoy
uma. eU —neat to tbe flaat. teen
frtBid by the aeatcaplatloe of'thr
atory writera will bolb bat often wheo tee aeainer ebanpeo
where after tbe now bouae ia dooe. Uo add aeuibrr Inch of aoll. Tbecoadimr—-■ awkwardly
aecaetary hat Ureaoeaa parapberaalto
with to be BOiBbeia of tbe Soesbiae
ea111 mored
Uoa of the areda there la tbe aame aa It
iraryou diTale teal luof apan:
abarp iwinpee of pam. Al I «
allhaatohfooB (hot-waW bafa. aiedl
would be If pluted iu tbe frrand, ex Clob..
crate onaa
. work which reqnlred atooploi
Um phiala. doeeha aad aloBUen) u
irm;! aball aetllc tbi
wpt that each aeod ia <a plain aisht.
waa rery palcful. exceedingly ac
yon hare pluaed for
and the proerB of awelllop. uruuUef
■my I IroB the atBoaphere la wbleb
Salliraa of
Rardlekellle cenpbt cold which, aa a rule, ari
IC my buma
borne be
borne with Itolherioa aod fTowlnr UP ud d< wn can be
ha hoB eaSerad aaUlary^,eae«l
I tried ranuua remiv
baa plenty of i
Iwaya wa'chrd Ibmufh alli'a ataeei firinr ’rriua: "1 po to avbool ereey day. Gar
□ I in obiatainp
Bake hla laarh. aad tbea aladto orflnrmeu. c- mc
Uamle U iru. I; .ny
lino. a far b.Hter idea thkn can be furolahcd teoeber'a name to
I oatli t sard
that tbora to ao leaerra of ttraaf fat de ceowd yoor
by pafea of book deaei Iptinn.
ilkohrr Tory maeb.'' I am la tee aer-iDjei
DwB'aK'doey Pills
At ibellm* my
ir, io tee
portalOM httoro yoa aihaoat him
al bat
enteprade. Fot peta I bare a c-iw. a I
An Eniperor't Children.
---------------------recham1 . toarlBf hahiBd lha aeho of dalifhted itaalt waa teal tbe loof "epare
bar" waa flniahc<b ao u W me<
The elk cblldreo of the
>- Birth, aad a Ula that eaa to pataed waata ot the b-'ya.
empmtof Germiojaret
toow-bellihp ud tiidinp dowa bill. ,------------------I tobik
It I wax
rnred. Thtoia
Tbia ia mralba
--------------htoav. doalrabU aeelal eaiaafa, to the
Two happier boya aerer llyad than '----------’ll prown. theiilUedanfbter
- ledanpbter
fox and peeee. dop end ] apo aed ap to date there baa
teer'a eyr.
Mat ftolUir whooDaHetolhoiooB.
they are bniojht ap \a an ix-ee^aply deer, flute ud Jacob, t like to po u,,
Doen'e Kidney Pi1!t
There ere|
tele by
tee matter____ Bimp'e way ud worahlp tuelr Botbar achool la winter time.
WmatlmBa bltot earM wHI fix
Price M ceo
harown banda.ud aald they aboald
emprria to ladeed a eleren puplla In aebool today.
Mailed by
trath U tea Bind whu plala proee to oare oeerythlnf to tbalr «»a
Foater-Milbaro Co BnStlo. N
1 wifi; ■'
T Sole
------- miada.
itaaut three dayh
1 lire
apeole for ibe D 8.
UthafellewlBf maheeito M ioQf aa they kept wittaia boaadA
■'Now. what do yoa wut la yoi
ume Ojea't end Uke no eu bat! rate.
oat llkeuy other
fhQaanvhy lOBombaead. It will hare
Germaa traa.
e. la her tnm. waa bouae. I am workiap
beoapbt up with atrlei___
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before 1600. ud I wut to be
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Let them all co to the wliJ
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abeirca for oar b iok»: aed lou of booh,
When yoa alt down ud oat.
to haap our bowa aad arrowi
old wbo IS tick, to whom yoa woald
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able boyt In the worid."
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’•('U fo with yoa tomorrow tc
God area oil we do. bat tbe few hope yen knewwMn:aick lilUe ehild'*^*
all yra wut aew. ud it aball
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oa erbotoaoi yoor brotberor awter wbo
pnaut from me to you.” aald tee
tee moat worry.
wosjI be pleated to here team
flrudma, dear.*' laid Wlllia, "wr
a llkra to boar ber baabud
NeoMe of Heabwra of the H T. f.
^-t wantaalnple new teiap! Let aa
B» aey alec I hiapa aboat ber before com
la a leaat If U’a atooaaaaiad.
Bqashlne Cleb
hare tbe old thlnpa ibal nobody elae peay. but tbe W
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*51- LaleJubOMia. Wexford.
.tore tblupa Let oa hare
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alek^topeili wbal tatec ewpoiac to tend oS
*3*. Beoleh Barratt. Einpelry.
At the labU.
aoellcB "
v*33. Mary Gartbe. Norteport. It ooe

Bears the
of "

IWkfl Di»esti(m£lMnfiA*

IW. f EdwlaOreiliek.T^reiaeCUy
:w Baih Trasaine. Maple City.
V». Alia Seeley. '

Tbia waaapDblie calamity ic Fti a-- eebool at O.bora. Their teaeber. Utoa
Nearly twcoty bouaevirra dc- KariOB Fratk had Uas road a alory

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