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Don Case, son of Earl and Maude Case, Kingsley, Michigan, 1927
Mrs. Ralph (Hattie Koellmer) Case, Ralph's second wife, and Nellie (Case) Bell, undated
Woodbox Loading at Case and Crotser Mill, Kingsley, Michigan, 1904
Kingsley High School Graduating Class of 1908, (From top left to bottom right) Floyd Bowman, Winifred (Winnie) Ryle, John Welhline, Bernice Stinson, Ethel Hackman, Bert Holliday, Albert H. Clark (Superintendent), Ellen Madison.
Nell and Harold Stinson, Ruth and Bob (their two children).
Unknown subjects (Musical ensemble with Musical Instruments), undated (early 20th century).
Nickerson Family Reunion
Four men and one male child displaying guns for hunting and deer carcasses.

Man, woman and female child.
Charles Miller, Leslie Tremain's stepfather, married Mary Tremain.
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