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George and Harriet McDonald and their Daughters Maude and Isabelle McDonald, 1914.
Don Case, Isabelle McDonald, George Saylor, Lennie Gray, 1909.
Ralph Case, grandfather of Don and Ken Case, of Kingsley (Mich.), undated.
Mrs. Ralph (Emma Snyder) Case, undated; grandmother of Ken and Don Case.
Isabelle McDonald and her friend Josie Stevinson (left), ca. 1915. Full-length studio portrait, women posed with bicycles, outdoor attire and plumed hats.
Earl Case home, Kingsley, Michigan, across the road from the Methodist Church. Torn down by Raymond and Agnes Nixon, undated.
Front room of George McDonald Farm, on the hill, west of Kingsley (later the Sam Riley Farm), 1912.
James L. Baker and wife Isabelle (McDonald) Baker, undated.
Mrs. Nelson (Eveline) Case, mother of Ralph Case, undated
Earl Case, grandson of Nelson and Eveline Case, son of Ralph Case, undated.
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