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Wedding picture of Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Mary (Brooks) Tremain, Leslie Tremain's mother and father, undated.
Mary Brooks Tremain, Leslie Tremain's mother, undated.
Rennie School, 1911-1912, students at pictured with teacher, Mrs. John (Pauline Nickerson) Wall.
Tri-Township Fair, held in Kingsley (Mich.), September 28-30, 1910. Photograph features women and infants in a group.
Group of women dramatists, dressed in their parts. Some women dressed as men (trousers roles), unknown subjects, undated.
Bust portrait of Dave and Rose Hammer, undated.
Portrait photograph of Art Stockfish and Maude Tremain, undated.
Bust portrait photograph of Ira Linton, undated. Additional information on the back of the photograph indicates that the subject had black hair and gray eyes.
A photograph containing four generations of family. Subjects indentified on back of photograph as Grandma Brooks, Mary Miller, Maude Stockfish and Dorothy Stockfish, undated.
Maude Tremain Stockfish (right) and friend, undated.
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