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  • Collection: Grand Traverse Region Historical Photograph Collection

Nine men standing in a lumber yard with planks and logs in the background.


Men standing in front of the Keystone Lumberyard in Traverse City, Michigan.

A large group of men posing for a photo in front of a barn in the winter in Empire, Michigan in 1890.

Seven men stand atop a pile of logs on a sled being pulled by two horses in Grawn, Michigan.

A line of men posing in front of a few buildings with three dogs, a saw, wagon, and horse. Empire, Michigan, 1895. One man is labeled "Ackerman."

Men and horses with lumber wagons standing in the road in front of the Fulgham Mill in Traverse City, Michigan.

Six men and two horses stand on and by a rail car loaded with lumber at Pearl Lake, near Lake Ann, Michigan. The men are named "Jack???" "Pat Reilly," "Uncle Dave," and "Pete Turley."

Row of horses, some with riders, in front of several buildings in Jacktown, Michigan near Empire, Michigan in 1895.

Three men standing with two horses next to a pile of logs, 1890. The back is printed as a post card, but has no writing other than what is printed.

Several large piles of logs at Wylie Railway in Interlochen, Michigan. There is a boxcar and row of storage houses in the background.
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