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Men standing in front of the Keystone Lumberyard in Traverse City, Michigan.

Men and horses with lumber wagons standing in the road in front of the Fulgham Mill in Traverse City, Michigan.

A black and white photograph of a lumberyard. There is a young man sitting on top of a stack of logs. He is wearing a long sleeved button up shirt, long pants, work boots, a hat or cap, and dark colored gloves. These logs have been cut to an even…
a postcard in sepia tone showing a lumber mill building. Stretched in front of it, there's a body of water filled with floating logs. Dry logs are piled up at least a story high.
Black and white photograph of 19 lumbermen outside the mill on North Manitou Island.
Black and white photograph of a Lumber Mill with a large group of workers and team of white horses.
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