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A black and white photograph of a lumberyard. There is a young man sitting on top of a stack of logs. He is wearing a long sleeved button up shirt, long pants, work boots, a hat or cap, and dark colored gloves. These logs have been cut to an even…
Fire damage in downtown Grawn.
Black and white photograph of the Lemon Buell farm, Townhall Road near Grawn, 1903-04. A team of horses is pulling a farming machine, with a male on it. Another male is standing behind the machine.
The Grawn depot, c.1900, with people and a horse and wagon.
State Street in downtown Grawn, Blair Township, Michigan, about 1905.

Photo of Walter Bossingham and Gerry Beeman at B & B Bumping and Painting
The Grawn Produce store, gas station and Post Office in Grawn. (Owned by the Saxton family.)
Grawn Station on the Chicago and West Michigan (later the Pere Marquette R.R.).
The Grawn depot, with a logging train, on the Chicago and West Michigan (or later Pere Marquette) railroad line.
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