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Photo of Silver Lake from a nearby hillside.

color postcard booklet of Traverse City and N. Mich. scenes: Light House at Old Mission Point, aerial view of TC, miniature city at Clinch Park, locomotive at Clinch Park, birches on Silver Lake, Con Foster Museum, Park Place Hotel, aquarium and…

Tinted postcard showing Silver Lake.
Black and white photograph of the Silver Lake Inn view.
Black and white photograph of stairs leading down to the lake at Silver Lake Inn.
Black and white photograph of the stairway to the water, Silver Lake.
Aerial view, looking south, of Silver Lake, Bass Lake, Duck Lake with portions of Long lake and Green Lake.
Silver Lake farm of the Ostrander family. David Campbell in chair on porch. The Ostranders were his wife's family
Horse and buggy at the Ostrander farm on Silver Lake. Note child is "driving".
Two postcards of Silver Lake north of Grawn. Montague Island in shown in one of them.
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