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color postcard booklet of Traverse City and N. Mich. scenes: Light House at Old Mission Point, aerial view of TC, miniature city at Clinch Park, locomotive at Clinch Park, birches on Silver Lake, Con Foster Museum, Park Place Hotel, aquarium and…
Photo of crowd and log pile near Con Foster Building. The men are demonstrating how a log sled was loaded.
Two black and white and one color postcard depicting the front of the Con Foster Museum.
Three people stand in front of an exhibit with the title "All Abo" cut off frame. Their name tags identify them as (left to right): Dendra Best -Curator-, Steve Harold, and Pat Hilton -Asst. Curator-.
Black and white photo of eight men posing on top of logs, surrounded by crowd near Con Foster Building. Note the logging tools, a peavey and a cant hook, displayed side by side.
Black and white photo of men and boys and logs in front of Con Foster building, ca. 1940. The men are all in white shirts, dress pants, and suspenders, so it appears to be an event.
Color photograhp of the Con Foster Museum.
Black and white photograph of locomotive with logs near Con Foster building in Clinch Park, ca 1940.
Black and white photograph of Con Foster and unidentified man at Clinch Park zoo with Con Foster Museum in the background, ca. 1935.
Black and white photograph of crowd at the opening of Clinch Park, ca. 1940.
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