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Children and their pets, in the park, during the Cherry Festival Pet Show.
Photo of crowd and log pile near Con Foster Building. The men are demonstrating how a log sled was loaded.
Peck postcard of Logging wheels
Buildings and lawn at Clinch Park
Eight photos of deer, elk, and bison at Clinch Park Zoo 1) Enclosures with bison and elk or reindeer 2) Bison 3-4) Elk 5-6) deer 7-8) Man with deer
Black and white photo of eight men posing on top of logs, surrounded by crowd near Con Foster Building. Note the logging tools, a peavey and a cant hook, displayed side by side.
Black and white photo of men and boys and logs in front of Con Foster building, ca. 1940. The men are all in white shirts, dress pants, and suspenders, so it appears to be an event.
Black and white photograph of cars by the Bay at Clinch Park, with a ship in the background, ca. 1940.
Black and white photograph of Clinch Park in Winter, ca. 1935. Downtown buildings are in the background, including the clock tower at the NW corner of Front and Union.
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