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Eight loggers guide a log drive to Frankfort on the Betsie River below Green Lake.
A multitude of logs rolled onto the shore of Boardman Lake. Far into the background, a factory is spewing out smoke. Even farther appears to be a city.
Arthur Emerson in forest with cant hook on log.
Black and white photo of eight men posing on top of logs, surrounded by crowd near Con Foster Building. Note the logging tools, a peavey and a cant hook, displayed side by side.
Black and white photograph of a logging team of horses with one through the ice at Interlochen. According to newspaper reports the horse couldn't be saved.
Two black and white photographs of unknown woman and girl with dog, ca. 1913. Piles of logs in background.
Black and white photograph of piles of logs and logs floating in the Boardman along Sixth Street, Traverse City, Michigan, circa 1900.

Black and white photograph of a man sitting atop a large log, which is being transported on a sleigh behind a pair of horses.

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Black and white photograph of five lumberjacks loading logs on a Pere Marquette flat car.
Four black and white photographs of winter logging activities. Large loads of logs on sleds being moved to the edge of rivers to await the spring thaw and subsequent trip to the downstream mills.
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