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The Boy from Archie.mp4
Tim Carroll and George McManus Jr. discuss history of the Old Mission Peninsula, and their experiences growing up on it.

Map of Grand Traverse County

Duplicate (2) photographs of Dr. E. L. Thirlby that are stamped with the Grand Traverse County seal.
A multitude of logs rolled onto the shore of Boardman Lake. Far into the background, a factory is spewing out smoke. Even farther appears to be a city.
Black and white photograph of the Joseph Emanuel and Rose (Zimmerman) Wilhelm farm home known as Pleasant Valley Farm, ca. 1910. It was located in Garfield Township, near the top of McRae Hill Rd. After Joseph's death, Rose married William Henry…
Black and white photograph of the mother and baby from the Ernest Weiselberg family: Pauline, Carl, Richard, Frances, Opal and Ernest, 1952. Taken in Grand Traverse County.
Black and white photograph of, L-R: Earl and Martha Glaesmer, Saundra (Shaw) Hardy and Bob Shaw, c. 1974 Possibly a county commissioners event.
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