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Colored postcard of Peninsular Road, West Side, Traverse City, Mich.

Black and white postcard of Hotel Neahtawanta, Mich. Orson W. Peck, Traverse City, Mich. No. 14.

Black and white postcard of Hotel Ne-ah-ta-wanta, Traverse Bay, Mich.

Colored postcard of Marion Isle from Dock, Traverse City, Mich.

Black and white postcard of Bassett Island. Pub by the Hobart Co. Traverse City, Mich. -49-11-.

Once Upon a Peninsula.mp4
Deep dive of some of the history surrounding stories that are included in the coloring/activity book "Once Upon a Peninsula" (based on the memories of Tim Carroll from the 1940's growing up on Old Mission Peninsula). Includes four 3rd graders from…

This collection of postcards features Old Mission Peninsula, Traverse City, Michigan. Scenes indicative of the Peninsula, including cherry orchards, views of both East and West Grand Traverse Bay, and prominent structures such as the Old Mission…
Aerial view of Traverse City waterfront.
Parade on Wadsworth Street. Black Cross coffee banner on a automobile with four men in suits.
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