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Ogdensburg Talk.mp4
Various people who grew up on the Peninsula in the Ogdensburg area recount their memories of school and family life.

Once Upon a Peninsula.mp4
Deep dive of some of the history surrounding stories that are included in the coloring/activity book "Once Upon a Peninsula" (based on the memories of Tim Carroll from the 1940's growing up on Old Mission Peninsula). Includes four 3rd graders from…

One Room Schoolhouse Memories.mp4
Tim Carroll and Jerry Ostlund discuss their experiences with the Old Mission schooling system and take questions about their talk.
A black and white photograph of Yuba School students outside the Methodist church. Classes were being held there while repairs on the school building were being made. A one room school was opened in 1859 in Yuba, and in 1901 a second classroom was…
Black and white photograph of the interior of a one room school classroom, with the teacher standing in the back and fifteen children seated at desks, 1860-1900.
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