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photo of Edith Courtade taken out on Old Mission Peninsula. She is wearing an interesting hat and holding up a brochure or magazine.

3 photos of young woman identified as Annette Kellerman, (a) winter scene outside home
(b) & (c) possibly at mission peninsula beach.

Series of photos showing the family vacationing at Neahtawanta Pt. area, beaches, cottage etc. on Old Mission Peninsula, T.C. includes swimming costumes, canoeing(p. 33-34), the livery (p. 32) specific photos of cottage "Idlease"(pg. 35) screen porch…
Brochure advertising the Tree Top Resort on Old Mission Peninsula. It was on East Bay and owned by the Henderson family.
Postcard of the view looking east from the Golden Tower on Old Mission.
Portrait pictures of Edmond Franklin.
This Old Barn Antiques advertising postcard. Located on Old Mission Peninsula, Peninsula Township.
Postcard of Peninsula road on Old Mission peninsula with a horse and buggy. (West side)
Peninsula Hills Townhouses
Portrait picture of Lillie Mae Irish.
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