Carolyn Gay Taft Farm Letter - March 25, 1939

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Carolyn Gay Taft Farm Letter - March 25, 1939


Old Mission Peninsula (Mich.)
Crops and climate


Carolyn Gay Taft (1873-1952), was the owner of a small cherry farm on Old Mission Peninsula in the early 1900’s. While she spent her summers on the Peninsula, her primary job as a teacher at the Illinois State School for the Deaf required hired hands to run the farm in her absence. These farmers, and their families, lived on the farm and sent frequent written reports to Ms. Taft. Most letters are written by the farmer’s wives, and provide a record of both agricultural and social history.


Ralph Kitchen, Joseph Kitchen, Essie Kitchen, Max Gilmore, Hazel Gilmore


Collection donated to Peninsula Community Library by the surviving members of the Taft family.


Peninsula Community Library




Mary T Morgan


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LHC 010


Traverse City, Peninsula Township, Grand Traverse County, Michigan



Well I guess spring is here. At least the birds are. and the snow going. and it looks like rain to-day Saturday . March 25. The radio said it was raining in Chicago. Max is pruneing still. We though for a while we were going to have a lake again. The cellar been flooded all week. I guess thay. dident get very far with there meeting at packing co. this week. just argued back and forth at one and other. Ronald is sick with a bad cold. The Cherrys is sure budded heavy if nothing happens to them. There isn't much new's around even one been waiting for spring to come. there lots of sickness in the neighbor-hood. flu. We found out Daisy Cow had big lice. on her. Max got some powder the last time he was to town. Bell has a swelling on her leg. Max has been Doctoring. she isent lame on it yet. Max was over to your cottage the other day. he said that it looked as if nothing had been touched he dident go in side at all. We have one baby in hollow already th ] other one coming in April. Mrs Kitchen. We are going to town to-day we haven been to town on Saturday for a long time I am going to get some green vegtables so to whet my family appitate up. little Ronald has a spell of not eating again. if he don't pick up I'll have to take him to the Dr. He eat scarcely. anything. I guess that all the new's I can think of Sincerely. Max & Family P.S. Max has got tract of seed corn. But has[?] went to look at it yet

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