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Aerial photograph of Traverse City with the Boardman Lake in the middle. It goes from Eighth Street to just north of Hammond Road and from Veterans Drive to the airport. Images identified include Thrilby Field, the country club, and Parsons…
Aerial view of the northwest side of Boardman Lake. (See 1140.020212.09 also.)
A multitude of logs rolled onto the shore of Boardman Lake. Far into the background, a factory is spewing out smoke. Even farther appears to be a city.
Black and white photograph identified on the back as the Boardman Lake looking west in 1895.
Black and white photograph of Boardman Lake, with logs floating along the shoreline.
Color postcards of a Train between Cass Rd and Boardman Lake.
Three black and white photographs of the Beitner Chair Factory workers (including several boys) and the mill located at the north end of Boardman Lake (near the site of the Woodmere library).
Three black and white photographs of the hunting and fishing camp of Fred D. Curtis, on Boardman Lake, 1894.
Black and white photograph of the view from the Courthouse Tower looking south. The Boardman River and the Boardman Lake are part of the view.
Black and white photograph of Boardman Lake looking south at Wellington, with a Rail Crossing sign and railroad tracks in the foreground.
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