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Aerial photograph of Traverse City with the Boardman Lake in the middle. It goes from Eighth Street to just north of Hammond Road and from Veterans Drive to the airport. Images identified include Thrilby Field, the country club, and Parsons…

Aerial photograph of Traverse City with the airport in the middle. It includes the area from East Bay to just north of Hammond Road, and from Three Mile Road to Park Street.
Color photograph of Bach Shops sign. It lists 3 businesses: Johnson's TV, Stretch N Sew and Nancy's Place. You can clearly read the Stretch N Sew sign on the building, as well. Ca. 1975.
Color photograph of the Oleson's Store on Garfield Avenue. A large sign across the front of the store says "Double Anniversary Celebration"
new cars on dealer lot
Bensley Cleaners building. Located on northwest corner of 8th and Garfield. It was a drive thru facility
Traverse City Datsun Dealer
New cars on Traverse Motors lot
Garfield Village
Traverse Motors winter scene
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