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Two unidentified men in heavy coats stand in front of the Boardman Yard office in Traverse City. Large icicles hang from the roof.
Two ladies having a snowball fight. Both are smiling. One is looking at the camera.
Three men cutting ice from the lake with a white horse pulling the blocks of ice. One man holds up a tool, a gian sawblade, next to some blocks of ice already harvested
Black and white photograph of Five Mile Road covered with snow with pine trees on both sides. The photograph is labeled with 'Five Mile Road going to Traverse City.'
Black and white photograph of Frank Noteware of the US army standing on Webster Street during winter, ca. 1945.
Black and white photograph of an aerial view of the Traverse City naval air station during winter, 1942.
Black and white photograph of an unknown man in snow, c.1985

Black and white photograph of a building (possibly a business or Inn) in the winter. There is a rack outside with something on it, but the photograph is blurry so it is difficult to tell what it is.
Seven black and white photographs of Clinch Park in Winter, ca. 1932. 1) Aquarium 2-3) Deep snow along path to building 4) Car and locomotive in deep snow 5) Deep snow at Clinch Park Zoo 6-7) Snow as high as the fence at Clinch Park Zoo
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