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7 b/w photos of area around Manistee/Boardman Rivers, 1894, labeled a-g
Boardman river washout of the Boardman dam, 1917
Hannah Park between Sixth St. and the banks of the Boardman River was a pleasant place for a summer stroll. Built just after the turn of the century, it was beautifully landscaped and carefully maintained for the pleasure of the whole city.
The Boardman River Boardwalk, mid a sunny day.
Old grist mill dam looking east on the Boardman River, Cass St. bridge in background.
Boardman River down river from the Keystone Dam washout.
Three or four people in a canoe along the Boardman River. The canoe is laden with pillows and cushions, a parasol, a small American flag, and various other items. Someone's arm is lazily resting outside of the canoe, hand touching the river.
A multitude of logs rolled onto the shore of Boardman Lake. Far into the background, a factory is spewing out smoke. Even farther appears to be a city.
Boardman River in the foreground, Hannah House and the Carnegie Library in the background .
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