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Pictures taken on a Greilick family trip, probably to California. The pictures showcase a variety of subjects and locations.
A portrait including eleven adults, six women and five men, and five childen, three boys and two girls. All wearing fine period clothing.
Three or four people in a canoe along the Boardman River. The canoe is laden with pillows and cushions, a parasol, a small American flag, and various other items. Someone's arm is lazily resting outside of the canoe, hand touching the river.
Richard Round has his hands in the pockets of his sailor suit, staring beyond the camera.
Carrie Petertyl, Albert Petertyl, and Marge Petertyl. The children are from left to right are Leslie, Emanuel and Ernest Petertyl.
Daniel Joseph Boone and Lucille Audrey (Witkop) Boone standing close together in formal wear.
A little girl sits on Santa's lap. Christmas tree branches are in the foreground. Someone smiling at the scene is in the background.
Black and white photograph of Mrs. Ed Houghton and others, a 5 Generation photograph, 1940-1950.
Jane Hobbs, Eva Hobbs, Flo Hobbs, Will Hobbs and Emma Hobbs.
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