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A collection of photographs of retiring Michigan Bell employees.
Three children demonstrate their Christmas gifts. These include items like a doll with a toy piano, a doll of a marching band member, a small carousel, a toy pistol and holster, and books. Behind them is a Christmas tree. In one photo, the exterior…
Several photos of a children's Christmas party, hosted by the Kiwanis club.
A little girl sits on Santa's lap. Christmas tree branches are in the foreground. Someone smiling at the scene is in the background.
Black and white photograph Batdorff. Husband (reading Life magazine) and wife (reading The Record-Eagle) sitting in living room at Christmas time (Tree in background). (4 x 5). 1940-1950.
Five black and white photographs of "Christmas Pix - 1948", of a little girl in a window frame.
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