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Color photograph of a dog standing outside on a leash.
Mom (?), five children and dog, all unidentified, in front of a house.

Smith, J. & Dog

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Unidentified boy and dog (tin type); most likely Wallie Campbell and Campbell family dog "Major," a Scotch Shepherd.
Two black and white photographs of unknown woman and girl with dog, ca. 1913. Piles of logs in background.
Black and white photograph of a dog riding a horse in Traverse City. There are two males in the photograph, one behind the horse so only his legs are showing. Also, there is a Clothing Store in the background.

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Black and white photograph of "The Winnie", 1914. Does the name apply to the dog(s) or person?
A Photograph album of pictures taken by Hanley Wilhelm and his friends taken before WWI of their trips around the area.
Black and white postcard of a child and dog on a porch.
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