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Photograph of Bundy Brief, professional baseball player, with Greilick Manufacturing Company in rear, taken on N. Division and Bay Streets. , Traverse City, Michigan.

Paper copy of photograph of Bundy Brief in his baseball uniform as a teen. Back of photograph lists his address as: 307 N. Cedar Street, Traverse City, Michigan
1912 Resorters Baseball team with names of players including Bundy Brief.
Baseball game at the "Driving Park", now the Civic Center.
Oval Wood Dish Factory baseball team with 11 players, the coach and a dog.
Frank Rosell - bottom right ?
Jakes Sluggers baseball team - 11 players, the coach and one boy
Frank Rosell - 2nd from left in Middle Row
A newspaper photo of the race track at the fairgrounds shortly before the Civic Center was built. The Northwestern Michigan Fair moved south of town. In earlier years this was a driving park (for horse and buggies), sulky races, baseball games and…
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